Ellen DeGeneres getting cozy with a newborn!

well guess what I just read I read a recently and this is a survey get ready they found out the first two years with a baby with the brand new baby can be more stressful than divorce unemployment or even the loss of a partner so the people who have kids are going yeah that can't be true that can't be true you seem like you I don't know I don't know how they say that I see these videos of adorable babies cuddled up with giant dogs or napping with kittens on top of them and watching my show and dancing around and their bouncy things parents have plenty of stress free time to video all that stuff and post it so they can't be that stress they're thinking oh this is adorable let me so and and luckily it's just the first two years so after that you get a sweet little toddler running around the house and giggling and happy and not unplugging anything or anything then you get a teenager with driving and piercings and tattoos and yesterday I announced on the show that our producer Andy Zenor had his third baby over the summer not three in the summer okay uh yes another one yes so Andy's a he's a happy guy and I only see him happy and maybe that's cuz he's here 18 hours a day and he's not home but if having a baby is so stressful I want to give him a break so I said I would take care of Oliver for he's two and a half months old and I'll take care of him for two minutes so um I think Andy bring out Oliver all right so see this is not stressful at all two minutes yes or no this is a brand new ed by Ellen sweater don't throw up on it because only available on ed by Ellen calm

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  1. Before I was laughing now I have my own newborn just 25 days I’m having emotional breakdown 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. My twins are 19 months!!!i honestly can’t wait to get a job and go away from them just couple of days a week wen they reach 2 years old!🙄😂❤️

  3. Don’t you love the feeling when you’re holding a baby and she/he put there face into your neck and starts to go to sleep? Omg, literally I’m bout to be a teen mum 😂😂

  4. Oprah would be like. You get a child ! You get a child You get a child! – and YOU GET A CHILD ! and the audience goes nuts ¡

  5. Sounds like she's trying to decide wether or not it's worth it to pay for a haircut or pay for a meal or get a shoe shine or something.

  6. so yeah – food will be needed — milk – from boobs – or powdered milk – it sounds like having a baby is not recommended by ellen

  7. I am sooo in love with youu !!! ur talks are hilarious!!! I wish to meet you just once in my life nd yeah I 'll feel the luckiest person on this planet

  8. Girl, now you know cuddles aren’t the stressful part. That’s the best part! It’s the part that gets us to keep doing this crazy procreation thing!

  9. Who else does feel other than me that Ellen has a beautiful heart & nature that are no less beautiful than that baby ? 😍

  10. I'm 28and have 4kids to be honest I have lots of time I go to the gym take my little one to classes I do the grocerys etc. Don't know why lots of people have the thoughts when you have kids your life ends what a nonsense🤦‍♀️I'm glade to have them🙏🙏🙏blessed

  11. In every video where Ellen is talking about babies, even when she is saying she doesn't want one, I always get the feeling she secretly very much wants one. Something about her body language and eyes in such videos makes me want to give her a hug.

  12. Is it only me who is scared of holding a newly born baby??
    You know..especially about their fragile necks?

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