[ENG][Episode 1: Natural Pregnancy VS IVF] [제1화-자연임신vs시험관임신] ’50년경력’ 삼신할미의 임신(난임,불임치료) 이야기#Fertility

Grandma Samsin’s Bedtime Story
By Dr. Kang Myung JaEsode 1: Natural Pregnancy VS IVF Granddaughter: Grandma Samsin! Can women after their 40s conceive naturally? Is IVF the only way? Samshin: Conception is a natural function of woman and it is quite simpler than you think. But many people believe that it is something challenging and find shortcuts such as IVF. In fact, love is the original source of conception. In Korean medicine, 49 is considered the oldest age of woman for natural conception. However in Western medicine, they say once a woman reaches the age of 35, she has less chance to get pregnant naturally. IVF or intrauterine insemination is highly recommended in fertility clinics. As a Korean Medicine Doctor, I think future moms and dads today are lost and they are going to a wrong direction. Our belief in natural pregnancy is loosing its power. It is possible to have a baby if one’s energy and blood circulation meet their harmonious state, even at 49. And I have many clinical cases of successful pregnancy to prove my point. “I’m old so I definitely need a medical support to have a child?” No, that is not right. Granddaughter: If what you’re saying is right, old women can get pregnant naturally if they’re healthy, right? yes, yes Samshin: Yes. My dear. It is not a matter of age, health is a more important factor. Just like I said, 49 is the oldest age for natural conception in Korean medicine. In old books of Korean medicine, it says a woman develops every 7 years. She first becomes curious about the opposite sex at 7. At 14, her period starts. And so on. 49 is considered the final stage of female fertility. On the other hand, a man develops every 8 years. An 8 year old boy starts making fun of girls in their class and has crushes on girls. At the age of 16, a man becomes perfectly fertile. I admit that you loose your energy as you get old. But, it doesn’t mean that you cannot concieve. The basics of human body is consisted of energy and blood. The basics of human body is consisted of energy and blood. The harharmonious circulation of the two makes everything possible such as late pregnancy. Granddaughter: Grandma! Many people get pregnant without planning. Do you think A planned pregnancy is better? Does this make a great difference? Samshin: Having a child is the most precious part of human life. So smart planning of such precious activity should be a must for all future moms and dads. A healthy baby is created from a series of thorough preparations. Even in case of IVF, advance preparation is the key to success. The methods of preparation are the same in both Natural and IVF pregnancies. Granddaughter: I see. Well, one more questquestion. Say you just had a baby. When is the good time to plan for your second pregnancy? The baby needs his ot her siblings right? Samsin: As you go through pregnancy and labor, you loose all of your energy and blood. So you’re literally not ready to have a second child at this point. It takes more than 1 year to find your balance. And a baby born from an unhealthy mom cannot be perfect right? So I recommend at least 1 year of recovery. Dear Daughters! Don’t be stressed out about having a child! YOU WILL BE A MOM FOR SURE! Life is not a race. Just live your life as natural and as happy as you can. Sweet Dreams! I will pray for you always
-Grandma samsin from Seochodong-

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