[ENG] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP07 (2/4)

Kang-joon didn’t come to work? Unbelievable. He doesn’t come home or to work? Did he call? Where is he now? Actually… I don’t know. Director Han Min-hyuk is looking for him, too. I don’t know what to do. [Chae-yeon] 11 am? Hello. Kang-joon. Where are you? I’m busy right now. Let’s talk later. Kang-joon! Mother. Mother. Min-young, get up. It’s 11am. What’s with my stomach? What on earth? Why did I sleep so much? Jeez, my stomach. My stomach hurts. What’s wrong with me? Eat? As much as I want? Eat. Why are you letting me eat? When you go home, your in-laws are there. You’ll lose appetite if you see them. Are you… looking out for me? No. Our plan to send Lee Kang-joon
is reaching the highlight. I’m pushing you to be strong. Ah. Yes, Doctor. I’ll be strong. I’ll send that jerk to jail. Add the bill for this food
to my list of debts. The restaurant is opening soon. I’ll work to my bones and pay it back. Eat mine too. I’m going to meet someone. Eat. CEO. Mission complete. We infiltrated Lee Jung-shik’s home in Jongrogu Pyungchang 80 road
and completed our mission. I brought all kinds of equipment to
his house and got it under control. We rehung the newlywed’s picture. Fingerprints and every last hair, we erased all evidence
anyone had ever been there. They won’t suspect an ant came in,
much less you. Good work. But… you left that, right? Yes, as it is. But, CEO. What is this all about? Can you give me a little hint? You don’t need to know. It’ll be over soon. Ah, CEO. There’s one more thing. It’s about Grandmother Park Man-deuk. Winner Group’s Madam Park operates a
food truck in front of Jongrogu Chungmae Park. Good job. You can go. Wow, she’s so pretty. She’s slim. But how can she eat like that? She’s the greatest. She’s so pretty. She’d be a hit on the internet. She’s totally pretty. Wait.
I want to upload too. People are watching because she’s pretty. But she’s only happy when eating. The title will be
“Birth of a food show beauty.” Doctor. I ate it all. You bought me delicious food.
Now you’re bringing me here too? Is today a special day, Doctor? Don’t be such a country bumpkin. Others come here everyday. Here’s two glasses of cappuccino. For me… instant coffee is fine. That’s your problem. You’re still being frugal when
only your family benefited? You said saving makes it go wasted. For whose sake do you save? It’s expensive. Just drink that. Yes, Doctor. It’s a gift. Buying me food and coffee? Yes. And I’ll get Lee Kang-joon for you. Let’s get him to confess he
murdered you and put him in jail. In three days. Is that possible? We just need to move up our plans. I got rid of all traces
of you at your in-laws. I left the threat to Lee Kang-joon. [I know you killed Sa Geum-ran] Torment Lee Kang-joon mentally. And we’ll get him to confess to murder. That’s my gift to you. Don’t be happy. This is my first… and last gift. Why… the last gift? After putting Lee Kang-joon to jail,
I’m leaving. Leave? Where to? Then… I won’t see you forever? Must I chase Lee Kang-joon my whole life? This honest genius became an accomplice
to trespassing, destruction and burglary. And, how long do I have to live with you? Not just the same house,
we’re now sleeping in one room. Will I ever get married if this gets out? In my whole life,
I’ve never talked with ahjummas. But look now. I’m stuck with weirdest of
all ahjummas all the time. I might have a mental breakdown
doing all the strange things. I’m doing and thinking things
I’ve never done before. It has to stop. Let’s end it. End it. Doctor. You’re really stressed, huh? It’s understandable. Yes, Doctor. As for debts, I’ll take responsibility
and repay it the rest of my life. Just drink your coffee! No. I can’t fall for her more. Hey, what are you watching? What is it? It’s got over 200,000 views in one day. It’s a big hit. Awesome. It’s got 200,000 views. She’s so pretty. Uh? Isn’t that girl who was eating kimbap,
spicy rice cakes and blood sausage before? I shot a video of her eating. Really? I’ll post it. She’s going to get so many hits. I’m jealous. There are no female security members? All female staffs are over 50 on desk jobs. None are in uniforms. But, there was something suspicious. What? The staffs at the publication ceremony
are not our employees. The woman you spoke of is one of them. Ah, yes… I have another job. I’m a chef. Who is she? Kang-joon. It’s time to take
Grandmother to a quiet place. Has the plan been moved up? Expose Winner Group’s corruption. A surprise attack through news and
educational programs on the same day. Yes, Director. Blame Winner Group’s corruption on
Grandmother and send her to jail. Once she goes to jail,
she won’t live long as she wishes. Assistant Son! She’s still not here? Ma’am! Did you call, Mother? Wait… Who are these people? As of today, I’ve replaced all
the employees with my own. With whose permission! Mine. Treat the elder with respect. Yes. How dare… I’m going home early
because I don’t feel well. Wrap things up. Kang-joon. Where did you sleep last night? Don’t bother me. I have upset stomach. After we got married, you’ve spent
more nights out than at home. Did you know? Is that my fault? Is it mine then? Am I the one who had
an affair and slept out? I’ll be home.
Come after work. If that’s how you are… I have my own ideas. What do you mean? You’re avoiding me with no
thought of consoling me. Am I nobody? Then, I have something
to show you as well.

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