[ENG] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP03 (Full)

Was your heart broken? Your husband stole Chae-yeon from me. You want to stop their marriage, right? I forbid it. It’s three weeks until they get married. We don’t have much time. Seduce Lee Kang-joon with powerful physical affection. I’ll try. Because I’m really pretty. Ma’am! I’m Sara… Jeez. I want to be his wife again. When I looked into his eyes, I knew. Sara. What kind of person are you? That I still love my husband. What! Can I see you once more? Yes! Great! “To dream about a sweet
and noble friendship.” I’m reminded of that old essay. It’s a fantasy tale about longing
for someone who lives nearby. Someone you long to see? Are you saying… that with me in mind? Yes. I wanted to see you. Honey… Having Chae-yeon here makes our house brighter. Right, Dear? Chae-yeon. When you get married, the two of us should
eat out, see movies and go shopping. There are so many
things I want to do with you. Me too, Mother. It’s my dreams to walk
in arms with my in-laws. Really? Mother. Are you coming on too strong? Someone might think you’re
the one marrying Chae-yeon. Kang-joon went for a walk.
Why isn’t he here yet? Chae-yeon is here too. Call him. I’m back. Kang-joon, come on in. Chae-yeon is here. Gyo Cha-yeon saw me but will ignore it? Why were you together? Were you cheating on me?
She should argue. Why ignore? Chae-yeon… is one step above you. Tada. It’s our wedding rings. They were ready one day earlier
than expected, so I rushed over. I wanted to see you again, Kang-joon. Men hate nagging women. Chae-yeon… knows that. Then what will Chae-yeon do? She’s rather capture Lee Kang-joon’s heart. With charm. Give me your hand. Honey. Honey? It sounds so natural. Honey? Try it, too. I have charm too! Is this charm? This is violence. Doctor. This won’t do. Lend me more money. On our date tomorrow, I have to dress
prettier than Gyo Chae-yeon. [Certificate of Liability] HBS founding party dress rental, $500. Workout clothes, $135. Gym membership, $350. Delirium and appetite
suppressing medication, $1,200. Skin care products, cellulite massage
cream and makeup tools, $1,300. Stocking, undergarments and lingerie, $270. Let’s just say we cancel the $100K charity
donation through a refund process. But the total amount you’ve
spent in five days is $3,620. You have to pay it all back to me. You know that’s not all, right? Plastic surgery costs is incredible and
$8,000 worth of liposuction. $1,800 for rent on this place. According to the contract clause 38, you know there’s 1% interest per day
on the money you borrowed. Shall I continue? No. It’s my wedding ring. Give me a lot of money for it. Let me see. You said you’d never
give up your wedding ring. When I marry him again,
I’ll come back for it. Just a minute. So you’re giving up your
wedding ring to buy an outfit? Will that be enough? Then what? What else do I need? One night stand? It’s an extreme strategy, right? Up till now, our goal was creating a scandal. But the goal has changed
to you marrying Lee Kang-joon. That’s the only thing that
can get rid of Chae-yeon. Yes! Awesome! It’s sleeping with my husband. I love it! You love it? Of course. It’s been over seven years
since I slept with him. I’ve abstained for so long,
I think I’ll produce sarira. I want to sleep with my husband. Right now! Sara! What if someone hears you? Who care? He and I are married. Even still… A man and woman… Getting together… Say that in the broad day
light without blushing… Saying that you want it so much. You’re embarrassed, huh? Alright, alright. Since you’re a bachelor. Doctor. What do I need
for a one night stand? Forget it. What would a bachelor know? A married woman knows better. I’m so happy. One. Two. Three. Kama sutra’s… seductive camel pose. Now. The sexy garland pose. Kama sutra’s cat pose. Meow. Meow. Doctor. Are you hot? Who… says I’m hot? Why is the chicken so spicy? What did you put it here? That’s strange. It’s not spicy. Doctor. If you’ve eaten enough,
can you come help me? I need help to do stretch properly. That’s… Kamasutra. Why would I do it? I don’t want to. Oh my, why not? You were so strict when
you made me exercise. Doctor. By chance…
are you having dirty thoughts? What pose? Go ahead. Doctor. Pull more. Doctor. Pull closer. More… That’s right. Ow, Doctor. Why did you let go so suddenly? Oh, my back. Oh my back. Doctor! Am I… excited over that woman? I saw tons of fat coming out of her body. I touched the fatty lumps of her body. That woman is fake. Fake. I’m a genius. How can instinct take
over the fake perception? No way. No way. It’s because I’ve been deprived. I’ve been deprived so long,
so I’m being possessed. Being taken in by famine body visual effect,
that’s for normal people. It’s not for a genius like me! Doctor. What are you doing? Come out and help me with poses. Doctor. Meow. Meow. Meow. Mother. Kyung-joo. Oh my. To Shim Yeo-ok. Mother. I’m Geum-ran’s friend. Even if Geum-ran is not around,
take care of your health. Geum-ran’s friend? Who could it be? I wonder. It looks like packed lunch. I’m sorry making your suffer. Mom… When I marry him again, I’ll come see you. Wait a bit, Mom. You’ve practiced Kamasutra to
the point of nosebleed. Enough. Good. On your date tomorrow,
just smile at this angle. Is that all? If I do this, I can sleep with my husband? I’ll take care of the rest. As you wish,
I’ll let you sleep with your husband. I’m so happy! You have a beautiful smile. Thank… you. But Kang-joon. Are you hot? You’re sweating a bit. I guess so. Why am I the only one hot? If you’d excuse me, I’ll take my jacket off. When are we going to the hotel room? Where is the doctor? Hello. Our restaurant… has an event every season. We select the best couple
and give them a gift. You’re the most perfect couple…
for our restaurant. Since the lady is beautiful, I get lucky, too. Thank you. There’s one more thing. It’s kiss time. What? Kiss? Kiss! Kiss! She’s dying of happiness. Are you that happy? Honey… It’s been so long! CEO. They… checked into the hotel on
the 9th floor of this building! Success? Good work, everyone! CEO Tae-hee. Aren’t you coming back to work? Why take off three months for a break? You’re not even going abroad. I know. You’re totally like Robin Hood. Our consulting company, God of Restaurant, is getting tons of inquires about
stocks and collaborations. But we need you to be here to discuss. Come to work, CEO. Alright. My popularity. I’ll come to work soon. Relax and play until I get back, okay? Yes, sir. Honey… I came round
and round to end up here. But it’s okay. If, by doing so, we become a
married couple again, it’s fine. Sara. Yes? Yes… What’s wrong? I’m sorry. Let’s stop here. Is it because I cried? I ruined the mood, right? I want to save you. Save me? Why? It’ll be wasted. Don’t save me. When I brought you to this hotel room,
I thought it’d be a one night stand. But when I saw your sincerity,
I’ve changed my mind. Think it over one more day. And if we still feel the same,
let’s meet again tomorrow. Then I, like you…, will be sincere. You just came back? Nothing happened? We put so much energy
boosting things in his food. Does Lee Kang-joon have
some problem physically? No. He wants to think it over
one more day and be sincere. When he saw you crying, he thought
you’d become tiresome. He stopped because he was alarmed. Sincerity, yeah right. If he wanted to fool around, he wouldn’t
have promised a meeting tomorrow. He was true about being sincere. He’s putting up a show. He wants to feel it out
before fooling around. He’s comparing you and Chae-yeon. Lee Kang-joon, that jerk,
is making an art of having an affair. He’s the master artist in affairs. Are you disappointed? I just need to wait one more day. Sara. Don’t you think
Lee Kang-joon is a bad guy? He’s a cheater. He dumped you. Now he’s cheating on Chae-yeon too. My husband is just a romantic. You want to be in love too.
With Gyo Chae-yeon. So Lee Kang-joon is not bad? How can a person be so blinded? It’s to the point of being dumb! I vowed to love in rain or snow,
in happiness or sorrow. I’m not being dumb. It’s a marriage vow. You don’t get it because you’re a bachelor. If you’re that sure, fine. I hope that certainty lasts forever! Kang-joon. Try winning once in a while. Someone might think
you’re losing on purpose. What are you saying? I tried with all my might. Are you killing me twice? Let’s go. How’s HBS’s union situation? Don’t worry about HBS. Just keep control over
Winner Group headquarters. About the union issue, I’ll take care of
it before the shareholder’s meeting. I’ll make sure it doesn’t negatively impact on you becoming the CEO,
Director of Strategic Planning. To be called the Director of Strategic Planning, the strategies and
planning have to be good. What kind of Director of
Strategy can’t stop a union? That’s useless. Right, Kang-joon? The union… I’ll wait for the call that…
it has been dispersed. I’ll give you two hours. Yes, sir. Our next match is this Friday. Try winning that day. Yes, Director. Call me ‘hyung’ (older brother). Bye. Here! Fiery red. In evolutionary psychology, the color red is known to increase
a man’s urge to procreate. That’s why women wear red lipstick. If you put this lipstick on, Lee Kang-joon
will just want to… kiss you. What do you think, Doctor? Does it make you to kiss? You obscene devil! A genius is rational. They aren’t controlled by instinct. Sara! What? I’m not pretty? You’re pretty! Why are you getting mad then? Because… I’m frustrated
that we might be late. Hurry up. Yes, Doctor. Next… is blush… You can’t? I wanted to choose the wedding
reception menu together. You had no other plans besides rowing. Something came up. Then I’ll see you afterwards. It could be delayed. Let’s postpone it. A few days ago… I saw you with Sara. I’m reminded of that scene right now. Am I being overly sensitive? Or being sharp? [Gyo Chae-yeon] Gyo Chae-yeon is calling. It’s Gyo Chae-yeon. Can we meet briefly? Sara! Sara! You’re meeting Chae-yeon. Are you going to a war? Are you going hunting? Why are you acting so scary? When I meet Gyo Chae-yeon,
I won’t leave her alone. What will you do then? You dare touch Chae-yeon. I’ll follow you… Just wait.
Stay! I’m busy. Who is it? Ji-hoon? Sara! Yes, Ji-hoon. Tae-hee. I have a problem. Mice. I have mice at my house! Alright.
Just wait. I’ll be right there. How’s my acting, Ms. Kim? Great! I almost fell for it too, Doctor. If not for this method, I can’t get all
my family in one place together. This time, I’ll call Chae-yeon. I’m going to glare at her. Do you… ever look in the mirror? If she comes at me, I’ll pull her down.
I’ll twist her arm and throw her. If she still comes at me,
I’ll wheel her over and choke her. Drop her body, bend her arm… There was a woman named Sa Geum-ran. Sa Geum-ran? What about Sa Geum-ran suddenly? No… Who is Sa Geum-ran? She’s Kang-joon’s ex-wife. She committed suicide. Her funeral was held without a body.
It ended badly. Because of me, Kang-joon dumped his
devoted wife who took care of his family. We’re not an ordinary couple. What are you, Sara? Someone he flirts with? A one-night stand? You’re nothing, right? It’s obvious how it’ll end. It’s a text from Kang-joon. He’s cancelling your date. So you don’t need to check the text. Then, bye. Yes, Ji-hoon. Oh, I was meeting someone. Tae-hee is coming? Of course, Kang-joon should come too. Ji-hoon! Ji-hoon!
Where’s the mouse? I’ll catch it for you. Chae-yeon. Tae-hee. You’re too much. You disappeared for three months. Kang-joon. This is Tae-hee. Han Tae-hee. We grew up together in our house. I heard a lot about you. You’re like a family to her. You’ve heard of the
God of Restaurant, right? The restaurant consulting company? It’s Tae-hee’s company. He gathered a few people
and formed a company. It became the top within a year. He’s got skills. Tae-hee. Wow. Finally we’re all here. Future brother-in-law. This brother likes to be mysterious.
It’s hard to see his face. I tricked him into coming. I’m Lee Kang-joon. I’m Han Tae-hee. How should I call you? Whatever you want. I heard it’s your remarriage? Ah, yes… Since you’re not biologically related,
instead of brother-in-law, I’ll call you Tae-hee. Then, I’ll call you Kang-joon. Right, Kang-joon? Yes, Tae-hee. Kang-joon. Help me open the wine bottle. Tae-hee, this is heavy. Help me. It’s a joke. A joke. I was a foster child so I didn’t get to
play pranks when I was growing up. So I play a joke whenever I can. I see. Ji-hoon. Chae-yeon. I have a prior engagement. See you next time. Kang-joon. See you next time. Yes. Tae-hee. Tae-hee! Where are you? Where are you? I called you like a hundred times. Where are you? – Lee Kang-joon is bad!
– Gyo Chae-yeon is bad! Lee Kang-joon, that jerk…
even went to a hotel with you. But today, to meet his brother-in-law,
he showed up at Chae-yeon’s brother’s house. Two-timer. If he’s not a jerk, what is he? Gyo Chae-yeon disregarded me for
having a funeral without a body. She bragged that he
dumped his wife to choose her. You don’t need to insult Chae-yeon. Lee Kang-joon is the problem. Gyo Chae-yeon, that woman is the problem. Are you picking up a fight? Do you think I can’t? How dare you glare…? Lower your eyes! We shouldn’t be doing this now. That’s what I’m saying. At times like this, we have to unite. Of course. Let’s revive the dead date. Even a dying ember can
burn down a house if rekindled. In the game of Go-Stop,
you can win it all even if you’re losing. Let’s overturn the last card. Thrust yourself onto Lee Kang-joon. We live really close.
So just throw yourself at him. In the night, seductively. With a plan, come on to him. I can do it well. I noticed today,
I’m prettier than Gyo Chae-yeon. Of course. Beauty, a genius, and broken hearts. We can do it. We can do it! They’re dead. Where is it, Sara? Where’s the mouse? Seeing the way you dressed, I have to ask. Was there really a mouse? No. I wanted to see you. So, I made it up. You dressed like this
on purpose to show me? Do you want to go see the ocean? Now? Then… There’s a place that means special to me. Can we go there? Don’t worry about the mouse. It’s already caught. You’re the mouse in the trap.
Lee Kang-joon. We came here for our honeymoon. Do you remember, Honey? He turned off his phone? Kang-joon. This is a famous scenic route. The road is steep and the cliffs are high. It has a superb view. I’ll go a little faster along the coast. Sara. What the heck? Hey! We’re short on help for the volunteers work. Why isn’t your mother here! Mother. Father wants you to come. You can’t play, Mother. I’m going to meet my grade
school friends after a long time. I can’t cancel. After a long time? You always meet them because
you have a crush of Mr. Park. Dear. I couldn’t answer the phone
because I was constipated. Hurry up and come! Are you alright? Yes. You said you had memories
here with your first love. I wanted to show you a nice scenic route. It’s too bad. Was it a big accident? Yes. Was it a serious accident? I guess it was really bad. Can I give you a tip? Don’t try to avoid the moment
you got into the accident. Rather fact it directly. Face it… directly? When you recall the scene
of your accident, don’t avoid it. Then, you will see the things you didn’t. Once you see the whole situation,
your trauma will vanish. Knowing everything
gives a sense of stability. Face the accident… directly. Of all the women I’ve seen,
you’re most beautiful. Sara. Are you alright? I think you have a slight fever. I’ll bring some medicine. Geum-ran gave up on the challenge…
and committed suicide. There was a woman named Sa Geum-ran. She was Kang-joon’s ex-wife. She committed suicide. Her funeral was held without a body.
It ended badly. Suicide? Why was it suicide? It wasn’t an accident? Grandmother! Move your car. Where you do think you’re parking? Where is this? It’s the house of Winner Group’s President. Move your car before my superiors come.
Come on, Grandmother. Good morning, Madam. Don’t make such a big deal. I’m afraid to come home. Madam. It’s his first day at work. Don’t be nervous. It means nothing to get on my bad side. I don’t want to live long.
I’m going to be here a little longer. So you can think of me lightly. There you go again, Grandmother. Please stop talking about dying. I’m telling you, you can’t
die without my permission. Okay? My grandson is
scarier than the grim reaper. Let’s go in. Yes. It’s cold. I’ll go with you next time, Grandmother. Welcome home, Mother. Did you feed Mong-shil in the yard? I fed him this morning, Mother. Feed him more. The dog looks sickly. Sara. Sara, I’m coming in, Sara. Sara. By chance, did you stay out? She’s not in the bathroom. Not in the kitchen, either. Just in case I stay out,
I prepared your breakfast in advance. Yes! Yes! You did it! Your one-night stand is a success! Good job. You’re too good for Lee Kang-joon. But since you want him so much,
what can I do? Good work. Congratulations anyway. Good job! Sara, I brought medicine. Mother. What if Grandmother hears you? We have a new housekeeper.
But she still calls me Secretary Son. I’ve lived as her
daughter-in-law for so long! But she still refers to
me as Secretary Son! She deliberately has a dog
so that I have to feed it! Dog. Dog food. That’s all she says to me. Evil old lady. You’ve endured so well so far.
What’s the matter? If the shareholder’s meeting goes according
to plan, Winner Group will be ours. Since there’s not much time left,
it’s driving me crazy everyday. Whenever I hear that old lady’s voice,
I feel like I’ll throw up. Once we take over the company,
I’ll let you relieve your grief… I’ll let you handle that tiresome old woman. In exchange, be careful
until the shareholder’s meeting. Okay, Mother? My precious grandson. Why were you in hurry to leave me? If you were alive,
Winner Group would have been yours. I have to die… to see your face, huh? [Sara] Who is it? Hello. I’m Sara. Excuse me, but is Presentative
Lee Jeong-shik or Madam in? It’s Sara. If Geum-ran was here,
she’d been perfect for this. Oh my! Sara! Dear! Dear! Sara is here. I don’t understand people who complain
of being tired doing volunteer work. Service fills your own heart. Sara, do you understand? Yes. I like helping others. It makes me feel like a useful person. That’s unexpected for
a pretty young lady to say. I haven’t heard that
since my daughter-in-law. Well… Representative. Since you brought her up… I heard she committed suicide. I heard from the employees. She did… My daughter-in-law fell into the ocean… It’s not a pleasant topic. I heard her body was never found. The current was too fast,
we couldn’t save her. The car was wrecked. It was horrible. It was an accident and no body was found.
Why do you think it was suicide? Isn’t that unknown? There was a will. What was there? My daughter-in-law left a will. A will? Doctor. Where are you now? Sara! Did you enjoy last night? Meet me now. What’s going on? There are only bad memories here. What did you say? Tell me again, Sara. I think there’s something behind my death. There’s something behind your death? What? A scary… conspiracy. Conspiracy? When happiness is before them,
people often get a bad feeling. They hope their premonition is
wrong because they want to be happy. But unfortunately,
a premonition is always right. I died. How can I ignore it? You’re having an overactive state of mind. It’s delusions of grandeur. It’s Gyo Chae-yeon… A family meeting before marriage? They want me to come to her in-laws. Lee Kang-joon is mine. Let’s find out who’s behind the conspiracy. Yes, Doctor. Beautiful. Thank you for inviting me. I’m Han Tae-hee. Where is the will? Show it to me. Sara, you’re very curious. That building belongs to Chae-yeon? Why are you coming out of Kang-joon’s room? It wasn’t suicide? You’re trying to drag down my son, right now! I know you’re interested in Sara. I wasn’t feeling uneasy about it. Why didn’t I ever suspect it? Here, that night… I saw you, Kang-joon. Sara. Get out. Get out! It’s time we went our separate ways. It’s an emergency. She wants to find her grandson. Isn’t her grandson dead? Are you ill? Mom! Dad! The behavior guidelines. If Tae-hee says live, live. If he says, die, die. Forget the conspiracy or whatever, if I tell you to.

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