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  1. I am a mom of 1 son, lost 3 and currently pregnant with a babygirl and… I need someone to talk to cause.. Idk if i wanna be pregnant anymore…… But i love this song, its so real and true…

  2. I found this a week after I lost my little Avery. I love you baby. Still listen to this song. 20170821

  3. This just popped but on my iPod. I felt I needed to thank you so much for sharing this with us. In the hardest time in my life, and 4years later listening to this and balling my eyes out helped my healing beyond words. Wishing you both the best in life❤️

  4. :'( I lost my baby girl at 8 mouths and this song makes me think a lot. I really love this. <3 :'( I can feel your pain.

  5. I find myself revisiting this song after another loss. 💔 The loss of a baby is hard no matter how far along.

  6. I have lost 3 babies. 2 miscarriages and 1 baby boy who passed away at 8 weeks old in 2013. I just recently had my 2nd miscarriage and i found this song. Totally explains my feelings:(

  7. I've read you two aren't together anymore.. but I also heard he went and recorded this song in the studio. it would be AMAZING if you gave us the link! I LOOVE this song.. It explains EVERYTHING I'm going through rnrn. 💯

  8. my hubby n i have lost 6 since 2015 . this song is exactly how we feel. i would like to hear the recorded version. this song needs to b heard.

  9. I'm actually going through yet another this is now my 4th it's touched me soo much can I please have Johns lyrics so I can put them in a frame help give me strength

  10. 3 month pregnant and I lost my baby. I started drinking my pain away and I get told I'm not a mother because I didn't give birth. and sometimes I wish I was dead just so I could see my baby. it hurts so much.

  11. man i love him for this song… ive had it downloaded on too my ipad for 3 years, i still listen to this song and cry almost DAILY… never could express how grateful me and my girl are for this song <3

  12. I have listened to this song over 100 times it does not take the pain as way but I can honestly say it helps to see the passion in yiur eyes and voice I lost my angels Jan.2009 ,April 2009 and in August 2012 thank you for this inspiring video and from one angel daddy to another angel mom and dad I am truly sorry for yiur lose

  13. I cried so much since the first verse. I lost my baby April 22 and since then, every night is a toture. Deep inside me Ill always wish I had my baby, and you never imagine the level of depression and anxiety you get. From being on the floor, from trying to kill myself because All I wanted was my baby, to lifting myself up and learn that I have to live with this pain like if it were nothinb. But God knows my truly desire, and he has promised me an eternal life, next to him and My Baby Angel😢 I pray for the day that I finally got to meet that precious soul and those beautiful eyes, and only God knows why. Them two are my strength. I have on my chest tattoed "You're in my heart until I hold you in heaven"

  14. that's some I'll shit I me and my wife just lost are 14 week baby boy Gage this song is deep I love it mad me cry

  15. ty my brother I had my baby miscarriage 2 days ago and I cannot stop crying …I love my lady for 20 years now and that was our long expected baby 🙁

  16. im crying, i losot this monday my baby at 21 weeks and 6 days , i love this song, his dad was not there the last 5 weeks , he disappeared, i tried to call him , his mom, his friends, his work, no one knew where he was. during the pregnancy we had some good times but more stressful, he has alot of demons following him.

  17. sorry for your loss my heart goes out for you and wow the emotion in this song shoutout to your man its definitely DEEP

  18. sorry for your loss my heart goes out for you and wow the emotion in this song shoutout to your man its definitely DEEP

  19. I lost my little angel June 2010. still the hardest to accept it. esspically the day I lost her and the day she was supposed to be born. the paom doesn't go away or.fade away you just deal you just face everyday, and wait to the day I can hold for the first time. I am so sorry for your guys loss. but your baby is with you in spirit.

  20. just lost my baby in dec 28th 2015 i cry everyday pain is unreal. and when i found tgis i had to share because i feel this way i just want my baby back

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