[ENG] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP17 (Full)

I can’t let you go. I can’t let you go like this. Let’s… break up. I never want to marry again. As long as you’re with Tae-hee,
he might be in danger. I will leave. So that… Han Tae-hee may be safe. I’m looking for
a passenger on PJ Flight 301. PJ flight 301 has departed. Will Tae-hee be okay? I think he got hurt
by going to the airport. We can stay near
and take care of him. I think he’s here. Hold on. Tae-hee. We waited to make you dinner. I’ll get it ready, Tae-hee. No, let’s go out instead. How about the three of us eat something good
and have a little drink? I want to be alone. Please leave. Oh my, oh my… Sara was… Geum-ran? No wonder. I usually dislike beautiful women,
but not Sara. It was because she was Geum-ran. Geum-ran, that girl betrayed me. How can she
deceive me of all people? But how great is that she’s alive? Right, Mother? Kyung-joo. I can’t reach Geum-ran right now… She must be shocked
about her canceled wedding. Han Tae-hee is
Winner Group’s successor. Such marriage can’t be easy. Is Han Tae-hee that amazing? Whether he’s a possible
Winner Group’s successor or not… The media and internet
were in an uproar. I found out then. Yes, Mother. Your daughter…
went abroad today. By herself? I guess I wasn’t enough. I’m sorry. I don’t hear to hear you’re sorry. Why did Geum-ram make
such decision that suddenly? Geum-ran. No matter what happens,
you can’t break down. Never. If it’s hard…, you have me. Who is it? Mom. It’s me, Geum-ran. Geum-ran. Oh, my daughter. I’m glad you came. Thank you. Hey! Sa Geum-ran! Kyung-joo. I pretended to go abroad to study. But I was going to our hometown. To hide where nobody knows me. Then, I heard your voicemail. You don’t have to explain. I won’t ask anything. Yes, rest, Geum-ran. You’ve suffered a lot. I like that you’re my friend. I’ll be proud to walk around with you. Mom. I’m… going to
our hometown tomorrow. I’ll go with you. Let’s be together, Geum-ran. When I wake up,
Ahjumma will be here. It must be a dream. Right, Ahjumma? Your press conference announcing
your divorce was yesterday. Should your face look so bright? It’s been a while since I decided divorce. I feel like I’m finally seeing light
after wandering in the dark. I won’t be staying long. Don’t worry. You have no other place to go… I’m going to sell the building
and buy a house. Has it been agreed? Without brother-in-law’s consent,
you can’t sell it. I have an offer Kang-joon can’t refuse. The annoying Chae-yeon hired
a mover and took her stuff. Take good care of the building. Chae-yeon won’t be
playing a trick, right? Even so, the building is mine. Who is it? Chae-yeon? You still have more business left? Let’s talk face to face. I’ll go to your office. Come in. How’s Sara’s Italy situation? Did she arrive alright? I talked to the employee who was supposed to
pick up Sara at the airport. However… Sara wasn’t on the plane. Why? What happened? I don’t know the details. Her cellphone is off as well. Is the bus here? I’ll go check. Stay here. Ahjumma, I’m at the airport. Even if you go, see me before you go. Please turn on your phone. Let me hear your voice before you go. I’m still at the airport. Call if you haven’t left yet. Ahjumma, please. Please call me. [Han Min-hyuk] Yes, Director. Sara. Your phone is finally on. My staff at the Roman airport
said you weren’t on the plane. I was worried. Actually, I never planned to
get on the plane. To others,
please let them think I’m overseas. So that no one will look for me. Alright. Call me as soon as
you find a play to stay. The bus is here. Let’s go. What’s wrong with my age? Is there a set age for love? Doctor. It’s your favorite clam soup. And bean paste stew for broken heart. And I added my special
sauce you like, too. The first stage of grief after a breakup. Denial. The fact that she left me… I can’t acknowledge it. How long has it been, Yeo-ok? It’s been about 10 years, right? I wondered when you’d come. So good to see you. Can I owe you a favor? We came suddenly and
haven’t found a place to stay. Of course. The restaurant is full of rooms. Just think of it as your home
and be comfortable. But… who is this young lady? My daughter’s friend. Ma’am. Kitchen helper needed… Can I take this job? Oh my, why would a pretty lady
like you be a kitchen maid? I’m really good at
cooking and cleaning. Try me, ma’am. Mom, it’s wet. You might slip. It’s okay. Give that to me. Rest up like a princess. Princess? No, I will do it, Mom. Rest, Mom. Station board of directors
meeting attendance notice? CEO. Your disciplinary meeting is tomorrow. The Canvas Building. Transfer its title to me. That’s alimony for my life you
and Sa Geum-ran ruined. You’re the one who seduced me
who was married. Who’s the one complained about
a loveless marriage? I don’t want to drag it out. Give the building quietly. Or I’ll reveal this. It’s a blackbox memory card. That night… it contains the footage
of you murdering Sa Geum-ran. Tomorrow is your disciplinary
action meeting, right? What will happen if this is revealed? The meeting is at 10, right? Send the building
title transfer documents by 9. Otherwise, I… will join the meeting. Sara? I’ll go to your office, right? What’s the name of the
culinary school Sara went to? Where is she staying? I don’t know that far. Does it make sense the PD
doesn’t know where her star is? It was handled at
Winner Group headquarters. I’m not in position to ask the details. I’m sorry. Winner Group headquarters? Did you talk to Director Han
about the station directors meeting? I didn’t get to. He went to the country. Country? Why didn’t you go with him? He wanted to go alone. Sara. I’ll find a place for you to stay. I’m comfortable here. I know the owner. There aren’t many people
who recognize me. They’d doubt even if they do. A person on TV till yesterday is
suddenly working at the restaurant. Now I think I know you a little better. I want to work as your partner. But you’re not a person
moved by money or fame. But I still need you. I’ll find another way. Are you sleeping, Geum-ran? It must be hard. Go ahead. If your body is tired, time passes fast. You’ll forget everything. What is this card? You can’t open it yet. My wishes are written in it. If you hang your wish
on the tree and light it, your wish will come true. This way, all my wishes will come true. [Ahjumma, be happy.] After denial, the second
stage of grief after break-up. Anger. I’ll hate you, Ahjumma. I’ll curse you to death and
never forgive you. Italy? You’ll never be happy there. You’ll regret it for the rest of your life. Ahjumma… Tomorrow is CEO Lee Kang-joon’s
disciplinary meeting. You should attend. You go in my place. You have enough material. You’ve been waiting to attend. You wanted to teach him a lesson. You take care of it. And… don’t come see me for a while. CEO. How is it? It’s good. Right? What did you put in here? It tastes completely from mine. It’s natural seasoning. Ground fermented beans and shitake mushrooms and
stewed for 10 hours with pollack. It brings out the flavor. Really? This. Can I use this in
our restaurant’s food? Of course. Let’s add it to the menu starting today. The customers will come swarming in. I know. Ahjumma! Two hangover soups here. Where are you going? I told you. To prepare the
documents by 9 am today. Since you didn’t call,
I’m going to join the meeting. I’ll transfer the title, so go back. Are you sure? I said I will. Then get it ready by 5pm. The agenda for today’s station
directors meeting is regarding the false report on
Madam Park Man-deok and HBS CEO Lee Kang-joon’s disciplinary action. Han Tae-hee who requested
disciplinary action can’t attend. Should we postpone? There’s no need to postpone. These are justification documents. The report was impartial. Han Tae-he is injured
from a recent accident. Since we confirmed he has
no desire to attend the meeting. This issue should be resolved. These are additional documents showing evidence of
Madam Park Man-deuk’s defamation. This is magazine about
marriage and divorce. He violated HBS’s regulations
regarding maintaining dignity. All these materials were gathered
personally by CEO Han Tae-hee. [Announcer Gyo Chae-yeon
announces divorce] [Husband CEO Lee Kang-joon
in affair with an actress!] We’ll announce the
results of the meeting. The directors have come to a decision. The board decides to suspend
Lee Kang-joon for three months. Tae-hee let go of Winner Food? Yes, Grandmother. In order for him to be nominated to
lead the company at the board of directors meeting,
he needs to show achievements. There’s not much time. I’m worried. Is it because of Sara? Jeez, why did I break this? I’m still mad no matter what I do. Ahjumma. Ahjumma. What? I’m calling about Winner Food. The union keeps calling. I’m sorry. I can’t do anything right now. Ahjumma. Nobody would come at this hour. Ahjumma! I heard you quit Winner Food? You’re to take over Winner Group. With the upcoming shareholders meeting,
this is the most important time. You can’t do this because of a woman. You’re the only one having a hard time. It’s not so for Sara. What do you mean? She brought up breaking up first. In the end, she went to
study abroad for her sake. Sara doesn’t feel like that. Accept that truth and find your place. Why do you need to
know where Sara is? It’s personal. I heard you got suspended for
three months at the directors meeting. I dislike you more and more. The reason I got suspended was
because of report on Madam Park. Han Tae-hee used your
personal life as an issue as well. Why give them cause for action? Why manage your
personal life like that? And you wish such bad rumors,
why look for Sara? It’s about Birth of a Chef. Sara’s past isn’t important to me. Regarding Sara’s future issues,
I’m going to decide myself. I’m going to become her patron. I hope you won’t discuss
about Sara anymore. You can leave. She doesn’t feel like me? Is that so, Ahjumma? Did I love you like a madman alone? I alone like you. I suffer alone. How did the cook off go? Are you curious? Of course. Then, watch the show. For this beef meatball soup, I regard highly of her idea of
making a broth out of mussel. Ingredients, season,
and favor are blended well together. Oh Kyung-hee’s table is
extravagant and full. Any family would be
100 % satisfied with it. Now, shall we see Sara’s dish? It’s bean paste stew and tuna. It’s incredibly complimentary in taste. But why tuna? I recently promised to marry
someone I love. When I heard it’s a table for my family,
he came to mind. That person is a bit sick right now. I made dishes with heart healthy
ingredients just for him. I made the broth using tuna
bones to lower cholesterol. And used tuna as an ingredient. I made brown rice with oats,
anchovy and walnuts, onion salad, and duck bulgogi. All four dishes share a similar taste. I added my own natural
seasoning to all the dishes. I think the judges should
taste it themselves. I don’t know how
Sara’s seasoning was made. I can only say it’s the best. For today’s cook off, 7 points for ingredient accord,
4 points for originality, 5 points for nutrition,
and 10 points for taste. The winner is… Sara. Sara, you won round three. Thank you. Thank you. Those eyes can’t be a lie. Never. Team Leader Choi. Where’s Han Min-hyuk right now? I heard Han Tae-hee was looking for me. He himself is here. What’s up? Tell me where you sent Sara. Do you think I can hide
Sara by my will? Sara chose to leave. Where’s the Han Tae-hee
who confidently said he had nothing to lose? Did you approach Sara on
purpose to show off to me? Why is not important. The outcome. Han Tae-hee. In the end,
you couldn’t protect your woman. Just like your father
who died 20 years ago. Han Min-hyuk… The car is ready. Han Tae-hee let go of
Winner Food completely? Did he love Sara that much? He’s lost all reason. It got easier. If Han Tae-hee can’t revive Winner Food, I’m the sole candidate
for the board meeting. I think I’ll easily pass the
shareholders meeting. Winner Group’s leader and Sara… I’ll take both. Then get it ready by 5. In this situation,
what are you relaying on to hold out? I was suspended as CEO. Really? Building. Let’s compromise. We’ll divide it in half. Call home in an hour. What are you saying? It’s me, Chae-yeon. Chae-yeon, why are you calling? Because you made
Kang-joon into a jerk, we can’t even leave the house. It’s just a start. It’ll be bad if you already moan. Check your email. What is she saying? What is it? Chae-yeon that fox wants me to
check my email. This is footage from
Kang-joon’s car blackbox. It shows him murdering
Sa Geum-ran? What? What’s this? Isn’t that Geum-ran’s car that
was on the accident? Is he following Geum-ran? Oh my, Kang-joon is? What? Kang-joon mur…? He really… murdered her? The video made it sure. On the road Pig Sister-in-law died,
Kang-joon was driving really fast. It’s the same date and time. Ka… Kang-joon did? That’s why someone reported him to
police for murder and he got arrested. What do we do? I’m getting chilled. Oh my world. Why are you all gathered? What’s the matter? Did you commit a crime? What? No…No. What crime? What is it! It’s nothing, Dear. I’m home. Kang-joon… What did you do that? What were you thinking? If that come out, your life is over. What to do? What do we do with this? No. Never. Who will believe you? Even if you deny,
what if the world sees that? You’re completely done. What to do? What do we do with this? Chae-yeon fabricated with evil intent. Don’t say anything to Father. Tell my sisters to delete the email. Our family is done for. We’re completely over. What to do? So? Did it change your mind? Where are you? Prepare the documents first. If you have no intention to
hand over the building, we don’t need to meet. I guess you’re not ready yet. Fine, then. Right now, I’m gathering the
board of directors’ emails. I’m going to send the blackbox video
to their personal emails. You better stop. Are you ready then? Ready to hand over the building? You brought the title
transfer papers, right? Don’t feel it unfair. Think of it as punishment for
throwing away women too easily. If it’s not a big deal,
why can’t you look me in the eyes? I know. My sight is growing dim lately. What are you guilty about! Guilty? For what? Kang-joon and you. What are you doing
with the building issue? We agreed to give it
back a while ago. Why nothing yet? Bring the papers! I’ll handle it. Yes, okay. Kang-joon. Knag-joon. Child, I think your father
senses something. He wants the building papers. What does Chae-yeon say? Calm down. Father might hear. I can’t calm down, I can’t. What’ll happen, Kang-joon? You’re losing the building, right? I won’t give it up. Didn’t you give her the papers? Chae-yeon is blackmailing you. How can you not give up? I still have a last solution. What solution? The longer you hold out,
Han Tae-hee will be in more danger. You know me well. What I did to Sa Geum-ran. You have to give me time to
think or prepare. So urgently, so recklessly like this… This isn’t right. Kyung-joo. I wondered
if Han Tae-hee called. If you reach or meet him,
just tell me if he’s okay. He was very sick recently. And… whether he’s eating. Sara’s mother isn’t here? Where did she go? She had business in the country. She want’s answering my calls. Maybe her battery is out. I must know where Sara is. I told you I don’t know. I have to leave now. Can you leave? [Geum-ran] Geum-ran? You do know about Sara? What’s this number? Isn’t Sara abroad? Is she in Korea? Mother’s close friend runs
a restaurant in the country. Geum-ran is there, with Mother. Ahjumma… Director is going down to the country. He’s going alone again today. This is Han Min-hyuk. I’m going to you. I have to discuss work. Give me more cubed kimchi. Yes, here’s the kimchi. Here it is. Thank you. Who else need more kimchi? You must’ve been hungry. Eat a lot. Ahjumma… Enjoy your food. Han Tae-hee? I was curious if Sara was doing well. She’s doing well. I’m not glad to see you. I begged you. Not to let
Geum-ran get hurt twice. I resent you. Sara… Is she okay? She’s better now. I hear you’re the son of Winner Group. Geum-ran is barely
living another’s identity. You two don’t seem to
fit together and rather shaky. Since you broke up,
you should start fresh. I hope you harden your
heart and don’t come back. No, how can your
noodles be so chewy? Tell me the secret. The secret is this hand power. Powerful hands that can crush an apple. You’re so funny. Even if you go on TV, you’d succeed. You know those cooking competitions. Go on one of those shows. Cooking competition… Go for my sake. While you’re at it, win. For sure. Kyung-joo. Did Han Tae-hee call? Yes, he did. I had to tell him where you are. He seemed to be going to you. Doctor… Sara. Sa Geum-ran. You were hiding here. Winner Food is going bankrupt? After you left, Tae-hee is
neglecting work. This isn’t all. I’m afraid it’ll be worse for Tae-hee. The union is making unusual movements. She’s better now. Sara doesn’t feel like you. Tae-hee, you’re the only one struggling. I recently promised to
marry the man I love. You were badly hurt. I thought I’d never be able to
see you again. If it has to do with Winner Food,
tell me more. Alright. But Sara, are you really okay here? I’m doing well. Don’t worry. I’ll see you again. Ahjumma. You look good. It’s not bad. Are you okay? Are you eating? You said you were going abroad. Why are you here? I want to live quietly making plans
and figuring things out. I heard you’re neglecting
Winner Food work. It’s an important period. You can’t neglect. Because of you… I’ve become a useless fool. Because we broke up,
you can’t do anything? That’s an excuse. Even married couples divorce. What’s a big deal about a man
and woman breaking up? I’m doing well. You go back to your place. Don’t come see me anymore. For you, is that possible? Wasn’t it hard? You called me an unfeeling ahjumma. I’m dull. After being a housewife,
you become realistic. I work, worry about food,
and get along comfortably with others. You’re different from me. I saw you smiling. After seeing you doing well,
honestly, I hated you. Fine. Let’s leave her. Let’s pretend not to see. I was on my way to
Seoul with that thought. But I turned around. Why? Because… I missed you. Not me. If it’s over, it’s over. I don’t want to see you anymore. I like being alone. I want to stop being tangled
with someone. You like being alone
but you call Han Min-hyuk? Why him of all people? We’re over. So why do I have to explain? That’s too much. It’s severe. So don’t have lingering feelings. Don’t care about me. The energy going to me should
be used for your work. Geum-ran. I’m going to
my friend’s house. I’m going to bring a blanket. Geum-ran. Mom. I’m going to get groceries. The restaurant is out of ingredients. The last stage of grief after breakup. Accept. Accepting. Get out. This is a restaurant. I came to eat. Why? What do you want? Chae-yeon blackmailed me
and took the building. The day of the accident,
Chae-yeon has the blackbox video. It shows me pushing you off the cliff. You have to save me. It’ll be solved by you revealing
you’re Sa Geum-ran, not Sara. The building is yours. So reveal yourself and get it back. And you have to testify
that I didn’t murder you. Why should I? If not, I’ll come everyday. I’ve suspended as CEO. I got divorced. Now the building was taken. What do I have left? I have no choice but to drag you down. They say lover’s quarrels are
like cutting over with a knife. You jerk, why are you here? How did you know? Are you alright? Get out. Get out before I call the police. Now you know who I am. Honey. You’re a good daughter. You have to protect this happiness. Get out. Get away from my Geum-ran! Think over what I said. That disgusting jerk. How dare he follow you here? Let’s move. He’ll still find me. Whether in love or hate,
we’re in the same boat. You’ll have to keep helping. If I become Winner Group’s head,
it won’t be bad for you, either. When Han Tae-hee is week,
it’s our chance. I’m going to falsify documents
and prosecute Han Tae-hee. I’ll take care of this. Grandmother’s trial… Speed up the sentencing as much as possible. I’m going to send her to prison. This… is your job, Director Kim. [Expenditure funds loan contract] What’s this? In order to delay bankruptcy, CEO Han Tae-hee made a contract
with loan sharks using the company. He intended to save the company. But his method is wrong. He used illegal funds. But he fabricated the contract to
show union’s consent. If bankruptcy is adjudicated,
it’s five years in prison. Since the union agreed,
it’s the same crime. CEO Han Tae-hee. Where is it? After doing this,
would he come to work? He left Winner Food long time ago. What? CEO used loan sharks funds? That’s nonsense. He said he’d save the company. Is committing fraud
using loan sharks the way? We… won’t just take it. CEO! CEO! CEO, it’s a big trouble. You can’t stay still. Please answer my phone, CEO! Han Tae-hee might get prosecuted? I can’t get reach him. If we leave it, it’ll be bad. The union is stepping forward to
prosecute Han Tae-hee, I hear. Everything is working for our advantage. This time, prosecution isn’t our goal. Sara is. Director Han Min-hyuk? It’s Sara. Can I see you? I’ll go down. Yes. Han Tae-hee… I heard the union
reported him to prosecution. But Tae-hee isn’t making any move. It’s my fault that he’s like that. Please help him get over this hurdle. He’ll solve everything
once he feels settled. He’s that type of person. Help him. I beg you, Director. Then… How about we help each other? I told you. I’m a businessman. I think it’s unexpected great timing. I’ll give my all to save Tae-hee. In exchange, you accept my offer. The union is reporting me to prosecution? Yes, CEO. I’m worried
that it’s too late to act. Where’s the union leader? The whole union is having
a meeting at headquarters. Yes. You came? Are you ready? The forum preparations went well. Today, the star of the
business dinner is you. The reason Chairman Jeong of
Hansang Group leaving the presentation to you means
he thinks you’re Winner Group’s successor. Is that so? Let’s go. Oh, Mother… Is it okay if someone joins us? I know how much you
put your effort for this. Of course, I welcome it. The car is here. Sara.

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