Environmentally friendly I Am Eva Period Underwear combats pain

In a bid to combat period poverty, two wahine Maori entrepreneurs have created environmental friendly
sanitary products in the form of underwear. As Krystal-lee Brown reports, the pair believe
their approach aligns with how wahine took care
of their menstrual cycle before the arrival
of Pakeha to Aotearoa. Managing menstrual cycles
in a more natural way. Michelle and Kylie are on
a mission to end period poverty, and they're donating 5 per cent
of their own creation, I Am Eva Period Underwear
to those in need. The founders utilised Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform
to raise the funds and also test the demand
for the product, Michelle says the result
exceeded all expectations. And their mission
is to eliminate the stigma people have attached
to period conversations. While also making an effort to empower indigenous women
of all shapes and sizes. Made by women for women. Krystal-Lee Brown, Te Karere.

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