Emotional Labor & Deliver Vlog 5-1-19 Samiah Born 5-2-19 at 2:37am #naturalbirth #laboranddelivery

yes to 46 in the morning is May 1st 2019 and I think I'm in labor now because the contractions are gonna closer together and they're harder and tighter and I just cannot take it so I think I'm with my mama mm-hmm to take me to the party because I just can't take it I really can't I've been time under contractions and they're not that far apart so you see what happens sup y'all so it's 5:30 – I tried to go to sleep with the contractions could it really do that it was interrupting me and it was getting worse so right now I just got done having a contraction and who's he saying no joke I'm ready to go I just lost someone my mucus plug it was disgusting I seen it ill but yes come on way to the hospital soon I got everything packed for this little girl and for myself and yeah I'm so ready to have this little girl oh I just don't like the contraction it hurts so bad she dropped a lot so guys we're trying to see her son in coffee before we go to hospital yeah let me know let me have the poor Mexican sausage who I would have had a say to file on the left here didn't feel good and selfish looking crazy this morning these contractions ain't no joke at all mom oh my gosh no my whole mucus plug just came out when I went to give them a piece Apple we're so disgusting and then I'm dressed yes but I think it's time because the whole mucus plug came out this is so crazy but my mom is crazy we both don't look that good this morning so it means I look like a marshmallow pictures/video look at my mom crazy look let me tell y'all what she did okay she gonna go what look she's gonna go get her some food and I'm the one done gonna food I only got a popsicle and where is my popsicle is buying that bad guy yeah guys something for his girl to come out okay those contractions are no joke sup hainan you see this goes so guys uh update y'all I had to leave the hospital because I was only two seniors which is good because I was never dilated at all mucus plug came out as I was saying earlier I'm counting oh he's hurt but earlier they said I was two centimeters dilated 50% effaced which is good so she sent me whom and she said most like I'm coming back today and I lost my mucus plug so you know just like we did however because they're worse right now they're really really really really bad and they're getting close together so I'm just so ready to have her go back to the hospital just get it over with cuz this is the pain I don't wish on nobody okay women are strong okay I don't see how we are doing it but we're doing we can't escape the pain but yeah my sister just landed she came back from Vegas and yeah that ought to support a meet and I'm trying to record the birth hopefully everything goes well smooth there I'm thinking about the epidural or something cuz man just pain is killing me like bad I look a mess but it's all good hey guys so I'm doing pretty good I know it's late but what time is it guys I'm 46 sure the she's not here but I feel her here but come out breathing oh when I called you I didn't get a chance to record much because my stuff was in my mom card and so that's why this vlog is gonna be short but we are going to try to get my delivery [Laughter] are you delivered No baby [Applause] oh man I'm so stressed out hi [Laughter] is it coming out okay just okay Bobby it's okay don't be like nothing you

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  1. Good going you did good. Pretty baby. Looks like she will be surrounded by nice people. How much did she weigh?

  2. Tell your sister SMH she made me cry LOL! I'm about to have another baby 😂 and I can't stand this process that's how you know his evolutionary and biological LOL because there's no reason I should be wanting to have a baby right now after seeing the pain you went through yet strength and bravery you showcased go ahead on girl! Hope that man come to his senses but in the meantime she's got a wonderful mother grandmother Auntie all that

  3. EXACTLLLYYYYY I KNEW THEY WERE GONNA DO YOU LIKE THAT HAVE YOU WAIT AND THAT CAN DAMAGE your clitoris bladder or the little bit of prettiness are vaginas had left they had me wait as well and the doctor ran in and I had already been pushing LOL you like come on come on girl if you do have another baby just push you do you you're in the hospital you'll be good LOL! Taking that long and her head right there I respect you doing this video

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