[ENGSUB] รีวิว Ozzy ตุ๊กตา Reborn Baby Elf ตามคำขอ !! ได้อะไรมาบ้าง ??

just like carrying a real baby ! hi guys so today i will be reviewing my new toy .. my new reborn baby ! eversince i came back to make vdo's about reborn babies , it's like i've came back to my long lost hobby .. and i even love reborn babies more than before so .. i've ordered so many new babies .. it's just unstoppable .. and alot of thai people are starting to pay attention to reborn babies .. this is my FB page My Tiny Little Boo so as said .. i will be reviewing my newest reborn baby right now i have 4 dolls in my collection melbourne, niklaus, archie skye & my new baby .. ozzy ozzy is so cute ! though he might not resemblance a real baby because he is an elf but his details are just amazing .. his veins are very visible .. i love that i have to admit that on the day ozzy came , there was some construction going on in my house .. and it was so loud that i couldn't film any unboxing vdo .. i'm going to show ozzy and the items that came along with him in this vdo i will show you the items that came with ozzy first then i will reveal ozzy's face to you guys ! this is his kit's COA little woodland elf flynn reborn babies can be reborn into different styles i really like elves , i think they're just very cute .. this will also be a baby elf i ordered him from the USA the kit's name's Flynn sculpted by Laura Lee let's see what i've got ! first off is this cute little diaper with pandas all over i like putting on diapers for my babies because their butts will be puffy and it would be cute for photoshoots i really love that diapers from abroad have cartoons and patterns printed on it , we do not have printed diapers here in thailand , i haven't seen any next would be an outfit i got , it's just so cute this is a P size , or preemie – premature .. babies that are extra tiny .. sometimes will have to stay in a NICU i've never seen size P in thailand ..not sure if we have these it says everyone's wild about me it has animals printed all over , look at the feet .. i tiny rhino ! so cute ! so this is the first outfit i got next ! omg so tiny when i hold it this way this is a tiny jacket with a matching pair of pants .. most of the baby clothes i've got are from carters , i've mentioned before that carters brand is quite famous for making preemie sized clothings for babies next is this white onesie with snuggle printed on it so usually when you order dolls directly from the artist, you will get 2-3 outfits but everytime i order from an owner .. (who bought the doll from the artist) they will do a huge box opening next is this soldier green onesie .. very boyish ! i actually just knew that the tip of the sleeves could be covered up as used as mitts .. and it could also be an open end sleeve as well and i also received a knitted beanie .. the artist mentioned that she feels that elves needs knitting apparels so she knitted this for him this is the tip of the beanie i also received this sack , the artist also knitted this one as well , when ozzy came . he was tied up in this sack . but i took it off him already , i'm not quite sure how to put it on him .. maybe as a sleeping sack ? next will be the accessories that came with ozzy , usually you will get one paci with the baby here it is , but actually we can also DIY , i might do a tutorial someday my page also sells honeybug pacifiers , they are made especially for reborn babies . no DIY needed there will be a cap that you can just take off and insert the magnet .. very convenient this pacifier has a little smiling heart on it .. the magnet will be pasted on the back side and a piece of felt is glued on to it most people will just glue it or tape it .. this is actually the first time i see a felt used on it .. it's actually really neat it looks like the felt we put on the legs of chairs and table .. it's actually a great idea .. it won't scratch the baby's lips too the next item i got is this comb ! ozzy has lots of hair so i think this will be neccessary i'd still recommend a toothbrush or a soft baby comb are you ready to meet ozzy ? this is ozzy on my shoulder .. it does look kinda weird carrying him like this .. he is quite heavy but the box he came in was really small , alot smaller than the other babies . my first two babies came in the biggest boxes ozzy is about 17.5 inches and archie skye (realborn ashley) is about 17 inches .. just super tiny okay ! i'm ready to show him to you ! he is so cute .. his face is so hilarious .. let's see his feet first these are his tiny little feet ~ so cute ! i just love how his veins are so visible okay .. one two threeeee i told you he looks funny ! some people might feel that he doesn't look realistic .. he's actually an elf .. there are also many types of reborn babies there even are zombie babies , fairies and even baby grinch . gosh he looks soooo happy , it's like he's planning something funny all the time he has dark green eyes with point elf ears i actually love his hair alot ! so tightly rooted and also very thick as well so thick he can do a mohawk style .. i just love it he's in this plain white onesie , he's very tiny i love that he has 4/4 limbs .. so that means his limbs are full and he could wear sleeveless outfits so funny looking ! the first day he came i uploaded his photo on IG @mytinylittleboo , he received so many likes ! might be a new favorite boy i have to admit that .. the first day he arrived .. i chopped his head off .. there's a need to his eyes aren't equally inserted , maybe it's because of his travel .. so i had to readjust his eyes .. it's very important because it will show in the photos i was kinda shocked when the head bounced off the body .. it was my first time disassembling reborn babies .. many people might wonder what's inside their head .. i will be doing a new vdo about that .. i would have to do a surgery on melbourne .. her magnet has slipped from the center to the side already .. i'll do that soon .. it actually feels like i was about to destroy it .. but just not .. haha now he's back to normal do you like him ? i'm not sure if you would like elf babies versus to human babies .. it's actually a different feeling to them he is actually really cute in photos , his veins and all .. it's like carrying a real baby lol here ! what's this ? right .. this is a paci-strap .. this is to hold the paci with the baby .. this isn't his name .. i haven't finished making one for him yet this is archie skye's .. these are made from high quality food grade silicone beads that real human babies can use this is the clip . you can use to clip on . you just have to inserted onto the paci .. it's actually a safety strap .. real babies might throw them on the floor so this strap will hold the paci so it won't fall away you can attach it to shirts or bibs you can customize it with your babies' names and also pick the colors as well .. FB My Tiny Little Boo here , now it's attached to ozzy's onesie now .. looks like a baby ! okay so this is it for this vdo .. just wanted to review Ozzy , my Elf Flynn kit everytime i post photos of my new babies there will be comments asking me to review them on youtube , so this is a requested vdo 🙂 you guys can also comment vdo suggestions as well i might not reply to all comments but i promise that i got to read every single comments on my VDO okay don't forget to subscribe to my channel , thank you .. see you

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