Effect of Estrogen and Progesterone on Endometrium

and this video I don't talk about homeowner imbalance and to understand this you need to understand two hormones number one is the estrogen hormone and number two is the progesterone now the estrogen is the female sex hormone which is actually responsible in creating thick uterine lining you actually need a ticket online in for implantation to take place it's also known as healthy and the metrium progesterone on the other hand walk hand-in-hand with the estrogen to complement the activities of the estrogen the progesterone is responsible for maintaining the thick uterine lining here's the idea if you have too much estrogen and the body and you you have low progesterone this condition is called estrogen dominance and when does this out of sync out of sync ratio you can have issues of infertility there you can have mood swings insomnia weight gain and rest of them so the idea is to keep both the estrogen and progesterone in sync in the same level when they are out of sync that's how that's how hamona imbalance of course in women now we are various our food that can help you increase the estrogen amount in your body and normally we get this determines from phytoestrogen which are normal estrogen found in plants and also although all do are you currently there are no food containing progesterone but it's in diets rich in magnesium and the victim vitamin B can also help you increase the amount of progesterone activities in your body so the idea here is to keep the both estrogen and the progesterone in sync in order to have a balanced hormone

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