8 Replies to “Embracing Hope in the Midst Postpartum – Jeramy and Jerusha Clark”

  1. Thank you for posting /sharing this; I went through postpartum depression, and there were other outside circumstances going on that triggered it like they mentioned. But i never asked for help, I was so ashamed. Praise God for His Holy Spirit living inside me that helped me through. God bless!!

  2. We live in a culture where we want to bounce back quick , no set backs , and high expectations . We also don’t have the community support we once had .

  3. This is beautiful! She spoke everything so gracefully, and I love that you two are brave enough to share your victory❤️

  4. Just so everyone knows, there is discussion of suicidal ideation in this talk but it is not graphic. I was slightly hesitant because this is a sensitive topic for me but it is discussed carefully and respectfully in this video. The brief discussion is from 17:00–18:12 if you'd like to skip over it.

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