48 Replies to “Epic Pregnancy Transformation | Mimi Ikonn”

  1. What's the point in making a pregnancy transformation video, it's just fucking dumb. I'm pretty sure her child isn't going to like that she did this, later in the future.

  2. Her body was goals before the pregnancy, but it’s going to be more goals after the baby’s birth

  3. あんなにほそかったのにこんなおなかでっかくなったの、そして

  4. I was on my phone then I look and see it say "41 week" and Im like "Why is her belly so small" lol

  5. I liked how in the first few weeks you didn't try poking out your belly to make it look bigger. If it happens it happens but you can usually tell. Impressive change! Congratulations even though this is a long time in the future.

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