Emotional Labor and Delivery Vlog (2018) Huge Scare! Natural Water Birth To C-Section

You Okay guys, so it is happening we are Getting ready to go down to the burst Center Lisa is changing I will not say I will not show you her right now, but she is having contractions a Lot who actually goes when we get in the car. We’ll update you guys again, maybe but it’s happening I’m gonna we’re gonna have our Sun tonight So I’ll see you guys in a few minutes I’ve been having contractions for like over 24 hours now But it was just early labor. They’ve gotten more and more intense. I called the Midwife earlier this morning Around 7:30, and she said just keep waiting it out because they weren’t as consistent and I and I was able to talk through them and everything and then I don’t even know what time it is right now, but probably like an hour or so ago, they started really kicking up and they’re like really really intense and Kind of feels like I’m splitting in half now it’s crazy and I’m having to just like moan through them. That’s all I can do It’s in Like front right here and as well as my lower back where I talked to the Midwife for me because I was having a contraction when They called back. Um We never met her Christina’s coming though, right didn’t you say Christina? Who’s Christina that our midwife? Oh, yeah engine, but she said Christina’s come with her. Yeah, Christina the news Mary She’s one of the other midwives. So there’s to minimize I guess so I don’t She said Christina. Oh She said that she was the Midwife coming. Her name was Mary or something, but she sounded super nice I think you have another contraction coming on to second Almost to the birth center And Lisa is just in contraction City. She’s uh She’s pretty out of there right now, but we’ll see you guys at the birth center life Is in a stream Oshin call for you We are here at the birth center and the midwives aren’t here yet, but Lisa is oh Shoot Lisa. Oh, no, it’s okay. You’re good Lisa just threw up man. Can you get out? Lisa sitting over on the curb right now. She’s throwing she was throwing up and the Midwife still are here I’ll update you guys only get in there So we’re in Lisa’s getting her blood pressure checked we got our room here It’s it’s like the bigger room of the two that they have at this facility. We have our own bathroom We have this sick Tub right here. It’s pretty rad. This is such a cool room, and it just feels like you’re at home So I know she’s gonna love it in here Right. Now I’m gonna get all the camera stuff set up make sure you know, we can get all the best footage we can get so excited My closest friend It’s Lee Away thinking Because you Is killing it she’s uh, I Mean it’s it’s getting close and she is here and the tubs She is the strongest woman. I know she Yeah Fifi Once again Standing at your doorstep The perfect summer is over a flash It’s open for tonight not to Sandow tells me This way Day This man screams, let me carry you Red light in color What a past 30 hours Or so it’s been it’s been crazy him out in the car came out to get some stuff we’ll talk about more of what happened later on but Things didn’t go very well at the birth center and River couldn’t be born the way we wanted him to and Things weren’t going well. Lisa was in active labor for hours and hours and pushing pushing hard hard pushing for him to be born pushing for like four hours straight till finally we just had they had to Transfer us to the hospital and we Had to have him here at the hospital Lisa had to have a c-section and All sorts of stuff. I mean we were trying to go for that natural Midwife type birth and ended up having the opposite happen on like everything that we had planned. So we haven’t slept in over 30 hours and Lisa, I mean she is just The pain that she went through for those hours. I wish I could take it from her I wish I could take it upon myself I wish I could go back and just erase it from her because it just tears me up knowing that she was in that kind of pain for that long and But Everything’s okay. Now we had him we we had him we have we have our boy or son And we love him to death already Wow. I Again will we’ll get into all the details of what happened and stuff, but this video is just going to be about his birth and in just the life of our and So let’s go check out what Lisa’s doing now Of course Tells me The star twenty-nine – wrong day This mug screams, let me carry you We are James we are We are We are Yes, we are say With each other please each other We’re dear The start Anyway is where I to room I’m taking you all As my screams, let me carry you You You You

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  1. oh my Sweet daughter you are an amazing woman who takes after her amazing mother . I have not seen such strength in a woman since you were born. Brylan we are so blessed you our Son the father of our Grandson. We are both so proud of both of you. You gave us the best give any parent could ask for a Grandson. I know God will continue to bless all three of you. We love you so much. Thank you for sharing these precious moments.

  2. This made me cry… I’m so happy for you three! These moments were beyond precious… thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this incredible moment with us! God bless your family forever! 💕✝️

  3. As I watched this beautiful video, I kept thinking about how your little boy is so lucky to have such loving and faithful parents. When you sang "Jesus Loves Me," my heart was filled with joy; I used to sing the same song to my little boy. ♥ Lisa, you are amazing and so incredibly strong. Thank you for letting us share in this special moment. Brylan, the love you have for Lisa and your son is so apparent. I see it in your eyes when you talk about them and in the way you look at them. You will both be amazing parents. May God bless you all. I'm so happy for you and will continue to pray for you as you begin your life as a family of three. ♥♥♥

  4. Oh Lisa you are so strong and brave! I had tears and could hardly breathe watching you in such pain. That was really hard on me seeing you in such pain, but seeing your joy in the end with your little boy is so joyous! You have your wonderful blessing! It was so evident how much Brylan cares for you and baby River. It was such a blessing to be able to see your birth story! Thank you for sharing this with us. Xx

  5. Congratulations to all of you!! So proud of you!! Glad you are all ok!! PTL!!!!!!! Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!<3 <3

  6. OMGOSH I cried my eyes out watching Lisa go through so much pain and end up c section congrats on your beautiful baby boy may God bless your your family 🙏📿

  7. Awww such an emotional story! So glad River is here and you both are ok! Thx for showing us the real parts of labor. I’m almost 13 weeks with my rainbow babe and would like natural birth. It all is worth it in the end with that beautiful healthy baby! God bless you all!

  8. Wow, Lisa! This had me crying. You were such a trooper and so strong and brave with all you went through during labor and the birth of your baby…..so sorry.  God bless your sweet heart! I hope and pray you are having quick recovery and resting well. Brylan, you are a supportive and loving husband and were with her all the way. You both are going to be amazing parents! Your little one is beautiful and just so precious! I can tell you guys love him so much! I'm so thankful all is okay now. Congratulations! Love and blessings to all 💙👶🍼

  9. What a blessing. Beautiful boy. Congratulations you guys. I'm sorry the birth did not go as planned, but you and the baby are happy and healthy, and that's what really matters. : )

  10. Congratulations! Lisa you were amazing! In active labor for so many hours… I’m not good with pain, I have yet to experience birth pains but you did incredible. Brylan you were such an amazing support for her. God is great, again congratulations on your little Angel River. ❤️

  11. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful vlog! Lisa was amazing! You labored at home and were already 7 centimeters before you even went to the birth center. You are a trooper! Having 4 boys myself, I know that as soon as you hold your precious gift from God in your arms, the pain fades away and love and joy rush in. Blessings to you both and to River!

  12. Congratulations Lisa and Brylan! River is so precious… I'm praising God for your miracle baby. Thanks for sharing such an intimate part of your lives – truly a blessing. <3

  13. Congratulations!! He is gorgeous 😍. And yesss that's my birthday 🎉. Liza I have a very similar labor, no matter how much I pushed, I ended with a c-section, it's okay. Your next child could be another c-section, it's okay. God bless you all. 😉

  14. I was in tears seeing River on your chest Lisa – just so sweet! What a blessing. Glad momma and baby are OK.

  15. What a beautiful family, children are so wonderful. Such a gift from are God I have been blessed with four children. You and your husband will be wonderful parents. ❤️

  16. So beautiful I cried, Liza was great I had three children and I know how hard it is. Brylan was also a great help thank you for sharing

  17. He is absolutely gorgeous. So peaceful. What an amazing story and great job, Lisa! Thanks for taking us through your story. You all are so wonderful to watch. Blessings and congratulations on your new son.

  18. Congratulations to you both !! He is so adorable !! So sorry what you went through. You are strong !! Beautiful Video ❤️

  19. This made me cry, because of the beauty. I see Brylan's care for you Lisa, how he said you are the strongest women he knows as he watched you in pain to deliver and how you see his care for you in wanting to take your pain. I see beauty when I see the love in your face as you hold your baby, singing about the love of Jesus. I was so excited for you both and to finally see River, and he is so precious. I'm sorry that the delivery did not turn out as expected, but I know the Lord has His plans for every detail of your life. So thankful that River is healthy and you are not in that pain anymore. Thank You God for this gift, thank You for what you are doing and have done in Brylan and Lisa's hearts, and thank you for River. May you knit this family together even more as River grows up and may they all grow in their love for You and knowledge of Your great love for them. Amen.

  20. God is so good! Rejoicing with you guys! He is absolutely beautiful a gift from God. Praying for you guys and baby Bryan.

  21. You singing Jesus Loves Me to your brand new baby brought instant tears to my eyes. Such a sweet moment, nothing can take that special time away, even the fact that the birth didn't go as planned. My first baby was the same way, I dilated to a 10 and pushed for hours. My daughter ended up being at an angle that wasn't conducive to a vaginal birth and stubborn girl wouldn't move. I was also very sick with preeclampsia and my baby's heart started decelerating. So the csection came when I was beyond done, exhausted and felt like I was dying. I think the worst part of the c section was that I went through 12 hours of very hard, induced labor before I was given a spinal tap for the surgery. I had wanted a natural delivery, but if I had to be numbed in the end anyway it kind of sucked to go through all that pain and still end up with a spinal and csection. The beauty of it all is that I was able to have a vbac for my next 3 children, including a beautiful home birth. So my first child showed me we aren't really in control of much when it comes to these crazy, fun, life changes, but it's all a beautiful ride and sometimes it turns out exactly as we planned and most times it turns out exactly as it should and we are so blessed. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy. Gods many blessings showered n him and you both. Thank you for sharing your son's birth with us.

  22. First off…congratulations! Your baby boy is so precious!
    Secondly, what an amazing video! My wife and I had a mix of emotions watching your vlog. From laughing (and totally relating) at your husbands nervousness…to tearing up when finally seeing you with your baby after everything you’ve been through. We know exactly how amazing the experience is, bringing a new human into the world, and we just want to say God bless and wish you and your family the best in this next journey of yours !

  23. Very beautiful video of your son's birth thanks for sharing and many blessings to you all. Honestly Lisa and Brylan you did a wonderful job!!

  24. I am a blubbering mess, Lol. He Is PERFECT !! What a beautiful thing to experience….. bringing a life into this "crazy" world we live In. You two are going to be such Awesome parents for he Is blessed. Oh and River…..remember this….God danced the day you were born ! God's Blessings to all of you. XoXoXo

  25. Not crying over here….🙄💖 Congratulations guys – what a cutie he is! Sorry things didn't go like you had planned, but Lisa you are amazing!! 💖 You are both going to make the most wonderful godly parents. XX

  26. He's beautiful & childbirth is the pain easiest to forget. Otherwise there would be less babies born. But oh, so worth it.
    He looks like a nicely filled out little boy.
    Enjoy every second, they fly by fast.
    God has given you one of his most precious gifts.

  27. Bryan saying he wishes he could take all your pain away..i cried. I see a reflection of Jesus in y’all. Congratulations on y’all’s beautiful baby boy💙

  28. i cried as soon as i first heard you contracting and then couldnt stop the rest of the video. LIsa I am so proud of you!! you did SUCH a good job. Bry, what a wonderful supportive husband you are! Such a a great team y'all are <3 Perfect crying and praise session with my coffee this Sunday morning 🙂 River is so adorable. The way he was looking at you mama <3 im sure all of those painful hours melted away the moment you saw him. God bless your sweet little family!!!

  29. Gosh friend, I felt so bad for you during those contractions. I know we have to go through it but I felt for you. Childbirth is such an amazing thing! Sorry it didn’t go as planned. He is so precious! Loved hearing you guys sing “Jesus loves you” God bless you all! ❤️

  30. …..And then there were three…. Congratulations Riggs family! Birthing a baby is a BIG job…it was done beautifully. ❤

  31. Wow I cry hearing your husband talk about he wish he could take all the pain from you!!! Congrats .. I’m due in 3 weeks I can’t wait to see my baby girl

  32. Congrats!
    What sweet boy!
    I just gave birth to my baby boy on Aug 11. Watching your vlog made me feel like I was there as I know how intense it feels. So proud of how far you went so many hours of pain you were strong!! God is good Your baby is healthy and here!!

  33. I am 12 weeks pregnant and my husband and I have been seeing the midwife at the birth clinic. We really want that natural birth but you know what? It's okay when plans change. The important thing is getting that beautiful baby into the world safely and keeping the mother safe as well. Poor Lisa was so exhausted, you could tell. This was God's plan and he was in control the whole time and kept Lisa and the baby safe. Praise be to the Lord for blessing you all and your family! God is good!

  34. We have a very similar labor story. I was trying for a natural birth and pushed for 4 hours and she was also turned sideways, so I had to have a c section as well. Congratulations mama!! He’s beautiful! ❤️

  35. Congratulations! He looks so sweet and I love the name! My first ended in c-section as well and I have had 3 more c-section births (and 2 vbacs). I know how tough they can be. Take care of yourself during your recovery. I know it is easy to push yourself too hard when you start feeling a lot better, but it really takes at least 8 weeks (or sometimes longer) for your body to heal. Enjoy that sweet baby and God bless!

  36. Lisa you were amazing!! Brylan, I got choked up with tears at the end when you were talking about Lisa. What a team and now parents you guys make! So sorry things didn’t go as planned, but in the end, you have a beautiful baby boy! Congrats!

  37. Huge congratulations to you both on the arrival of River , such a beautiful but tough time you had and praying for good healing for you Lisa. Thank you for sharing such a special time.

  38. As I was watching this, my daughter said "Why are you crying? You don't even know them." She is right. I don't know you but have been where you are. I know the sadness of miscarriage and pain of c- sections. I have prayed for you that this wonderful day would come for you and your husband. Then, when you sang Jesus Loves Me, I thought how blessed this little boy will be to have such Godly parents. River is beautiful. Congratulations!!!!!

  39. Oh wow… Thank you for sharing these precious moments. Tears were just falling down… Lisa, you are amazing and the strength God was giving you was beautiful to see at the same time. Wow, God is good. What a sweet baby and I am so glad everything worked out for your greater good… Praise the Lord! Jesus loves me is what I always sing to my daughter, she is 4 now and sings it to me <3

  40. I went right along with you watching this. Lisa you are a trooper! Congratulations! Even though I e said it before. River is adorable! Thank you for sharing this with us. I am living vicariously through you guys.

  41. So beautiful! Congratulations! He is a blessed boy to have you two as parents. Makes me miss my littles who are all grown up now.

  42. Bless your heart. I puked during labor too. But you're doing better than me at 6-7 cm because at that point my body was pushing him out and I couldn't stop it, and I was screaming in pain, felt like my bones were breaking, and I had to turn down my epidural because it all happened so fast… Labor is suprising like that! But I'm glad that you and baby are ok. That's all that matters in the end! Congrats! He's perfect!

  43. Oh congratulations on your sweet new blessing! Im sorry it did go as planned but happy your both healthy and home now! I cried, it brought back all those sweet memories of having my boys

  44. I am sorry you didn’t get the birth you wanted. I think God uses situation like this to remind us he is in control and it is not up to us. Praise God for your healthy baby.

  45. Congratulations!!! That first cry is the most beautiful sound! I'm pregnant with our 3rd son and super emotional so I'm over here bawling lol. Great and terrific effort Mama, you're insanely strong!!!

  46. Congratulations and blessings to you all!! I just want to let you know that I am the Mama of 9, my first was a C-section and the following 8 were v-backs

  47. I’ve been out of town so I was just able to catch up with your videos…I cried all the way through this…actually sobbed lol. What a precious baby boy and what an an amazing journey. Your story glorifies the Lord and we are praising Him and celebrating with you! Much love and and congratulations!

  48. Amazing job Lisa! You are so strong and I'm so happy that all turned out well for you and your beautiful family <3

  49. It’s so amazing that no matter what we plan God has a different plan for our lives. This is one of the most beautiful labor vlogs I’ve ever seen! Baby River is absolutely beautiful, so happy for y’all 💕

  50. Lisa and fam, I am so happy to know such a strong woman! You amaze me and thank you thank you thank you for showing the part where you threw up. I know that sounds crazy, but it was so real and shows the not so pretty side of being in labor. I am so grateful you are doing well and I really appreciate this so much. Congratulations on bringing your little man home safe!!!!

  51. So beautiful. I cried! This is the most authentic birth vlog I've ever seen. Thank you for sharing. ❤️

    Congratulations! Lisa, you did such an amazing job!

  52. How long were you awake hun? It sounds like maybe you were up a few days and the uterus was exhausted? Xoxo he's beautiful

  53. Congratulations Lisa & Brylan! Welcome to this Beautiful world baby River. I've followed your Mama and Daddy's vlogs for months now. The Lord sure picked amazing parents for you. They are such a great example of love, and will love you so so much. I can hardly wait to watch you grow. You are so perfect. May the Lord protect you always. Lisa…you took labor like a champ. Brylan took such great care of you.

  54. This is so similar to the birth of my eldest and middle sons. Prayers for full recovery. It’s so much toil and pain and it results in such overwhelming beauty and grace. Congratulations on your little man and God bless y’all!

  55. Omg this was so beautifully captured!! Im in tears. I've seen many labor and delivery vlogs and this was definitely one of the best! Well done 💛

  56. I’m rewatching this again because four months ago I had almost the EXACT SAME birth experience. I went into labor around 5:50am. I woke up to my water breaking in bed. We waited until around 10am and then drove the 45 minutes to the birth center. I spent the next 15 hours at the birth center sitting in the tub before having to emergently transfer to the hospital for a c section. My son had the cord wrapped around his forehead and was trying to come out chin first. I had pushed for 3 hours with no progress before we discovered this. My son was born at 2:41am by c section the next night after my labor started and I have no regrets. It was the hardest day of my life but I’ve never felt more accomplished.

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