Emotional birth vlog – first time parents!

you baby rock how's the contractions feeling she's in a lot of pain and I'm about to fought fame coming up I've started to feel pains my darkest day contractions because I don't know what contractions feel like this is the penguin dance is that a theme what it looks cause boy die every day so it's the morning now boy I have not slept at all because I had what I think your contractions like every 10 I'm so tired I just wanna go to sleep but but Stefani Stefani out he couldn't keep his eyes open and he fell asleep but which is going to the hospital to find out what the goes– I felt pretty useless when she was having those contractions there's not much but tell her you love her so much and it's all gonna be better all right so we went to the hospital and I was like three centimeters dilated but then she did a stretch and sweep which is where they just shove your fingers up your Fanny and so I like stretch it and yes she got it too like four centimeters dilated and since then like I feel like my contractions have been closer together so I think they're six minutes apart now so now we're just gonna get something to eat and then walk around and head back there probably later today contractions uncaptioned construction [Laughter] just knowing that it's like they reckon that my water like my water hasn't broken yet yes a little bit but they think that lack a bit of it's broken so that's why it's like streaming out oh hi hi break yes so now they've just recommended that I walk up and down the stairs I'm literally like weighing myself right now but it's not wait this is our room crazy little baby we got not quite a few fun stuff ever got beans that we've got two balls just like me just walking up some stairs we can bring on this baby girl strong mama so Jesse's been having contractions every every two to three minutes maybe four and it's got exhausted it's a hard job I honestly I'm so grateful for women like you actually don't understand the amount of pain they go through and do you actually see here and I have to go through them so just as waters just broken and she's about to become happy I'm some nitrous oxide excited babe three until we're gonna stop trying to live through some crazy crazy pain and then she eventually with a few even though she was nice and natural pushing but she only found that after that picture don't go through that much pain for so long she has two nights a little whose I fell asleep Oh we made the cutest little pretty fish so she's latched on to the view already having a good old sock beautiful Luke you know just performs like a bloody champion there yeah to an extent baby yeah we're happy moment yeah you

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