Embryo Screening (PGD) at Melbourne IVF

when you look down a microscope at an embryo you can't tell whether or not an umber has the correct number of chromosomes inside it so inside all of our cells we should have 23 pairs of chromosomes and that's the same with an embryo but it's very common for embryos to have extra chromosomes or fewer chromosomes and this would mean if we transfer embryos that don't have the correct number of chromosomes that those embryos aren't likely to implant or if they do implant they're likely to result in a miscarriage so what we offer is is a technology called either array CGH or next-generation sequencing that allows us to count chromosomes inside a small sample of cells that are taken from embryos with both of these technologies they start by obtaining a small sample of cells from an embryo and amplifying the DNA inside these cells or copying the DNA to create many thousands of copies with array CGH that amplified DNA is then compared with male and female DNA of normal copy number and apply been to a microarray slide we're then able determine the chromosome number inside the original sample from the embryos and select the embryo that is most likely the result in a pregnancy with next generation sequencing we then fragment the DNA or cut it up into pieces into small pieces and sequence many thousands of these pieces these tiny pieces are then aligned on the human genome so that we're able to identify which chromosome that they originally come from we then use quite sophisticated computer software to count those fragments those sequence fragments to give us an indication of how many chromosomes were in the original sample by counting the chromosomes we're able to better select an embryo that is more likely to result in an ongoing pregnancy you

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  1. Embryo Screening helps our scientists choose the embryos that are most likely to result in a healthy pregnancy. Watch Dr Sharyn Stock-Myer, Melbourne IVF PGD expert, explain how it could improve your chance of IVF success. Click below to watch now.

    To read more about embryo screening: http://mivf.com.au/fertility-treatment/genetic-testing-pgd

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