Ellen Invites Pregnant Teachers at Kansas School to Mother’s Day Show

A few weeks ago, this photo of
seven teachers from Oak Street Elementary in Goddard,
Kansas went viral, because they were all
pregnant at the same time. We gathered all of the
teachers in one room, since pregnancy is
obviously contagious there. So let’s see them. Where are they? There they are. OK, I didn’t want
to risk catching it. So instead, I thought I
would pop up on their screen and surprise them. All right, here we go. Ladies? Hi, excuse me. I don’t want to interrupt. [SURPRISED SCREAMS] Hi. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Hello. Hi. Take deep breaths. Nobody have a baby right now. [LAUGHTER] How’s it going? [ALL EXCLAIMING] All right, who is
due the soonest? Who’s kind of ready to
have a baby right now? When are you due? What is your name? I’m Nicole. Hi, Nicole. When are you due? Tuesday. Oh, God. Like one week from today. Yeah, I know when Tuesday is. OK, so just take
some deep breaths. I don’t want to see
anything that will– I don’t want to see that. [LAUGHTER] So here’s my question. Do your husbands
all know each other? No. [LAUGHTER] I was just wondering
if, one night, they were all out together and
said, hey, I got an idea. Let’s all go home and, you know. [LAUGHTER] Tara and Katie,
where are you two? I’m Tara. I’m Katie. OK, so you actually
already had your babies. When were they born? We had our babies
actually within 24 hours of each other at
the same hospital, like, two rooms away
from each other. So they were born on
the 27th and the 28th. Wow. That’s amazing. And just one quick
question– it’s all different fathers right? Yes! [LAUGHTER] OK. All right, Katie you were
still teaching the day before you gave birth. Is that right? Yes, I was. Our principal, Mrs.
Miller, was really hoping somebody’s water
would break at school. So I was going to go as long as
I could, and I had contractions every five minutes apart. But I was just
teaching through it. And then I sent my kids
to lunch and recess. And while they were at recess,
I thought, my water did break. So I left and texted my
long-term sub and said, I need you to come in. Your long-term sub should
have been next to you the whole time anyway. That’s great. OK, so if you’re looking
for a good babysitter, my receptionist, Jeannie
is great with kids. In fact, I think
she’s there now. I sent her there
to help you out. Jeannie, are you there? [EXCITED SCREAMS] Hi, Ellen. Oh, Jeannie, you
have babies, too. Ellen, they’re the
sweetest little things. Don’t tell me you
got pregnant, too. Jeannie? [LAUGHTER] No, no, Ellen. No, no. You’re walking around
with their little babies. No, no, no. They are so sweet, Ellen. Oh, my gosh. See, she’s a good babysitter. They’re not even crying
or anything, are they? No, I did such a good job. I kept them quiet
this whole time. I was shushing them. My arms hurt so bad, but
they are the sweetest things. You guys are all so beautiful. How exciting is this? I know! Pretty awesome, right? So, Nicole, I heard that
you’re a big fan of the show. And I hear you have
some reasons why. Yes. Oh, my gosh. I can’t believe
I’m talking to you. Why are you such a
big fan of the show? The past year and a half has
been a little rough, Ellen. I lost my mom about a year
and a half ago to cancer. And just a few months
after we lost my mom, my husband and I
lost our baby boy. He was born prematurely. So you’ve been a
really bright spot. A lot of times, the only time I
would smile or get my mind off of what was going on was
when I would watch your show. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for– [APPLAUSE] That means so much to me. I’m glad that I could
help you through. I can’t even imagine what
a tough time that would be. I don’t know if you know
this, but every year, we film our Mother’s
Day show, where we give away the latest
and the best baby gear. Unfortunately, you have
to be pregnant to be here, and you have to be
a first-time mom. So anyway, you can’t. [LAUGHTER] But we have a Skybox, and
you can do anything in there that you want. So you’re going to
go to the Skybox. [EXCITED SCREAMING] [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Look at that– one for you,
one for you, one for you, and one for all you guys. Congratulations!

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