[ENG] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP12 (Full)

Why didn’t you tell me Lee Kang-joon was released? I don’t want you to tremble in fear. I wanted to protect you. I want to hear something from you. It starts with an “L.” Loving someone again is scary to me. Hurry up and tell me. But if it’s you… The words I want to hear. I love you. Ahjumma. Why did you fall asleep here? The husband she trusted
for eight years killed her. Just seeing his face alone would scare her. Doctor. Doctor. Why are you sleeping here? You slept in my room, too. How we’re even. You don’t know this, huh? You didn’t have a nightmare last night. Last time, you seemed
to be having it all night. Did I? That’s right. After Lee Kang-joon searched the house and left, I thought naturally
I would have nightmares. You don’t know why, right? While you were sleeping…
I held your hand. Seeing how you don’t have nightmares when I’m around, I have no choice
but to sleep here with you. What do you think? What? You can’t! No? Why not? Don’t you remember? It’s okay. I won’t eat you up. Saying that, you came onto me like you
wanted to sleep with me not long ago. What’s the difference then and now? It was okay then. Why not now? Tell me. What’s the difference? What are you thinking of right now? I have pure intentions to protect
you from your nightmares. Were you… by chance… thinking
about something R-rated? You dirty devil, you. It’s not! What do you mean no? Your face is turning red. Because it’s early morning,
the sun is shining on it. Seriously. I don’t know. Get out.
Hurry and get out. Actually, you had nightmares all night. My eyes met our husband’s. It was truly frightening. Since the husband saw the revenge plans,
he won’t stand still. He’s going to start suspecting you. What would he think? He doesn’t think I’m Sa Geum-ran, right? Not at all. So far, no one has recognized you. Don’t be intimidated! Our husband is a bad guy,
so it’s true he’s scary. But let’s not be intimidated. He’s the one who sinned. Not me. That’s right. I have no reason to be intimidated. When you feel intimidated, think of
all the things I went through. Got into car accident, fell into cold sea
water and crawled up that stiff cliff. It’s not easy to survive from that.
It’s not common. Plus, general anesthesia 10 times. I received anesthesia so
much that I even had delirium. The fact that we’re
persisting like this is amazing. Do you know where our
strength to persist comes from? Because I’m an ahjumma
(middle-aged or older woman). I’m good with a knife. Everyone I meet instantly becomes
a sister or brother to me. If I get angry, I go wild and
there’s nothing I can see. An ahjumma on the same
level as a gangster thug. Now I know Lee Kang-joon is evil. I can just deal with it. My love and my mom. I’m going to protect them. Let’s go for it. What did you want to tell me? Things were going well for us.
So how did we end up in this mess? I feel like I’ve lost even my last card. Why this happened… I thought about all the
things that happened to us. So? All the things that happened to us… And to you. Could they all be a coincidence? You were even arrested on charges
of murdering Sa Geum-ran. To say it’s a coincidence, those events happened too ingeniously
and in too short span of time. I think someone intended it that way. I found documents
regarding me at Sara’s house. It’s not Sara. Sara reports to the police out of jealousy? You murdering Sa Geum-ran,
how would Sara know? It doesn’t make sense. Then who? It must be someone who hates us to death. Sa Geum-ran! But Sa Geum-ran is dead. There’s another person
with that much of a motive. Tae-hee. Tae-hee loves me. So, he wanted to stop
me from marrying you. Tae-hee who was jealous of us. And Sa Geum-ran who loathes us… We have to find how they’re connected. For now, find out who
reported you to the police. If Tae-hee is behind this, then, we just need to figure out Tae-hee’s
relationship to Sa Geum-ran. When you, a murderer, attack Tae-hee,
I’ll protect him and become his savior. I will never give up on Tae-hee. You can’t see my face at all? The best disguise is
where you can’t be seen at all. Because of Lee Kang-joon? It’s fine when I’m around. But it concerns me to think you might run
into Lee Kang-joon when you’re alone. Here. This is a means of assistance. It has a GPS locator. So that I can find whenever I want
no matter where you are. It’s an absolutely
impregnable in-depth defense. There’s no need to be scared. You have me. Lee Kang-joon can never
be able to hurt you again. Doctor. You can go now. I’m sure nothing will happen. Always mix where there are a lot of people. Go straight to the recording location. Don’t forget the walkie talkie. Sara? Why are you so bundled up today? Because she’s a celebrity. She has the “celebrity complex.” CEO. What did Prosecutor Han Ji-hoon say? The one who reported you for
murder is Choi Young-seok. He’s Han Tae-hee’s assistant. It was Han Tae-hee who reported me. So one of our deductions were correct. Tae-hee made us like this. Now, if we just figure how Tae-hee and
Sa Geum-ran are connected, our mystery will be solved. The elder, she doesn’t want to eat. I think it’ll be a good idea to
take anything to the study. Go ahead. However… If she’s forced to eat when
she doesn’t want to, she’ll become ill. Don’t push her to eat. Let’s eat, Min-hyuk. Those evil jerks… She’s on medical parole
to be treated at home. So we have no official arguments to make? Then, how can we bring Grandmother? We have to find a way no matter what. There’s a way for us to file for
an injunction at the court. Will I be able to see her then? We can submit a request. But it’s unknown if
Han Min-hyuk will comply. We have to try. Let’s try everything we can! Hello. I’m chef challenger, Sara. After today’s shooting,
the challenge dish will be revealed. Whoa, I’m so nervous. The judges are daughters-in-laws of the
houses of the eldest son of a family. Sara, you should be nervous. I’ll prepare hard for it. Now, the camera rehearsal is going to start. Okay, let’s go! What’s wrong? The fact that you’re competing
to become a chef is pathetic. Because it isn’t for celebrities… I think you’ll be very humiliated. Are you worrying about me right now? Then, let me worry about you, too. I heard you got hit by your husband? What’s marriage to you two? Your husband is flirting with me. You, Gyo Chae-yeon,
are making a move on Han Tae-hee. Since marriage is so easy, you broke
up other people’s marriage, huh? If you like Han Tae-hee,
divorce first before calling him. Married woman, Gyo Chae-yeon. I want to reveal you’re
Sa Geum-ran right away. But I’ll endure it. You can’t end it with Lee Kang-joon yet. When you become really famous,
I’ll expose your affair to the world. And I… will become a pitiful devoted wife. Sara. I’m going to
make you cry tears of blood. The main dish is made
of abalone and chicken. I have to make two dishes with hem. I’m going to make a turtle soup. Turtle soup. The ingredients are hedysarum, chicken… Over there! Chicken! Chicken! Tae-hee! Oh, Ji-hoon. Is this person “A J M?” What are you talking about? Hello, Sister-in-law. Sister-in-law? Sister-in-law? I’m Gyo Ji-hoon. Tae-hee and I grew up in the
same house since we were little. I really wanted to meet you. AJM. In other words, my sister-in-law. Hey, you. The word “sister-in-law” can embarrass an
unmarried woman when addressed to her. Such term should only be used between
people listed in family registry. Why do you take it so seriously? It’s obvious. You’re my older
brother and she’s my sister-in-law. Stopping for groceries together
is what married couples do. Married couple? Sara definitely wrote that. The timing was just unbelievable. It can’t be coincidence. It just can’t be a coincidence. A wiretapping device? I’m home. Kang-joon, you’re home. Kang-joon, you. Are you proceeding the building
matter as I told you to? I’m discussing about it with Mother. What? I have something to say.
Can you come see me? What? Did they get back together? I really can’t figure them out. They were fighting so much.
Now they’ve made up? Indeed, Geum-ran who had no
complaints was the best to live with. A wiretap? He went this far to separate us. And it worked according to Tae-hee’s plan. Han Tae-hee. Do you remember what I said at
the beach before we got married? I saw you here that day. The day your wife died. Don’t worry. I felt the same way. We’re made for each other. You and I are both realists. Let’s put aside the hatred we’ve
had each other for now. In figuring out Tae-hee and Sa Geum-ran’s
relationship, let’s work together. We must find out everything
about their relationship. Tell me Tae-hee’s company’s situation
and Sa Geum-ran’s weaknesses. Tell me everything you know. Married couple? Married couple? Married couple? Honestly, when you heard the word ‘married couple,’ you were
embarrassed, right? Even the word ‘sister-in-law’ was surprising. Why did he say ‘married couple’? But honestly, we do look
like a married couple, right? I wasn’t that surprised. I guess you were? You weren’t surprised? I thought you might’ve been offended.
That’s why I looked at you. Why would I? You’re a bachelor while I’m
an ahjumma (married woman). You said so. You were worrying how you would
get married with me around. We’ve already overcome that. I’ve already overcome Sa Geum-ran and
your claim as a married woman. I thought you seemed more
uncomfortable when you heard that. No! Not at all. Then, was it good to hear? What about you? I felt good. What about you? I… felt okay with it, too. Oh, really? So you liked to hear the word
‘married couple,’ right? Now that we’re on the topic, shall we experience what it actually feels
like to be a married couple? So we can see if we’re
compatible as a married couple. You said we’re already like a couple. What more? We can try things that
we’ve never done before. Like real newlyweds. It’s not bad. Really? Do we look good together? Of course! Our chemistry puts even
Bradangelina couple’s to shame. Say ah. Ah. You say ah, too, Doctor. We’re newlyweds. Say honey. Honey? I’m getting goosebumps. Hey, that unfeeling ‘adjumma spirit’
has come out again. Newlyweds’ acts usually
gives people goosebumps. Newlyweds act so nauseating than just this! Come on… Honey… Ah… Ah… Ahjumma. I’m asking since we’re on
the topic of couples and families. What do you think about kids? Kids? Yes. Do you want kids? Yes. I was an only child,
so I want to have many kids. Me too. Then, do you want a son or daughter? Son? If I have a daughter, I’m afraid
she might suffer like me. A son for me too. Sons can protect their mothers. They’re dependable. Then, who do you want him to take after? If it’s a son, he should take after you. Then what about the daughter? If we have a daughter,
she has to take after me. Ah seriously. The daughter should also take after me. Are you going to be like that? Why are you like this suddenly? It’s not that. I’m sorry. What’s the matter? That was a reality check. What’s marriage? What’s a married couple? You seem totally flustered. To be marriage and becoming a couple
isn’t something I can easily laugh about. Since he’s a bachelor, he’s all smiles. But I’ve been married before. You have. And it was a total failure. So, how could I giggle about
becoming a married couple again? I’m different from him. You did giggle for a bit. That is… I did. Because it’s still nice. But I’m still a married woman. I’m not legally free. You’re right. But why are you so mad? I know, right? What’s wrong with me? Aren’t you angry because you
can’t imagine such a sweet thing? That’s right. I’m not supposed to. It’d be great I was really
Sara and Kim Ddeuk-soon. Then, I too could have a
happy dream about marriage. But… to Sa Geum-ran who failed in marriage,
marriage is definitely not a joke. Right? Right. I’m not going to dance to his tune anymore. No, I can’t. I’m an ahjumma. And there are tons of
problems I need to solve. Where are you going! You scared me! Where are you going this early? Today’s the first day
of the cooking competition. I’m going to the restaurant
to practice before I go. I also have to go to a cooking class. I’m busy today. I’ll take you there. That’s alright. What’s wrong? It’s not that. Today, I’ll just go by myself. There’s a lot to do. Ahjumma. Did I do something wrong? Tell me. Why are you like this? It’s true that we’re dating. But it would be nice if we kept an
appropriate distance between us. It’s burdensome if we get close so suddenly. Like last night. What? Huh? So it’s become awkward with
sister-in-law because of me? Stop with that Sister-in-law talk. It’s all your fault! You went too far ahead with the
sister-in-law and married couple talks, so she was felt uncomfortable. She doesn’t like marriage. Now I get it. Tae-hee. Did you propose? You haven’t, right? Propose? This is it. You haven’t even proposed, but you keep
talking about marriage and couples. Of course sister-in-law would get angry. The process is very important to women. Tae-hee. Just make up your mind. Don’t be vague. Just propose! When do I have to propose? The moment you want to get married. When is that? I don’t know that either. I have never been married, either. I brought some more vegetables. You’re competing in a cooking competition? I want to give it a try. Today is the first day of
recording for the competition. Wow, that’s cool! Congratulations, Sara. I… asked to see you because I wanted to
tell you to be careful of Lee Kang-joon. It’d be better not to run into him. Don’t do one-person protest. There are many things making
Lee Kang-joon quite sensitive lately. So, please be extra careful. Thank you for deliberately
watching out for us. You also hold your cup like that?
Geum-ran used to do that. What? Really? Because of judo, Geum-ran’s
fingers always hurt. So she had a habit of trying to
warm her fingers on her mug. I’m afraid we’re taking
too much of your time. It’s an important day, so go first. Kyung-joo and I will our time. Then, if it’s not rude,
I’ll go first because of the recording. Please do. I have a coupon. Oh my. A young lady with a pretty face also
makes sure to remember such things. When I see her, I think of Geum-ran. Even though they don’t even look like. Ah, I remember something
because you mentioned Geum-ran. If Geum-ran saw this dish,
she would be startled. Peanuts. She had a peanut allergy. Don’t worry about the bad guys.
I’ll come rescue you again. My name Han Tae-hee. I know your daughter well. He knows Geum-ran? What is? Who? The man who saved me, Han Tae-hee. He talked about Geum-ran. But he said he’s Sara’s manager. Then does Sara know Geum-ran as well? How can you be so fun to talk with, Sara? I’m laughing which I haven’t done lately. Mother. Yes, Min-hyuk. Sara. What’s going on? Do you know each other? Do you know each other? This is Sara. And this is my mother. Sara. Did you invite her? I told you I wasn’t interested in cooking. There was a reason you made me come. Yes. Thank you for coming. It’s a small gift. I brought the two of my favorite people. Sara. Was the food okay? It was fascinating. VIP tasting? It’s my first time coming to such event. Get in. I’ll give you a ride. No, it’s alright. This… Let me give you as a token of my gratitude. You weren’t able to taste the food. Thank you for today. So you do have times when
you’re interested in a woman? For now, I half approve of her. Sara is likeable. But it’s mainly because this is the
first time I’ve seen you like this. I’m not worried about the other half. If I see Sara once more time,
everything will be resolved, too. Look at you. You’ve completely smitten! That’s Tae-hee’s phone number. Sister-in-law. Mom wants to see you. About the building. Doctor. You have a call! Lee Kang-joon? This is Sara. Why are you looking for Han Tae-hee? Talk with me. This has nothing to do with Han Tae-hee? Papers on you in my room,
I collected them because I like you. There’s no reason for you
to meet with Han Tae-hee. Do you know who this woman is or not? Why are you asking? You must know. Since Han Tae-hee knows Sa Geum-ran. Sa Geum-ran and Han Tae-hee… What’s their relationship? Answer me. I don’t know. You really don’t know? I don’t know. The, I’ll ask Han Tae-hee myself. I said Han Tae-hee knows nothing. I need to find out what kind of relationship
Han Tae-hee and Sa Geum-ran have. And you, keep this in mind. You’re the first woman
that I ever thought I loved. I won’t let this end easily. Got it? Where have you been, without a word? Ahjumma! What’s the matter? I went to the restaurant because
of the cooking competition. Then, you should’ve told me. I was worried! You left the walkie talkie
and didn’t answer your phone. Why did you do that? We’re at war with Lee Kang-joon! Why are you making me worry? Is it because you wanted
us to keep our distance? If it’s because I was too forward,
then don’t worry. Until you say I can come closer,
I won’t even touch you. Okay. Sa Geum-ran and Han Tae-hee. What’s their relationship? It could get dangerous for Doctor. Lee Kang-joon is my problem to deal with. Birth of a Chef, which has received
lots of love in November. The winner of the third round is
Chef Kim Joon-young of Sohyun hotel. We’ve invited the new challenger
of Chef Kim Joon-young. And that person is… Sara. Hello. I’m Sara. I will look forward to your cooking skill. I’ll do my best. Teacher. The next cooking theme was
originally abalone and chicken. I’d like to propose something. I’ve heard the farmers are deeply hurt because we had a
poor peanut crop this year. To help our farmers, how about including
peanuts as one of the ingredients? That’s a good idea. Peanuts? Then, how about the topic be,
dishes made with fish and peanuts? Great. Then, Sara and Kim Joon-young. We’ll anticipate your dishes
made with fish and peanuts. Sa Geum-ran has a peanut allergy? Her peanut allergy was serious. Her mouth becomes paralyzed. She goes into shock
and loses consciousness. Good work. Peanuts… I’ll look forward to your peanut dish, Sara. That would make you turn deadly pale. Since you can’t make any dish with peanuts. Peanuts… What do I do? Hello, I’d like to
speak to Madam Son Ji-sook. This is Gyo Chae-yeon. I have something to tell you at your home. Tell me how Tae-hee is doing. We have to understand their movement
in order for me to respond accordingly. Han Tae-hee is in a confrontable with
Han Min-hyuk because of his grandmother. It’ll get noisy soon. Grandmother? Tae-hee has a grandmother? Tell me in details. About Tae-hee, Director Han… and that grandmother. What’s the occasion? What do you have to say? I came to see Madam Park Man-deuk. What would you want
to see my mother-in-law? Tae-hee and I… grew up in the same
house since we were little. Then, she’s like my grandmother to me, too. I wanted to meet her. This isn’t a good time to do that. Grandmother will like me. I’ll be of help to you as well, Madam. I can be your messenger. Leave. I’m not going to eat anything. So everybody leave. Hello, Grandmother. I’m Tae-hee’s little sister. Who did you say you were? I’m Gyo Chae-yeon. I’m working an announcer. The first person Tae-hee met
after his accident was my father. Since then, Tae-hee and I
grew up in the same house. The household that took Tae-hee in… Then, the late Gyo Young-joon is…? That’s my father. I heard about it. I heard he took Tae-hee in although your
family was not in easy circumstances. I couldn’t be anymore grateful. If you’re their daughter, aren’t
you a savior to me as well? But how did you come all the way here? Tae-hee couldn’t come, so I came to
be the bridge between you two. You met my grandmother? How did you get inside Sewoondang? You know Kang-joon and
Director Han are on the same side. Since I’m Kang-joon’s wife,
Director Han and his mother trust me. Is Grandmother okay? She’s not eating at all. Grandmother… Don’t worry too much. She took a few spoonful
because I encouraged her. From now on, I’ll make sure she eats. I can be the messenger
for you and Grandmother. So think more comfortably
about her situation. You’re having a tough time, huh? Especially because of Kang-joon. Lee Kang-joon? What do you mean by that? He called you to meet with him. He called you a few days ago. I thought I heard you guys talking too. Isn’t that so? [Lee Kang-joon] You met Lee Kang-joon? Alone? There was Lee Kang-joon’s
number on my phone record. Yes, I met him. Why? I told you not to meet him alone. Why won’t you listen to me? And, Lee Kang-joon called me. I’m supposed to meet him. Why would you meet him? Were you okay? Did he threaten you or anything? What did you guys talk about? You don’t need to know. Why not? From the start, Lee Kang-joon
has nothing to do with you. What? Lee Kang-joon is my past. That’s what I don’t like. He makes me worry and I hate the
fact that you’re mixed up with him. Do you know how angry I was when
I heard that from Chae-yeon? Gyo Chae-yeon? That’s right. Who’s getting mad at whom right now? You went to Gyo Chae-yeon
when she got into a car accident. You also ran when she
said her husband hit her. If you meet Gyo Chae-yeon that often,
why are you telling me to cut of my past? So, what do you want to do now? Are you going to be dragged
around by Lee Kang-joon forever? I… can’t erase my past. That was the reason why I flinched when the topic of marriage
and couples were brought up. That’s what a past is. Until you die, you can never cut it off. Ahjumma. Do you have lingering
feelings for Lee Kang-joon? Why? Did I just hit the bullseye? That’s why you got flared up when you
heard the word ‘married couple.’ Because you can’t imagine using that term
with me, unless it was Lee Kang-joon. From now on, don’t even get yourself
involved with Lee Kang-joon issues. It’s my problem. I’m going to handle it myself! Fine. If that’s your wish,
I won’t get involved. Satisfied? You get yourself wrapped in that great past of yours and hold
onto it until you die then. The building? Yes. I’m thinking about returning it,
since it’s not ours. I finished talking with Kang-joon. What greed would I have
about money at this point? I’ll think about how to honor Geum-ran. The one who reported him as a
murder suspect… was you, right? I’m rather ashamed, but Kang-joon
isn’t that shameless fellow. So let your anger go. Kang-joon is a murder suspect? That jerk… killed my daughter? Really? Oh my, oh my! Is that true? Who turned him in? Then… you didn’t report him? Grandmother!
Grandmother, I’m here! What? Han Tae-hee is here? It’s an injunction. The court accepted our
request to visit Grandmother. I need to meet her. Grandmother doesn’t want it. Liar. Let her go. If you don’t bother Grandmother and send her to me, I won’t go
through the worst case scenario. You know. I need her now. You can’t take hostage of an elderly. You seem desperate. Just like me when I showed
up here 20 years ago. You showing up now won’t destroy
what I built up for the last 20 years. Leave quietly. Han Min-hyuk. Do you know what you’re misunderstanding? Sewoondang, this house. And Winner Group.
You think you got them through your efforts. But it wasn’t through effort. It was through stealing. First time and today. I warned you twice. I said as long as you keep Grandmother safe,
I’ll never appear again. But you disregarded me both times. For pissing me off. I’ll make you regret it. I’m sensitive because of the
cooking competition tomorrow. Stop talking about
Lee Kang-joon and the past. Don’t provoke me. You’re not the only one with temper. I apologize. You are right. Past is a part of me that I can’t cut off. Whether it’s a good past or bad… I shouldn’t have casually
said for you to cut it off. It’s same for me. Like you, my past sucks. Let’s get over them and stand up. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. You’re allergic to peanuts
but make a peanut dish? Okay. How about this? Here, to counter the peanut allergy,
#1. Cook without tasting the food. #2. Take allergy medication
before start cooking. #3. Substitute with a similar ingredient. #4. I don’t know! No solution!
Just deal with it randomly. I’ll give it a try. Birth of a Chef’s round 3 winner,
Kim Joon-young. The newest challenger, Sara. The contest will be Sara’s tuna sweetened peanut dish against
Kim Joon-young’s fish dumpling dish. Sara. Do you like peanuts? Yes? Yes, I like them. Then, it’s a relief. Someone I know has a peanut allergy. If it was that person, peanut dish
would’ve been difficult for her. Does she catch on about Sa Geum-ran? Is she saying that on purpose? Now, let’s start the challenge. Yes, my weakness is that I’m Sa Geum-ran. But, that’s also my advantage. The truth that doesn’t need
to be abandoned or erased. Someone liked me even as Sa Geum-ran. I’m not throwing away Sa Geum-ran.
I’m going to embrace her and overcome this. Sara. How is it? The dish you made… Have you tasted it? Since Han Tae-hee left like that,
he won’t stay quiet. Today, he called for a
board of directors meeting. There’s nothing
Han Tae-hee can do right now. The only way for him to become the largest shareholder is to inherit
the cultural foundation. But he needs to go through procedures. While he’s lost in the process,
I’m planning to get rid of the foundation. Director. Winner Group’s intranet news is on. It’s Han Tae-hee. Hello. Dear 3,500 Winner Group employees,
I am Han Tae-hee. I’ve lived away from
Winner Group for a long time. But for the sake of my family and my family-to-be, I’ve come
back to take back my place. Whether I’m fit to be in that position,
all of you judge me. I believe that trying to take over the
company as the largest shareholder without having put any effort in
the company isn’t right. I will not take the shares
of the cultural foundation. After a month, Winner Group’s
shareholders will elect the new CEO. Right here today, I’m putting myself out as a candidate for the position
of Winner Group’s CEO. I plead that you make a thoughtful decision in choosing the future leader
of Winner Group over the next 100 years. Now, let’s hear from the judges
how they ranked the food. I was moved by Sara’s dish. She subtitled it as rick
cake dish elders can enjoy. She made it crunchy yet soft enough
for a person with bad teeth can eat it. Her cooking shows her
thoughtfulness towards families. To me, her dish is the best. Then, through the judges’ evaluations, we’ll
find out the winner of 55th Birth of a Chef. We’ll announce the judges’ decisions. Two dishes competed today. Based on the food’s taste, blending of
the ingredients, nutritional content, dish’s originality and artistic presentation. Adding all the categories’ score,
we have the final result. The winning dish earned, taste: 3 points,
ingredients: 20 pts, nutritional content: 12 pts, dish’s originality: 20 pts ahead. The winner is Sara! Doctor! First place! First place! How could this happen? When it was announced,
I thought my heart was going to burst. I knew it all along. You knew? How did you know? When I first met you, I ate your food. Wow, it was incredible. I knew at that moment. This lady could be Korea’s Martha Stewart. I got that feeling immediately. But you left saying you would trouble. How did it go? I got first place, too. So, we both got first place! Then should we celebrate? That sounds great! I’ll change clothes first. Slowly. I have to stop by somewhere for an errand. You said we’re celebrating.
So where are you going? You wrap it up and I’ll see you
at the restaurant in 2 hours. I have to take care of something urgent. Okay. See you later. Were you certain when you told me? Did Sa Geum-ran really
have a peanut allergy? Besides that, I’m curious about something. Why do you need
information about Sa Geum-ran? That woman is dead as you know. Are you certain about her death, too? [I love you, Ahjumma] A reason a man wants to get married
isn’t simply because he loves her. With this woman, when he wishes even happiness and sorrow to
be shared, he proposes. Doctor. I’m on my way. I’m waiting so eagerly. Hurry and come. I’m in the parking lot. I’ll be right there. Is my peanut allergy starting? Sa Geum-ran is alive? Is she?

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