[ENG] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP05 (4/4)

According to this wiretap,
the newlyweds have entered the house. The father-in-law threw a fit. But no one is cooking. It’s 5 minutes before disaster. Then, the queen of housekeeping
should dispatch, right? Absolutely necessary in order
to slap the murderer’s face. You’re not going to cook? Everyone is being punished. It’s my first day at my in-laws. If I start cooking now,
I’ll have to cook 365 days a year. I have to set it up well. Kang-joon. Sister-in-law. It’s resolved. It’s resolved. Everything is taken care of. Father isn’t punishing us anymore. Dinner is taken care of, too. What happened? Sara took care of everything. Sara? Since the newlyweds are home,
I made sinseollo and gujeolpan. Oh my, how special. Thank you. Kang-joon, come on down. Father. What’s going on? Sara is opening a restaurant. She’s a chief. That’s why she cooked so well. Thankfully, she’s going to give them jobs. They were saying thanks. Thanks to that, we won’t have
to be punished anymore. Thank you. You’re giving them jobs? We need to hire staff anyway. They wanted to learn how to cook,
so I’m going to teach them. In this house. What are you up to? Why are you coming to my house? For what? Murderer husband. Strong slap to the face! Good job, Sara. Goodness, it’s so satisfying. My headache is gone. My head’s clear. Lee Kang-joon. Are you crazy? Since you grabbed my arm
so hard, you startled me. I thought you were a bad guy. What are you thinking? Why are you in and out of my house? Should I lie or tell you the truth? Of course tell the truth. Lee Kang-joon and Gyo Chae-yeon. I’m going to make you get a divorce. In three weeks. That’s my resolve. Avoid if you can. I’ll be going. After I found out about your affair and
until I die, it took exactly three weeks. See what it’s like yourselves. Feel the pain of a family breaking apart. Then forbid her to enter this house. Father is insisting because
my sisters got jobs. Tell them honestly… That Sara is actually
someone you flirted with. Chae-yeon. Chae-yeon. Lee Kang-joon called her. Chae-yeon, counterattack! Why can’t you tell them? Lee Kang-joon. How can I tell Father that? Chae-yeon. Shall I then? Lee Kang-joon. That woman…is obsessed with me.
She’s jealous. Let’s stop. I didn’t get any sleep. Who did? So, let’s stop. Kang-joon, what’s this? Your thank-you card is full of viruses. My computer is messed up. Kang-joon, what did you send? My tablet PC is messed up. I never sent a card. It’s your turn, Doctor. Of course. Han Tae-hee? Because of your explosive email with
viruses, my computer is down. You did it on purpose, huh? I have to fix my computer, so bye. Ah… I didn’t do it on purpose because you insulted me by calling me a
nobody at your wedding. Don’t take it wrong. One step closer to prison. Next is… Are we working here now? It’s so nice. When is the opening, Sara? Next week. I see. Is this restaurant yours, Sara? I’m not the owner. I’m the chef and general manager. I see. Thanks, Sara, for giving us jobs.
I love my workplace. You’re an angel who saved us. An angel? I’m not an angel. Your pig sister-in-law came back from hell. Where do we start? Where’s the kitchen? Start with cleaning. Bathroom cleaning. The restaurant was closed for a long time.
The toilet is crusted over with dirt. Scrap it off with your hands. This is vinegar. Mix it with sodium hydroxide and
clean the floors until they squeak. We have to get rid of the mildew odor. What’s all this? The shareholder meeting materials is gone. What kind of email did you send me! You won’t believe me… but I didn’t do it. We have five days until the meeting. Restore everything. Yes, Director. Kang-joon. Let’s do well, huh? It’s an earing. It’s not mine. Kang-joon. Where are you? Situation isn’t good because of the email virus. An earring? It’s Sara’s. Did you… let her in our room? That’s not possible. Why are you doing this? Hang up. Talk at home. Kang-joon! Kang-joon, when are you coming come? You can’t come home? You’re staying overnight? It’s not staying out.
The situation here is bad! Sara’s earring was found in our bed. It’s two days into our marriage. But you’re spending a night out? Fine. Fine! Sara. What happened? They had a big fight. Things are going smoothly. We’re making good progress. Sara. We’re feeling good,
so do you want a drink to celebrate? What are you doing? Set up a drinking table. Yes, Doctor. Let’s see. Our revenge plan is going well. That’s great, right Sara? Let’s drink tonight and
enjoy ourselves today. It’s a relief. But… I’m not happy. Why not? I… lost the hope that I’ll ever be happy. I lost everything. How can I be happy? It’s because your heart is so broken. Lee Kang-joon that jerk…
did too many evil things to you. Doctor. If Gyo Chae-yeon gets a divorce,
will you accept her? Even if she is a divorcee? Chae-yeon’s happiness always my priority. If Chae-yeon believes that I can
make her happy…, anytime. I see. Starting tomorrow, eat this as a snack. It’s handmade chocolate
topped with almonds. But why chocolate suddenly? I worry about you, Doctor. Me? Why me? When you find out the one you love is evil…
and that you’ve been deceived all this time, I know how painful that is. How you love Gyo Chae-yeon is like
how I was with my husband. It’s blind love. Doctor, I’m worried that you’ll feel the
same pain as I went through. I wish you wouldn’t feel that kind of pain. That is… very difficult to go through. Dark chocolate and almonds
are good for relieving stress. To prevent heart break, eat it regularly. No… Why does she look pretty? If you think you’ll drink too much,
have a sip of milk. What’s wrong with me? She’s not wearing a dress. She’s not doing Kamasutra. But why… does this
woman look pretty to me? This woman is fake. Get a grip. It’s thrilling. She’s just a tool to get to Chae-yeon. Why do I keep having feelings for her? I’m excited. A naughty devil that’s confusing a genius. I’ll go throw myself at him. No, this is a dream. Fighting! Just go home. Don’t you want to be a legend in revenge? It has nothing to do with you now, Doctor. Let’s pay them back the same way. A murdered ex-wife becomes an attractive mistress. Let’s get them divorced. Kang-joon. I want to see you again. Why are you doing this? Come to me anytime. I feel like I’m in Sa Geum-ran’s shoes. What’s with this nasty feeling? I was fooled by that man, too. Kang-joon. Sara. I remembered you told to come whenever I’m struggling. You professional cheater. Repeat offender! Lee Kang-joon. This will be the worst day of your life.

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