30 Replies to “Emma's Baby Shower & Gifts! (Baby Shower Haul)”

  1. Do you know if you read books to them a early age they'll be more prepared for school and their academic

  2. Beautiful baby shower Rachelle, new subbie, been here for a month and i gotta say i love watching everyday , such a sweet loving couple..

  3. I did a diaper raffle for my gender reveal party and it was great! Got a lot of diapers 🤗 currently 23 weeks pregnant

  4. my name is bella and i want to tell you i love your baby haul video and i like all the clothes and all the things to your friend bella jimenez

  5. Omg those party favors are adorable! And I'm so doing the bring a book and not a card. Maybe Dr Seuss or golden books.

  6. i’m so so glad everything went well & i hope everything continues to go well.. from your pregnancy, to the baby showers, to you getting whatever you need done finished. i’ve been praying for you guys & hoping everything will continue to go well! i love you guys, thank you for sharing your life with us. much love!❤️

  7. Every single baby shower or little kid's birth day party I go to I bring a book as a present.
    No one ever does! And I loooove books

  8. It's so exciting that Emma will be here soon! You two are adorable and I can't wait to see this little beauty. Rachelle, Justin is a keeper! He's going to be an amazing daddy and you my dear, are going to be a super amazing mommy. Your house will be so full of love and life, I cant wait!

  9. You looked absolutely stunning that dress suits u so well your gonna be an amazing momma and such an inspiring family 🤩😘♥️💐⭐️

  10. In brazil we have normal baby showers where we get gifts for the baby and "diaper showers" where we get diapers! It´s amazing!!!

  11. I haven't watched you in like a month as have had some horrible stuff going on but anyway I actually cried watching this your so sweet xxx

  12. You liked beautiful in that dress Rachelle!
    I’m curious to know how the new pure pampers diapers work.
    Everytime I see a fox I think of Joan too. I thought the diaper raffle was a great idea.
    I loved the idea of instead of a card a book.👍🏻 I think the yellow romper is probably my fav out of the clothing you showed us. What a wonderful day!👶
    She’s going to be one stylin little princess!💖

  13. Rachelle you are glowing! You are always beautiful but I think you are able to breath a little more safely as each day goes by. I know you are getting very excited, there's just something fun about a shower and receiving cute baby clothes! I'm still praying each day for you, Justin and sweet Emma.

  14. That was a nice baby shower! I wish I did the diaper raffle at mine. I did a few games and stuff which were fun. I'll have to check out the glass containers for the baby food- I have my heart set on making my own baby food! So much that my hubby bought me a baby bullet for my first Mother's day! I also want to add that I loved your baby shower favors! So adorable!!!

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