Ek Bhool Wonderful with ENG SUBTITLES | Superhit Gujarati Comedy Natak Full 2017 |Ali Raza Namdar

Sister-in-law, please slow down
the volume of your tape. Sister in law has got the freedom
from the day brother has gone out. l wish to be a bird
and fly in the air.. Today I’m free in the
world’s garden. – Garden?
– l mean garden. What’s this sister-in-law? l
made you switch off the tape.. ..and now you’re started. So what do you think?
l don’t know to sing? l was singing so nicely in my
Zanzibar before marriage.. ..but then l had to stop it
because of my throat problem. What had happened to your throat? My neighbour had threatened
me to press my throat. Did you understand sister mother? Sister mother? – Sister
in law respectfully. ls your packing over? – How
can it be, sister-in-law? That Jeevan is starting me from down. Who? That Pranieevan uncle’s son Jeevan? Yes, now what should l tell you? That day he met me down. He
was asking me how are you? So l too asked him, how are you? Do you know what he was telling me? – What?
– Many things are there in life. Don’t take his words to the heart. He has come from very
down to up in his life. Down to up? – Previously he
used to polish the shoes.. ..now he is a barber. – What
are you saying, sister-in-law? – So you better under stand his matter.
– Under stand? l mean understand his matter. He means to say that
there are many things.. ..yet to come in your life. – But sister-in-law, you know that..
– Sister Ranjan.. Our existence doesn’t get
over with someone’s exit. Yes, but yesterday when elder
brother exited for five days.. ..you’ve started living life again. Sister-in-law, why do you fear
so much from elder brother? Who doesn’t fear from him in our house? – You, legal mother or me.
– Legal mother? l mean mother in law. Does anybody have the daring
to speak in front of him? Yes. – Yes, but before
marriage l used to speak.. ..so much in my Zanzibar that even.. – ..my photos used to give my sound.
– Is it? This is nothing. l used to
take away my grandfather.. ..at the well. And by sitting
there l used to crack so many.. ..iokes that his frame of
artificial teeth used to straight.. ..away fall into the well.
Then l used to dive and get it back. Sister-in-law, do you know to swim? lt was not needed. The
moment l used to jump.. ..automatically the water
used to spill out. – And l used to come out with the frame.
– Ok. – Then slap.
– Slap? Not that slap. This way laugh. – Laughing, laughing house settling.
– What does that mean? – Laughter makes the house.
– l see. Look, you can’t smile in
presence of your brother.. ..and l can’t speak anything.
And if by mistake.. ..I’ll speak something. He
will suddenly tell me.. Just shut up Zanzibar. Keep quiet. Women shouldn’t talk much. Shut up! Sister-in-law, you’re just great! – You’re acting exactly like elder brother.
– Then? lf mother had been here
she would have started.. ..attack.. I’ve got an attack. The bells are ringing at Mother’s temple.. Ringing.. ringing.. Bells are ringing. l must learn this special
English of sister-in-law. Carefully.. carefully.. What if I’ll fell down
and my bones will crack? Nowadays my size is not available. Thank God! Get up. Did l adopt you? – Hail Lord Krishna, Jivkorba.
– Hail Lord Krishna! You! Yes, because this old lady? Old lady? Your mother must be an old lady. Your father must be an old Lady.
Your entire family is old. No.. not in that case. Ok aunty.
Is that enough? – Aunty?
– Now no more less than this. Ok fine. Actually, this aunty, your
mother and one more aunty.. ..were standing near the lift downstairs. And this aunty feared
to come up by the lift. lt’s natural to fear to go up in
such small age. – And above that.. ..her legs have the rheumatism. – Wow!
– Not wow. Rheumatism in the leg. So l picked her up and climbed
the staircase till fifth floor. – You’ve a good stamina.
– Because l get up early.. ..at 5 o’clock every
morning and do the Yogas. I’m 35 years of age. But no
once can predict my age. Don’t l look like 34 and
half years of age? – Yes. – How are you?
– Fine.. l was. How are you? – Many
things are there in life. Why did l ask him? Why
mother hasn’t come yet? She’ll take time to come. Because
she is coming by the lift. l had offered to pick up all the three. Then who could have picked you up? Grandma, he has picked you up till here. – No say something good.
– Yes, that’s right. You picked me up, brother?
May God take you! – Sorry.. sorry..
– Where has she left. Not sorry.. – Yes, that’s what
I’m telling to this girl. Will you give me a glass of water.. ..or directly River Ganga’s water? I’ll get it. – You please let it be.
I’ll get it. – Be careful.
– I’ll get it. – You?
– Yes. Because l had read the spitting sentence.. – ..on general toilet’s wall.
– Spitting sentence? – Not the spitting sentence. Nice sentence.
– What was the sentence? That the nation who respects
the women progresses. – l remembered it.
– Your memory.. ..why it’s so nice? – Because
l eat shine it chyawanpras. Shine it chyawanpras? – Not
the shine it. Shine it. Chinese chyawanpras. – Yes,
in every winter l read it.. ..in the newspaper and make it myself.
I’ll also get little.. ..for you in one box. l mean if
you like it than in big box. – Glass.
– No, box. I’m saying will l get a glass of water? Or you want me to remove
my frame of teeth.. – ..and dig a well here?
– I’ll get you. Listen. Now how will l respect the women? Ringing.. ringing.. bells are ringing.. – Rashila!
– Let’s go reverse. Hail Lord Krishna, Aunty! Take the blessings. – Keep it there.
I’ll take it later on. Good Mr. Jeevan that you’ve come here. Otherwise l thought you must have
been cutting hair downstairs.. ..in your style. Looking above. No, sister-in-law. Now I’m going
to keep aside that style. Why? – when l cut the hair looking above.. ..customers walks out without paying. lf you’ll cut the hair looking
down then sister Ranjan.. ..will go from above. Yes. lt seems I’ll have to go myself
and drink a glass of water. Yes, go and drink it. – Sister-in-law.
– Yes. Why this Ranian fears so much from me? – No. she just suspects you.
– What? l mean she respects you. No, because she fears from your husband. And the entire house fears..
..from your husband in wholesale. No way. Nobody fears
from him even in retail. No sister-in-law, because of
his fear l couldn’t express.. ..my feelings to Ranian five years before. That time she was spinster. But now.. You mean you too have objection
for sister Ranjan’s.. – ..widowhood?
– No, sister-in-law. But your husband had threatened.. ..me to break my legs. When the bride and groom is ready.. – ..what will the priest do?
– Ok, then I’ll call up.. – ..brother Rashik just now.
– Wait! – Mangoes can’t ripe in hurry.
– Meaning? Mangoes can’t ripe in hurry. But will that Ranian be ready? He’s going to come in the evening.
So convince him. – And also ask his blessings along with.
– Ok. Not mine. Of mother Ambe’s. Without her blessings any
of your work won’t happen. Ok, sister-in-law. I’ll
get all my articles. Articles? – Yes. Soap, brush,
washing brush, detergent.. ..starch, knife.. – Mr. Jeevan,
Take the clothes along with. Sister-in-law. – You mean you’ll take or not?
– Yes. Does the sumo come? – Yes,
I’ve washed to down. – Why did you washed it?
– Wash means not wash.. ..by seeing it. – Seeing?
– Yes. Then did you see my legal mother anywhere? – Legal mother?
– Mother in law. Yes, she is reading at the
down with the few ladies. – She is reading at the down?
– She is reading.. – ..she is grinding.
– You mean grinding? Yes. This is like, four meeting
braids breaking the houses. l understood.. when the
four stammering meets.. Not the stammering, Mr. Jeevan.
Braid.. braid.. – But where is my legal mother?
– Here is your legal mother. Jivkor, did you come up?
Full in single piece? Yes, l don’t know whether he has
many things in life or not.. ..but he has the strength in his body. He took me till here in such
a way that he reminded me.. ..of Mansukh’s father. – What
such did you do to her? Jadi! Jadi! – Come.. come this way.
Sit here. Here comes an old cow. c’mon.. – How are you, aunty?
– Who are you? l can’t recognise your leg. He is Mr. Jeevan. He stays just nearby. He also has a salon. – That
means he’s a barber. – He seems so.
– That’s his profession. – You know our Pranieevan.
– Who Pranjeevan? – The one of that lion market?
– Lion market? Stock market. – Oh, that
Pranjee from stock market. You mean that one who had
gone mad while gambling? No, aunty. He didn’t go mad.
He had grandabetes. Grandabetes? – Just like
diabetes, it’s grandabetes. This is a new disease. It has
just now released in the market. But he had gone mad and he
was wandering exposed.. ..in the village with
the dhoti in his hand. And he was shouting
‘somebody take this dhoti.’ – Are you a son of that mad?
– Aunty! Jivkor, mind your language. – How can you ask such things?
– Yes. – Where are you?
– Here. My child don’t take her
words to the heart. This Jivkor’s tongue
is beyond her control. But what am l asking you? Does this Praniee wear a dhoti now? Now he just wears a dhoti. This is called, ‘example
is better than percept.’ Wait.. wait, aunty,
l’ll get water for you. Jhuki, l’m asking you. You
didn’t come to ask for my.. ..health when l was sick. And
now when there was a chance.. ..to go for the pilgrimage free of
charge so you’ve come here running? Why? Didn’t you come
jumping from your in laws? But tell me, how will you
take the sight of Goddess? By looking into my mirror? – l’ll
break your mirror one day. Wait, aunty, drink some water. Mummy, whenever these two
faces each other the.. – ..situation becomes like WWF.
– WWF? They both fight in every single matter. Aunty, leave the glass. lt’s finished now. – Rashila..
– Yes. Why did you have a thought
of going to pilgrimage? That too in absence of your husband? Rashila, did you ask your husband?
Otherwise we’ll be blamed. Because his nature is like the chilli. And her nature is just
like the hot chilli. – Did you ask the Rashik?
– Yes, mother. When he was going out, l had
asked him at the same time.. l told him that l’ve to
complete my vow at Goddess.. ..so l’ll gather the ladies of
the society and go with them. – Then do you know what does he told me?
– What? He said not to delay the religion work. That means why to delay
the religious work? – You can go.. go..
– Then it’s ok. Sister-in-law, why are you lying? Elder brother don’t even
know that we’re going. lf he’ll come to know. – How
will the news spread? – Meaning?
– How will he come to know? He has gone out for five days and
till that time, we’ll return. Are you telling us the truth?
Otherwise you know.. ..how rude Rashik’s nature is? Why mother is continuously talking.. ..about his nature in
presence of everybody? Mother, he’s not a demon. He
is little short tempered. Otherwise he’s very soft by heart. And aunty, when there are
more people in the house.. ..the small quarrels are natural. That means many people will
have a fight in the house.. ..lsn’t it, aunty? This
aunty herself is ringing. Rashila, if the quarrel is
small no problem. – Yes. But the saucer that your
husband had thrown on you.. ..yesterday had fallen
into the temple down. We also had to stop out devotional hymn. But who told you that he had
thrown that saucer on me? Your mother in law. – This is called
the own ones demolishes the rule. Meaning? – The inner enemy is
much powe_ul to break the rule. Where does she understand all this? l’ll explain you what had happened? Let me make a story. – He told me that l’m very fat.
– Fat? So, l said no. He said if you sit at one place.
You can’t get up easily. l said, no. Take this
saucer and throw it on me. – He said how would it look?
– l said just throw it.. ..nothing will happen. And
aunty he threw the saucer. l jumped and came here. Then
he threw it here. l jumped.. ..and came here. And then the bouncer. So the saucer was here and l
was out of the window. – What? No, l mean l was here and the
saucer was out of the window. – l mean to say this, aunty.
– Yes, that’s right. Otherwise, if you would
be out of the window.. ..our devotional club would
have finished right there. Aunty, it’s not that l never
tried to reduce my weight. l had consulted the doctor
before marriage in Zanzibar. l said l want to reduce.
So he told me sister.. ..start horse riding
you’ll reduce very soon. Aunty, l started with the horse
riding and also reduced. – Really?
– But of the horse. Then l decided that now if l
want to reduce, start climbing.. ..the mountains to worship Goddesses.
So that l’ll reduce very soon. My dear, also take us with you.. ..we too will come to
worship at the Goddesses. Of course and will also
sing the devotional hymns. l was going to the Goddess’ temple.. – l was going to the Ambaii..
– Wow! – l was going to take the sight..
– What a saying! l was going to the
Goddess, to the Ambaji.. ..to have the sight. There was so much of crowd,
what could l do, Mother? There was a big queue, mother
what could l do? – What a saying! Did you see, mother? Who
says that old people can’t.. ..hit the sixer? Who says that
they can’t hit the sixer. lt’s we that we’re not
giving them the bat. – Now look at my sixer. Jeevan, carry on.
– C’mon. Not me, carry on with the devotional song. – Ram and mother Sita.
– Wow! wow! Along with them is brother Laxman. – l bow at their feet.
– What a saying! Ram and mother Sita. – Yes, l’ve come back in one night.
– Let’s go. l had to deal with the ladies.
These ladies don’t have.. ..any senses. To hell
with the 200 million. lf we had to bend at the
women for 200 millions.. ..then it’s a shame on we men community. Yes, hang up. l’ll call you later. Ladies club, come out. Jivkor aunty, when did you come? Mr. Jeevan took you here? lt’s a fourth floor. Tea? – Mother, tea.
– Wait! What’s all this? – You?
– Yes, l’m. But you were supposed to come.. .
.after five days, weren’t you? Mobile. – Didn’t you listen
to what l said just now? l had to deal with a woman,
that’s why l returned. From the day these ladies
are freed to come out.. ..of the house and work
we people are harassed. What’s this, mother? – We were
going for the pilgrimage. She had a vow. – This is
called colour handed caught. – What?
– Caught with the evidence. Shut up you Hedamba. Do you call your wife? ‘Hey Amba’. He says this. You please be patient for five minutes. Then l’ll explain you. – You?
You’ll explain me? Zanzibar! And what are you doing here? – Many things are there in life.
– l won’t let anything.. ..remain in your life. Just get lost. Sister in law had told me
to arrange for a sumo. C’mon, just get lost. – Shall l
take her or let her be here? Do you think this is an
old people’s hermitage? Jadi, tell your son not to get
angry so much. Keep moving. Otherwise, Rashik, we had
already asked your wife.. ..whether she has taken
your permission or not. C’mon, run. Otherwise,
we too have a house. Let’s go, he’ll catch us. But why are you getting angry, my son? Your poor wife was doing
this virtuous work.. ..by taking us to the pilgrimage. She is not poor she is my helplessness. You better keep moving, aunty. One moment. Don’t eat these leaves. – Mother, what’s this?
– Attack! – This side.
– Attack! – We must consult a big doctor now.
– Attack! Today your surgery is final. – Attack!
– Open-heart surgery. – Mother..
– Yes. l see. That means she
must have given you.. ..this idea of attack. Isn’t it? That’s why you get so
many attacks in a day. C’mon. C’mon. Where are you going? You said c’mon two times. l thought.. ..the second one was for me. For you l must say it five times.
Sit down. Not there, here. Not there, here. Here. Are you making me play game? – Brother.. listen to me..
– Shut up! Look down. And what is this brother?
Call me elder brother. And if possible don’t call. Are
you defending your sister in law? C’mon.. c’mon.. c’mon.. C’mOn.. C’mOn.. Where are you going? – You
said c’mon, five times. Sit down. Not there, here. ln the middle. You first decide where should l sit? Sit on my head. – You have
applied hair oil. l’ll slip. Sit down. You must be thinking that
a husband has gone out.. ..so let’s enjoy for five days, isn’t it? What kind of l enjoyment
l could have done.. ..with these old people? l was
going to complete my vow. Which vow? O God, it would be better.. ..if my husband won’t return alive.
Am l right? God’s fertilizer, don’t say this. – God’s fertilizer?
– For God’s sake. lf He’ll listen then.. – Shut up!
Control your tongue. With whose permission
you were going outside? Ok.. ok.. without taking your permission. – But please don’t flame without reason.
– Flame? l mean don’t be angry. Rashila, you either speak
English or Gujarati. l’ll speak English, but
will you understand it? Just now.. l’m asking you just now. Look, it’s very important for me to go. – Where? Zanzibar?
– Zanzibar? You think l’m a fool? l know it very well. With the
excuse of the pilgrimage.. ..you were going to Zanzibar
to see your father.. ..at his last stage. – My father?
What are you saying? l know everything. And you too
knew that l was not going.. ..to permit you to go
to your maternal house. So you were trying to escape
with the excuse of pilgrimage. l haven’t even talked with
them from last five days and.. – That means did my brother call up?
– Yes. What did he say? Papa is very serious? Old people when falls sick,
they are always serious. But l’ve told him that
you’re unable to come. – But why?
– What why. For every minute matter you shouldn’t
run away to the maternal house? And your father is not so small now. He is already 75 years old
and double than you in size. So if he’s not at the dying age
then do you think he’s at the.. ..age of marriage? Mind well,
you’re not going anywhere. Just now you’ll go to meet your
father and will return since.. ..he won’t die. Then you’ll go
again when he’ll actually die. Then will go for his death rituals.
Is it good to go so many times? Ok fine, we’ll do something. – We both will go together.
– When? After a year to his death. Let her go. – Mother, who
will take care of the house? l’m there. – You get
frequent attacks in a day. – Then l’m there to take care.
– My morning spoils with.. ..your first look. Then we’ll wake you up in the noon. Nobody is going anywhere.
l’m telling you this. lf l’ll find it too serious
l’ll think over it. Hedamba, listen to this very carefully. lf you ever step out of the
house even in a dream.. ..without my permission then
never wake up from that sleep. Zanzibar! C’mon.. c’mon.. c’mon.. c’mon.. Go and get my luggage from the car. – Thank God.
– Did you se, Rashila? l used to tell you this before
that without asking Rashik.. – ..don’t take a single step.
– Mother, not the step.. l took a long jump. And with
the jump what was ahead? A big well. Anyhow l must
fill the well, Mother. Sister-in-law, please don’t
think about the suicide. How can such a big soul be killed? But you talked about filling the well. l mean to say that keep a board.. ..on the well and pass through it. – What does that mean?
– l mean Ambaji. Mother, l must go to Ambaji, anyhow. But Rashila. – Mother,
l’ll complete my vow.. ..and along with l’ll also take
another vow for my father. – But will the Rashik be ready for it?
– You both are here,.. ..aren’t you? Just ask for his apology.. – ..on my behalf.
– Listen Rashila.. Sister-in-law, wait. We
too are coming with you. Slowly.. he’ll chop us here right now. Are you sure, you want to come? l think l only will have to ask
for his apology after returning. Never mind. The moment we’ll return.
l’ll bow to his feet. And then l’ll tell him,
please forgive me otherwise.. Please forgive me otherwise.. – Please forgive me..
– Otherwise? Do what you can. Mother said that. Mother! Rukmani.. Rukmani.. What has happened after marriage? Who won and who defeated? Just look at it from the window. Aunty, please stop talking this.
l find it shame.. shame.. – Shame, shame?
– l mean l feel shy. When people will know about my pregnancy.. ..what will they think? For
what she was waiting till now? What is to feel shy in that?
When l delivered Viman.. – Viman (aeroplane)?
– My fifth son. Aunty, did you name your son Viman? Actually you know when he
was born the aeroplane.. ..passed from above that’s why. And as of now her Viman
is driving a rickshaw. Please give the break to your rickshaw. Ok aunty, what were you
telling about your Viman? When my Viman was born.. ..my eldest son was getting engaged. So you don’t feel shy. – And l’m
telling you on the basis of.. ..my experience. Your
stomach won’t be seen much. Because you’re quite healthy. Otherwise at her time,
it seemed there were.. ..five in her womb. – Aunty,
what are you speaking? You should mind your language. Actually this is because of
our blessings to Rashila.. ..since she took us to the pilgrimage. You’re right. l had blessed
her with full integrity. Yes, she is right. Before
blessing she had eaten.. ..the pot full of Chinese dish. Jivkor and Jhuki please stop it now. After ten years my Rashik
is going to have the child. – My child, we must arrange for the cradle.
– Yes. – We already have one.
– Where? lf you turn back this Jhuki,
she will resemble the cradle. – Aunty!
– Shut up, you? – l’ll cut your tongue. – How?
– By looking into my mirror. Please talk slowly otherwise Mr.
Ramkhani will wake up. What? – l mean not the senior
Ramkhani, this junior Ramkhani. But this is also a time to
return for senior Ramkhani. C’mon, it’s time for our devotional hymns. C’mon, let’s go. C’mon, let’s
reach to the temple soon. – C’mon, quick.
– Yes, c’mon. – Yes, Let’s go.
– Today the sweet-balls.. l’ll eat the sweet-balls
of your death rituals. Junior Ramkhani, l don’t
know whether you’re a male.. ..or female but for me you’re
the E-mail of Mother Ambe. lf you wouldn’t have come
at the right moment.. ..today l must have become a
mendicant in the Zanzibar. C’mon.. c’mon.. c’mon.. c’mon.. – Have you come?
– Yes. By conforming my pregnancy reports? Yes, your pregnancy is confirmed. l had told you this before. Hand
bangle, mirror what? – Meaning? l mean, what is the need of a
mirror to hands and bangles. C’mon.. c’mon.. c’mon.. c’mon.. Where are you going? – You
said c’mon.. c’mon.. l’m telling you to remove my shoes. C’mon. – Stand up on the sofa.
– Why? Doctor has warned me not to bend. How mush sense a lady doctor will have? As much as is required to be a doctor. C’mon, l said. Why are you acting? Are you
the first one to be pregnant? You be it first so that
you’ll come to know. How much multiples with
20 happens to be 100. What? – l mean, what is the
suffering of this stage. C’mon, l said. – please,
don’t force me to bend. lf it’ll be a female, she will bend.. ..to others like me in her entire life. – You’ve got an excuse.
– It’s your gift. l made a mistake. And for
this small mistake.. ..l’ll have to tolerate this big
mistake for my entire life. You still consider me a mistake? – Then why did you wed me?
– Meaning? – Why did you marry me?
– Because of your father. And this is not called
wedding, it’s called welding. Your father shows different
sample and delivers different. Meaning? – He shows the
Aishwarya Rai and weds.. – ..Nirupa Roy.
– Is there my fault in it? My elder sister eloped
from the marriage hall. – Actually l only helped her evict.
– What? l mean she only told me that how
will l spend my life with.. ..him when l love someone else? So l told her to go and
live life with him.. ..and l’ll marry him and die. l’m dead marrying you. l
happily went with the party.. ..of the bridegroom to marry.
l went with the party.. ..of bridegroom and came
back with an animal. So you were also not
Shahrukh Khan that time? You were also thin and single body.
And what were you wearing? Red coat, red paint and red shoes. lf you could have kept your
mouth open that time.. ..anybody would have posted a letter.. ..considering it a post-box. l seem a post box to you? A pole? Not me alone, my dog also
considered you a pole. Do you remember? He urinated on you? Don’t take the name of your dog.
And for that too.. – ..your father is responsible.
– Meaning? Yes, l was standing in
the heavy sunstroke.. ..to be welcomed at the pandal with
20 kg’s garland in my neck and.. .. 5 kg’s coconut in my hand and do
you know what your father told me? He said, Mr. Rashik wait for some time.
Let Ramesh come.. ..then we’ll follow the further
ceremony of the welcome. Let Ramesh come then we’ll proceed. Later on l came to know
it was your dog’s name. Don’t call Ramesh. Call it by
respect. Mr. Ramesh. – Shut up. You entire family is antique. Your family is full of Sumo’s. There’s no one under 100 kg weights. – l met only one slim and thin.
– Who? Your family doctor. Yes. – And do you know
what he was telling me? Sir, no body in this family
have a single disease. l have to live biting my nails. And yes, that 300 kg’s
uncle of yours, Jambo. Do you remember that Jambo uncle? He was sitting next to me for the lunch.
And do you know.. ..what he was telling me? Mr. Rashik, today l’m not feeling well. l’m suffering through diarrhoea.
l can’t eat much. l said fine, uncle. And he started. He finished with one full plate of rice. Then he stopped that
man serving ‘Basundi’. He said wait, brother.
What’s there in the sweet? – That man said it’s ‘Basundi’.
– He said fine let me taste. By the means of tasting he
drank 50 bowls of ‘Basundi’. And then again finished with
one full plate of rice. And above that constantly
repeats the same thing at me. l’m suffering through diarrhoea. You didn’t understood. My Jambo uncle.. ..likes ‘Basundi’ very much. – So he made the Basundi safe.
– Safe? – What he had before?
– Rice. – Then?
– ‘Basundi’. – Then?
– Rice? So, did you get anything? lf he vomits the rice will be vomited.. ..and if the loose motion then
too the rice will come out. The ‘Basundi is safe in between, isn’t it? This is hungry people’s family. lt’s not called hungry people’s family. lt’s called happy and healthy family. Yes, l have seen that. How happy
and healthy family it is. One of my friends was slipped
in your father’s glass of milk. Your friend didn’t know to swim? All of our family members know to swim. ln hippopotamus’ family
everyone knows to swim. My friend just slipped but
l was drowning in it. – lt was you who was excited to marry me.
– Not me, my father was excited. Oh no. Your father wanted to marry? l mean, to get me married. And do
you know what he was telling me? Rashik, my dear, now when
we’ve spent so much.. ..and come to Africa then
we must take away one item. – You should have refused.
– Nobody from our family.. ..can raise their voice
in front of my father. Now l came to know that this
is a hereditary disease. Now which doctor l should consult? You can go to any doctor you
wish but l must find a.. ..good lawyer in this city. To
get rid of this belt forever. To get rid? But you’ve
achieved that you wanted. You’ve got the reason to sit
on my head for entire life. Reason. When the men have given.. ..the reason to the women? When papa didn’t gave it
while marrying me then.. ..why are you searching
for it while divorcing? l’ll give you divorce willingly. – Mutual is standing down.
– Mutual is standing down? l mean with mutual understanding. lt’ll be an obligation.
l’ll be greatly obliged. instead of being a load to someone.. ..it’s much better to oblige him or her. – But you better oblige me.
– l’ll give you. l’ll give you enough money to
feed yourself 40 kg’s per day. l don’t want your money. In
fact l’ll go away from here.. – ..delivering this baby.
– Promise? Before that you promise me
that you won’t tell this.. ..to anybody in our house.
Because l don’t wish the.. ..sad atmosphere for the coming baby. Ok fine. It’s my promise.
Gentleman’s promise. l don’t want gentleman’s promise.
Give me your promise. Mind well.. mind well that
right after the nine months.. ..you’ll deliver the baby
and hand over to me. And have to leave from this house forever. Now start counting the days
of your departure, Hedamba. l’ll become a mother by
delivering the baby.. ..but l’ll make you
remember your grandmother. lf l won’t break up your
ego before leaving.. ..from this house then l’m
not from the Zanzibar. Hedamba! C’mon.. c’mon,
C’mon Zanzibar, come out. – Rashik!
– Who’s there? Rashik is in the house..
how are you Mr. Rashik? – Jayanti!
– Yes. What’s this? Why your luck has broken? Actually, you know what happened? – Have you seen the Chamunda Circle?
– Yes. Just at some distance from
there, it’s a lane in the left? – Yes. l’ve seen.
– Did you see the pole? – Yes. l’ve seen.
– I didn’t see. Pole is hurt. In the head? That pole is only of the two feet height? How can it strike to the head? Were
you walking like the earthworm? C’mon. Sit down and tell me the truth. Did your wife hit you again?
Tell me the truth, c’mon. Look, l know that you’re a Lawyer.
But just forget.. ..about your profession for a
minute and tell me the truth. Yes, my wife has hit me. But
how did you come to know? You don’t know that Rashik Ramkhani. When l had shaken hands with
your wife during your.. ..reception l had noticed it that
you’re trapped in wrong hand. But now she hits me truly
with the wrong hand. Be ashamed of yourself.
Being a friend of this.. ..Rashik Ramkhani, you’re
tolerating your wife’s strokes? You’re eligible for this. Didn’t
l tell you before marriage? Didn’t l tell you not to give
much importance to the wife? But now you are always.. ..running
behind her being her fan. You’re eligible for this. Do you
remember that l had given.. ..the party for your
marriage right after.. ..the two weeks of your marriage. There too you were insisting me so much. Rashik, shall we go home? My
wife won’t eat without me. Finally l pitied you at
the 12 in the night. l thought fine. Let’s go to your home
8 have the dinner made by your wife. We went to your home. Your
wife opened a door and.. ..slapped you at the very
first step and then screamed. Jayanti, where were you till now? C’mon, cook the food so that
l can have something to eat. Then l came to know why your
wife didn’t eat without you. And fir the first time
in my life l had to.. ..pill off the potatoes for you. You had just piled off
the potatoes that time. But do you know what happened with
me yesterday? – What happened? Do you know how this bandage
has come to my head? – How? Yesterday when l reached
home, she ordered me.. ..c’mon, make the hotchpotch for me. So the hotchpotch hit you? No, buddy. The hotchpotch
was in the cooker. – So the cooker busted?
– No, there was.. – ..a whistle on the cooker.
– Yes. It was not whistling. So l told her, darling. This
whistle is not whistling. And do you know what she did?
She removed that city from.. ..the cooker and aimed at my head.
And threw it directly to my head. And then asked, tell me
has it whistled now? Not the city, entire cooker
must be hit to your head. You’re eligible for it.
You’re a gone case. You’ve become a slave of your wife. Rashik, my friend. Now you’re
the only one to bring me.. ..out from this. Do you
remember, you had advised.. ..our friend Mr. Mehta? Today he
is a happily divorcee. – Yes. Advise me too so that my
problem can be solved and.. ..l won’t even have to divorce her. For that you should have
winning card in your hand.. ..Whereas you’ve defeated yourself. l feel like picking you up and
throw to your wife to hit her. Listen, l’ll give you some
tips hot to control the wife. – Yes, tell me.
– Listen. – The first tip.
– Yes, tell me. Never give chance to your
wife to speak anything. – She never makes tea.
– Fool, l mean to say.. ..never let her speak. – l see.
Never let her speak. Yes. Ok. – If she tries to speak
anything, either tease her.. – ..or insult her. For example.
– Remove her teeth? – l mean to say for example.
– Ok, for example. Yes. For example, find her
weak point and tease her. For example, my wife’s
weakness is obesity. – So l call her aye, Hedamba.
– Great! Speak up your wife’s weak point. She is completely weak. – She is just like you?
– Yes. That means the money
is arranged to a wood? But that monkey’s maternal
relatives are very strong. lf she try to take proud
of her maternal relative.. ..just insult her at the same moment. For example, if she says that.. ..my father is very respectful person. Yes, it happens. She tells me this daily. That my father is very respectful person.
Very respectful. Then tell her may your father
must be respectful but.. ..he’s so cheap for anyone to buy. What a saying! What a great thing! But my father is no more. – Then crack the iokes that are expired.
– How? – Look. l’ll give you another tip.
– Yes. Tell me another. Never make the crown for a wife.
Make her dependant. Make her helpless. Never
tell her about your income.. – ..and how you earn it.
– Definitely. – By the way, how much do you earn?
– As much you give today. – Learn to earn yourself.
– Yes, l’ll learn it. And if your wife spends some
money, insult her in presence.. – ..of few people.
– Insult her. – Yes.
– But will this work? Don’t you see in my house? How is my wife? But she can’t even dare to
Look above in front of me. Right. Sister-in-law was bending
like this in every photographs of.. – ..your marriage album.
– Don’t make a joke. Now l’ll give you the third tip. – Yes, give it. Give me.
– Never call wife with love. Not to call her. – Never call her
Sweetie, darling or sweetheart. – Just spoil her name while addressing.
– Yes, spoil. For example, do you know
how l call my wife? – How? Zanzibar, c’mon.. c’mon.. c’mon.. What’s your wife’s name? Bhutika darling. – The entire
society calls her darling? No. Only me. Only you. Your wife’s name is Bhutika, right?
Call her Bhut (Ghost). – Bhut, l’ll break you to pieces.
– Bhut! – C’mon, rehearsal it. C’mon.
– Bhut, l’ll break you to pieces. What has happened? Goddess has come? Phone.. my phone is on the vibrator.
One moment. – Receive it. Hello. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Why are you saying yes?
Who is on the line? Wife. – Tell her. Bhut, come out.
l’ll break you to pieces. – Tell her this.
– Yes. Bhut, come out. Otherwise l’ll come in.. ..and break you to pieces. Come out. l told her. See. – After
switching off the phone? Then when to tell her? – How
many times l’ve told you.. ..that wife means footwear.
Never keep it on the head. lt suits well in the feet. l must show you the live demonstration.
Sit here. Sit here. l’ll show you
live demonstration. – Yes. Look. Zanzibar, c’mon.. c’mon..
come out. C’mon. – Rashik.
– Yes. – You haven’t paid.. ..your society’s maintenance bill? – l’m not going to pay that bill.
– Why? lt’s written on the bill, please.. ..pay the bill urgently, by order. Why will l listen to the order of a lady? What a saying? What a saying? But there’s something
else written with the.. – ..thick handwriting. Look.
– Think Handwriting? Then it must be Rashila’s letter. – Respected husband.
– Respected? Respected? Yes, since l can’t smile because
of your fear that’s why respected. When you’ll be reading this letter.. ..sister Ranian, mother,
Jhukuba, Jivkorba.. ..and l will be in Ambaii. Rashila! Without my permission? l had asked for your
permission folding my two.. ..hands. Since you didn’t
give the permission.. ..l had to gather my two legs and go. Please forgive me. Since
it was urgent, l must go. Please forget and forgive my mistake. Forget and forgive? – l
don’t know English. l mean forgive and forget my mistake.
You please learn the English. – Rashila!
– Rashik, what’s this, buddy? How can this be possible? You are advising people
to control their wives.. ..and your wife has bounced like a spring? – Rashik, how will this work?
– Let it be. How can you let go of it? If
Shakuni will move straight.. ..where will Duryodhan
search for the house? And my friend, Saddam can’t be a Sudama. My friend, you must do something.
You must. Let it be. – No, you must
do something, my friend. – You just watch.
– Yes. – You just watch.
– Yes. Let them return from the pilgrimage.
l’ll give you a call.. ..and invite you. Then l’ll show
you this Rashik Ramkhani’s.. ..live demonstration. What happened? You want some medicine? Rashik, be careful! You want
to show the demo? Rashik! Dom you know how we enjoyed there? You’re standing here? You
know our Jhuku aunty? She came to me crying and telling me.
Look, Rashila.. ..there are so many people
standing ahead of me that l.. ..can’t even have a sight of the Goddess. And l applied such an
idea that everybody.. ..standing ahead of Jhuku
aunty fell down instantly. – That means you pushed everyone?
– No, l took a heavy breath. Sister Ranian, l crack such
jokes to make you laugh. Why are you disappointed again? Sister-in-law, that Jeevan
is crossing his limits now. Why? – People were taking
the sight of Goddess.. – And he was taking the sight of you.
– Yes. Because he loves you. And l feel that you too like him. She is feeling shy. Then speak out. Speaking, speaking berries selling. Meaning? – A faint heart
never won a fair lady. But no sister-in-law, it’s
sinful for me to think all this. Sister Ranian, just think of it.
If your husband had been.. ..at your place, he
wouldn’t have remarried? – He would have remained alone?
– But sister-in-law? Life is very difficult to live. And in that too to live it
alone is much more difficult. But sister-in-law, how will we
explain all this to brother? Right now you’re afraid of your brother. Then the loneliness will make you afraid. l can’t do that, sister-in-law. – Water on stone.
– Meaning? Everything went in vain. Look. Let go off my words. But
will you obey Goddess’ order? Goddess’? – Yes. One moment.
Brother Jeevan! Yes, sister-in-law. – l was
sure that he must be.. ..hanging on the tree. The
moment l’ll call, he’ll jump. Brother Jeevan, we’ll keep two
flowers on Goddess’ photo. One on the right and other on the left. lf the right side’s flower falls
then your marriage is sure. And if the left sides flower falls
then your marriage is cancel. Agreed? Ok. Then go and get one flower. – Only one?
– The other is here. Sister-in-law, what if the
left side’s flower will fall? l must apply little gum to
the left flower to bring.. ..the happiness in sister Ranjan’s life. But in any case what if the
right flower didn’t fall? Then l’ll blow it very heavily. lsn’t he a flower? Wait! Rashila, come soon. The guest
will come here any time. – Jadi! Jadi!
– Jhuku, have you come? Yes. – But why are you so late?
– l can come only when.. – ..my husband finish with his meal.
– You mean you were.. – ..feeding your husband?
– No. l’m his dinning table. He keeps
the dish on my back and eats. You’re just great. But
why Jivkor isn’t come? – She won’t come.
– Why? She was telling her leg is paining. But l told her no excuse of the pain. – Today it’s the engagement.
– Betray? Who betrayed you? He is talking about the
engagement, Jhuki. Sit down. But Jadi, l just can’t believe
that Rashik is agreed.. ..for Ranian’s engagement with him. l too can’t believe it, Jivkor.
l thought that the volcano.. ..will bust in the house
when we’ll return from.. ..the pilgrimage and l’ll
definitely have an attack. And l won’t be able to
see their condition. So l did one idea. l made them
stand outside and slowly.. ..l entered in the house. And l
thought just now a bride’s.. – ..cart will come.
– Bride’s cart? – Not that cart?
– Bullet. Yes, but do you know what
brother Rashik told me? – How are you brother Jeevan.
– Many things are there in life. Give us little. – Mother, are you happy?
– l’m very happy, my son. Oh yes. You had done lots of shopping
from the pilgrimage what was that? Nothing special that we bought.
Just a cassette.. ..of the movie ‘Kal ho na ho’.
Then God knows whether.. ..we exist or not when reach at home. Jhuku aunty. Jivkor
aunty, Hail Lord Krishna! l heard that you also enjoyed a lot? Yes, we enjoyed very much but also had.. – ..little tension on the way.
– What? This Jhuki was lost with the herd of cow. – Then how did you find her?
– We released her.. ..from the cattle house
by paying 500 rupees. But actually this Jeevan was the
one who enjoyed a lot. – Why? Ranian who was not even
ready to look at him.. ..by your fear was ready to
click the photo with him. ls it? – No, actually that
photographer had offered.. ..50 rupees for one photo
and 60 for two that’s why. That’s why he clicked it in couple. But the second photo was of sister in law. l was just standing in the photo. – Brother Jeevan!
– Why? Actually l clicked it because
mother had insisted for it. She was looking very nice in the
jeans, so l told her to click. Everybody insisted me to wear jeans.. ..but l knew that you wouldn’t like it. The brother Jeevan told me that
sister-in-law, if Ranjan.. ..is wearing then you too wear it. But l knew that you wouldn’t like it. Then we went to lucky lake.
Mother had put on a nice.. ..traditional dress there. So l
too thought of wearing jeans. But l knew that you wouldn’t like it. And that photographer came
right in front of me. He was telling me, you
must click the photo. But l knew that you wouldn’t like it. To hell with me. – l too thought
of the same and get it clicked. Good. You’ve done this very nice
that you’ve got it clicked. But tell me, did you
fit in the photograph? Ranian, c’mon, sister. The
auspicious time will pass. Let’s finish with the engagement ceremony.
What do you say? – Mother! Mother, l can’t understand why
My Amrishpuri has become.. ..Alok Nath all of a sudden? How his heart transplant has taken place? – Heart fairy change?
– Fairy? Heart.. fairy.. change.. Fairy – Yes. lt was ok till the engagement.
Till now he hasn’t send me to.. ..my maternal house. Do you
know what he told me today? He was telling me, papa’s
health is not fine.. too much.. – Go.. go..
– Is it? Yes. Sister-in-law, give it’s credit to me. lt’s in the freeze. Take it yourself. l’m talking about the credit.. credit. – Credit?
– Yes. l showed our photographs
to brother Rashik.. ..at the same moment we returned.
And l told him.. ..that we’ve taken Goddess’ permission. He started laughing and was told me that.. ..tomorrow itself he’ll
fix this engagement. Wow! That means your engagement..
marriage. – Meaning? instant engagement and instant marriage. Yes and then party of bridegroom. Yes, today the groom is
horse and tomorrow an ass. Sister-in-law! – l was just teasing.
But you please.. ..don’t forget to put on the turban.. – ..before sitting on the horse.
– Why? What why? We should be able to differentiate
between a horse and an ass. .. No actually l was teasing.. ..since today is your round coriander. – Round coriander?
– Engagement. So we are pulling your
leg instead of the nose. – But today is your engagement, isn’t it?
– Yes. Then go and stand at the
door to welcome the guests. Yes l must do that. – Rashila, who is going to come?
– Just a time pass. – Welcome.. This way.. here.
– Whom you’re calling? Just a time pass. – Look at him.
– Welcome! This is called Monkey not giving ladder. – Meaning?
– To hold a candle to the devil. Welcome.. welcome.. Brother, l was just telling
this for the time pass. – You shouldn’t come in like this.
– What are you saying, Mr. Jeevan? ..Do you have the sense or not? Brain not. Sorry. Mention not.
But you welcome. l’m getting late. – Bye!
The crowd will be less. – Excuse me!
– Yes. This is Mr. Rashik Ramkhani’s house? Yes. – l’m Mr. Desai and he
is my son, Saras (Nice). He will himself praise his son? His name is Saras. – Of course.
When aunty has.. ..named it has to be nice.
But what’s the name? Saras. – That’s what l’m telling.
People name it when it’s nice. But what’s the name? – Why
don’t you understand? His name is Saras. – That’s
what l’m asking you what’s.. Name is Saras. Oh, l thought
he is the white beauty. No, l mean you should have told me.. ..that his name is not Rin but Saras.
Then l would have.. ..that his name is not Rin but Saras.
Then l would have.. ..understood that the
coming boy’s name is Saras. And everything could be
understood nicely. Isn’t it? – l’ve finished.
– Thank God, it’s over. – Saras!
– Mother understood. Oh. l see. Nice. Very nice. Very cultured boy. Stupid. Good that we didn’t touch his feet. Rashila, the guests have increased.. ..l hope the food will be sufficient. Don’t worry. l won’t eat. C’mon, why there’s so much silence..
Desai! – Mr. Ramkhani! – Welcome..
– Thank you. Saras! Oh, nice. Very nice. Rashik! Rashik! Rashik,
what am l listening? You’re ready to marry your
sister with that damaged piece? What to do buddy? My wife
has taken the permission.. ..from Goddess. And that’s why l had
to say yes. – You had to say yes? What happened? – Nothing. As
you had told me to raise the.. – ..voice in front of wife.
– Yes. – l did that.
– Very good. – She washed all my clothes.
– very nice. very nice. But she washed the clothes, why are
you hurt? – l was also in the cloth. Good that you’ve come. l speak anything.
That doesn’t.. ..mean you should follow everything. – Do not obey to my words.
– But good that you’ve come. Now everything is fine on gold. Fine on gold? – Everything
is nice with your arrival. Where is Ranian? – She
is getting ready inside. Ranian, dear, c’mon. The
auspicious time will run. Gorgeous. You are just great! You went
to the pilgrimage and had fun. But now it’s such a
nice occasion at home.. ..and you’re silent. Just
have fun, sing some songs. Mother sang very nice songs there.
She had sung.. ..Lata Mangeshkar’s song
in Mohammad Rafi’s voice. Sing one, Jadi. – C’mon.
– Rashik, shall l sing? C’mon.. c’mon.. c’mon. l mean sing it now. Ranian.. We have tied you with Jeevan. Your happiness and sorrows
are mine from now. He means to say on me. Okay. This is Jeevan. And this is his real form. Little happiness and little
sadness, this is life. – Say something.
– Me? Yes. My life Partner.. keep on loving.. – keep on loving.. keep on loving..
– She has gone to the flashback. – Keep on loving..
– Aunty! – Youth is zealous.
– Beautiful old neighbour. Truth is always beautiful. – Wow! Truth is always beautiful.
– Very nice. Truth is always beautiful. Slowly, aunty. Slowly. If you
would have jumped one more.. ..time you would have directly
reached above. Slowly, aunty. This is called other’s marriage
and Abdullah is mad. – Mad? l mean, Abdullah is dancing
in stranger’s marriage. But brother Jeevan, you’re just great!
You’re not man. l mean you’re superman. Sister-in-law has given me
courage and l dared to tell.. ..your brother, that you’re
mine, my love. – That side. Ranian o my dear.. Wow? Will you cut the hair in new style? No, sister-in-law, this is Rajesh Khanna. – Just like Mansukh’s father.
– Rajesh Khanna. Shut up! l’m talking about Jeevan. Many things are there in life. Wow! Very nice. C’mon, my sister Ranjan. Before the auspicious time
run away let’s finish with.. ..the engagement ceremony. Ok? Take this ring and put
in the grooms finger. Everybody clap.. clap.. Congratulations! Both of
you, congratulations. – Mr. Ramkhani.
– Desai congratulations. Same to you. What’s this? – Ranjan’s
engagement what else? Saras come here. Jeevan you too. – Saras, slap this Jeevan.
– Slap? Yes, this is our family.. ..custom that if we slap any
bachelor at the engagement.. ..ceremony and gift him
something then the bride.. ..and groom’s pair lasts for seven births. But my son, there’s no such custom.. There’s, mother. You don’t know about it. – Mr. Saras, slap him.
– Very nice. Jeevan, take the gifted money.
Many things are there in life. Shall l take her or Leave her here only? C’mon.. c’mon.. c’mon.. C’mon, Jhuku aunty. You’re proved right. l’m betrayed. My life is a blank paper.
It always remained blank. What a great Rashik! You are too good. You’ve done that you said. – This was my live demonstration.
– You’re great, friend. Ok then shall l take your leave? – Just wait. It has just started.
– No, l must go. Otherwise you know my wife.
l’ll talk with you on phone. But l’ll need you. – Sure.
Do call me any time. Lawyer. l really enjoyed. Ok, Mr. Ramkhani, l’m getting late. – Something cold, tea or coffee..
– Next time. You know this is my business season.
So l have to go. You’re right. l’ll fix the date and.. – ..let you know very soon.
– Ok. See you then. – Congratulations once again.
– Thank you. Mr. Saras, keep visiting.
This is your house. – Bye, Desai. Bye.
– Bye-Bye. Thank you. – But you..
– Shut up! Everything has happened with
Ranjan’s will and wish. Sister Ranian, you?! – Yes,
sister-in-law, l like this boy. lt’s natural. After all
he’s a millionaire’s son. He has servants, car, bungalow everything. All the wealth and services are available. But all yellow is not gold. Meaning? – Every brighten
is not always gold. Fool, you were about to marry
my sister with a barber. Whereas l have decided to
marry her with a prince. – Prince.
– One moment, you please decide.. ..you want to marry her with Mr.
Saras or prince? Jadi! Rashila, Jadi,
there’s a fuss outside. The moment that Saras went
out of the building.. ..somebody threw water from above.
And he became mad.. ..at the same moment. Jadi, please save me. Jadi! – Where is my horse?
– Jadi! – Jadi, please help me.
– Where is my horse? – Save me.
– Wait! – Help.
– Stop! – Stop!
– Help. Saras! Papa, Look, this horse is so nice. – But it’s not walking.
– Saras, control yourself! Mr. Ramkhani, who threw water from above? C’mon, my horse. Move ahead.. Saras! Saras! Yes. – He is mad.
– No, He’s not mad. He has little mental problem.
His treatment is going on. He’ll recover soon. He is
a patient of hydrophobia. So whenever his head or face becomes wet.. ..he behaves this way. – That
means he doesn’t bath? Or you make him dry-clean? l give him the injection
before taking bath. – Mr. Ramkhani, l’m getting late.
– Yes. Come, dear. C’mon, let’s go. Rashik, l’m telling you. l won’t
come to this mad’s marriage. Why? – what if there will be
rainfall during marriage? – l won’t come l’m telling you.
– Ok fine. And yes. lf l’ll come. The will get
a bucket full of water. You please leave now. – Rashik, if
you wanted to marry your sister.. ..with a mad then what was
wrong with this Jeevan? Because he is hereditary mad.
C’mon, you please leave. ls he a brother or a butcher? – You
old lady, c’mon, just leave. That means you want to marry
your sister with a mad. l told you once that he’s not mad. He has little problem with the brain.
Why? Don’t you have? Yes, And what could be better
than this for a widow? That means you want to get
rid of the sister, isn’t it? She is my sister. You
don’t interfere in this. What do you mean? Am l just furniture? Mother, you’ve got your son
marry me and took me here. That’s when l commit mistake. – Right
now you’re committing a mistake. – What are you saying, dear?
– Mother, you please go in.. ..you’ll have an attack again. – l’ll go in when l’ll have the attack.
– Mother! Yes, it has come. Attach has come. – Ranian, you go upstairs.
– Sister Ranjan, sit here. – l said go up.
– Sister Ranjan, sit here. Ranian. – Wait, sister Ranjan.
– Rashila. You were married her to a drunker once. Yes, but he was a millionaire. Yes, but he died in the four months. That was done unknowingly, but today.. ..you’re doing it purposely. Rashila, no matter what you
say, but my decision is final. Sister Ranian. Throw the ring
and break this engagement. Meaning? – l mean throw
the ring and break.. ..this engagement. No, sister-in-law, if
l’ll do that brother.. ..will send you to Africa forever. That means you black mailed
her for this engagement? – Black paper?
– Black Mail? l said you go in. – Sister
Ranjan, you wait here. Rashila, you’re crossing the limit. And remember whenever a
woman crosses the limit. The Ramayana and Mahabharat create. Of course, because after the men
was the writer of that epic. He just told the women don’t
you dare laugh otherwise.. ..we’ll snatch you to the
royal court and insult you. This is a line. If you cross it.. ..Ravan will come and kidnap you. Do we have to fear from a washer man too.. ..just because we are a women? But now l’ve decided that
now l’m not going to fear.. ..and l won’t let others fear of anything. Never mind if you’ve fixed this
engagement. But l’ll never.. ..let the marriage happen in any case. Finally l told him. Rashila, did you speak
too much in my presence? l didn’t realise about it
because my eyes were closed. Now open your eyes and think about it. l know it’s not possible to
think then too think about it. lf this marriage will be
accomplished, Ranjan.. ..is going to be very happy
that’s sure but if Desai.. ..will help me in my business
then l can reach the top. Oh God! Are you doing business.. ..with your sister’s feeling? ln which serial did you see this? ‘Kyunki Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu
thi# Episode number 885. Pink coloured sari,
pink coloured ‘Bindi’.. ..pink coloured bangles,
pink coloured vermilion.. Shut up! Pink.. pink.. If Ranian
will marry then with pink only. – With pink?
– With Desai. – With Desai?
– With his son. And that is final. – l too
will see how she marries him? – And that is also final.
– But for that.. – ..you should be present in the house.
– Meaning? l’m arranging to divorce
you by tomorrow itself. Now call up to Zanzibar and
tell your father that you’re.. ..permanently coming to Zanzibar. Make go down empty for you. But listen to me. You.. why? Ambe Mother! Now what should l do? This is the ‘Kasuti iindagi ki’
(test of life) that has come.. ..to ‘Kusum’ (Heroine). l
thought my husband must.. ..have a ‘Ansh’ (Pinch) of humanity
‘Kahi to hoga’ (somewhere). He will wake up ‘Kahi Kisi
Roz’ (some or the other day). But no. Ambe Mother this males
have such a nice life.. But for the females, this is the same.. “Kahani Ghar Ghar ki’?
(Story of every house) Once.. for once Ambe mother,
keep him at my position.. ..and make him realise the
importance of a woman. You’re also female, show
these males that we two.. ..also have Ekta (Unity) between us. Ambe Mother, please. Please help me, Ambe mother. l think Ambe mother
didn’t like this episode. Sorry, Ambe Mother. Sorry! Hello constable! Give it to inspector. inspector, we had lodge a complaint that.. ..our family member is missing?
Yes. Mr. Rashik. Just now l told you his name. Mr. Rashik. – Now he’s asking your name.
– My name. You didn’t have chyawanpras today? – Chyawanpras.
– Jeevan. You still remember? Hello.
Yes. You found him? He has found. – Found?
– Mr. Rashik is found. Hello! Yes, did you get him?
What? In the Bhindi Bazar? He has pe_ume shop? No,
he is not Musalman. Not Latif, Mr. Rashik. What did you say? – They have got some Mr. Latif.
– Legal mother! – Legal mother.
– Did you find Rashik? No, Legal mother. l searched for him everywhere
but just like the Garuda’s.. ..network he’s also unavailable. Such a heavy sunstroke’s and l’m
tired to searching for him. And that Chintu from the first
floor, he was following me. – After, after?
– Behind me. When l was walking this way,
he came back to me this way. And when l went that way, he too
went that way following me. l told him, Chintu, why
do you walk after me? – Do you know what he answered me?
– What? He was telling me, aunty,
the sun’s heat is so much. l’m walking in your shadow
and l’m feeling nice. This is nothing .people used
to call me mother Teresa.. ..when l was in the Zanzibar. Mother Teresa? – Yes, l used
to stand on the terrace and.. ..my eleven brother used to
play cricket under my shadow. Come, Jayanti, my friend. Come. Come, he is Jayanti, A lawyer.
l hope you remember. – What are you doing here?
– Actually you were lost so.. Now you get lost, c’mon.. c’mon.. c’mon.. Mother and Ranian, you too go in. I want to talk with Rasila. What’s the work in
presence of this lawyer? l want to transfer my
property to Rashila’s name. ls it? Ok fine. C’mon, Ranian.
Let’s go in. Have a seat, Jayanti. Are
the papers ready? – Yes. – Husband.
– Yes. You’re a number one liar. Why? – Yesterday you were
jumping and telling me. Jumping? – l mean you were
shouting on top of your voice. Understand little English in
presence of the strangers. l mean you were telling me
that you’ll divorce me and.. ..today all of a sudden you’re
giving me your property? – How come the God resided in your heart?
– l thought.. – ..of decreasing my property.
– Which? This 150 Kgs. The papers are ready. Just
sign it so that it’s finish. Why? Where is your voice now? You can’t get divorce just by
walking talking? – Meaning? l mean you can’t get divorce so easily. For that you must have a solid reason. This was in which episode of ‘Kunki’? ..green coloured ‘Bindi’,
green coloured vermilion.. Shut up! What green colour?
l’ve a solid reason. – What? Since from ten years of our
marriage you’ve still not.. ..given birth to my child, even
though l’m completely normal. Solid reason. This was not in any episode of ‘Kunki’. Because it’s writer may not be like me. Ambe mother, what have you
written in my destiny. – Ambe mother, please help me.
– C’mon.. c’mon.. c’mon.. Take this. Sign this divorce
papers so that we’re free. Now l’ll see who stops you
to go out from this house? And how much your Ambe mother helps you? Rashik, what happened to sister in law? She eats 40 kgs per day.
If l’ll drive her out.. ..l can feed you the entire
years from her one-day meal. – Rashik!
– Yes. – What am l listening?
– That means.. – ..Rashila, told you about it?
– Such matters can hide? Ranian, c’mon, come with me. Quick. C’mon, Ranian, come with me. Did you see? My mother has.. ..started getting mental attacks now. Thank you! Thank you, Ambe Mother. Let go of your thank you and sign it fast. So that we’re free from each other. – Now l’m not going to sign.
– Why not? Because you don’t have any solid reason. l gave you the solid reason just now. lt was. But it’s no more now. – What do you mean?
– l mean that l’m P. – P?
– l’m Pre. – Pre?
– l’m gun. Gun? Which Language she is speaking? – Gather all the three. l’m pregnant.
– What? Yes. l’m pregnant and he is feeling dizziness? Not me. Please l don’t know.
l don’t know about it. l don’t know. Rashik! Stop her.
She’ll kill me. Help me! Rashik! Rashik! – Sister-in-law! Sister-in-law!
– What are you doing? Why are you passing the time?
Go from here quickly. Look, l’ve told brother Jeevan.. ..to wait at the temple
sharp at 10 o’clock. So before your brother
arrives and catches you.. – ..just elope from here.
– But sister-in-law! Shut up! – Mother!
– Sister-in-law, what about Desai? l’ve a full proof plan ready for Desai. So don’t worry about him. Mother! – Here are clothes, Ranian.
– Mother you too? lf it’s possible for me,
l too would run away. Then many things can
happen in Jeevan’s life. This is like a scheme. One free with one. Rashila! – C’mon, now finish
with the emotional scene. Mother! Sister-in-law! – Let it be dear.
l won’t fit in. come here. My dear. Look, now there’s no time.
C’mon, if your brother.. ..will come, he’ll break me to pieces. – Live happily with Jeevan, my child.
– Live happily! Rashila! – Mother, there’s no
time for the emotional scene. Rashila, only you can do this.
Otherwise, Rashik would.. ..have got my daughter
married to that mad. Till l’m there in this house,
l won’t let anybody sad. So you just free yourself from tension.
Listen.. That Desai is suppose to come. l’ve called Desai at 12
o’clock instead of 2. And l’ll teach him such a lesson.. ..and throw him out of
the house before 12. – And Rashik?
– Don’t worry about him. He is expected at 2 o’clock.
C’mon, go and get ready now. Listen. l had told you about the
pump, bucket full of water. Do you remember that? – Yes, l
know, you just don’t worry. Mother, it’s time for him to come.
You please.. He’s seen. That long and short is seen. Mother, get it soon. – Yes, coming.
Take this. Hold it. Fast. – Give
it, mother, be quick! They seem to be that cartoon character. – There it is.
– C’mon. fast. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. Saras, control yourself. – Who
showered water from above? l want to marry.. l want to marry.. l’m getting late, my son. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. Saras, control yourself. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. Open your mouth. Yes, sit down. Mr. Ramkhani! Mr, Desai, what will you have
apart from tea, coffee.. – ..breakfast, lunch and dinner?
– Nothing. – You’re feeling very shy.
– Mrs. Ramkhani. Wherever l come to your house somebody.. ..throws water from above. ls it? It’s natural. Because in.. ..our society everyone is powe_ul l want to marry.. l want to marry.. lnjection. – l’ve forgotten the injection.
But l’ve the tablet. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. Saras, open your mouth. Good. – He recovers with the tablet?
– Yes. l see. l want to marry.. l want to marry..
l want to marry..l want to marry.. – Saras. Mouth. Mrs. Ramkhani.
– Yes. How come his face becomes
watery again and again? – Leakage.
– Leakage? l want to marry.. l want to marry.. – l want to marry.. l want to marry..
– Saras. – Sit down.
– You too sit down. l’m getting late. – Ok,
then sit and make it late. – Where is Mr. Ramkhani?
– Mr. Ramkhani? His legs are heavy (Pregnant). l mean his leg has swelled up.
So he has gone to the dentist. He is such an expert skin specialist. He treats the horses so well. All the horses of the
racecourse go to him.. ..for the treatment. He cuts the.. ..hair so nicely. Not in the head.. ..he has swelling in the leg. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. – l want to marry.. l want to marry..
– Saras, shut up! What’s all this, Mrs. Ramkhani? – Why did you call me?
– She? She is senior Mrs. Ramkhani. l’m medium Mrs. Ramkhani. And
here is Junior Ramkhani. – Call Ranian.
– Miss Ramkhani? Mother! l want to marry.. l want to marry.. – l want to marry.. l want to marry..
– Saras, sit down. – What’s this? – Down.
– Remove your shoes. – lt’ll get spoiled.
– Ok. Look, the shirt is so wet. You’re a guest. And not Salman Khan. Above? What are you looking at above? – l’m looking at the leakage.
– But we have the leakage.. ..from flooring and not from the ceiling. – What?
– Yes. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. Saras, let Ranian come. – But
what if she didn’t come? – She too will do.
– Look at him. Can you say? Can you say this? Can you say? Can you say this? Can you say? Can you say this? Can you say? Can you say this? She too will do. – l’m
your father’s property? Father’s property? Father’s property?
Father’s property? She is very nice. – She is Mr.
Rashik’s wife. – l want a wife only.
– Saras. lsn’t she nice? Don’t mind Mrs. Ramkhani.
Saras is little funny. You don’t take his tension.
We’ll finish him with fun. ls he imported? From
where did you get this? Did you go to Girnar for honeymoon? Why? – He is falling down
in every two minutes. – ls he your son?
– Yes. Don’t smile. Pick him up. – Otherwise God will pick up.
– Oh Yes. Oh, God, At least now call Ranian! – Sit down, sit and relax.
– Ok. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. – l want to marry.. l want to marry..
– Saras, sit. When they came here for the first
time they had dressed up.. ..white and white and
today black and black? When they came for the first
time it was full moon day.. ..and today it’s no moon day. Mother, how long we will avoid them? – We must tell them the truth.
– Tell them. – Mr. Desai, do you have a heart problem?
– Heart? – That side.
– No. – Any attack?
– When l don’t have a heart.. ..problem, how will l have an attack? You’ll have Mr. Desai. Listening to me you’ll have
four attacks at the same time. Mother, but we will require four persons.. ..to carry the dead body. Isn’t it?
But we are only two. – We’ll call Jivkor and Jhuku.
– Yes. But don’t you think.. ..Jhuku aunty will be little short?
Never mind. – We’ll carry it like this from one side.
– l too will help you. Who will go ahead with the pot?
Your father? – Pot?
– Don’t react. – You’re dead.
– Yes. – He believed it.
– What do you mean to say? – l don’t have one that you’re asking.
– Meaning? Listen to me very carefully.
Today’s headlines. We don’t have one that you’re asking. The one that was with us
has not left with other. Today morning when we got up.
We find a note at four.. ..in the morning. We thought
that Goddess’ vow turned.. ..fruitful. And now your face
will become white without.. ..indigo. You’ll die knowing
that Ranjan has eloped with.. ..Jeevan. Rashila Ramkhani.
Navinath building. – Aai tak. 4th floor.
– Oh God! Listening to this, they are dead. Our Sahara greetings to you. C’mon.. c’mon.. Zanzibar c’mon. Sorry for the interruption. Ladies club, come out. Desai, when did you come? You brought him? – Tea? Mother tea..
– Stop! What’s this? – You?
– Yes, me. But you were supposed to come at 2? What’s the time now? – 12 for us.
– Are you sure? Mr. Ramkhani, what am l listening? Ranian has eloped? – What?
Ranjan has eloped? – Mother, Ranian eloped?
– Where? With whom? Actually, Mr. Desai,
Ranian has a habit to go.. ..for the morning walk in the noon.
l mean for jogging. She has come. – Thank God.
l was quite tensed. Mr. Ramkhani, the first invitation.. – ..to you from the groom side.
– Thank you. – l’ll get marry.. l’ll get marry..
– Ok, then shall l start.. ..distributing it from today onwards? – He is worthless.
– Congratulation. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. Saras, control yourself. Ranian, my sister. Thank you very much. Thank you that you’ve listened
to me and returned home. Today you’ve saved my prestige, sister. My sister, you’ve saved
our family from defame. Tell me what you want? l’ll
give you that you ask, sister. l’m ready to give my life if you ask.
But don’t ask. Sister-in-law.. sister-in-law,
what have you done? You’ve made me waited outside the temple.. ..like a beggar and donated
Ranjan to that mad? He handed over to me this invitation card. l also had to suffer the
rent of the bicycle. – Stammering!
– What will you do? You want to marry my sister? You were trying to elope with her? One moment. Do you think l’m
a bell in the temple that.. ..you’re constantly ringing? C’mon.. c’mon.. c’mon. Ranian, tell your brother
that you want to marry me. – Tell him that you are in love.
– Tell me, sister. – Tell me what’s in your mind?
– Your brother has asked this.. ..for the first time in his life. Ranjan, Speak up Babli that you’re
in love with Bunty. Tell him my child. – Brother,
l don’t want to marry him. My sister. Brother’s dear sister. – Sister-in -law!
Brother’s dear sister. Bowl has fitted in the dish. Come out. Stop eating like a famine cow.
Come out. Come out. Jivkor, l could have had
one more piece of sweet. Shut up! Listen. Come here. Look at me. Not in the mirror.
Look at me directly. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. Once more! – c’mon, sit down.
Do you want to play? But really , this Jadi’s future
son in law is just like a toy. Yes, but l pity for Ranian.
Jivkor, l’m going to gift.. ..her a helmet in her marriage. Rashila, did you made
the rice flakes or not? You already had the 1
1 m pieces of sweets. Aren’t you satisfied? Do you
get the food at home or not? You know it very well, Jivkor.
l married my son and brought.. ..a daughter in law. l thought
my daughter in law will make.. ..my house a temple. Daughter in law came and we.. ..had to make a temple our house. lt’s good that this house
as good as temple.. ..is a shelter for us. You’re right. Our Rashila
is just like a Goddess. Yes, but that Rashik has
a fire in his mind. Don’t take his name. Listening
to his name l get constipation. Jivkor, when Rashik was born,
l had told Jadi that your.. – ..god’s boon is actually very bitter.
– You’re absolutely right. – Why are you laughing like a demon?
– It’s me. What’s going on, old ladies? Are you cursing me in my house? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? He is such a nice person
and you’re cursing him.. ..sitting in his house only? Where did l curse him? Rashik,
this Jivkor said that.. ..Rashik means Jaylalita with shave. No she said that Rashik
means this much brain.. ..and this much anger. C’mon, get out from my house.
Just get lost from here. Don’t you dare step in my house again? Ok fine. We won’t come ok? l never used to step in. l used
to land directly on the sofa. C’mon, move l said. Rashik, that rice flakes are
ready, shall we eat and go? Unnecessarily It’ll be spoiled. Do you really want to eat?
Go to our compound. Go and eat the leaves there. Rashik, l don’t like the green salad. – C’mon.. c’mon..
– C’mon, let’s go. Old women! One is bend and one is straight. When they stand together
it resembles number 17. Aunty, l’m coming. Where is she? Never mind. Now when the
rice flakes are ready.. ..let me eat it. But how will
l satisfy just in two plates? – Rashila!
– Have you come to share it? – Come. Take this. You too have one dish.
– Yes. Ok, what were you telling me? l was telling you that Ranian’s
fever is not decreasing at all. Sister Ranian’s fever
is still not decreased? Aren’t you ashamed? Why did you
sit to eat the rice flakes? Get up! Hold this. Go in and get a sponge. – And listen.
– Yes. – l’ll only eat my rice flakes.
– Yes. Ok. Sister mother. Don’t forget
to get the sponge! – Yes. – Sister. What happened?
– Nothing, sister-in-law. What nothing. Oh God! Your
body temperature is so high! Come.. sit here. You’re also great! Oh, God, such a high fever!
l fear that this fever.. – ..might not enter in your mind.
– It won’t enter, sister-in-law. lt’ll my dear. Because your
mind is blank. Isn’t it? lf your mind shouldn’t blank.. ..then would you have come back? What had happened that day?
Tell me the truth. You’re under my oath. Sister-in-law, that day
elder brother met me.. ..before l met Jeevan. And for
the first time in his life.. ..he made me tie rakhi to him.
And he told me that from.. ..today onwards l’ve to protect you. But my prestige is in your hands now. For the first time in his
life he made you tie rakhi.. ..and instead of giving
something he asked for it. And you have given it. Why? You were ready to sacrifice? You.. Rashila, take this sponge. l don’t want to clean the house.
l want to clean her mind. So get the colon water sponge. Ok, tell me that. – After
l finish with yours.. ..l must do something with her.
She has such a big problem.. Nothing has happened to me, sister-in-law. – Rashila, take this sponge.
– Give it. Now you’ve got the right thing. Now just keep it to your head.
And now speak up soon.. – ..what is there in your mind.
– Nothing, sister-in-law! lf you won’t say anything. Everything will be printed in the sponge. What are you talking, sister-in-law? – l want to marry Jeevan.
– Sister-in-law! lf you didn’t speak the
sponge has spoken it. What do you think? Everything
will be fine by sacrificing? Your brother will change
and will be happy? What are trying to do? If
l would have been Sita.. ..l wouldn’t have troubled Earth mother. l would have gone to that
washer man and punched him. lf l would have been Draupadi,
l would have made police.. ..raid to the place where Pandavas.. ..and Kauravas were gambling. Meaning? – l mean that why
to fear if you’re in love. Why to fear if you’re in love? Just long jump once.. why
to die little, daily? Yes, sister-in-law! But what should l do? Only one percent is required for love. Rest of the 99 you better
spend in the courage. Yes, sister-in-law! – Did you understand?
– Yes. – Will you speak in front of your brother?
– Yes. – Sure?
– Yes. – Yes, you better speak today.
– Yes, you’ve come to add. This is your problem. This is happening because of you. Then what? If you have the
sense then she can inherit. – Do you know what you should do?
– What? You must go to your son.
And tell him directly.. ..listen, l want to marry with Mr. Jeevan. What? – She says that.
– Ok. And tell him l don’t want Mr. Saras.
l want Mr. Jeevan only. – What?
– For her. Ok. – Is it clear?
– Yes. – Are you sure?
– Yes. – – Everything is fixed in your mind?
– Yes. l hope you won’t change in
front of your son. – No. – You won’t fear?
– No. – Did it come to your mind?
– Yes. – Will you inherit that?
– Yes. C’mon.. c’mon.. – Final?
– Final. – We are Seven Seven.
– Seven Seven? l mean we all are together. Ok, so say Hail Mother Ambe! Look, how the fever has gone? The temperature just came down. That’s why l’m telling you sister. Now we shouldn’t fever, we
must give it to others. – Sure?
– Yes. – Don’t fear.
– Yes. – You won’t change?
– No. – You too?
– No. – Call him.
– Should l? – Yes.
– You just stand here. – Rashik, my son!
– Elder brother! Rashik, my son. Elder brother! Mother, what’s the matter? What happened to you, Rashik dear? l’ve a headache, mother.
It’s aching too much. – Rashila!
– No, mother. Not Rashila. Today you massage my head, mother. l feel that l should sleep
on your laps just like how.. ..l used to sleep in my childhood? You massage my head and l
reach at the God permanently. Why are you speaking this, elder brother? Then what should l do, my sister? What should l do? If now you’ll
refuse for the marriage.. ..even after the cards
have been distributed.. ..then it’ll ruin my prestige.- But who told you that l
wouldn’t marry Saras? That’s it. No, my sister.. ..l don’t want to force you for anything. Not at all forcibly. – No, elder brother.
l’m ready to marry.. ..Saras with my will. But don’t say this again. Please don’t say this again. Mother, just look at her, why
is she behaving like this? Ranian, my dear? – Mother!
-Yes. Mother, are you with me for.. ..whatever l’m doing for Ranian? – My dear, l’m always with you.
– Mother! ls this a house or Manmohan Desai’s movie? Mother, l’ve never told you this,
but today l’m telling you. l love you, mother. l love you. – Rashik, my son!
– Mother! – Rashik!
– Mother! – Rashik!
– Mother! – Rashik!
– Go. This is called ‘feeling minister people.’ – Meaning?
– Emotional people. You’re not doing this good.
Ambe mother is watching you. Aastha channel, do you have a
hot line with Ambe mother? C’mon, tell me which
is your delivery date? Birth date of my child. – It’ll
be your last date in this house. That day is very close
now when you’ll go.. ..from this house permanently
and my bad luck too. Hello! Desai, sorry. Sorry,
Desai, l’m very sorry. l’m asking your apology on behalf
of her that she insulted.. ..you when you came here to
give us the invitation card. C’mon, go inside. Hedamba, go inside. Yes, Desai, sorry. No, you.. don’t talk about 2 crores.. l’ll pay your dues.. l’ll
pay off all your dues.. ..but you please don’t talk
about cancelling the marriage. Please l bow at you. Ok,
Let’s do something. You please come to my house
tomorrow at 12 o’clock. We’ll arrange for the instant
marriage of Saras and Ranjan. Let’s finish it in presence
of the family only. l’ll be present there and get her married. Let go off the invitation card.
l’m giving you guarantee. l assure you l’ll get this marriage done. Yes, please. Please Desai. Thank you. Thank you, Desai sir. Thank you. Zanzibar! She has made me tensed. l must take two pegs today. Man gender, if you would
have bowed at woman’s feet.. ..you wouldn’t need to take two pegs. Just for two crores he gave
four cups of tea to that Desai. Hello, papa.. ‘Jambavana.. Madhuritana.# ‘Hakuna Mataka.# ‘No, Potatoes, Onions, potatoes.# ‘Yes, Carrot, Tomatoes.# ‘Papa, Ambani, Birla Tata.# Two crores loss. ‘Trains
has off the track# ‘Green peas.. Green peas, papa# ‘Very soon, two crores green peas.. Yes, Bye! Bye! ‘Bata, Tata, papa# You’ve come on the right time. Today we have a nice occasion at home. Have the lunch before going. Otherwise, how are you? – Many..
– Priest.. come and sit. Sit here and relax. Why are
you inviting your death? l called him here. Sister
is getting married. So we’ll need somebody to say the tables.. l mean we need somebody
to speak the Mantra. One moment. l think l have
seen this priest somewhere. The Shikh’s and priests looks always same. But is this priest experienced
of marrying couple? – Yes, 1500 marriages..
– He had done? He has seen. He had the lunch in 150 marriages. He has finished one marriage
just 15 minutes before. – Whose?
– Mallika Sheravat’s. Mallika is married? – Why
are you in trouble? – With whom she married to?
– With Jackie Chan. – Ok that of the Kung fu?
– No this Jackie Chan.. ..has a shop in Japan to
manufacture the bicycle chain. – ls it?
– Yes. But l didn’t heard or listen.. ..about this marriage on any channel? lt was just finished it in hurry.
But there was live telecast. – Where?
– In the Japan’s TV. – Is it?
– Yes. That Jackie Chan’s mother had one TV. – Toshiba.
– Mother! – Sister-in-law!
-Yes. Who is this Mallika Sheravat? Jaylalita’s daughter. Mother, Get Ranaian ready?
How long she will take? You don’t worry, she will come soon.. – My son!
– Mother! – My son!
– Mother! – My son!
– Mother! – My son!
– Mother! Mother is enjoying. Look, l’m going upstairs.
l’ll get ready and come soon. Do call me when Desai comes.
And behave properly with him. Yes, l’ll behave nicely. Get up! Why are you excited so much? lf you would have spoken
in front of him that.. ..Many things are there in life.
He would have caught you.. ..at the same moment. Brother Jeevan, you look
very nice in this dress. You look very young. Let it be.
It’ll come out. – But you really look very young.
– But sister-in-law! Yes. Tell me why did you call
me here in this dress? The fruit of patience are always sweet. – Keep thinking.
– Who’s this Dheeraj? Dheerai.. – l’m getting late..
l’m getting late. Desai has come. Now l too am getting late. – l want to marry here only.
– No, dear. No, l want to marry here only. No, l want to marry here only. – Mr. Ramkhani!
– Open the door. Rashila! l said, open the door, Rashila. – Mr. Ramkhani!
– What is this noise about? – Leakage.
– Leakage? Actually the voice is of the
Leakage from the next room. This time not of the water but
voice is getting leakage. – But where is Mr. Ramkhani?
– Mr. Ramkhani has gone out. But he told me that today
itself we are getting.. ..Saras and Ranian marry instantly. Yes, that is final. Mother! – Mother!
– Yes. Come soon. And start that tape.. ..so that the leakage voice
is not heard any more. Yes. Start the ceremony. That means put the garland. – Papa!
– Mrs. Ramkhani what’s this? This is called marriage. – But l want to marry her.
– Shut up! Shut up! – You?
– Yes. – How come you..
– Shut up! Just keep quiet. Now she is my wife.
If you ever raise a.. ..finger towards her l’ll
break all your fingers.. ..and keep it in your mouth.
l’ll make you stammer. Papa! Look at him. – Saras, control yourself.
– Mrs. Ramkhani. Yes. You haven’t done this right.
It’s result will be too bad. – l’ll destroy you.
– Shut up. Keep these two crores of yours.
And with this amount.. ..you wanted to marry your mad son here? – He’s not mad.
– Not mad? He’s treatment is over. Why did you treat him? Why did you treat him?
Why did you treat him? Why did you treat him? l want to marry.. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. Papa, l have to get marry. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. – Papa!
– Leave me. – l want to marry..
– Help! Papa! l want to marry.. l want to marry.. Papa! l want to marry.. l want to marry.. Listen. Listen. – Papa!
– Help me. – l want to marry.. l want to marry..
– Papa! – l want to marry.. l want to marry..
– Papa! l want to marry.. l want to marry.. Help! – l want to marry..
l want to marry.. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. lt’s me. – l want to marry..
l want to marry.. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. Come.. come.. Come.. come.. l want to marry.. l want to marry.. – l want to marry actually.
– Is it? Come here. Hu.. tu.. tu.. tu.. COme.. COme.. Sister-in-law! Stop! Hu.. tu.. tu.. tu.. Finally, it’s over. Rashila, that elder mad is gone? l have set Mr. Desai and
Jivkor aunty face to face. Desai and Jivkor aunty
are doing love talk. But where is Desai and
where is Jivkor aunty? Jivkor aunty is standing on Jhuku aunty. Both are facing each other.
Looking at the scene.. ..it was clear that even the
Desai has got the partner. Mother, l’ve locked him inside.
l must open the door now. Mr. Jeevan, before Rashik,
comes out you please.. ..elope from here with Ranian. l can’t elope now. now just watch.. ..how much is there in this Jeevan? Brother Rashik, l didn’t
have any other option. Now you don’t have any other
option then to hit me. – Elder brother.
– Shut up! You’re dead for me. You’re
no longer my sister. Just get lost from my house.
Both of you get out from here. Get out. Out. – Rashik!
– You too, mother. You have betrayed me. You too
get lost from this house. Take your luggage and
just get lost from here. Get out! – What are you doing?
– Shut up! Be here. Don’t you dare come upstairs? Sister Ranian! Wait! Listen to me. Mother, please don’t pack your Luggage.
l’ll convince him. He must have said anything
in anger, mother. You please.. why are you
Leaving the house now? Not me, you’re going. Get out of here. But you had promised me. – l’ve
broken all the promises. Just get out from my house. l won’t go. Ok fine l’m ready to
go but you please stop mother. My mother is dead for me. You’ve played game with me. Everybody. What are you saying? Your
mother has kept you.. – ..in her womb for nine months.
– Enough! – Has she obliged me by doing so?
– It’s called obligation. Just pass through that
pain then you’ll realise. Stop your rubbish and just get
Lost from my house. C’mon. – l won’t go.
– Get out l said. Where will l go in the last
days of my delivery? – Get out. l said l wouldn’t go. – Just get lost.
Out.. out.. c’mon. Ambe mother! C’mon.. c’mon.. c’mon.. Zanzibar. l said just get out from my house. Get lost from my house. Where are you? What are you doing? Why are
you doing this with me? ln such stage where.. What’s this? l’m in your
body and you’re in mine? Ambe Mother, what have you done? This is my exchange offer. Whenever the devil residing
in man comes out.. ..l have to born to kill him. But today l’ve decided that
l want take the birth. But l’ll give the pain of
the delivery to that man. So that men can realise
the meaning of a mother. And why a woman is called strength. But Goddess, he won’t be
able to endure this pain. Tell me, how will he endure this? You please cancel your exchange offer. This offer will cancel only
when your husband will.. ..touch your feet and apologise you. Goddess apology is not in his nature. He’ll never touch a woman’s
feet and apologise at her. And he won’t be able to endure this pain.. ..please cancel this offer.
Hello! Ambe Mother! Hello! Oh, here too the network problem? Goddess, which type of
serial that you’ve made. Kunki Mihir Bhi Kabhi Tulsi Tha? You please tolerate little.
C’mon, come out slowly. Slowly.. slowly.. l said just bear it little. The
taxi will be here any moment. Will you make my delivery in the taxi? ls it possible? The meter will go so high? You please walks slowly.
l have to take you to.. ..breach candy that’s why. Specially for you a big hospital..
a god nurse for you. An AC room and everything for you. And l’m telling you everything is
automatic in the room for you. – But l only have to deliver.
– Yes, how can it be automatic? Mother! l’m telling you, do you
really have a lot of pain? – No, l’m enjoying.
– Isn’t it? My situation is just like
that snake that gulped a rat. Don’t you dare.. don’t you
dare call my child a rat? lt won’t inherit you. It’ll inherit me. You’re right. l feel it’s
of 100 kg from now only. Every woman must have
the same type of pain? How l know? This is the first time for
me and that too l’m so thin. l’m having a lot of pain. Not to you, l’m having Lot of pain. You’ve pain for the delivery.. ..and for me the pain of helplessness. l’ll be the first woman in the
world to see my delivery. But let me tell you. Today
you look very beautiful. l mean you look handsome. Just like you were on
the day of baby shower. On the day of baby shower? It’s good. After finished with the rituals
your father had come to me. He was telling me, c’mon, my son.
We’ll go to the Zanzibar. Then you could have gone with him. What are you saying?
If l would have been.. ..at the Zanzibar today your
wild relatives would be.. ..standing around me and
must be singing their wild.. ..songs around me. – it would
be so funny, isn’t it? What fun? The child would
have born singing.. ..in their style. And must be
jumping from one tree to other. Just like you. – Fool, mother
too had so much pain.. ..at my time? – No, you were
directly come to the earth. Don’t act smart! – No, that’s
what you were thinking. And that’s why you were
so proudly till now. l’m telling you, better touch
my feet and apologize.. ..so Ambe mother will exchange it for us. You won’t be able to tolerate this pain. Bow at your feet? C’mon.. c’mon.. c’mon.. l’m telling you, listen to me. l
want to go through this pain. Which woman from this world
would give such a nice.. ..opportunity to the man? Opportunity? Do you call
it an opportunity? – Yes. Just take this pain then
you’ll come to know. Our pain starts right from
our birth and not when we.. ..deliver a child. You’ve just
spent few hours in my body. Just try and spent the entire life then.. ..you’ll come to know about woman. When a man laughs, he’s smiling face.
And if women.. ..laughs she is misbehaved.
If man cries he’s emotional.. ..and if women then she is dramatic.
If man removes.. ..his clothes he’s desirable
and if women wears.. ..less clothes she is available.
Man is Salman and women.. ..is Mallika Sheravat. – Are
you related to Murari Bapu? You’re having more pain. Ok,
Let’s go downstairs slowly. – Taxi must be coming any time.
– Rashik my dear! – lt’s too bad.
– What happened, mother? There’s a curfew in the
city because of the riots. – But now?
– What will happen to me? Dear, don’t worry, l’ve
informed Jivkor and Jhuku. What will that old women do with me? We’ve done 107 deliveries till now. – Jadi, go and get warm water.
– Yes. Come on, dear. Aunty, are we going to do
his delivery in the house? You too were born with my hands. – You never told me this.
– Stupid! You shouldn’t worry, dear. Since
this is for the first time. That’s why you’re crying
otherwise such pain is normal. – And then?
– Then she will be habitual. O mother. Please release me. – l’ll leave the liquor.
– l’ll leave it l’ll leave the cigarette. – l’ll leave it.
– l won’t go to the bar. Bar? – She is saying Zanzibar.
– Now, you please stay here, Are you a woman that you’re following us? – Just sit and wait here.
– Ok. Ambe mother, l’ll offer you 21 coconuts.. ..if everything will be normal. Jadi, is the water ready or not? Yes, l’m getting it. – Be quick.
– Wait, one moment. Ok, now walk fast. Yes, be quick. – The water seems less warm.
– You please walk fast. Mother! – l’m gone.
– Mother! What’s the matter, dear? Will everything be all right? Don’t worry, God gives the.. ..strength to a woman
at such times, my son. Yes, you’re right, God does
give the strength to woman. But the problem is that will
this offer apply to him? Rashik, dear the child has
changed the position inside. l’m sure he must have inherited him. Rashik, if the mother won’t
push what will the nurse do? – You please keep quiet.
– Aunty. But l can’t.. ..understand, why this
Rashila is being so weak. Rashik, go inside. She
is calling you inside. Yes, go and sit with her. And tell her to take some more pain. – She’ll listen to you. Go.
– Ok, mother. l’m gone. Ambe mother, please make
everything all right. Jivkor, l can’t understand, why.. ..this Rashik is behaving
so differently today? And why this Rashila,
is saying, l’m gone.. ..anybody please call Rashila? These things are natural
at the time of delivery. Do you know how she was
crying for the first time? Mew.. mew.. – Shut up!
And how you used to cry? – Bow.. bow..
– Shut up! Rashila, please forgive me, Rashila. This is not our job. – Mother, you please go in.
– Is Rashila, ready? – No, l believed it.
– What? To Rashila. – Mother, you please go in fast.
– Yes, Jivkor, let’s go fast. l salute! l salute to Rashila
and every mother of this world. Today l’ve understood the meaning.. ..of a mother and father. Mother means the entire world.
And father means.. ..just one-fourth part of mother. We men are not even one-fourth
in front of these women. We are reserving 33% for the women but no. We must reserve that for us, the men. Please forgive me, Ambe mother. Please forgive me. And if you really want
to forgive me, then.. ..give me a Baby girl. Rashik, My dear Rashik!
Look, Baby girl has born. My dear, l can tell you this with proud.. ..that l’ve suffered the pain for you. Brother, l’m telling you. Once.
If for once every man.. ..in this world pass through
this pain then the population.. ..problem will be automatically solved. We won’t have to arrange for
the constable in the ladies.. ..compartment. And no more
rape will take place.. ..in any police station. And right after three months. Husband, give me. l’ll change the nappy. No, l’ve already changed. You were sitting next to
her for the entire night.. ..so l changed it myself. Did you see, sisters? He never
used to allow me to speak.. ..before and now he doesn’t
allow me to work anything. So, whenever a husband tries
to be over smart and try to.. ..stop your prating. Then
contact to Ambe mother. Otherwise these Rashila
Ramkhani is always there. Look, she has again urinated. Now you must be feeling that.. ..you’ve made a mistake by marrying. Yes, it’s a mistake but it’s wonderful.

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