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  1. We all are strong enough to deal with our problems. infertility seems not a big deal when you have great services like surrogacy. I know this because I trusted a well-known clinic named Biotexcom. it indeed made things easier for me.

  2. This video contains a lot of information for infertile women as well as knowledge gainers. FET and IVF is a really good treatment. Basically, FET is the part of the IVF cycle. My friend IVF third cycle start from next week from Biotexcom. I wish her third cycle will be successful. Thanks for sharing this video with us.

  3. You both look so cute and excited. Now you need to be very very patient. This is the testing time for you, so fingers crossed. You are up for the big obstacle, the egg retrieval. I was unable to have a successful cycle even with best doctors due to PCOS. I went for treatment at Biotexcom Center for Human Reproduction in Kieve, Ukraine. They took it to step by step. First treated my PCOS then took a while, few months to observe my recovery. Then recommended me to Surrogacy. Maybe at that time I was very sad. But now I feel fortunate when I see my healthy little angel.

  4. Hey there! You look so pretty. I am very happy for you. Success stories are the best. They make my day. Seeing these happy faces, make me forget my infertility journey. It's a very tough ride. I pray it gets eased up on everyone.

  5. This is such a lovely story. a friend of mine is also thinking to go for IVF. I suggest her to go the clinic Biotextcom. coz I hear much about that clinic. IVF is a very kind act for the infertile people. people who feel hesitation in discussing their problems with others.i wish that may become n inspiration to the infertile. good luck to you as well.

  6. Thanks for this video. Its good to see people sharing their experiences with others to spread awareness. My sister also shares a similar experience as you. She visited BioTexCom and it was the good experience of her with them. Do tell us how did your fertilization go?

  7. Awareness about surrogacy is very important. And you are doing an amazing work. It is compulsory to know about it to every infertile couple. Because they should not keep trying. My friend recently got a shock of infertility. But she chooses Biotexcom for her surrogacy. I am happy to see her moving on.

  8. Well, this video was very much well detailed. I am glad that I came across this video. I am really happy that people are sharing their experiences. I am sure that couples who are planning to go for it is taking advantage of this procedures. They are able to be parents. Well, I have been trying for the last 7 years. But all thanks to Biotexcom. They have helped me so much. They have convinced me to go for IVF. They make sure that the women are safe during these procedures.

  9. You guys make such a cute couple. Congrats to you both! I am really glad to see such success stories. It makes me more hopeful about my surrogacy that I am opting for. I chose CioTexcom clinic because I read many positive reviews about them. So far, they have been up to my expectations. I hope the rest of procedure goes well too. Good luck to everyone choosing for infertility treatments!

  10. The clinic I am going to has allowed me to dream and hope once again that was once a story. After 9 years of being infertile, doctors told me to apply for surrogacy in Europe. And upon research, I came to Biotexcom. I am glad that I found the best facility in Europe as my surrogacy destination.

  11. Hi dear, you are so cute. I am really very happy for you. I am glad to see success stories. It really makes me happy. The happiness on the couple faces really shows how much they are happy. Biotexcom is helping many couples to achieve their dreams. They are doing a great job

  12. Just a great initiative from people like you who often share their stories. About the progress. I am so sure that would help so many individuals. BTW how about the journey? I would pray for all the goods and baby dust on your way. Wish you luck.

  13. Many many congratulations on your success. I love to watch the success stories. There is only happiness in them. Well, I am facing bad days in my life now. Recently doctors declared me infertile. It is a heart-breaking news for me. I am working to make up for me. My husband has made a schedule at the Biotexcomclinic. We will be going soon. Fingers-crossed.

  14. this video contains a lot of information for infertile women as well as knowledge gainers. the way they are briefly explaining is just wow. thanks for sharing this . at the end i want to tell about the clinic in Ukraine named as biotexcom. this clinic is giving the best results regarding these issues.

  15. Wow, wonderful video. I am really happy after watching this amazing success story. Nowadays infertile couples are having children through proper treatment. Biotexcom is also giving happiness to any individual. They are doing a great job. Wish you both best of luck for that

  16. Aww! What a cute story you shared. I am so inspired by your story. Thanks so much for sharing much knowledge about IVF. I think there is no such awareness about surrogacy and IVF. This video clarifies extremely well the procedure of IVF. The clinic's treatment likewise matters a ton. I will begin my IVF travel with Biotexcom center. I wish everything goes well and smooth. Keep on sharing these videos.

  17. Hey. Thank you for sharing your story. I feel so happy when people share their journeys. Success stories always make my day. Glad to say that I have one of my own too. Biotexcom has a big hand in it. I will be forever grateful to them.

  18. Dear, how are you? Hope you are very well. It is a great news as well. I am very glad for you. The BioTexCom clinic is also working for it. They are going to London. It will be on 18 and 19 f August. Wish you very good luck. Stay blessed.

  19. There is also the best clinic. Working for the IVF process. It is the great BioTexCom clinic. They are doing a very well job. They are going to London. It will be on 18 and 19 of August. Good luck. Stay happy.

  20. Wow! This is really amazing. I must have to say that IVF is the best procedure for the women who are struggling with infertility. It will definitely help them so much. I am also looking forward to fixing an appointment for IVF in BioTexCom. I need your wishes and prayers.

  21. You are doing great by spreading awareness about such issues. It'll be helpful for aspirants to get motivation. Infertility requires a lot of courage and positivity. So one shouldn't give up trying. One of my friends recently had successful surrogacy treatment from BioTexCom in Ukraine. She was very much impressed by the clinic's administration. Infertile ones should consult them for overcoming their issue.

  22. Wishing you the best of health. May this baby brings never-ending happiness in your life. Its always feel good to see success stories. I am glad your process is going good so far. Your video has motivated me a lot. I have recently decided to begin my IVF journey with BioTex. Their success rate is 95%. May everything goes smoothly for me too.

  23. Really worth sharing video. I feel so emotional after watching this video. surrogacy is the best option you have selected. I have also opted for surrogacy. I was really excited but nervous as well. Surrogate woman provide hope to infertile woman. This thinking also makes me happy. Best of luck to all those who are planning to go for it. Go for biotexcom clinic as well. Good luck!

  24. Very informative videos for those who are thinking for IVF. It seems it was a painful process to retrieve your eggs. Please tell me it is not that much it looks in the video. As I am also going for IVF from Biotexcom. They got a good profile for this process. They also satisfied me with everything but I was looking for a bit more information. Your video gave me the strength to go for it. Best of luck to you for your IVF as well.

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    Wow great. How are you doing? You have made the right decision. IVF is best for you. It has blessed many infertile with happiness. We are on the same boat dear. I have also faced infertility due to miscarriages after my marriage. I have decided to go for surrogacy at Biotexcom located in Europe. I am sure of my success. May God bless you with your own child. Thanks for making us the part of your journey. Good luck.

  26. hii what an amazing video. I'm glad that you shared this motivational and inspiring video with us. Such methods are really a blessing for infertile couples. I heard that Biotexcom is the best clinic for such services. I heard many great reviews about them. I think people should also consult them.

  27. Wow, what an amazing video. I'm glad that you shared this motivational and inspiring video with us. Such methods are really a blessing for infertile couples. I heard that Biotexcom is the best clinic for such services. I heard many great reviews about them. I think people should laso consult them.

  28. Hey beautiful girl! What a wonderful video and news you have shared. Good luck with all. One of my friend is also expecting same thing. We are so much worried about her egg retrieval as they were facing some fertility issues right after their marriage and her medical background is not that much good. Still, fingers crossed for her best results. Your video is quite motivational. I will refer her to your video.

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