guys you're back with that third so you're a video you want to see the last two it'll be in the link in the description below today we're gonna be doing emergency c-section on our little patient here miss cleanse the patient Sally good night mrs. pits first incision mrs. pits she's expecting a pretty big baby approximately three pounds and one meter long okay back to now we are gonna remove the skin I'll be right back with you what's it fun we'd found the pit and it's got a big baby so we're gonna remove saw her flesh you can tell she's been doing her all the cardio now we're just going to slowly veins and stuff that are attached so okay so we will see when we get back we have higher miscarriage so there's no point in taking the baby out carefully now we are doing those stitches we're just sewing our bag up it's gonna be very successful I'll come right back once we're done oh wait hello right – with the stitching you've got a band-aid on him/her and we will just be wrapping up and make sure that she won't get infected we'll see you when you move about baby did not die she's just plain dead therefore it's another successful surgery look at those two together they want

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