36 Replies to “Emerson’s Birth Day: A Natural Birth Story of Jade and Tanner Tolbert’s first baby”

  1. I had no idea you had a natural birth! You’re so amazing! I have also had two natural births. You guys should totally look into a birth center birth for your second. You could do a water birth, it’s amazing!. Also, look into hypnobabies for your second. You wont regret it!

  2. I never thought about it until I saw them take fingerprints…but hospitals don"t do any dna tests ..they just "take the mom"s word" … But anyone could easily Lie and say that one person is the dad when they're not…

  3. And that nurse/doctor/midwife..is a GENIUS!!!! Back in the day, THAT is how babies were born! It"s way easier for both mom and baby, as gravity helps…and now, they lay the woman down, which takes them Fooooreeever to push and get them and baby to strain so much…causes hemeroids for the mom …mom needs to have her vagina cut…etc etc..
    " sitting" in the air.. The way Jade did, is the BEST way to deliver !!! 9

  4. Awwwe!!! I LOVE how Tannet got to deliver the baby!!! Soo cool!!! They do that now in certain hospitals!!! It's amazing

  5. Aww. Sweet video , I am so glad your hubby was so supportive , mine was hopeless 😩. Congratulations to you both 🍾🥂. Beautiful baby 👶🏻 💕

  6. Finally watched a YouTube video of yours and I'm in tears D; especially after watching your paradise story.
    This makes me cry so much… filled with emotions. But mainly happy and joyful. I hope your current pregnancy goes well♡
    To remember your past baby, you can remember them with a birthstone or another special stone or piece of jewelry or something or something else you find ♡♡

  7. Wow you are so extraordinary Jade because you made that look so easy and I know it wasn’t. Wow. You’re amazing!! Tanner you BETTER do nothing but cherish this woman for eternity!!!

  8. What a beautiful birth! Thank you for sharing. Brought tears to my eyes! I love how your man was so attentive to you and what was happening❤

  9. Wow a had birth in a car with my bf it was weird he's helping me give birth but he is also looking at my Virgina

  10. Just came across your channel and I love this and I realized I gave birth to my twins the day after you had your little girl! Congratulations on your second pregnancy now! ❤️

  11. This video made me cry. The joy on your faces says it all. I gave birth naturally to two blessings I call my daughtees. So worth it!!

  12. I am 8 months pregnant and I cried like a baby after watching this….so beautiful and nerve wrecking at the same time!

  13. So proud of every mom❤️I can feel ur pain even though I am not a mother yet😘😍but everything is beautiful when u know u gave a birth to an angel 💋💕

  14. You guys are so wonderful together and this was just beautiful to see. Also, 8 is the number of new beginnings and 17, the number of victory, so Emmy is a new beginning and double victory! Bless you all!

  15. Currently crying. I’m 39 weeks and fully intend to have an epidural and traditional hospital birth- but this gave me the feels 😭♥️

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