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  1. Monday, December 24th, 2018. 10:27 AM.
    Happy Haitian Christmas!
    This shit here ya doing throws
    My mother-f- ing
    Spiritually—- Psychology—- ethical judgement against THE wall—-
    Thank God I'm the one with the parachute for….. 'Upon The Edge—
    Lord have mercy!!!!
    I seen the little baby Gabrielle Union and WADe has and insay let me go see the process for a surrogate mother…. Egg collection—- bs so on retrieval procedure…. Less than 3 minutes into this mutherfucking video I'm thinking someone has open a door into the abyss….
    Where are the mutherfucking
    'Tank/Think of ethical guidance/suggestions/ leaders and Philosophers….
    Okay! I'm not Live on my EBook just talking/commenting on YouTube comment box….
    You guys just did a very foolish thing…. By covering you mouth that should make this procedure elligal in every country that has or ever depends on Philosophers especially Christians humanatian mindful Philosophers…. Thanks

    Luvienne Nonord

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