EMOTIONAL BIRTH VLOG | Natural Labor to Emergency C-Section + Surprise Gender!

come on it's January 6 five days five days past their due date we gave you permission so now you think home okay we went for a walk earlier we got a couple walks in today we visited with my parents and we were just trying all the different things to get labor going for Lou and we realized just this afternoon that maybe you need to just take some time and Zen out and relax and so we just spent some time with some really great music on and tried to calm ourselves down and then right around 6:30 couple hours after we started just kind of relaxing started to get a few more regular contractions and we've just been tracking them for the last hour not sure yet whether it's the real deal and but it seems like they're a lot stronger longer feel different I don't know some of them I really had to breathe through but I don't think I could sleep through them but I'm not sure if it's the real deal or not either way I feel like it's been a good it's a good choice to just like chill out and relax for now not doc try not to worry we were kind of stressing out about the induction thing yeah and we realize we can just kind of need to Zen out and just go with the flow and just enjoy each other's company that's what's going on right now we'll keep you updated it's a quarter to eight now we've been tracking for Stover an hour see is a Monday morning January 7 and they're starting the induction process this morning thought maybe we'd get things happening naturally last night in blue and some like an hour and a half of contractions and it seemed like things were moving but then we had a decent sleep considering they definitely felt different for them just stopped after an hour it was it was a little frustrating but it was nice to get some sleep last night – and be rested more or less for the day so they're just hooking her up for a couple hours and we just have to stay here and see how everything goes and then go from there the original be an actual date for the induction it's tomorrow so they're just kind of getting things going today okay short visit to the hospital who doesn't need the survey Dell which is good yeah basically it was a tampon like thing that they put inside your cervix to get stuff ready for labor and I was checked and the doctor said that I don't need it because like my cervix I guess it's getting ready and then asked if I wanted to be induced today and my gut reaction was if I I'm gonna be induced tomorrow anyway I'm gonna try for the next 24 hours see if my body will do it naturally so yeah so this is good it's one less thing one less invasive procedure and just another opportunity for things to happen naturally so we're just hoping and praying today that things will go naturally otherwise where I might have a baby tomorrow yeah we'll be back here tomorrow in the morning yeah to get it going so oh man I'm sorry to prolong it one more day I think you made the right decision it's just it's like a lot of back-and-forth mentally but it's but it's good yeah so anyway hey guys it's two o'clock and who's been having contractions for the last few hours but most recently the last couple probably two and a half three hours I've been pretty consistent intense so we're just we called the midwives around 10 or 11 o'clock and they she said just wait until wait a little bit longer because we're nice and close so we're just kind of waiting for those contractions to get close enough together and strong enough that we can be confident then when we go in we won't be as I'm back but it's pretty it's pretty uncomfortable for oh hey doing buddy they call it labor for reasoning oh my gosh we're heading to the clinic it's almost 3:00 a.m. Lisbon pushing it through for a while we just got off the phone with the midwives and she said it sounds like active labor so we're gonna head over that birthing center hmm hopefully it's happening yeah I think it is it's been coming up for a while yeah so she said it sounds like it so okay ready okay see you there take your time okay we gotta go we got to go to the birthing center like right now cuz she's having some major contractions see at the birthing center so I made it to the birthing center yeah sorry James here missing photos and gives it front and blue is almost 5 centimeters fully effaced so active labor the Midwife just checked jelly and all the vitals are good and just getting the pool ready girl power [Applause] okay we wanted to do an update we're in the pool and she's eight years is down now because contractions but eight centimeters we're getting close I can do it you're such a cancer point where I don't know if I can oh my god okay quick update guys we had to make a bit of a last-minute switch to the hospital and blue had to go in the ambulance which really sucks they didn't want to leave her but they couldn't take us as well so we have to meet her at the in the hospital and they may have to use a vacuum to help the baby out because they she was just having a little trouble okay good job good job good job keep going keep pushing keep pushing keep pushing unfortunately the vacuum didn't work and they're starting a c-section they're just putting in a spinal anesthetic swacked away don't care until they call me in and then it's a c-section I haven't really enjoyed being separated from Lu a couple times for lengthy period but the good thing is that baby's been happy through the whole thing so I'm just trying to be strong for them and keep it together and then hope that we meet our baby very soon because Lou's been pushing for a long time she's really tired but then you don't feel anything sharp and painful okay I think you're pretty well frozen by some that's final Rosenfield of you [Applause] oh look at those hands [Applause] that's way and I'm – not at all seven pounds 15 ounces – been through a lot today yeah and I will never forget it so look I did not want to come out once you hey guys this is what new parents look like apparently yeah I look a little rough oh you look great guys she's been through insane about it is unbelievable it was a lot and this is our little baby Odin Odin Alexander aka jellybeans jellybeans mm-hmm he's hungry right now he's always hungry she's doing so well he actually had a little blister on his hand from sucking in the womb which isn't surprising because every ultrasound his hand was always by his face so he's really good at latching on yeah so that's good I'm thankful below seven pounds 13 ounces it's a good size he was born on January 8th at 11:58 a.m. and it was a long night and we've been at the hospital for two days now yeah we just got the what do they call it discharge supers so we're heading home with our new little family mm-hmm can't breathe cuz it's hard to nap in a hospital they're taking really good care of us mm-hmm but but it is hard to sleep we've had a very little sleep but that's Parenthood yeah I guess but nobody is going to poke me at home by my that's true just kidding you know there's a lot of stuff the big checks so you want to go home buddy you want to leave when I go home with mom and dad he's so alert let's get you put it in your onesie sometime happy let's get you dressed up in together okay yeah let's go [Applause] okay we're gonna get this family home mm-hmm luckily we really like through this way

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  1. I cried and cried through Lou's labor, then cried with joy upon Odin Alexander's birth. Welcome, Jelly Bean! Safe travels with Mom and Dad.

  2. Having gone through this…This had me stressed! So very happy for you both. Sheena has had 3 c sections….ouch.

  3. I ended up having c-sections with all my babies. Great video you two!! I’m beyond happy for you both. ❤️

  4. Congrats guys! He's beautiful! And Way to go, Super Mom (and Dad for staying so calm through all the crazy!!)

  5. Phew! I made it to the end without loudly sobbing! Go me! Oh Lou! I'm SO proud of you! It brought back all of my memories of my first. I went to 41+6 with him and had all these ideas of going naturally and calmly….15 hours later a c section and a baby weighing 9lb1oz. Nearly 14 years later and I have now had 9 c sections. Its really hard on the body to recover and giving myself some grace really helped me along the way. My 'dream' of having a 'natural' birth had to be let go of and instead God TRULY made my dreams come true. My body has coped with all of these c sections. I defied the odds and have 9 wonderful children. My number 1 and 1.1 tips are……rest and give yourself grace. You really brought tears to my eyes! Ralph, congratulations also to you! You were a wonderful support to Lou and now the 2 of you have the greatest challenge ahead of you. To raise little Odin in the ways he should go. You are not alone and this will be the greatest time of your life.

  6. Lou, you are stunning. Odin is beautiful. Ralph is beaming. That video is lovely and made me cry.

  7. oh lou. i am so sorry that birth was not kind to you at all! thank God both you & Odin were strong the entire way through. congratulations to you 3 & to both of your families on your own little miracle ❤️

  8. Congrats guys! And now there are 3! Odin is beautiful…oh maybe we should say handsome instead. Those hands look like either football hands or pianist. I guess now you are surrounded by men Lou! Say "Hello little Jelly Bean" for us!

  9. Congratulations Guys! Odin is so precious. Lou, you were amazing. Ralph, you were so loving & supportive throughout it all!Thanks for sharing this very special event with us! Wishing Odin, & you guys many blessings this coming year!It was very touching. Brought back memories of my own son’s birth. Now awaiting the birth of our honorary grandson!♥️🌹🤩👌♥️😍👍👀♥️😲🌹🥰♥️🎂🎁🎈✨💫🎉💐🌟🎊

  10. Ralph & Lou! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us all. ❤️

    Lou, you are an inspiration to so many women if you didn't get the natural birth you dreamt of, you did whatever was safest for you & your gorgeous son! So proud of you and can't wait to watch Odin grow! ❤️

  11. Oh my, oh my… I'm in tears, so excited for you guys!!! Lou you are officially Wonder Woman!!! Congratulations Mom and Dad and welcome to the world, Sweet Odin!

  12. Welcome to the world little man Odin! I'm so glad that everybody's ok & healthy! I can't get over how long Odin's fingers are! Congratulations to you both! Love you guys bunches!☺💖😁

  13. That was so emotional and you've been so strong Lou!!! Congratulations again and you chose a beautiful name!

  14. Oh lou, I know that pain of labor you went through, what a warrior woman you are! You are a rockstar! I know it must have been a rollercoaster of emotions. Your baby boy is beautiful and yall definitely have the new parent glow.
    Welcome to parenthood!
    Lots of things will go not according to how we planned but we adjust because the love for our children is so strong. I see it in yalls eyes already, the beautiful love. You did an amazing job Lou, and Ralph what a great great support for your wife. Look forward to seeing all of your new adventures with your new little family member! Always feel free to reach out if you need to! – Emmalydia

  15. Well you thought you were going to have grand adventures with van life….just wait for this adventure ❤️ Congratulations to you both! Welcome to the world Odin you are perfect!!

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