Ellen Surprises Jimmy Kimmel with a Dedication to His Son

We are friends. And I and write to a lot saying,
once again brilliant monologue. Everything you’re
doing on the show is– you’re using your
voice for good, you’re saying a lot
of important things. Well, you’re very
nice to say that. I do want to say,
thank you to you. Because you were very
kind when my son went through a couple
of heart surgeries, to raise a huge amount of money. You and your viewers
raised a million dollars. It meant a lot a lot to us. Thank you. It just, you know,
you’re such a great guy and that was so emotional
to see you go through that. But when anything that, you
know, the latest the school shooting that, you
get very emotional. And I love that about you. I’m tearing up right now
to be honest with you. It’s embarrassing to me. You know, I try not to cry. I pinch my hand. They say if you– That’s for a headache. I don’t know why you think that. That’s got nothing to do
with stopping you crying. Well, no wonder it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work. Who told you that? I read it online. No, it’s– Are you telling me
that was fake news? That’s to get rid of a headache. There’s Billy. Anyway, there’s Billy. But tell everyone
what, well, he say he was born with
a heart condition. He was born with a couple
of different, genetic heart disease, is what
he was born with. And so he had to have
two different operations. And of course, you
know, I became upset about this on television,
which, I’m a crier. I mean, I do cry. I’ve been known to cry. In fact, I used
to be a mobile DJ. I did weddings. I was working in
Phoenix, Arizona. I did it while I was in college. And there was a wedding where,
you know, with the wedding, you plan the wedding a few
months in advance, sometimes a year in advance. So I had a meeting with
the bride and groom. And we went through
all the different songs they wanted to play– and what
do you want to do, you know, the bride and her father, do
you want to do that dance, do you want to do the dance
with the groom, we go through. They want to do everything. So we have the bride and groom,
they have their first dance. And I say, I’d like to bring
the bride’s father to the dance floor. And the bride’s father
comes out and they dance. It’s very nice. Now I’d like to bring the
groom’s mother to the dance floor. And in the time since we
planned the wedding and the day the wedding happened,
the groom’s mother has passed away,
which, no one told me. [AWW] So, yeah, that’s
how people reacted when the mom wasn’t there. And everyone in the whole
wedding started crying. Including the disk jockey. And then I was so
upset that they were coming over and comforting me. Even though it was their
mother that passed away. Oh my god. And I pray that nobody ever
finds that video because I’m sure it’s out there, somewhere. It sure is out there. We’ll find it. Yeah. If anyone will
find it, it’s you. Well, we have a
surprise for you. You do? Yes we do. That could go either way
on this show, really. I know, but it’s
a good surprise. OK, it’s a good surprise. All right. We called our friends at
Children’s Hospital LA, including Billy’s
surgeon, and we have named one of the rooms
of the Hart Institute floor in honor of Billy. Wow! Yeah. So uh– Wow. [APPLAUSE] Wow. They are there. Dr. Stein. Wow. That will forever be
The Billy Kimmel Room. That forever be
Billy Kimmel room. And thanks to everyone
in the Children’s Hospital LA, including
several of Billy’s nurses who are here in
the audience today. Where are they? They’re right there. Oh! [LAUGHTER] You should be at work! All right. Wow. Thank you very much. It means a lot to me. Well, I love you and Molly. And does Jane still like
me as much as she did? Jane was– Has she moved on? You know, she was finding
Dory in her bed every night for a long time but– What happened? Sadly, she’s moved
on to Paw Patrol. Oh no. All right. Take that plaque down. All right, well we want to
raise another million dollars. So please go to our
website to donate. This is really important
for so many reasons. Thanks so much for
you being here, the nurses that helped, because
this guy is the greatest. Isn’t he? All right the 90th annual
academy awards airs this Sunday at 8:00 Eastern on ABC. I can’t wait to see you. You’re going to do a
great job Sunday night. Thank you. I’m going to try to
keep it together.

100 Replies to “Ellen Surprises Jimmy Kimmel with a Dedication to His Son”

  1. What now from you say that again you what Ellen that she is all about having fun anyways that in you from you

  2. I literally have tears in the corner of my eyes, while my son sitting right beside me watchin cartoons. I feel it.

  3. How come on google when I search his children it shows the name WILLIAM KIMMEL when in this show his sons name is BILLY ? Anyone know

  4. It chokes me up, the beautiful back and forth between these two guys. I don’t know if they’re really close friends but I can definitely feel some real chemistry. 🙂

  5. It chokes me up, the beautiful back and forth between these two guys. I don’t know if they’re really close friends but I can definitely feel some real chemistry. 🙂

  6. I love that kiss they gave each other. Their relationship is everlasting and full of love. Anybody wanna be my best friend?

  7. I really wish these celebs would donate at least 50% of the will money to a good cause like this. Instead giving to spoilt undeserving people. The world would be better place

  8. Its so nice that both from the same industry doing same stuff are friends… It won't happen in Indian industry

  9. I can't believe how amazing this is especially because I have di goegre sydrome myself like how billy had it. It does get better because the doctors helped me until my 4th birthday now I 'm 21 an can handle things just like any normal person. I love jimmy an his son billy so much.

  10. Two of the best people ever. You can watch how they really love making people happy. I've never seen anything negative with either one… simply the best

  11. Awwww I love Jimmy!!! He’s such a sweet sensitive guy and I love that he’s emotional at many things, just means he’s got such a good heart❤️❤️

  12. I grew up going to catholic school. When millionaires ask for donations I’m hesitant to believe that they have good intentions.

  13. They raised 1 mil for Jimmy kimmel, a well off guy who could pay it himself. My nephew was born with the same condition and couldnt get 5 cents on a go fund me.

  14. Im confused? Does jimmy not have a million dollars to pay doctor bills? Or are they raising money for others who go through this who dont have the money?

  15. I was hospitalized for a week after a surgery. I was not emotionally prepared for the kind of love and care I received from the nurses. They moved me on a daily basis .They didn’t do it because someone was watching them, they did it, because they were compassionate . I felt like angels had come down to Earth to take care of me. On my discharge day, as I was being wheeled out of my room to the parking lot I couldn’t hold my tears of gratitude. I stoped at the floor reception area to thank whoever was there. I spoke highly about all the nurses, and everyone that I came in contact with. That was a lady listening to me , once I finished, she came to talk to me : she was the hospital’s director. Needless to say how proud she felt about those wonderful people. If you are a nurse and you are reading this….thank you…somewhere, someone is being touched by your loving care. May God bless you all.🙏🙏🌺🌺🌺

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