[Laughter] [Laughter] you and mommy is so tired look at her my candy she just wants you to come 20 hours and we're all on our devices what do you have to say to your daughter but get here we want to see you make your memories there having crazy contractions and now they're just and it's live Betty 25 hours come on Mackenzie hi grandpa what you got to say to Mackenzie Mackenzie you're making me wait making me wait look at the day look at that beautiful sunset let me can see see what you feeling one right now I'm just impression dude say hi we gotta say to your daughter okay guess what we did look what we did we start here for a lot of hours hanging in your room this is it this is a pretty picture oh I think I think that's inaccurate at this point come on Mackenzie I can't walk almost 39 hours so we're up to 50 hours now in a while since the update cause the contractions are becoming two minutes apart updated word playing rummy I win the game you won you hate rummy just now and then your mother isn't in the potty she's doing really good though South Park which is really funny because it's an episode about fish and I'm wearing a fish t-shirt and Nancy Danielle will teach you all about that my dad I want to say hi your mother all right mama how do you feel now awesome smiling again we had left off where you were in a lot of pain and you weren't here here we were all talking about you don't we all right yeah come on [Laughter] yeah look at these contraction look at this and she's just laughing approaching 52 hours well hopefully the next time we love you in the picture 54 hours definitely the birthday Mama's getting ready shivering she's cold push down to your bottom come on one two three four five nine harder five six seven it's awesome 36 89 grams eight pounds 2.0 so she's like barely fussing she's so quiet she might cry when I do this the shots not so bad beers Cheetos okay


  1. I've been thinking about you! The same thing happened to me with my first born! ( she's 8 now) they had to put a IV in her head. I was peeing like you mentioned in the beginning of your vlog. She's a very healthy and smart little girl now. I'm so glad they caught it. Wohoo Mackenzie is here!! Yay!! Congrats 🍾🎊🎈

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