[ENG] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP20 (1/4)

Ahjumma! I’m glad I found you. You’ve been looking for me all this time? Where were you? I went to the restaurant. It was closed. You have no where to go, right? I was going to start looking. I knew it. Follow me. What are you doing?
Follow along. Check places Sara might go. Most them are here. Come in. I sent employees to Sara’s house
but only reporters were there. No Sara. The focal directors of the board are
requesting an interview with you. They want an explanation for the scandal. Tell them we’re taking care of Sara scandals. Yes, sir. The shareholders’ meeting is next week. No other situation can happen. I’ll come up with a plausible story for Sara. Make sure it won’t get bigger. Yes, I understand. Everything is the same. Except that you aren’t here,
everything is the same. Your room upstairs is the same, too. Stay comfortably until
the problem is resolved. I won’t bother you or disturb you. Yes, Mother. I brought Sara to my house. I’ll discuss future issues with her. Yes. I will contact you again. Is something wrong? No, nothing. I was afraid you might
have left like last time. I came to check. Take your time to come down. I’ll prepare food. Sara, that audacious girl. She had a past like that? The problem is the shareholders’ meeting. This caused a big damage on your
image as a business leader. Sara suspects me as a culprit to
Han Tae-hee’s assault case. But only you, I and Director Kim know. She held the press conference because
I might get Han Tae-hee hurt. If Han Tae-hee starts to suspect us,
things will get complicated. If he becomes suspicious of the explosion
20 years ago, there’s no stopping it. Eat. I acknowledge that you’re good cook. But mine probably tastes better. Really? Since housewives cook all the time, they say other people’s
cooking always tastes good. How did you know how they feel? Getting to know the
third gender: ahjummas. What do ahjummas live for? I read all the books regarding ahjummas. I wanted to understand
why you broke up with me. It’s Han Min-hyuk. I disappeared after the press conference. He probably have come for me. I will go. No. It may be dangerous. I will go out, so wait. Sara is here with you, right? Did you not learn etiquette growing up? Why are you here so early in the morning? She’s not here. Is that so? You wouldn’t hand Sara over so easily. Sara caused a big damage to
Winner Group’s image. Tell her to hurry back and follow
my orders to handle it. It shouldn’t have come this far. Those words are what
I want to say to you. So you think the one who ordered my
assault was Han Min-hyuk? There’s no evidence, but I’m sure. Han Min-hyuk didn’t deny it, either. The reason you held the press conference
was because of Han Min-hyuk, right? You were afraid he might hurt me. I’m right, right? Ahjumma. Then let’s do this. Let’s join forces to round
up all those who hurt us. We’ll go back to the 100 % success
rate of the genius and ahjumma. To catch Lee Kang-joon and Han Min-hyuk. I’ll go after the truth. After identifying who attacked me, I’ll uncover Han Min-hyuk and
Lee Kang-joon’s crimes. While you chase after the truth,
I’ll disclose the whole truth. My in-laws, Gyo Chae-yeon,
Lee Kang-joon… And what happened between us. I’ll expose it all. Isn’t that Sara? Didn’t she go hiding? She looks like nothing’s wrong. Sara is here? Yes, earlier. Sara showed up? To the broadcasting station? Yes. Hello. I heard you came by my house by
asking me to fulfill the contract. To disappear after doing that… As you want, I’ll fulfill the contract. Good. I created the perfect story for you. So let’s hold a press conference again. The goal is to minimize
the damage I received. I will only fulfill my contract. I won’t do things for your sake. At the board of director’s meeting, you said I was Winner Group’s model
and a chef of Winner Food, right? First as a chef, I will help Han Tae-hee. Ultimately, it’s for Winner Group’s sake. I’ll do my best for Winner Group’s image. Oh, and… It’d be best not to think about
sending bad men after me or Han Tae-hee. If one of us gets hurt,
you’ll become the suspect. You’ll find the reason if you
look on the company bulletin. How can you show up here? The reporters. The media is looking for you. I said I’d give a written interview soon. I earned a few days time. Written interview? To say what? My story will satisfy people’s curiosity. Of course, you’d hate that story. Oh, and… I went back to
Han Tae-hee’s house. From now on, together, we’re going
to catch those who harassed us. Rice balls of love. Was Director
Han Min-hyuk lying about creating them? Han Tae-hee and Sara made
them but he took the credit. Director Han became the candidate for
Winner Group CEO because of that. Rice balls of love by Chef Sara who
achieved pre-orders of $1.2 million in Winner Food’s was not done under
Director Han Min-hyuk’s orders. Sara voluntarily participated
in the development. Winner Food regretfully informs that at
the board of directors, Director Han Min-hyuk falsely claimed
the facts that he led the development of the rice balls. This situation will be severely dealt with. Winner Food’s CEO Han Tae-hee. I believe that revealing
the truth is the safest. If something happens to me or Sara,
Han Min-hyuk, you’ll be the first suspect. Ah, Sara has employees with her. From now on, I’ll protect Sara myself. So it’ll be wise for you
to stop any schemes. Will this change the result
of shareholders’ meeting? Who can tell the future? I’m just doing my best. How did it go, Doctor? I met Han Min-hyuk… and give him a good blow. What about you? I also declared war that
I’d help Winner Food. This is natural seasoning I hope
Winner Food would release. With this seasoning, I made dumplings. Taste it. How does it taste? It’s the best. Really? I’m glad. This is spicy chicken soup. Taste this too. Wow. It’s the best. Why are you staring? I told you taste. Who told you to stare at my face? After being discharged from the hospital, it’s the first time I’m seeing
your face this close up. The hospital? You fed me, put me to sleep and
stayed with me for 24 hours.

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