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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time for all the research that you do. These videos are very helpful. On a girly side note, your hair looks awesome!

  2. i knew a friend dead in high school. her mother wanted the baby to stay inside she did not want them cutting on her daught

  3. Morbid curiosity brought me here! I’ve never been afraid of death and this answered questions I wondered about. Thank you for explaining in a respectful manner. You took great care and I appreciated that very much. It’s sad it’s so hard a subject to talk about since it’s sonething that happens to every living creature.

  4. I am currently working as a mortuary removal specialist but would like to become an embalmer. I live in Virginia and have family in Florida but has not been able to find a school close to any of those two states. Do you know of one? Another thing-I am almost 50, is it too late in life to do this? Oh, and I subscribed!

  5. Love your vids, truly inspiring and you, yourself is amazing!! Thank you so much!! I do see you on fb, may I add you to chat sometime?

  6. This is a lovely, woman who has such a knowledgeable yet realistic and honest view of the process. It is refreshing how much she cares and thinks of the human being in the casket or on the table, and the families who are hurting. I loved how she kept saying, “the mother, the baby.” This is not easy work, and it is beautiful that she cares so much for our loved ones. I would feel secure with her handling my family members.

  7. I'm a Medical examiner's assistant in Florida, where I live it depends on whether or not the cause of death was natural or accidental. The county law states if the death is deemed suspicious or under abnormal circumstances that a autopsy is required, but if the family doctor is willing to sign the death cert, than no autopsy needed. We had a pregnant woman OD a few months ago and the family didn't want an autopsy and the girls OB said she would sign the Death Cert so no autopsy.

  8. 5 years ago my niece who was 23 was 7 months pregnant, she was in a car crash. Her mother decided not having the autopsy . Keep the baby in side of her because that was the babies home. 😰 Interesting to hear this video now that time has past..

  9. Not sure why this showed up nor am I sure why I am watching this…kinda sad to think about this honestly

  10. Why do we embalm
    It is so toxic for our environment as time passes all the chemicals go into the earth and our water
    We should just be allowed to go natural it is selfish to prolong the burial
    If you love someone keep them close when alive seeing them at funeral is selfish to embalm body to just give tome to be viewed

  11. Everyday I thank U-Tube and the powers that be for U-Tube. I learn something new every day and now I've learned about coffin birth. I had never heard of this before the Chris Watts case and shananns coffin birth. I didn't need to learn much cause to me, it was self explanatory but the sensitivity this woman brought to the table was so informative. I had already thought of it before the explanation because it was said all I needed to know. For me it was common sense. I Know enough about decomposition because I'm smart, not because I'm a brilliant person or a doctor. I'm just intelligent. I know about gas buildup in decomposition and hence, the bluish, purple on a dead person's skin. I know this is due to the build up of gases in the body. I had already known about the involuntary defecation and urine leakage due to muscles no longer working. This kind of stuff fastinates me. I've known about this kind of thing ever since I was a young person and I've been present at an apartment twice when a friend or person has died and the officers explained the discoloration to me. Makes sense. A fetus will be expelled because of these gases. Chris Watts wife shanann had a coffin birth after about two days. I truly appreciate that fact because no matter what he did, she gave birth and good for her!! Bless you shanann and baby Nico. Now, rest in peace.💕

  12. How would you deal with a body AIDs or HIV something that could be transmitted by an open wound? I know you guys have a suit and everything but there’s still a risk is there not?

  13. I have seen an archeological documentary where there was a mother in grave with one baby at her shoulder, one where her belly was and one between her legs. A triplets hundreds and hundreds of years ago resolved in this tragedy where one baby was born and than mother died because the other baby got stucked and later got born in the coffin and the third one dien inside. There was about 4 experts to resolve this mystery. Can´t imagine to be the one to put the mother and the babies into the grave, but I´d make sure to take a special care of them. I´d probably cry through the whole thing, but this must be the must honorable job ever.

  14. Danm smh that’s one of the toughest job . That probably give people in this profession a different outcome about life since so many people tend to think they’re important or better than another . Am pretty sure those professions will humble anyone . True reminder no matter what race religion ,status ,wealth we have the same we have the same destiny in the end .

  15. This is an important example of what St. James reminds us in the Scriptures in James 4:14. We are all vapors that will appear for a time and then will vanish from this earth. This also coincides with St. Paul's message to us in Romans 6:23. For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Yes, we are all vapors born in sin and someday we must pay the wages due for our sin which is earthly death, but through Jesus we shall gain the victory over sin and death and thus we shall recieve His gift of eternal life in His Father's kingdom. That's the truth of God's goodness, mercy and grace in His Word the Gospel.

  16. I thank God for these special people, those in the funeral industry, who do this difficult work for the rest of us. Only those gifted by God can do this type of work. Thank you all.

  17. Each time my bus passes by the morgue, I get sad. Reminded me of the times I claimed my father and then later my uncle for their burial.

  18. Decades ago, my pregnant mother suicided, leaving ten children behind. Mum was nine months pregnant when she died.

    For years, I believed that the baby was lifted from my mother's womb during her autopsy. In the seventies unborn babies were sometimes disposed of. Was this child buried in an unmarked grave, incinerated, or discarded as hospital waste? For decades, I'd wondered. Recently, I discovered the truth.

    I wrote about my mother's suicide and the ramifications in my memoir, Juliette's Angel: Death Desire Destiny.

    Our mother's death is revealed in more detail in the next book that I'm currently writing, CASTAWAY GREAT BARRIER REEF.

    On the island, my teenage daughter and I discover that we're camping near a babies grave. This naturally segways to the backstory of my unborn sibling, and the heartbreaking search for truth.

    My books read like fiction. But they are not. Please read Juliette's Angel: Death Desire Destiny. Having invested my retirement fund in the first book, I can't pay my editor to complete CASTAWAY. This embarrasses me. This is the first time I've admitted it. I don't know how to successfully navigate this industry.

  19. So it isn't possible to fill the cavity with embalming powder to avoid aspiration? I'm not a mortician so forgive the dumb question. Lol

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