Emergency Room Trip! – Wheeler IVF Journey 9/19/15

good morning birthday girl tell everybody you need to what we just went through starts in the beginning speaking of fluid they tested another fluid and we have the faintest positive on sirs birthday so you're gonna be a mama so we want to give you guys this behind-the-scenes look we don't know when we're gonna show this because we gotta tell family and everything but this is the YouTube official that's ablating that we're waiting for some results so make sure Sarris get to go and she's having a hard time sleeping through the night and she's got a lot of pain and bloating and so we are so excited we wish that we were like more enthusiastic but it's four o'clock or yeah you can't see it's so faint but I'll show you it because you gotta see it you can kind of see in the video SuperDuper faint SuperDuper faint yeah hey baby alright everybody this has been meet the wheelers like subscribe and share

10 Replies to “Emergency Room Trip! – Wheeler IVF Journey 9/19/15”

  1. Congratulations to u both….I pray for this positive news for my self by the mid of this month…..Amen…

  2. Yay, I'm so happy for you guys, I'm on day 3 of Lupron so hopefully I'll have a success story like yours at the end of October. My dr has already told us that we will only transfer 1 5 day embryo and your story gives me hope 🙂

  3. So happy for you two! My husband and I plan to start IVF within the next year. I am looking forward to being in your position! Can't wait to watch your journey with IVF 🙂

  4. We did get OHSS. My stomach bloated so bad and so far, I've been drained 5 times! Our doctor thinks we might have an identical twin in there based off the amount of fluid im retaining and my HCG levels rising so quickly.

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