hi guys Shawna here today I wanted to go ahead and share with you guys my labor and delivery story this may be a long video so if you are what and rested in this story grab some popcorn a drink and get settled and cosy because I was in the hospital for quite a long time so I'm assuming the story is gonna be a long one as well so my labor and delivery story starts at my week 39 appointment so on Monday March 5th I was I had my week 39 appointment it was the day I turned 39 weeks I went into my appointment around two o'clock and as with all my other appointments we started the appointment off with an ultrasound they did a biophysical profile as well as a growth check now during the growth check she was having a lot of trouble getting his measurements his knee was like jammed up into his stomach which was making it hard to get the circumference of his stomach and then also his head was really low and so that was making it really hard to get his head circumference as well once she got all the measurements for his growth check she did point out that he was measuring only about the 66th percentile which was a little worrisome because if you've been watching my previous updates you'll know that he's always been in the 80th parade right around the 83rd percentile somewhere between 80 and 85 so that was a little worrisome she then also did the biophysical profile he did his practice breaths his amniotic fluid levels were good heart rate was all good but the whole time we were doing the ultrasound throughout the growth check in the biophysical profile he hardly moved at all like he didn't move at all nothing big enough for her to be able to count it as a movement which was worrisome I had also I mentioned to my doctor at that point that he hadn't been moving much that day he had moved some so I wasn't I hadn't been too worried because I had felt him move it just wasn't as much as he normally does so at that point they decided to hook me up to the non-stress test machine and they also gave me a juice box to go ahead and see if we could get him moving some more when when they started the non-stressed test his heart rate was around 128 to 130 um which is normal it's in the normal range for like a resting heart rate and then when they gave me the juice box for a couple minutes it jumped up to 150 ish but then I went right back down to a resting heart rate so my doctor decides she told me that his heart rate was good it's nothing that she's too worried about and if I was like 34 35 weeks she would Holly just had me come back in a couple days and check him again but since I was already 39 weeks and since everything wasn't looking perfect it was a little worrisome between the growth check and his um him not just not moving around much she decided on that day that she wanted to go ahead and induce me which I was not thrilled with I really wanted to go into labor naturally I did not want to be induced but his growth check really scared me um just I was hoping that it was just that she was having trouble getting the measurements but the fact that he had basically not really grown at all in three weeks since I had the last growth check kinda freaked me out a lot and I think I freaked my doctor out too and she just wasn't letting on but so she just she talked to me she was like you know this isn't an emergency I'm not rushing over there right now she's like I want you to go home take a shower eat some dinner finish packing the last-minute things and then come back to the hospital tonight and we'll go ahead and get it started so I called my husband it was thought work it was like so we're having a baby in the next couple of days and he was like wait what um anyway so he met me at home and we did exactly what she said I took a shower we got her dog situated my little brother we got my little brother over there to take care of them we had dinner and all that stuff and then we headed off to the hospital to get induced that night when I got to the hospital it was right around eight o'clock and they went ahead and after they got like my IV hooked up and everything like that they went ahead and gave me servus servus cervix surfer dollar so I don't know I started it's to help loosen your to help ripen your cervix to help soften it up oh and I do want to point out at this appointment at 39 weeks I had officially gained one pound this whole pregnancy so my hope they only gave me one pad I just wanted to throw that out there for those of you who had been watching along and we're curious I ended up gaining one pound the whole pregnancy anyways we get to the hospital that night and they go ahead and they insert the service cervix stuff um when I was up my appointment earlier in the day she had checked my cervix and I was at a1 I was dilated to a1 but my cervix still wasn't very like it was so it was a little soft but it just wasn't soft enough and so she went ahead and gave me the cervix server whatever the cervix stuff when I got the tile that night and that was painful apparently I have a very high cervix and it's like in a weird position and they had a very hard time getting that little it's a little pill that they insert and they had a really hard time getting it where it needed to go and it was really painful not gonna lie probably one of the most painful parts of the whole pregnancy um and so that sucked so they gave me that as soon as they gave me that within 20 minutes or so I started having contractions pretty regularly and they were starting to actually like be pretty painful um and all night long they gave me one more dose of that like four hours later and then all night long I had really really consistent contractions pretty much back to back they were gonna give me a third dose for hours after the second dose but because I was having contractions back-to-back and they decided I guess they can't give it to you if your contractions are more than three minutes like closer than three minutes apart and mine were mine were literally back-to-back so they couldn't give me any more of that so they just let me labor throughout the night and then in the morning they told me to eat and drinks and stuff because they were gonna go ahead and start the pitocin and once they start pitocin I was on a clear liquid diet only which I was not thrilled with so I did I ordered breakfast and I ate that and then I think around 9:00 a.m. they went ahead and started the pitocin once they started the pitocin I continued to have contractions back to back to back never getting a break in between them and they were painful I did have back labor and that was the part I would go most of my contractions I had back labor with and then I could tell there was a few here and there where I didn't have any back labor and I could handle those just fine the back labor though was awful luckily my husband was amazing and was like rubbing my back every time I'd have a contraction and I'd be like Oh rub it rub it rub it and he'd rub it which like I said was almost consistently but so I helped a lot they kept like going up and down on the pitocin because every time they went up I was having the contraction is so close to get like whenever they go back down on the couch on the pitocin I would have the contractions like two to three minutes apart so it still felt back-to-back but whenever they would up it I would have contractions literally back-to-back like without any Blake with that like a 30-second break in between and they said that that's it means your uterus is like stressed or I don't remember what they called it exactly ughter your your uterine arian distress that's what it is my uterus was in distress and so they kept after no lower the pitocin but so that kind of sucked but it was it was pretty painful and it was it sucked because during that time I just wasn't getting a break from my contractions they did check me again somewhere midday that day like 11 or 12 and I dilated to a three so there was some progression and it just wasn't as much as we wanted when they checked me in the middle of the night when they had done the second dose of the cervix ripening agent I was still only a 1 I hadn't dilated at all so this at this point the pitocin had helped me dilate so they did at one point up it I think so they started off the pitocin at like a two and that's they kept going between two and four and happy to go back down to 2 which I don't know what any of those numbers mean I just know that's what the doctors told what the nurse and doctor has told me who knows what it means and later in the afternoon they did up it to a 4 and my contractions start getting a lot worse and still they were back to back but they started getting really bad where I was having trouble breathing through them my whole body would tense up which I know isn't good because your body can do what it's supposed to do when you're all tensed um and so I was stressed out about that because I kept trying to relax and I couldn't my mom was holding my hand and helping me by like telling me you know breathe through it it's okay we're gonna breathe through it but I got to the point where every time I would feel one coming on I would just start crying which like I said was back to back to back um around four o'clock in the afternoon I had I asked them to check me again because I was feeling a lot more pressure down there and I was just the contractions were a lot more painful and I was feeling like I couldn't I could hardly take it anymore and they checked me again and I was still only at a three I hadn't progressed Cini at all when they told me that I burst into tears and it I'm gonna cry um it broke me so for those of you who don't know I was very determined to have a natural labor and at this point I had been laboring since they'd heard the cervix ripening agent into my cervix at eight probably closer to nine o'clock the night before I had been having contractions real strong contractions and I they don't I don't think they considered it active labor yet because it wasn't labor that was making me dilate but for me it felt like active labor like it was it hurt so I'd been contracting since 9:00 o'clock the night before on this point it's probably four or five o'clock so it had been I don't know like 20 hours or so however I'm I'm not gonna do the math but whatever the math is it been that long um and I just I person tears and I cried and I cried and I was like I can't do this I want that bird oral and I felt awful I my husband was like if you need it just get it like don't feel bad about it but I felt bad because I didn't want to do it I wanted to do it natural and it was a really hard decision for me to make and the nurse was like okay I am in totally anesthesiologist come you want me to go ahead and give you something in the meantime to try to take the edge off and I was like yes please so they gave me starts with an F some painkiller um I wish I could remember the name of it I'm sorry it starts with an F though they gave me that she goes you'll take about 10 seconds to kick in and then a rightist after she gave it to me I got another contraction and I was just waiting and waiting for to kick in and the contraction still hurt just as bad and I was bawling my eyes out and I was like when is this gonna start working and she was like it's you you she was like it's not working yet and I was like no and she was like okay well sprint it doesn't work for some people you just may have it may not work for you and I was like can you do me something else and she was like no they ANSI geologist will be here soon and I was crying and bawling because we learned in our labor and delivery course as well as I had read online to that to get an epidural once you asked for it and can take a long time because you have to wait for the anesthesiologist in a lot of times they're busy they have other patients and it's all that luckily I was delivering in a very small Hospital I was the only at this point the only laboring person on the in the hospital there was one other person who'd had a baby earlier that day but they were we were the only two patients in labor and delivery and it was it was a small Hospital it's a rural hospital they they just built this one a couple of years a few years ago probably five years ago or so so it's still pretty tiny so luckily my anesthesiologist was there within ten minutes which was amazing and he talked me through everything I do have scoliosis I've had it since I was a kid it's never been an issue so I didn't really think of anything of it until he was about to until he came in the room and I was like oh by the way I have scoliosis don't know if that matters and he was like thanks for telling me that actually doesn't matter I was like okay so he had me they had me do the whole thing when you bend over so your back curves and hold onto your husband and I held onto my my husband and then he was trying to find he was trying to feel my spine to see where it curved and he didn't really you couldn't really tell he's like does it curve to the left or to the right and I was like I don't I don't remember I was like 11 when they diagnosed me and it's never been an issue so I've never had to deal with it again so he did he did finally kind of figure it out and he stuck me and he asked me if I could feel it more on one side or the other I couldn't really tell but I thought I felt it more on it on one side anyways all in all Henan happened to stick me three times before he got it in once they got it in they told me it could take about 10 minutes or so for it to kick in and being be effective and so they were like they were like we're just gonna wait and kind of see and within that and then next thing I know the nurse is like this saying no you're having a contraction are you feeling anything and I'm like no this is awesome I was so thankful because for once I was having a break and it felt so good and I was so thankful right immediately that I had done it in the future I still don't know if I will get it I might try to do it naturally because hey if it hadn't lasted so long and be if I hadn't had the back labor I think I could have done natural I don't know for sure though because I never made it made it that far naturally so maybe not but they do say your contractions are a lot stronger when you have to be given pitocin so I don't know anyways so they gave me the epidural and at that point I decided to take a nap because I'd been awake I hadn't I didn't sleep at all the night before I'd been awake for a long time and I was exhausted so I took a nap and later that night and the nurses started coming in and then my doctor came in and they were just kind of watching the heart monitor for the baby which kind of worried me and then they started telling me that when I was having contractions his heart rate was dropping a little so that worried me and at that point they decided to go ahead and put a device inside my my uterus to monitor my contractions and then they did that for a little while because they want to see how strong my contractions were and then they also put a monitor on the baby's head to monitor his heart rate so they did all that it was probably around 8 o'clock at night when that happened on March 6th which was a Tuesday and and then my doctor is a nurse my doctor is a nurse were in and out of my room quite often after that monitoring the baby's heart rate basically whenever I'd have a contraction and his heart rate would drop and at first it would pop right back up right as soon as the connection was over so my doctor wasn't too worried about it and then as the night went on it started when it would drop just taking longer to pop back up so she start getting more and more worried um they checked me again probably around 10:00 or so and I was dilated to about five and a half maybe a six which so I was progressing my doctor was like okay we're just gonna keep monitoring it and we're gonna we're gonna see oh I do want to mention that once I got the epidural they cranked the pitocin way up they put it like like twelve or something I think they said twelve or fourteen was the number that they ended up putting on on anyways and I'm not a nurse I know nothing about what these numbers mean sorry if they're wrong but I didn't pretty sure that's what they said um so at about 11:30 nice and my doctor and nurses were in and out a lot between the time his heart rate started dropping and here and then 11:30 ish my doctor came in and she had fused the times before when she'd come in and she started talking about the possibility I mean do a c-section if his heart rate wasn't steady enough and then at 11:30 ish she came in and she was Shawna we need to do a c-section we need to get him out it's just not safe for him anymore and I had had time at this point to kind of come to terms with that I had already known that being induced was a like a higher like Lena that I was gonna have to have a c-section anyways so even before I'd come to the hospital I kind of started to like prep myself that that might be a possibility so I was like okay let's get him out and she goes it's not an emergency situation at the moment it's just urgent we're gonna take our time we're gonna prep you we're gonna get you ready and we're gonna take you back and I was like okay and we learned in our labor and delivery course that when it's non-emergent they'll usually take about an hour of time to prep you and get you ready sorry charlie is on the baby monitor and he started to stir and they'll prep you and get you ready before they take you back and so I was prepared I was like okay so we're gonna have a baby's his birthdays I mean March 7th because at this point is already 11:30 at night on March 6 then I'm thinking it'll take a little bit of time to prep me and get me back next thing I know within minutes I mean wheeled into the operating room I don't know if something had changed in that time or if she just didn't want me to see how concerned she was would she'd come in and told me I'm thinking something may have changed within a couple minutes cuz they all of a sudden people were running in the room getting me and I mean they didn't do it they literally came in the room grabbed me and wheeled me out as they were throwing like the scrub things that my husband liked it was insane and then we get into the operating room I guess and there's just people all around me hooking me up all at once doing things all at once they had two enthusiasts and they're like putting stuff in me um it was crazy I do want to point out as soon as they laid me down flat on my back I started throwing up immediately I started throwing up it was awful because you're stuck on your back trying to throw up and so it's just like going down the side of my face cuz I can't sit up to like throw up it was awful my doctor is yelling at the anesthesiologist to give me stuff they're trying to pump me full of anti-nausea medicines they ended up giving me four different types of anti-nausea medicine none of which helped so I ended up throwing up the entire c-section just so y'all know I'm not gonna bring that up again but I literally threw up the entire c-section they also something that they gave me gave me made me shake really bad so I'm also shaking uncontrollably throughout the entire c-section as well so I'm miserable so they take me back to the operating room get me all wired up they bring my husband in and then she's cutting into me within minutes um they ended up I mean they ended up cutting him out he was born at 11:51 so it was it was a pretty quick process that they got us back there and got him out so he was born at 11:51 on March 6th once they got him out and he wasn't screaming and apparently his cord had been wrapped around not only his neck but his entire body and that's what was making his heart rate drop every time I had a contraction we don't know if this happened when my daughter broke my water which I forgot to mention she did that probably run five o'clock or so it's before his heart rate dropped but after I got the epidural so actually it was it was right before I got the epidural so it was probably earlier it was probably like two ish in the afternoon so they broke my water and we don't know because when you win the doctor breaks your water that can make the cord wrap around their neck when it like falls or whe they think it might have happened previously and that's why he hadn't been growing as much they're not sure 100% but his cord was wrapped around him so they immediately take him up for the warmer and the pediatrician is trying to like suction stuff out of him and try and like what they're rubbing him and trying to get him to respond because he was they said he was in shock his eyes were wide open and it was just like he was in shock and it felt like forever that it took for him to start crying but eventually and I'm you know sitting there crying and throwing up and asking my husband why he's not crying and telling him to go check on him and and then eventually he cries and it was great luckily they have the warmer in my eyesight so I could see everything after they get him all situated and he's good and he's breathing and the asset I had asked when my doctor told me she need to do a c-section I'd asked if we could still do skin-to-skin and she said yes of course as long as everything's okay so as soon as they get him okay they ask if I want it they're like okay do you want to just skin a skin now which I did but I was throwing up on control I'll be shaking non-stop and I was just like a can like I can't I don't I don't want to hold him because I'm afraid I'll drop him I don't like I I just I feel awful so they gave him to my husband instead and my husband was able to hold him at that point they took my husband and the baby out and they told him that it was only gonna be about 10 minutes and then I'd be back but because I kept throwing up my doctor kept having to stop stowing my stomach up because every time I throw up of course your abs and everything contract and your stomach muscles move and so she kept having to stop telling me every time I throw up so that was really hard especially because I guess a lot of women actually get sick when they're in there like moving around and so it just was making it worse apparently ended up taking about 30 to 40 minutes before they finally finished and wheeled me back into the room they try to do who they ask me again if I wanted to do skin a skin but I was still shaking uncontrollably and still really nauseous and so I didn't do it right away because I didn't I didn't hold him again I was afraid I'd drop him because I couldn't stop shaking they did give me more zofran at that point which is an anti knowledge of medicine and I did finally get stopped throwing up and then the shakes took about 30 to 45 minutes after I got back to the room before they stopped once they it calmed down a little bit I did go ahead and do skin-to-skin with him and which was awesome and amazing and he's gorgeous I'll try to insert some photos at the end here right when he was first born and on the warmer and then also once we started doing skin-to-skin but it was a very long process and it was scary and a little bit traumatic but he's here and he's happy and healthy he ended up weighing 7 pounds and 3 ounces and was 19 inches long and 19 and a half inches long and born at 11:51 p.m. on March 6 2008 teen and his name is Charles Raymond and I'm in love he's adorable and precious and even though nothing went as planned I wouldn't have it any other way so that is my labor and delivery story if you guys have any questions feel free to leave comments down below and I'll try my best to answer them I am sure I left things out or forgot things I wish I would have kept notes that day while I was in labor of when everything happened I'm just trying my best to remember what had happened but again I was exhausted no sleep and then once I and then the whole c-section everything is kind of a whirlwind it went really quick and was really scary so anyways I'm gonna end this here because this video is already extremely long and I will see you guys next time if you are to make sure you subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos about baby charlie and pregnancy or I guess not pregnancy more so I'm not pregnant but mom life and things like that and if you like this video go ahead and give it a thumbs up for me bye guys


  1. I went thru the exact same thibg :/ only thing i was 37 weeks im proud of yu and i got staples not stiches and i have my baby gurl also for abt a week and thru all the pain and everything all so worth it

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