[ENG] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP19 (2/4)

Oh my world. It’s the end of the world. You look like a bum. Kang-joon. What are you doing? Why are you breaking down? Why did you come? Your father won’t be home for a few
days because of seminar. Let’s go home. I’m comfortable here. Kang-joon, you.
You’ll ruin yourself at this rate. [Assistant to Strategy Planning] She was a plastic surgery beauty?
Sara? That’s not all. Look at this, too. Sara even lied about her identity. Not only did she have plastic surgery,
she’s a fraud who deceived the whole country. This is a huge case. The backlash will be massive. Sara is Winner Group’s model. HBS is Winner Group’s affiliate. Let’s say we got a tip. Then she won’t be able to say anything. I know you’re enthusiastic about it. But I have to let the director know. Kang-joon. Yes. Answer my questions honestly and truthfully. Sara, you, and Han Tae-hee… What’s your relationship? Answer. Come in. Gyo Chae-yeon is planning to reveal
something about Sara on the talk show. Sara’s identity is false and
she is a plastic surgery beauty. What’s going on with you four? You’re going to meet Gyo Chae-yeon? Tomorrow is the live broadcast. There’s me. But Han Tae-hee is the issue. He can’t get in more
trouble because of me. Sara, you’re calling? What is it? Sara is Sa Geum-ran. Your dead first wife. You thought she died but she appeared
as different person after plastic surgery. I couldn’t have ever imagined it. I was fooled, too. What is Gyo Chae-yeon trying
to reveal on the talk show? We divorced because of Sara. She feels wronged. She hates her and wants revenge. What about Han Tae- hee then? He’s behind Sa Geum-ran’s plastic surgery. Forged identity, illegal plastic surgery. It’s all Han Tae-hee’s work. Han Tae-hee was behind it all? Cancel the talk show for now. You’ll have to make a move. With this, let’s get Han Tae-hee. I thought you wanted to
meet over the talk show. But you look unaffected. Aren’t you scared? I’m not scared. Of you at least, Gyo Chae-yeon. Will you be able to say that after
the entire nation point finger at you? Beg me to cancel the talk show. I didn’t come for that. Han Tae-hee is in danger. Someone is after him. He might get hurt. Don’t create situations that may become
Han Tae-hee’s weakness. If my story gets out, he will be in trouble. You won’t want Han Tae-hee
to be in danger, either. Who’s worrying about whom now? You betrayed Tae-hee. Beside a thought to destroy you,
I don’t care about anything. Han Tae-hee might get hurt. How can you be like that? Don’t you love him? Even if he might be in danger,
you’re not alarmed or worried a bit. You’re greedy for him because
he’s Winner Group’s successor. That was the only reason. Gyo Chae-yeon? It’s me. Sara’s appearance has been
cancelled for the talk show. Canceled? Who canceled it? Who’s the higher up? Director Han Min-hyuk? Han Min-hyuk… Did you ask Director Han? To cancel the talk show? Unbelievable. Fine. Do as you wish. I’ll still make sure to expose you. In the cruelest way possible. [Director Han Min-hyuk] Yes. It’s Han Min-hyuk. I thought you’d answer this call. What do you mean? I’m sure you heard the
talk show is canceled. Let’s meet tomorrow morning at
9am in my office, Sa Geum-ran. No. We don’t need to wait till tomorrow. Let’s meet today. Fine. I’m in my office. Yes. From now on, gather evidence of
Han Tae-hee’s illegalities. I won’t need to deal with Grandmother. With the materials you bring, I can chase
Han Tae-hee out of Winner Group. If you handle this matter well,
your reinstatement, I guarantee your position at HBS. Chae-yeon. I just bothers me too much. The talk show. Don’t worry. Talk show has been canceled. Why? Sara has Director Han Min-hyuk. He forcibly canceled it. Did you come from shock? Sa geum-ran. You were caught by Han Min-hyuk as well. Are you any different from me? Look here, Sa Geum-ran. Sa Geum-ran? Lee Kang-joon knows
she’s Sa Geum-ran, too? You’ll think it’s better that I’m after you. Once Han Min-hyuk has you, you can’t
run away even if you want to. Worry about yourself. I don’t welcome your concern for me. Fine. Ahjumma. I’ll get right to the point. I’ll cover up your story. Stay with me. You know I’m Sa Geum-ran
and Lee Kang-joon’s wife. What’s your intention? I’m not saying stay forever. Just until I say so. What’s most important to me is that
I took Han Tae-hee’s woman. It’s this week’s schedule. I don’t like repeating myself. Kang-joon is gathering evidence
of Han Tae-hee’s illegalities. If I expose that, Han Tae-hee will be
finished as an entrepreneur. Han Min-hyuk found out, too? He’s using it to blackmail you? It’s a dilemma. You can’t do anything out
of worry for Han Tae-hee. Lee Kang-joon… and Chae-yeon
knew she’s Sa Geum-ran. Ahjumma, how much have you suffered? Please forget me completely. Even if we meet coincidentally, ignore me. I have nothing to say. If it’s over, it’s over. I don’t want to see you anymore. I want to live my own life. Break up with me. Ahjumma. Is everything fine? Is everything really fine? It’s fine. Lee Kang-joon knows you’re
Sa Geum-ran, doesn’t he? Since when? Did Lee Kang-joon threaten you? No. That didn’t happen. Lee Kang-joon and Chae-yeon…
know you’re Sa Geum-ran. Then, something must have happened. What could it be? And by chance, is the reason we broke up…
one of those things? That suddenly came to my mind. The reason we broke up. Does it have to do with Lee Kang-joon? No. It doesn’t. Then, does it have to do with
Chae-yeon and Han Min-hyuk? No. If you can’t tell the truth,
there must be a reason. Then I’ll take care of it. What will you do? I need to find out who’s harassing you. If you know? I won’t let it go. Even after I did to you,
are you still worried about me? Why? I’ll be going. Doctor. Don’t you blame me? Don’t you regret meeting me? You always suffered because of me. Aren’t you tired of it and
want to leave me now? I never resented you. Not even once. What I lost is nothing. Compared to the
happy memories after meeting you. My happy memories
with my parents were short. But with that memory, I endured 20 years. Happy memories give
me the strength to go on. Now I have precious memories with you. You gave me such memories. How can I regret meeting
you or resent you? Let me ask one thing. Have you ever resented me? Have you ever resented me
for the plastic surgery? I pushed you to live with false identity.
Have you ever blamed me? [Han Min-hyuk] You can answer. I thought I warned you what
to do about Han Tae-hee. I understand. Are you okay? I’m fine. Something came up.
I have to go.

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