18 Replies to “Elijah & Ezrah Twins Born at 24 Weeks Gestation”

  1. Thankx so much for sharing ur story, I have a premature of 30weeks the journey is not easy but I thank God🙏🏿for my lovely baby boy Malcolm

  2. God bless u guy's .I'm have,32weeks baby who is doing good by Jehovah Grace. God bless all premiee mother's because the journey is not easy

  3. With what we know- NOW COMPARED TO 1973- When Rowe vs. Wade was passed-WE MUST MAKE NEW DECISIONS ABOUT ABORTION. We have Ultra sound today. Viability can happen at less than 1 lb- HOW DARE WE TAKE A LIFE- EXCEPT FOR RAPE, INSEST OR THE LIFE OF THE MOTHER I. Every Pre born baby deserves "To at least Rent a womb & have a CHANCE at Life. We USE TO HAVE AN EXCUSE -in 1973- NOT ANY MORE , SHAME ! I personally know a 1 POUNDER WHO IS IN COLLEGE TODAY , NO HANDICAPS ! Who is editing my remarks !! This is America- FREE SPEECH !

    Have faith in our Lord. He created us, and I must say, its truly a miracle in itself on how magical a life is from the very beginning. It’s amazing just thinking about it.
    Your boys are beautiful. And strong. As well as mom & dad & of course big sister.
    At birth your boys are sure tall. Very long legs. I seen their tiny bodies and head then oh my Goddess their legs stretched straight out. I’m curious to how long were they at birth? If I were to guess I’d say 12 inches. Beautiful family. Thank you for sharing

  5. Elijah and Ezra are so adorable. They have a special big sister. God gave them a loving family. Blessings to your whole family.

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