[ENG] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP09 (3/4)

Room 303… His grandmother’s name is Park Man-deuk. Where is she being detained? There was a memo around here. Seoul Prison, Park Man-deuk. It’s not time for my medicine. I’m not a nurse. My name is Han Tae-hee. I know your daughter well. Geum-ran? Yes. First, you must get out of here. Follow me. Wh… who are you? I won’t go? Where will you take me now? I also despise Lee Kang-joon. I’m here after getting a
word from Eun Kyung-joo. Here. I brought you change of clothes. Hello, Grandmother. Nice to meet you. I’m Sara. So this is… Doctor’s grandmother. I don’t know you. Why did you want to see me? Until he tells you himself,
I can’t tell you the details. But I wanted to tell you to be strong. There’s someone helping you. He’s trying to get you out. He always does what he sets his mind to. So you’ll be sure to be released. Until then, take care of your health and wait. Be strong, Grandmother. Yes, Doctor. You rescued my mom? Mom… Eun Kyung-joo is coming. She needs treatment in the hospital. After a few days,
bring her to our house to be safe. She doesn’t know who I am,
so she won’t come with me. I’ll think of something else. Thank you. Truly. Doctor. Actually, today… I visited your grandmother. You were worried about her. I visited her in your place. Thankfully, she’s healthy. I told her to be strong
because someone is helping her. Grandmother… Ahjumma. What, Doctor? I can’t find out my
grandmother’s situation directly. So, you…meet her on my behalf. Yes! Doctor. Tell me the shape of the bread. In order for your grandmother to believe
Dong-geul’s alive, the bread has to be round. Is the dough ready? I just need to kneed a bit more. Look at you sweating. Give it to me.
I’ll do it. No, I’ll do it. I’m strong. Strong? I’m stronger. I will do it. No. I have to do this. I will do it. It’s okay. Fine. Let’s do it together then. Let me see your face. You got flour on it. Doctor. Thank you for rescuing my mom. And… for acting up yesterday, I’m sorry. Yes. So why act up? Don’t do that anymore. I’ll lower my eyes if you tell me to. This is the taste. Indeed, it’s baked all the way through. Doctor, okay? You came again? Yes, Grandmother. Bread? Young lady. By chance,
are you playing a joke on me? No. Look at this bread closely.
Does it remind you of anything? On Dong-geul’s birthday,
you gave me bread, right? I baked the same kind. How do you know Dong-geul? And… how do you know I
gave him bread for his birthday? Dong-guel is alive. He’s trying to get you out. Tell Han Min-hyuk that
Dong-guel is here to see him. He’s waiting for me more than I do. You have to go through Director
Han Min-hyuk’s secretary office to see him. Is he the President or something? Hurry up and contact him. I’m sorry. This is driving me crazy. Here he comes. Hey, Han Min-hyuk. I’m Dong-geul. Hey, Han Min-hyuk. Stop there! Who do you think I am? You’ll regret later. You’ll be in big trouble later. It’s true. Wasn’t Dong-guel smart
even when he was little? He must’ve been thoughtful and kind. No, it can’t be. Dong-geul is dead. No, he’s alive. I heard about the accident. Due to accident trauma,
he’s not able to appear before you. When he recalls the accident,
he collapses from broken heart syndrome. That’s why I came instead. So this is how you want to play? I’m the genius Han Tae-hee. It’s the fire alarm, Director. Just in case,
you’ll have to use the emergency exit. Director? Director! That way. Run! What is this? You’ve got a killer pose. Let me cut to the chase. Release Grandmother. If you just release her,
I’ll disappear quietly. Grandmother? Park Man-deuk whom you
framed and had imprisoned. Crazy fool. Jeez. It’d be nice if it ended
with Lee Kang-joon. What’s this bad feeling that a
worse character has showed up? You came to Sewondang
when you were 15, right? I saw the hole in your sock. I was the one hiding in the study. Dong-geul. Release Grandmother. Then I won’t come back. I’ll live quietly as I have. Director! Director!

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