#Episode 1 – Komponen Mesin Tetas dan Cara Membuatnya – Mesin Tetas Skala Rumahan

Besides the egg factor, the factor of the hatching machine component itself is very influential in its success in hatching eggs Welcome to the PRESIDEN CEKER channel in the next 10 minutes I will give important tips about HATCHING COMPONENTS, but before continuing the video, I ask for your support, for SUBCRIBE CHANEL PRESIDEN CEKER by subscribing, you will all have videos of farm videos every day. There are two important factors in the machine that you must know, the first is the temperature of the hatching machine, the second is humidity. We can adjust the temperature of the hatching machine with a device called a digital thermostat And we can read the hatching machine humidity using a hygrometer This is the hygrometer and this is the thermostat. ok I’ll explain one by one, starting from the way it works, until how to use it The function of a digital thermostat is very simple, disconnecting and delivering electricity to the hatching machine heater, which is a lamp. This kind of thermostat is very easy to use, Digital thermostats consist of input cables, namely red and black wires. Which functions to flow electricity from pln to the digital thermostat and this one is the output cable that is connected to the lamp or heating media of the incubator, the cable is yellow black This layer is a digital thermostat monitor that displays the temperature and temperature of the hatching machine, with this mini monitor you can more easily monitor the temperature of the incubator The right button of you has a function to see and set the maximum temperature, by pressing the button once the maximum temperature is seen while holding down the right button for 3 seconds will go to the maximum temperature setting. we will discuss later The button to the left of you has controls for viewing and setting minimum temperatures, same as the button to the right of the system works. by pressing the button once, the thermostat monitor will show the minimum temperature while pressing and holding the left button will bring you to the minimum temperature setting the temperature sensor has a function to read the temperature of the hatching machine room, and placed parallel to the egg after I finished discussing the digital thermostat now I will discuss this little device This little tool is very helpful in determining the success of hatching eggs The function of this tool is to read the humidity in the room of your hatching machine, people call it a hygrometer The hygrometer shows humidity with a percent scale, we can see the hygromenter’s monitor screen shows 72 percent this indicates that the room around here has 72 percent air humidity The use of a hygrometer is very simple, just put it in a hatching machine How to use a digital hygrometer and thermostat to make a hatching machine is very simple here I will use the cardboard as an example application of thermostats and hygrometers OK, all the tools to make a simple hatching machine are ready, there are thermostats, and hygrometers, there are cardboard boxes, electrical installations and water trays for humidity first we put together the thermostat first here I have made a thermostat circuit, This red black wire, has been coupled with an electric current source and I connected the yellow black wire to the incubator’s heating source, here I use a 5 watt light bulb. Just a reminder to make a simple hatching machine we can make before we put it in the hatching machine. but if you make a hatching machine out of a series of hygromes in the end, put the box of the hatching machine in. okay this is the cardboard hatching machine that I have finished making To install this digital thermostat, you only need to draw it using a pencil and make a hole then, this is a hole as a door also I provide 4 pieces of air ventilation here 2 pieces, and over here 2 pieces and on the top of this is the hole where the lights are Now this is an important part of making a hatching machine digital thermostat settings to set the minimum and maximum temperature of the hatching machine, because I’m going to use this hatching machine to hatch chicken eggs, then I set the lowest temperature at 36 degrees, which later if the temperature is below or fits 36 degrees then the light will automatically turn on and for the maximum temperature setting I played at number 38 DEGREE, WHICH IF IF THE TEMPERATURE ROOM OF THE MACHINE HATES IN THE NUMBER OF 38 degrees then the lamp will automatically turn off It’s easy to use this digital thermometer so all we have to do is make and plug it in right away, so you don’t have to wait as long as the terms capsules What do you think? It’s not easy to make a simple hatching machine by knowing the hatching machine components. Next video I will share tips for incubating the hatching machine HA.HA.HA.HA.HA (SAY SOMETHING WRONG) SALAM CEKER………!!!!!!!!!!!! ssssttttttttt Dont Forget SUBSCRIBE…..!!!!!!!!

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