Emotional Reborn Baby Adoption @ Doll Show!

they really gonna run in on a day-to that'll be a first time on a day-to-day run in Murray day it's your daughter doing the running now this is embarrassing we told her no running we're not crazy no I'm just kidding she always finds me and gives me hugs I love it she is I'm about to take her home she's amazing what's up oh you got your Hello Kitty it's a perfect match oh my god we have to do a photo so day to molly's grouping in the corner if anybody pays attention that's gonna frighten them expensive perfect setup Hey Oh pretty sure pages sisters here oh my gosh pages no that's fine let them sleep let him sleep at this day – just a cute back there hi cutie hi cutie there's Taylor and Liz Michelle got Morita over there hi well welcome to see me how are you look at you adopting babies that's so cute Trinity you weren't here yesterday huh yeah well you know I didn't see you yesterday though did I see you it's not hurt I don't even have this thank you like that guess what but a voice outfit on me that you said before makes a beautiful boy they're always things see and I put them in girl's clothes because green salad everyone's gross I want boys you know that so Jackie's like no sorry you have to put it in girl's clothes because people want girls clothing are you a few feet in my channel you will say hi do you have a youtube channel okay well alright well now you can see yourself on YouTube and you can say hi to the world so exciting this is their first time holding a reborn she came here just to well I'm not gonna state to meet me but did you come here to eat sweetly yes oh yeah she came here to meet me that was her bucket list item and get a baby well and her first time holding a reborn that baby let me tell you what that baby okay so we're gonna change this one and Susa for clothes so I found they threw this at me look at that blue I have actually never done this Anna doll show yo I'm sorry oh no I think it's awesome because you know all the dolls are doing neutral you've been following for a long time look at you this I've never seen this doll in blue and I already tell you it looks beautiful oh my gosh no what I'm gonna do I'm gonna buy this outfit for you okay my gift to you I'm gonna buy this is like from her over there she has really nice clothes I'm gonna buy it for your baby face you're happy why you want to hold your son I mean if you're buying your son that's leaking that show hurt yeah be like we're done here five minutes Emily congratulations no you're welcome you guys there Bob I'm sorry girls maybe for Christmas you just have to get a picture and save them be like I want that baby oh he's June found a home that's awesome that would be so cool at both your houses exactly two dolls hey your house big one's mine do you have it all by me we can't talk anymore okay clear your name with YouTube click no Calvin a trip for you just kidding guys Paige actually waited until I was really good to get one and she got an amazing baby homepage and it's gonna be on her YouTube channel because I'm gonna force her into YouTube what is um oh the whole outfit I got in this we got it no we got it go now this is what are you doing to your kid and you just pulled it out of the stroller looking like with it oh Jesus bacon if you put money on that Oh God

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  1. Huge congrats to the new mommy! Harry is a wonderful name. He makes a handsome lil guy. So nice that she got to come meet you in person too.

  2. Very sweet and heart warming video…you're on my bucket list it meet and I know I would be very emotional. I'm getting to the point where I should be able to buy one of your babies soon!1💗

  3. Stephanie you are the sweetest person ever!!! This is the most precious and I'm so happy for the new mommy she got a beautiful baby. You are amazing ❣️😍

  4. That was so kind of you to give the girl her first baby. Just to see her smile was sweeter than sugar. You are a good woman Stephanie! Keep up the great work.

  5. That baby looked sooo gorgeous in blue – total boy. I did not catch his new name though. That was so sweet and exciting to whiteness actual sale of a baby doll.

  6. You are so good at speaking to all different ages of people. Good for you Steph, you should be so proud of yourself.🥰💙🥰 p.s. way to go for Lucenda the camerawomen and colour commentator.💕💕

  7. Awww! You just made her day! How happy she was! You are the best Stephanie! This is why we need to keep building this community! I cried when I got my Vivienne(Sandy Faber). I went to Rose 2019 just for her, and I was told that there were people in line at 5:30 am to get her. I was devastated! I got there at 6:30. When the doors opened..I went to the table, and there she was sitting. I balled like a baby. lol! I've been wanting her since Rose 2018. I got my dream baby. Guess it was meant to be! <3

  8. You’re the best
    congratulations in selling that baby
    You made that woman so happy
    Loved video

  9. Harry is adorable…I bet you made her day for giving her her first baby gift 🎄🤶🎅🎄🦋🦋

  10. Congratulations to the new mommy. It was so nice of you to give her a baby. I would love to go to the Rose doll show. Never been. I've gone to our local doll show. Not as good as the Roae. You've made her day. Thank you. Isolated enjoy your videos.

  11. I love you so much Steph. I adopted Jackie's Lucy. I call her Meredith now. She's amazing and I want to adopt one of yours one day too. I really want to come meet you and Jackie in Fresno in a couple years. I'd even bring Meredith back hehe. I hope I get to come to your show, and your vids are awesome. Can I send you a package?

  12. Stephanie and Jackie you are amazing as always!!! 🙂 Thank you for putting up the Hello Kitty I gave you.:)

  13. Where do you have prices of your dolls listed?
    Such as like the little boy that got adopted… so I can get an idea of how much I need to save

  14. OMGS Stephanie, U R THE BEST! Have me in tears here. Buying her that outfit was the SWEETEST THING!!!!!! Love You Sweet Angel ❤

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