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  1. Why is phosphorous reabsorbed from the intestines as well as calcium if they have an inverse relationship (phosphate binds to calcium) and the goal is to increase serum calcium levels? Or does it absorb selectively based on the body's needs?

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  3. YOU ARE AN ANGEL. Thank you so much for the superb videos you have!!! Please don't delete any of them. They are life-saving! πŸ™‚

  4. I'm confused about the action of Calcitriol and the bones. You said it would increase bone reabsorbtion but the corrected yourself to say resorption. So I assume what you are saying is that Vitamin D actually demineralized our bones to supply circulating Ca2+ and PO4- ? I always thought VitD increased the absorption of calcium into the bone for bone building.

  5. wouldn't calcitriol cause bone breakdown to release calcium into the bloodstream and not reabsorption, which would suck more calcium out?

  6. These videos are great! Do you happen to have any videos on the adrenal cortex? where you talk about Aldosterone and Cortisol, etc?

  7. Big fan of your videos, I'm always waiting for the next one. At this video, on the calcitriol effects explanation, wouldn't be bone resorbption the correct expresion instead of reabsorption?

  8. Recently took a renal exam not too long ago. This is a great visual summarization of part of the RAAS pathway. Great art work as well. Thanks!

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