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if you're seriously considering pursuing egg donation and you probably have a few questions at this point we're gonna go ahead and walk you through some of the most commonly asked questions from our egg donor a common question that we get from our egg donor is will it be painful with our current what does it really feel like to answer this question best it's important to realize that every individuals egg donation journey is unique and their body will experience symptoms differently and so it's hard to compare one case to another you might experience some of the symptoms you might experience none but some side effects to include some cramping some bloating just very common side effects that you've definitely experienced before and it's more than manageable so sometimes our egg donors ask will I have to inject the medication myself yes or you can have some new trucks like a family member or friend or even your own nurse do it for you as for that stimulation medication again that is injectable but it's only for 10 to 12 days we offer you all the support and the resources to make sure that this runs smoothly it's a pretty small needle and the more you do it the more you'll get used to it and this ten to twelve days will go by like nothing so another common question we get is egg donation thing the answer that is definitely there are 20,000 cycles that are performed annually in the United States alone according to the president of the American Society of reproductive medicine there are no current long-term build risks or effects of egg donation or the IVF treatment another common question we get from our donors is will this affect our future fertility that question the answer is no the average woman is born with two million eggs by the time she reached puberty that pool consists of 400,000 eggs or follicles from that 400,000 bees only about 400 of those types of insurance leaving the majority of those eggs unused with egg donation we can simulate all those unused eggs and help grow family so in addition to that I her first medical pre-screening appointment with us here at RCC you'll be getting a lot of information about your own fertility and education about how your body works specifically here are some seed we want to make sure that you are a healthy candidate for egg donation so we will never put you in a position that doesn't prioritize your health is number one if you stop further questions about effective nation is a good experience or an opportunity that you'd like to pursue further feel free to contact us and then we'll go ahead and connect about your specific situation

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