*EMOTIONAL* I GOT PREGNANT WITH AN IUD | Pregnant with Baby #2 | Taylor Lindsay

oh my god this can't be happening right now okay so I don't even know where to begin and this video is going to be all over the place but as you can tell from the title I got pregnant with the Paragard IUD which if you know anything about IUDs and the Paragard IUD it is 99.2% effective for those of you who are new to my channel welcome I have an eight and a half month old little girl right now her name is Peyton and my husband and I were not planning on starting to grow our family family further until January of 2020 we wanted to wait and enjoyed this time with her and joy I guess becoming parents and just having her and if I start crying in this video I'm super emotional right now in just in complete shock because I only found out yesterday or last night that I'm pregnant so anyways um after we had her I knew I wanted to be on some sort of birth control I just didn't know what so when I had my six-week postpartum appointment my doctor said that I was in the clear and everything was healed and everything was good to go so we had started the conversation about birth control and I was on the pill from when I was like 16 23 or 24 so it was very familiar with taking the pill so I'm like yep you know why don't we just do that that's what I'm familiar with even though I was intrigued of the IUD not having to like worry about taking a pill every single day but I thought you know I'll just go with what I know so she gave me three months worth of pills and the first month was fine I had like a few pills that I took late or forgot and then the next month was a total disaster so I'm like you know this just isn't for me right now for anybody who has a newborn or kids in general you know that life can get chaotic and sometimes you don't even think about yourself so how am I gonna remember to take a little pill especially because with kids your schedules and daily routines are different every day so I thought um the safe bet is to get an IUD in and at the time I was breastfeeding so I thought that the Paragard would be a great option for us because I didn't want to deal with hormones and I've had issues with acne my whole life so I thought that going the no hormone route would be a great option so in December before we moved to North Carolina I got the IUD put in from my OB she said everything looked great it in process was completely smooth I didn't have any spotting the next day I started my period it was a breeze um what she forgot to mention though so I keep this nugget in the back of your mind was that after each period you should be checking to make sure that the strings are still in place so without going into too much detail I'm sure you can google it yourself or just envision how you would check the strings so um anyways fast-forward to the next few months after got the IUD put in my periods were normal I had one that was a little heavier than normal but nothing crazy and then my last period was on Valentine's Days when I started so February 14th of 2009 everything was fine like I said going with that so then this past week I started thinking my periods not here and I do have longer cycles I do have like 32 ish days cycle so I'm like okay maybe was just a couple of days late because my last period was about 35 days I'm like okay no big deal so I texted my best friend on Saturday I'm like oh my gosh it's so weird like I'm late I better not be pregnant cuz not what we're hoping for right now or what we had planned she's like yeah you'll be fine you have the IUD don't worry about it blah blah blah so then yesterday was Monday right Monday and Sunday night I had woken up in the middle of the night feeling so nauseous from the smell of chicken and the same exact thing happened with Peyton when I was early in my pregnancy in our last house we had a 2-story in our master bedroom was on the second floor and if I cooked crock-pot chicken or like chicken in the house hours later I would still feel nauseous on the second floor smelling it from the kitchen I don't know I'm gonna must just be like a pregnancy symptom for me so I woke up Sunday night at like 1:30 in the morning so nauseous from the smell of chicken that I had cooked earlier that day so I'm like oh my god this can't be happening right now so then that morning I'm like I cannot be pregnant I have an IUD right so I'm not gonna go to this store and spend $20.00 on to pregnancy test I'm just going to order myself some Amazon cheap tests which I ended up ordering the clinical guard ones it was like 17 dollars for 20 of them so I'm like perfect so they showed up that night I had taken a nap after I had put Payton down for bed woke up they were on my front porch my okay I'm gonna take one real quick just to ease my mind that way I can just get it over with and not have to worry about it now even within 30 seconds the faintest line showed up on the pregnancy test I am like this can't be happening this cannot be happening so my husband's upstairs on the elliptical he hadn't even had started yet and I walk up there probably looking like the color had just drained for my body with the pregnancy test in my hand and he's like you're pregnant he is way more I guess excited than I am I'm just completely in shock because this is not what we had planned and I'm scared I'm scared to have two little ones so close together Nate cause it's hard the newborn stage is so hard who painless is such a good baby and she slept so well when she was a baby she didn't have a colloquy seriously lucked out with the best little girl it's just moving out of state not having any family or friends I'm just scared and worried I know everything happens for a reason I truly believe that deep down in my heart everything happens for a reason I even have it unpacked tattooed on my ribcage and even though right now I may not know the reason why this happened I may not know until the baby's here when I truly believe that everything happens for a reason so I know God wanted this to happen for us and he had this plan for us I keep telling myself that it that it's such a blessing and I should be so ecstatic and I'm starting to come around to it but this is just my real feelings about it anyways of course at a panic last night I started frantically googling and searching everything that I could about being pregnant Oh being pregnant on or with an IUD and of course YouTube start typing in everything and what my doctor when I was saying earlier what my doctor back home and forgot to mention was that you should be checking the strength of your IUD after every period because sometimes your cervix will try to contract it out basically or it'll shift or move out of place you know things happen clearly um I did not know that so last night I checked and I could feel the IUD like halfway out of my cervix so of course I start panicking even more like what do i do do I pull it out do I go to the emergency room do I make a doctor's appointment for tomorrow thankfully didn't happen on a Friday so you know the doctor offices were open today but I didn't know what to do I started to freak out even more so because we're new to the area thankfully I found this um like mom group that's within this like County area so I had posted asking for OB recommendations and the women were so kind and I probably got I don't even know fifty recommendations so of course this morning I'm like calling every single recommendation trying to get into a doctor the first doctor I called he's on vacation till next week and the second doctor I called I think he couldn't see me until Tuesday which obviously wasn't going to happen because I needed to get seen immediately for anybody who doesn't know if you have an IUD you have a I think fifty percent chance that it's an ectopic pregnancy so anyways I ended up getting an appointment today with a midwife at the office of one of the doctors that was recommended she was the kindest most nurturing woman ever I had to take the baby with me because we don't have anybody to watch her which I was nervous about cuz I didn't know how she was going to be but she was an angel the whole time it's Hari guys um okay well together so we got you the appointment before she even walked in the room she's like had this surprised look on her face and she's like well you're in the 1% and yeah she was just as shocked as I was so we went through everything I just told you basically and I told her that I had felt the IUD so she checked while I was there and yet she says it's basically all the way out of you so I ended up removing the IUD I think before I told her that she was going to give me the option of either leaving it in until my next appointment just you know see how the pregnancy was progressing or remove it then which because it was basically already out she just removed it and thankfully I only had some irritation when she was removing it but so far no cramping no bleeding no spotting she said even when she was removing it there wasn't like any bleeding so I'm expecting that the pregnancy is okay I don't have any pain like I said if I wasn't ten days late and I didn't have that knowledge on the other night I would have no idea that I was pregnant because I feel completely fine or normal so anyways she went over like the general pregnancy stuff with me and they're not gonna do a vaginal ultrasound until next week she wants to wait one more week since I'm only technically like five weeks and a few days I guess so she wants to wait a little bit further to see by that point we should be able to see a fetal pool I think she said and maybe a heartbeat it's not the same thing I don't know I think that's the same thing I'm kind of in a fog right now um but I'm so thankful for her because she is the sweetest woman ever and she made me feel so calm and at ease and like this was normal my husband has seriously been like a godsend honestly he's so excited well I'm a hot mess but he knows that again everything happens for a reason we're meant to have this baby then we're meant to have this baby I genuinely am getting more excited I'm just extremely overwhelmed since we weren't planning on this and we just moved to a completely new area with not knowing anybody and it's not like every family is close our family is physically across the country so I wanted to make this video for other people who are looking for information I'm being pregnant with an IUD because I know last night I was looking for that information and I really want to track my journey with you guys because it was something that I really loved tracking with Peyton is I love seeing my progression and I really wish I would have had videos to look back on so next week is my ultrasound appointment so I will definitely be making a video on that experience and anything else that happens over the course of the next week and over the course of this practice disease so if you don't want to miss out in any crazy videos from me make sure you subscribe I upload videos every Sunday is on Thursdays but it could be more now that I'm on this roller coaster and if you don't want to miss any videos make sure that Bell button is clicked so you get the notification and give this a thumbs up if you like this video I guess I don't know I'll talk to you guys soon see you in the next one bye

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  1. I used to be a nanny for a stay at home mom with twins in the Wake Forest/Raleigh area. In my experience she was able to spend time with her kids but also focus on house work and cooking the basic stay at home responsibilities. We went to parks, had picnics, went around the Raleigh area and places so she could get out while her husband was working. I’m no longer in the area, but it was a blessing to be a nanny. You really get to love the family and the kids you’re with and you see the weight lifted off the mamas shoulders! searching for a nanny might be a blessing for you and your family! the care.com app helps with that search! praying for you and your sweet family ❤️

  2. I got pregnant 5 months post partum. I cried and cried when I found out I was so scared and nervous for what was to come. I'm now almost 19 weeks. Just found out he's a little boy and there will be 14 months between them both when he gets here December 23rd 😍 2 & done !

  3. Hey I’m a mom of 3 with 11 month old twins and we wanted to stop at 2 kids… it is completely normal for you to feel the way you do. I wasn’t excited about having twins and even now there are hard times like there always will be but you will adjust and you will figure out how to be a mom of 2 young babies. You got this mamma!

  4. My friend just told me she got pregnant with an iud a few weeks ago but didn’t want to tell me because my husband and I have been ttc for over a year. The fetus was stuck to the iud when they removed it

  5. Oh honey…. seeing you cry makes me sad!! Everything really does happen for a reason! I have 3 kids, they’re all about 2 years apart. The newborn stage is very hard, but you can get through it. ❤️

  6. It may be hard now but I really believe later down the line you’ll be happy they’re so close together. And if y’all only wanted two now you can be done. Yes you will be very very tired a little bit longer but the baby stage seems to go
    By so fast when they aren’t baby’s anymore. You can do it. Congratulations on your happy accident

  7. My kids are 12 months apart. It is scary at first but it’s not as hard as it may seem, patience will be much much needed but you’ll be able to do it

  8. I think your so incredible a d strong. My sister and I are 14 months apart and it's amazing we are so close. I'm sure your babies will be close to😘.

  9. These comments have me so scared. Our two are 21 months apart and we’re done at two. I got paragard a few months ago and now I’m thinking husband needs to go get the snip 🙃

  10. Then it can't have been in right in the first place my mum had one put in after I was born which will be 30 years ago next year and she has never got pregnant again

  11. I have 2 children and was done. My son is 3 and my daughter is only 6 months. We literally just found out i am pregnant AGAIN a couple days ago and don’t worry, I was crying too. But my husband is excited and so reassuring along with the ladies in a mom group I am in and I’m actually really excited now and so is my son. It’s going to be ok! Everything DOES happen for a reason and God wouldn’t give us these babies if he didn’t know we could handle it. For some reason I have the strangest feeling that I’m having twins 😱 I have no clue but either way I know it’ll be ok.

  12. You’ll be ok!! I have 4 kids… My boys were 22 month apart. But my girls… my daughter was 9 months old when I found out I was pregnant again. They’re 19 months apart. I was on the pill when I found out. It’s hard but they’ll be friends! They’ll also fight! Again it will be ok!

  13. My brother and i are only a year apart and he was the unplanned younger sibling. We are the best friends now and he always relies on me for advice, and my mom learns how to parent him the next year from me. Now I’m headed to college and we are all teasing him asking what he’s gonna do without me at home! I know this doesn’t address the only reason you made the video but i hope it makes you feel better about the future of your kiddos 🙂

  14. It's okay to feel worried, sad, or scared. It's nobody's place to judge!! I'm so sorry this happened girl. I think you are incredibly brave, strong and a wonderful mother. I do pray that this child will bring you so much happiness and joy one day. I hope everything works itself out. Keep us updated!

  15. I've had Paragaurd since 2016 after my son was born. I just missed my July period. My periods are every 28 days after it was put in even normal before it. I'm not sure why, but my test was negative.

  16. You are so sweet, don’t feel bad for feeling scared that’s completely understandable in your situation. But it sounds like god has blessed you with a loving husband and put that precious midwife in your life when you needed her so he’s taking care of you and everything will work out. Praying for continued peace

  17. Oh wow! That is soo crazy! Baby just have been MEANT to be! But I know that has to be hard to get pregnant so soon! I’m also living out of state from all my family 💕I know this is an older video & I’m sure your past the shock but still hugs

  18. I was in complete shock when I found out I was pregnant when I had an 8 month old also! Now that I have a 2 year old and almost 1 year old, I can honestly say, I wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s an amazing journey for sure! 💖

  19. My mom had twins (me and my brother ivf ) and then 17 months later had another (he was not planned lol, and she was told she can’t get pregnant) and she says it was all a blur but one of the best times of her life. Also, having kids close is age is awesome for the kids 🙂 you got this!!

  20. Can you do a video on why you guys moved to Nc? I’m also considering moving there and am just curious 😊

  21. I'm in north Carolina to! I got pregnant with my second on pills. My kids are 364 days apart.
    It's hard, but you've got this. ❤

  22. My youngest two are 13 months a part and it was planned. Best advice I ever received and done was teach the younger sibling to share starting now. I did that and I never had to deal with them fighting. They are almost 4 and 3 now. In all honesty it's been easy.

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