[ENG] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP06 (2/4)

Kang-joon. I came to see you. Is your cellphone battery dead? Why are you here? What do you think you are? How dare you come here? I brought a vaccine to fix the virus. Kang-joon needs it. Of course, that’s just an excuse. Actually, I wanted to see Kang-joon. Since you two had a fling before he
was married, are you still acting like this? He’s a married man, now. Isn’t it a fair game? You seduced Kang-joon
when he was still married. There was a comment on Change bulletin. That you two had an affair. You did it. Why can’t I? Then break up with my husband. End things with him. Gyo Chae-yeon, you’re young and pretty. It doesn’t have to be my husband for you. He’s the only one for me. To me, he’s my first and love. He’ my life’s everything. Back then, I begged. This time, it’s your turn. Whatever the case, what right do you have? What’s your intention? What are you trying to do? The two of you… I’ll get you two divorced. In three weeks. Like you kicked out his ex-wife, this time,
I’ll kick you out. From when I found out about your affair
till I die, it took three weeks. So for you two, it’s three weeks. A tooth for a tooth. An eye for an eye. To Kang-joon, I’m a better fit than you. Then bye… Wait. So…you’re getting revenge for Sa Geum-ran? What’s your relationship with Sa Geum-ran? I’ve always been a bit nosy. I came across Sa Geum-ran’s story
by chance. It made me mad. I joined the first wives club
and ended up getting involved. Of course, liking Kang-joon
is the biggest reason. Are you mocking me now? Did it seem that way? Yes. You saw correctly. Now, can I go? Stop there! I’m sorry. I’m a bit strong. A lie detector. So let’s do psychoanalysis on you? Yes. Gather my psychological data. And send it to an emotional analysis center. Tae-hee, look here. I’m a liposuction specialist, not an FBI. There’s a first time for everyone. So what do you want to analyze? What’s your mental state right now? Lately, I’m exhibiting an unusual
response to a strange life form. I have to find out why. I’ll explain that strange life form. You check my biological response. You have a woman, huh? No, what woman? A, J, M. Why only initials? Do you have a secret? That’s not ‘ahjumma,’ right?
(Ahjumma: a married woman, aunt/auntie) Ahjumma? Are you crazy? How could I know someone like that? Hello. Doctor. Where are you? Doctor. I was hot today. Meet me now. “I was hot today.” “Meet me now?” I think you have a girl. I said it’s not. Go home. I’m busy. Don’t bother me. This is strange. Breathe. Why? Can’t we meet now? Don’t bother me! I’ll call you. So go home. Go home! Go Home! Take it off. Elder. Dong-geul is dead. Are you really looking for
someone who resembles him? You can’t leave the company to him. I can buy time. During that time, I’ll have to
decrease Min-hyuk’s shares. Even if Min-hyuk becomes CEO,
he can’t have more than 50% of the shares. He’s a puppet. Your cultural foundation holds the
highest percentage of shares. What’s making you worry? Assistant Son got my son drunk and
became pregnant with Min-hyuk. After I lost all my family in an accident,
against my will, I brought the two of them in. The evil blood doesn’t change. Just in case… I’ve suppressed
Assistant Son and Min-hyuk. But I have a bad feeling. I want to keep things safe. Why are you avoiding me? We were talking about Sara. She taunted me rambling
about the first wives club. She even pushed me. How can I stop? Aside from receiving the vaccine,
nothing happened. Stop it. I’m tired. It’s you’re tired, how must I feel? I’m going for some air. Kang-joon! Get some air? Doctor. There’s spicy chicken in the kitchen. Eat it. I’m going into solidify
Plan Attractive Mistress. Kang-joon went for some air. I’m going to make a move on him. I’ll tell you the details after I get back. You’ve got a girl, huh? No. No. This is a dream. A nightmare. Hi, Ji-hoon. Send the psychological evaluation
to the center immediately. There’s no time to lose. Excuse me. Sara? Oh, Kang-joon. The air is cold. Why did you come out? Aren’t you cold, Sara? I’m okay. I’m not cold. He’ll call it fate or destiny. If coincidences keeps occurring, it’s fate. If fate deepens, it’s destiny. The food earlier suited my taste perfectly. It’s not fate or destiny. It’s just an affair that
gives pain to others. Murderer and adulterer. But fate? Destiny? Wow! It gave me the chills. Until I know how I feel about her,
just focus on revenge. But thanks to Gyo Chae-yeon
I feel satisfied today. I stomped her with words properly. Sara. This time, let’s move
straight onto next level. Now. Pass the virus station… This time, it’s a psychological warfare. We got him with the virus. This time, it’s psychological warfare. As the revenge progresses, increase the scale. And pressure him severely. Cause a riot at
Lee Kang-joon’s official event. It’s thrilling just hearing about it. In the game of Go, there’s saying that you
have to keep winning hands to increase points. But Doctor. Why aren’t you looking at me? Me? Did I? No. I’m looking at you now. It’s the same as usual.
Right? Really? My pupils are enlarging. It’s a green light reaction a male
has toward a female he likes. Doctor. Let me see the plan too. It’s a publishing party
for someone higher up. Focus. Focus. Just focus on revenge on Lee Kang-joon. Yes, Doctor. I like it. Let’s do it.

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