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  1. Thank you osmosis for the content you provide!!!! As a current medical student, it makes studying so much easier!! And gets me out of tough situations during my clinical rotations! When I graduate I will give you a shout out in my graduation speech 😂😀😀

  2. I am watching this because my mother had ectopic pregnancy. I was outside from my mother's uterus but I survived.

  3. I'm a final year biomedical science student currently revising reproductive medicine and this lecture was so helpful and concise! Thank you for everything you do.

  4. It should be an embryo instead of a shape of baby in the case of ectopic pregnancy.
    The videos of osmosis are really fantastic but not in this case.
    The shape of baby may lead to misunderstanding, and maybe rearrange the picture may be a good idea.

  5. I have had ectopic pregnancy four month ago, how many months should I take for re-pregnancy, have a chance to do ectopic pregnancy again, I m very scared, please give me some tips that this problem shouldn't be repeated.

  6. Excellent video! Thank you so much for making this topic clear. I would like to add chlamydia as risk factor specifically.
    This bacterium is notorious for causing ectopic pregnancies as these infections are often asymptomatic in women.
    grtz from Belgium

  7. Hey osmosis can I use you guys picture for my medecine facebook page? I'll mention you guys website in the description.

  8. All your videos are really useful explanations – keep it up. Check out my brand new channel on Mental Health. Your support is much appreciated 🙂

  9. I have heard stories where a woman had an abdominal ectopic pregnancy(so the baby is outside the entire reproductive system) and the only difference between her pregnancy and a normal pregnancy was where the baby was on the ultrasound and she was actually able to give birth via abdominal surgery. I have also heard stories of stone babies, where a woman was pregnant for years before getting the calcified baby out via surgery.

  10. Nice vedeo….i am from india…i am herbalist docter….pls contine to make the vedeos like this….my humble requst to u that make vedeo on herbal medicin also….

  11. As per DC Dutta's textbook of obstetrics- the incision line of salpingostomy is kept open to be healed later on by secondary intention.

  12. That is amazing. I couldn't know how to describe it. Besides, i love the new typefont and summary full of images which is easier to remember. Overall i really appreciate it❤❤ Lots of loving from Turkey

  13. If at all possible, could you do a presentation on Mc or Microchimerism? I find the concept fascinating, however, their is an abundance of contradictory data extant.

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