19 Replies to “Emergency cesarean section in 30 seconds by Dr. Santhosh Kumar with single handed”

  1. Damn. He wasn’t playing 😳 I thank god for my vaginal birth everyday and it’s been nearly 8 years ago.

  2. This happened to me and my son on Sunday. He also had a bowel movement inside of me. I didnt have that much water left though.. I only had a 4 hour labor. (Extremely fast progression) And he was stuck way up high in my pelvis and could not drop. The cord was around his neck twice. It was so traumatic! I went from being 10cm and about to push (no epidural) to being rushed to the OR still having horrendous contractions stripped naked thrown on a table sprayed with betadine (no other prepping) quickly put to sleep and cut open. All of this was done in 2 minutes.. after my son was out I started hemorrhaging and was losing blood clots the size of softballs on the table. My uterus stopped contracting and went limp (which they said they had never seen happen) basically everything went wrong.. and it's amazing to watch this video. I was told it was extremely brutal. But I realize that my dr saved my sons life and mine.. it was an experience I will never forget ! And the healing has been hard ! But I am more sad for the traumatic way my son had to be brought into this world. 🙁 my poor baby

  3. I'm 1 month postpartum feeding my son watching this. It makes you very appreciative and grateful to have a smooth c section and a healthy son. HalleluYAH !!

  4. I had to have an emergency C-section too, my OB got my son out in 30 seconds. If he didn't, we both would've died on the table. Luckily for my son and I, my OB has 40+ years of experience.

  5. Oh my god. That poor poor baby, in dirty water and with the cord as a scarf. What a horrible and amazing thing to see.

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