[ENG] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP05 (1/4)

Geum-ran… The water must be so cold. My precious daughter. Announcer Gyo Chae-yeon is having a surprise wedding
with HBS CEO Lee Kang-joon. Kang-joon is getting remarried today? Oh my. How beautiful. Kyung-joo. Goodness, what is this? Why, Mother? What is it? Is it about Geum-ran’s suicide? I got a text message. It says Kang-joon is getting remarried today. With an announcer named Gyo Chae-yeon. It’s not the wedding date yet. It’s the week after next. You knew, huh? It’s only been three months
since Geum-ran died. Her memorial tablet is fresh
but he’s getting remarried? Did Kang-joon forget that his wife died? How can he remarry this quickly? Did he have a woman already? Oh my… He did. It’s this woman, right? I didn’t tell you so you wouldn’t get hurt. Did Geum-ran know? Did she? Oh my. My daughter. That poor thing. How must she have felt? How painful it must have been… Geum-ran. My poor daughter. What do I do?
Huh? Mother. All done. You lost your parents so early.
You must have been so lonely. Now that you’re married,
you have new parents now. Right, Chae-yeon? Yes, I’m happy, Mother. Child. I’ll have a help come. Change into your honeymoon outfit. My adorable bundle of good fortune.
So pretty. So change. Yes. Did you bring my high heels too? Chae-yeon. Tae-hee. Chae-yeon. I have something to say. This marriage is no good. Absolutely not. What’s wrong? What happened? You have to know about Lee Kang-joon first. Listen what I’m about to say. It might sound like I’m rambling. But I’ll get to the point first. Lee Kang-joon… is a bad guy. He could even harm you. He’s the worst of the worst. Yes… I’m sure you’re confused. But… take care of things calmly. Now that you know what kind of
person he is, annul this marriage. I know how you feel. After my father passed away, you supported me and
Ji-hoon through school. I know it wasn’t just because you were
grateful for my father raising you. You sold your apartment
to send me study abroad. You’re so devoted. How could I not know how you feel? You’re trying to damage
Kang-joon’s reputation. Because you like me. It’s not that. How I feel about you isn’t important here. You have to know what
kind of man Lee Kang-joon is. Tae-hee. I love Kang-joon. Let go of her. She’s my wife. You looked at me like
this when we first met. I wondered what it meant… It was jealousy. Jealousy? Chae-yeon… Did you like her? I have nothing to say to you. Let me say one thing. We don’t care whatever you do. Why? Because you’re nobody. You’re just badmouthing me. Since you have nothing else to appeal. You little… Tae-hee. It’s a happy day. Don’t ruin it. Let go! Let go! Tae-hee. Today’s my wedding day. Tae-hee. I don’t know what happened. But don’t do this. I beg you. Please? Tae-hee. I love Kang-joon. Where are you, Kang-joon!
Come out! Mom! Where’s Kang-joon? Come on out. Remarriage? When I put the wedding pictures
on my blog, it’ll be a hit. It’s supposed to be a secret.
But there are always people like her, Mom. Remarriage? Kang-joon! Those nuisances. They did show up. I think the wedding is over. Let’s try the groom’s dressing room. I ought to… Fine. So getting water thrown
on you wasn’t enough? Fine. This time I’ll show
you my fury with my fist. I’ll go first this time. Oh my, in the world! Do you know how much my hanbok costs? What’s this! Are they crazy? Excuse me, misters! Come over here! – Mother!
– Let go! Oh my world. I’ve never seen such ill-mannered people. Wow, my heart… Are you okay? Run away. Hurry! Chae-yeon… Did you like her? Sara! Sara! Where are you? Sara! Doctor. Hurry! So this is what’s going on? Great! I was pissed off anyway. Come here. Sara. Let’s go. Mom… It could’ve been bad, Mother. Are you hurt? No, I’m okay. If it wasn’t for that young lady,
we’d be in big trouble. How is a girl so strong? And why did she help us? I know. She barged in suddenly and grabbed
him by the neck mercilessly. Wow. So cool. But… I think I’ve seen her before. Really? Where? I’m not sure. I think I’ve seen her. Where was it? Maybe not? You have something to say? Sara. Chae-yeon got married today. And Lee Kang-joon pissed me off more. It’s not good to provoke me right now. Tell me next time. For me… my husband killed me. Fine. Who can top what you went through? What do you want to say? I’m sorry, Doctor. For what? Since Gyo Chae-yeon is
married, our plan failed. You made me a beauty
but I couldn’t live up to it. I sincerely want to apologize to you. What’s next? A plane ticket to Cuba. Flight reservation? They say Cuba is a paradise for
hot-blooded young men. I saw it on a TV educational program. What is this nonsense?
What is this all of a sudden? You can’t get hurt. So stay away. I didn’t have money,
so I only made a reservation. Buy it with your money
and leave this place.

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