EMERGENCY INDUCTION | 38 Week Bumpdate- with a twist!

So I’m a hot mess I don’t have any makeup on and this is probably going to be very minimally edited But you’ll understand. I’m sure Hey guys, it’s Angel, and welcome to my 38 week bumpdate (“Payday” sting) Surprise! Say “hi” So I actually didn’t make it to 38 weeks like originally planned we had quite a past couple of weeks So it’s actually been two weeks since he was born Yeah, I just have a lot to tell you guys. I have a lot of videos to make I definitely plan on posting kind of like a highlights birth vlog type of video also of course a full birth story And his name reveal I’m gonna do that very soon as well. We’re working on that currently and yeah And I still want to make some of those other videos that I had planned on doing and didn’t actually have time to make Since we did have to deliver him earlier than expected So I have some videos about gestational diabetes that I want to make and my hospital bag video So I guess instead of a what’s in my hospital bag video we’ll talk about what I used from my hospital bag, and yeah, I just have so much a postpartum update a Baby updates just so many things that I want to create for You guys in the next few weeks But for now before we get into his birth and Everything that’s happened ever since then I do still want to do a 38 week update and just talk about the end of my pregnancy What happened since the last update that I made where I was just about 35 weeks up until the actual story of his birth Just kind of to get you guys up to speed Hi, baby Alright, so the last update. I was just about 35 weeks when I filmed that and Trying to remember I don’t think I talked about the appointment that I had that week I think it was the next day after I filmed that that appointment went well my blood pressure was actually kind of decent that week so we were cautiously optimistic and then at 36 weeks, I had a growth scan ultrasound and at that ultrasound (Baby burps) Ohhh, good burp! (Baby noises) yeah At that ultrasound he measured pretty big So remember for the previous growth scans, he was around the 60th – 70th percentile Or there abouts, and in this one he was 89th percentile So she said that he was seven pounds and five ounces You know she did mention that she purposefully measured him a little bit more on the larger side just to be on the safe side Because she figured it’s better to expect them to be a little bit bigger and be surprised than the other way around He probably wasn’t quite that big, but still he was 89th percentile Which is pretty big, Guys Because they consider babies between 10th and 90th percentile to be normal and So 90th or bigger they consider a large for gestational age and kind of worry about things like shoulder dystocia and what not and then of course smaller than 10% then they worry about Intrauterine growth restriction and so he was like right there on that cusp but looking at growth charts still put him Where he would be just about the same size as my first two babies if he were to go to full term Like they did but then knowing that he was gonna really be born about the 38th week Then I knew that he was probably gonna be smaller than Kerrigan and Caledon were and so I was expecting him to be about 8 pounds Maybe eight and a half when he was born So a couple updates, so this was on Thursday. I think on the Thursday the following Monday I had my next prenatal appointment and Again, I saw doctor Baghdadi himself at this appointment and this time he had a student OB with him He usually he most often would have some kind of student with him this time It was a man named Yuri, so he asked how the ultrasound went and I said great He’s still measuring well, and she said the scar still looks wonderful And so he was like great so we are on for that induction on March 12th How’s that sound and I was like good? He’s like okay, let me go and Schedule that right now so he left the room to call Tacoma General Hospital to schedule that so I was a real excited because You know a couple weeks prior and my last update I talked about how he had all these stipulations about what needed to happen for him to be comfortable With inducing me and so you know he wanted the scar to look good on the ultrasound But he also wanted to check my cervix. You know the day before my cervix had to be favorable I was really happy that it didn’t seem like there were any stipulations anymore And he didn’t seem like he was hesitant to do it anymore, seemed like he was like fully on board with that being the plan regardless so while he was out of the room doing that Yuri was checking my blood pressure He did it three times, and again, I was like Oh, this is probably not good because whenever they do it more than once it’s because it’s high and then they’re worried, and they want to make sure it’s right, and so you know three times and I asked him what it was and He said it was 166/110 Which is… so high it is really… dangerously high like that’s an emergency high. I’ve never had it that high ever and Mind you I was on medication and the medication helped with my pregnancy with Kerrigan And it was not doing such a great job this time around and so I was just completely blindsided I did not expect it to be that bad so he came back in and Yuri told him how high it was he was like Yeah, so you need to go to tacoma general like right now. I was like oh my gosh. I’m not ready I started freaking out because I was so not prepared. I hadn’t finished packing my hospital bags and the night before Justin was on duty. I was trying to film videos, and I was trying to get things prepared for baby And I remember feeling very strongly that I needed to finish the hospital bag I needed to film the video and finish packing it Because I just had a feeling that I was going to be sent to labor and delivery Maybe not necessarily to deliver, but that I would probably have to go the next day by the time I got the kids in bed and everything else that needed to be done I was so tired And I just wanted to go to bed instead of stay up to film and do that and so I was like oh maybe I can Do it in the morning in between when I take Cal to school and before I go to my appointment? But I got totally sidetracked and before I knew it, I had to leave for my appointment, so I didn’t have time to do it so I Should’ve listened to my instincts this happened to me with Caledon as well. It was packed I just didn’t have it in the car and so once again I didn’t listen to myself, and I was kicking myself but still even if I had the hospital bag ready and in the car like I still needed to go home because I was Like my son is at school. I need to pick him up my husband’s at work with no car I Don’t even know where I’m gonna send my kids yet, I have to like make arrangements because Justin’s grandma was flying up here To watch the kids for us for what we were planning on the induction to be which was the following week so she wasn’t gonna get there till that Sunday and Because our plan was that she was coming then I didn’t have anything packed for the kids at all Because I thought they were gonna be at home and not need to be packed So I needed to pack for them, I needed to figure out where to send them, and I needed to install the car seat I hadn’t done that yet. It was a little bit chaotic I was trying not to totally panic and it took us a few hours to get everything situated and Ready to go and I ended up deciding to take the kids to my friend Lisa’s house she lives in Tacoma pretty close to the hospital I just thought it would be better to have the kids close by instead of out here because we live about 45 minutes from where the hospital is so took us a few hours to get everything situated And we were literally on the road it was close to nine o’clock or so and my doctor called me And he said that they were concerned about me because I hadn’t come to the hospital yet They wanted to make sure I was still okay like how I was doing and I was like. I’m okay Sorry, it just took me a while to get everything situated Because I thought we had another week so I had a lot to do and he’s like no no I understand. It’s okay I just wanted to make sure you were okay and if you were still coming and I was like yeah And he’s like okay, they know you’re coming They’re waiting for you, I can’t remember though exactly how he worded it, but he made it clear that we were inducing That was happening because when I was packing and preparing everything I wasn’t sure if I was gonna actually be induced yet Or if I was just gonna have to go for at least a few hours and be monitored Or if I was gonna have to be admitted for a while and wait to induce, or What exactly the plan was gonna be and I packed Assuming that I would be there at least a few days whether that was to be admitted or to be induced So I’m glad that I did that because that is what ended up happening Driving on the way of there, and then I realize that Wait this is happening. We’re going to have a baby. We’re not waiting till next week We got some food for the kids because in all that chaos we didn’t even take time to eat dinner yet And I dropped them off at my friend’s house, and then Justin and I stopped to grab something to eat as well And then we got to the hospital about 10 p.m. And they didn’t even take me into triage they took me straight into the delivery room So I went into the bathroom and took one final bump picture which was a couple hours before being officially 37 weeks so I knew That would be the last one not only for this pregnancy, but ever since he’s our last, baby It was very eye-opening that this was really happening and we were about to meet our baby sooner rather than later Then after a while the nurse came in and got me all situated with the hospital gown on And got me hooked up to all the monitors and The hep-lock was placed and they drew some blood and had me pee in a cup so that they could run some labs, so they could determine if it was still just Hypertension or if it was preeclampsia or HELLP syndrome so that they could decide on what to do for my treatment So this pregnancy ended Much sooner than my first two did so he was early term and instead of a full term I gained a total of 14 pounds and Yeah, I just I felt like my bump looked bigger than it did the same point with my first two it was kind of hard to be sure But I don’t know if you can tell be looking at him But he is smaller than we expected him to be so more on that later when you see more of the birth related videos So that is where the story of my pregnancy ends and the story of his birth begins I’m so sorry guys I know it’s already been two weeks And I still have yet to get those videos out, but I will try to do them as quickly as I can It might be kind of difficult as Justin is about to leave For a while and so I will be solo parenting that might make it difficult you know aside from the usual Difficulties of having a newborn and not getting much sleep But I am really excited to make those videos. I love those videos. I love watching them I love making them, and I just want them to be special also I want to take my time and do them right the first time instead of just rushing to get them up I haven’t decided yet on the order that those will be posted I will probably do his name reveal first look for those to be the next few videos I do also want to do a what’s in my kids Easter basket video. I always do those every year And I really enjoy those and I know Easter is coming up pretty soon, so I might have to stick that in there somewhere But yes very very soon. I will have those videos. I know that you guys are really anticipating those I’ve had one of you ask me when we’re going to reveal his name on Instagram but it’s just been a very huge whirlwind of two weeks my birth photographers pictures have basically gone viral and There have been multiple multiple mainstream media People that have written articles about his birth and one was on people.com and BuzzFeed and Today.com motherly babble.com And love what matters, a couple of Australian ones and then someone from Brazil interviewed me today It’s just blowing up and it has been completely surreal the photos are striking. They’re beautiful they are amazing I’m in love with them and So it’s so nice to see other people appreciate her work as well because she totally nailed it. She’s very talented It was… a very long labor and so people are just really Fascinated by that, but it’s still so beyond anything I ever could have imagined and it just keeps growing and These these media publications that I enjoy reading and that usually cover things like about famous people and they want to talk to me about my story that is just Unreal I…yes, so it has been very Overwhelming past two weeks since he was born So I am so looking forward to sharing all of this and more with you So definitely hit the subscribe button if you haven’t already so you don’t miss out on those videos Thanks so much for watching. Bye Say “bye!” Say “bye” to Youtubes I just love him you guys Bye!

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  1. Congrats on your new bundle of joy. Take care of yourself and the baby and other children and do the videos whenever you can. We will still watch them.

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