10 Replies to “Ep 152 | Abort! Abort! Scary Atoll Pass, Sailing Pacific Nutshell”

  1. I've also been keenly watching adventures of a sea dog and think he's just visited naku hiva. Had a bit of a nightmare getting in though. I could be wrong. I'm sure I saw nb nutshell pass our marina on the Soar last week. Must be a very distant memory for you both now.

  2. Wow those currents were all over the place I'm never gonna complain about the Trent again. Your patience paid off well done guys. You'd need a beer or two after that. Cheers.

  3. After that scare are you kids thinking about going back to your canal boat and tea and biscuits ? LOL GOOD JOB………..

  4. Some confused looking water there. Nice pics of the swirling tides. You two dealt with it like champs.

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