Eric Hernandez vs Lawyer on Abortion

all right thank you guys for coming to our first event dialogue between two opposing views that normally get very heated and very negative quickly in my hope as the president of the other services is to be able to take two opposing views and have them examined and endless board by people who are not be speaking there hey but what they act out in their life and what they do and so I want this to be a civil dialogue so we can all come in here open-minded to take an opportunity to hear we'll have to say different opinions and walk out either change we're to say and head so that's the purpose of this and so I wanted to take an opportunity to first introduce now they're Busby she's the president executive approach was Texas and so she is going to be speaking on why she believes that abortion is morally at the golden cow and Eric he's a Christian apologist American Indians the Christian apologist and he will be speaking on why he thinks it's about the world's you have an abortion and so I just kind of want this to be a free full-on conversation I don't want this to be a formal opportunity for people say this is what I believe and all the people that have and they come the time to have a conversation okay so at this time Heather if you just want to kind of share what you do and why you're here so I'm not about the I'm the executive director of the college these senses and they were portrays Texas they were always just a weird and acronym that no one knows how to pronounce half the time which dates to the thermic java bed it's a statewide I would see organization that reproductive rights obvious organization that has been in Texas since 1978 and so we educate the members of the public and we engage them in the civic engagement process we lobby at them Texas Capitol hold trainings an event statewide and we go into communities there will a conservative of all shapes and sizes here in Texas I personally grew up in a conservative town in South Texas thanks for Victoria fifty nine and me personally for my background I am an attorney I got my law degree in Houston and before that I did an HIV prevention and education had a bunch of different jobs right after college I actually worked for the same organization in thing that I interact her up now and after law school I went into domestic violence work and I didn't primarily came along and so for me this issue is very intimately intricately tied to that work in my experiences as a gentle warrior in dealing with some of the worst students that couples go through and religion relational problems and especially seeing how that affects children I've been with the organization for five years and why really this is strongly for me I did have an abortion when I was in college and so for me it was a very personal decision it's a decision that I did not culture it I knew it was the right decision for me at the time and I never regretted making that decision I still today feel that was the right decision for me it was it was a personal decision like I mentioned before it's also about my experience in law but it's also why I feel so strongly about this my chosen to dedicate my life this woman time to this work is because I've spoken to at least hundreds if not thousands of people over the years so about him 1999 dating myself a little bit I my first were poor into this abortion rights was managing an abortion Assistance Fund and talking to folks who had already made the decision that happened portion but the crisis was and barriers to accessing it and so our organization directly assist with the cost of the abortion so that that would no longer be a barrier and then in 2001 I was part of a group that co-founded an abortion assistance on : fund which is still around today and doing quite well and most of my work through the fund was working on the hotline and so i attracted folks from all walks of life I talked to people who women who were needing an abortion for themselves I talked to parents and grandparents of teenagers were to get an abortion I talked to spouses and the folks who need an abortion and cost me was the barrier and through that experience it gave me a glimpse into the variety of circles that people find themselves in and that abortion is just one piece of their life it's not the the main part of their life it's just one thing that they're experiencing that moment of time it's often part of the spectrum of a reproductive history that someone goes to so the same woman who has an abortion they also give birth they also decide to give the child up for adoption later on those are all the same same folks about 60% of how abortions are already mother's one of the biggest things that stuck out to me is that did this work what is that you never know you think you've heard it all you're gonna hear something else so you can never every situation is unique every person's circumstance and life is different so making a one-size-fits-all wall is not going to work for people's personal lives and someone's going to be negatively impacted by that – this was a decision that people are making ultimately the decision whether or not to have an abortion it's a family decision and those 60 percent of folks who women who were having worships already had children most of them would say the same things recurring theme with my conversations which was I already have my families that is maximum we cannot sustain another child I am making this decision because the best decision for my children this is for my children so to me that really struck me deep in my car and really brought out the compassion that I had for these women who I'm speaking to for making decisions because we were good mothers these were parenting decisions that they were making and that rarely enters into the dialogue especially the political dialogue so it's about personal decision making it's about every person's bodily autonomy it's about your hopes and dreams kids about decisions about sustainably it's also for me about care and compassion who are pregnant person's health and well-being so once the person has made the decision to have an abortion I want them to be able to make the decision that's best for them and to be able to access care that's available to them that's in their community that's accessible and there is quality here I don't want them to have to walk through line of protesters I don't want them to have to feel shame and stigma I don't want someone to go through the guilt trip on them because they made a decision that's best for them because it's not my place to challenge addition to anyone else's place as a judge I witness that everyone's situation is different and it's for me it's about respecting the unique circumstances that people find themselves in and allowing them to make the decision that's best for them it's about fairness no one should be denied the health care that they see because if there's some code or because of what's in their bank account everyone should have access to the care that they need and that's what we need for having healthy families I want others to be healthy and I want children to be home I want families to be healthy and along those lines it's about social justice so in Texas 104 children live in poverty one and for the children a state of low income households half of them are headed up by others and women are 60% more likely to fall into poverty than men in Texas so when you think about these family decisions that folks are making and how families can be negatively impacted decisions are not able to be carried out it can have a really detrimental impact on our state and for me it's not about deciding for other people about whether or not they should they can have an abortion or should have an abortion or messing around on their life their personal decision making I think the state should be pre-emergence ways of taking care of those 25 percent of children who are living in poverty in the state I think we have a moral responsibility to feed here and clothe the people who are here that children we work here we have a responsibility to educate them to provide them and that was not something that our Texas to take out a man is doing the other thing that most becoming more and more know is that we have an appallingly high maternal mortality rate Texas has the highest maternal mortality rate in the developed world not just in the United States in the entire developed world and that's disgusting for a state with the resources that we have that should not be happening and so those are the problems that pain to focus on we shouldn't we be focusing on the personal health care decisions that people are making okay quickly so the other thing that I want to stress is that I don't think that politics should have anything to do with this this should be a pregnant person their doctor their family their own personal faith and it's really abortion has been used as a callous political pond and it's fine if you're want to talk in terms of you know I call it your protest sign it's pro-life pro-choice it's a child well in some ways it's my body my choice like that's not how that's not how I think probably not huh moans do you think our lives are lived in a more gray area than this black and white and to use people's personal family decision in their healthcare this is a political pond it's disgusting and so you know I would like to be out of a job frankly I would like for this to be a non-issue and the same time I'll just jump right in suppose one day that your five-year-old centers are come up with your back turn a smaller gay now of course you're an actual will not be an immediate yes or no but will be and I kill what the spider by your mom's bed go cockroach try to get inside the door please do but your brother's sister beautiful and what we learn from this is that we cannot answer the question of whether or not we can feel something unless we know what that something is and this is the most important fundamental question that must be resolved before we can attempt to answer the question of what an a portion world because it is undeniable that abortion takes a life of living the same and therefore to answer the question of whether or not it is right to take the life of this lunatic depends entirely on what the living thing is which means that the answer first nice discussion is actually by simple if the unborn are not living growing individual human beings you can have as many as you like this would be no different than quantum tooth or playing your toenails however it's the unborn are human beings and what justification could be given we're taking the life of an innocent defenseless or child as author and apologist bumblefoot says if the unborn are not human there's no justification is necessary however if the unborn are human beings then no justification is hapless now so there's a format the only argument that I have to get would be as follows premise one is wrong Aiki immoral intentionally killing innocent you would be pursue abortion intentionally kills innocent a conclusion comes three therefore the Martian is morally wrong now the science of embryology indisputably backs up the second premise an abortion makes a life of innocent convenience so it's a reading from buddy's basic medical textbook of the rheology it says the development of the human being begins with fertilization a process by which two highly specialized cells disturbances any from the mill the both side from the female unite to give rise to a new organism the zygote this is from many but in reality third edition or take this text it says a zygote is the beginning of a you human being I get in every role and that's highly specialized Pony cosell mark the beginning of each of us as a unique individual this is FL war the book the developing human clinically-oriented neurology 7th edition now just to be clear this is not what I just read is not some theological Bible zombie perspective this is not my religious thing you know preference on the matter and I agree with evidence is not about politics quote philosopher accents braxton hunter abortion is not a political issue it's a moral issue names been politicized there fork decisis clear again this is Lisa ecology 101 and its face it from the earliest thing for development the Buckhorn Hardesty living human being therefore if abortion takes the life of the unborn and reported society unborn or you eat this people living human beings and it is undeniable that the second premise is true namely that abortion essentially kills today's me and again don't take my word for it this is not my position of a full life per se because we can go and see that this is acknowledged even amongst abortion community as well dr. Warren who's the author of the book abortion practice which is a medical text which teaches doctors how to perform abortion he writes we have reached a point in this particular technology well there is no possibility of denying an act of destruction it is before one's eyes and he speaks about the process he says he sensation of this member Minh flows through the forceps like an electrical current is where I'm fine or take a liberal professor model Morgan says in his book likes to me and he might set abortion deliberately kills a developing embryo any is a choice or death feminist the mill heylia where they strong supporter of abortion right says and I quote I have always frankly admit that abortion is murder forgetting her words not mine the extermination of the powerless by the powerful which results in the annihilation of concrete individuals and not just clumps of insensate tissue now what I think of moment here just with balls if you're here tonight you have an abortion my job here tonight I'm not trying to come here and beat up on you I find it come here and condemn here anything like that thank you for me this this event is far more than a debate on abortion for me clearly opportunities to save countless live of innocent unborn American citizens by demonstrating how abortion is essentially homicide in this apparently immoral but again if you hear not be kind of or ssin I'm not here to condemn you well I definitely believe it's wrong and in fact if they think I believe that the people have responsible or not the lemon per se but the doctors themselves performing the abortions who know full well that it's going on again if I could put on my Christian father's hat for a second if you have had an abortion I do wanna let you know one thing that there is the God who loves you does forgive you and who gave you the life of his sons that you would not have to give the life of yours and if you had an abortion there is forgiveness there is peace I would love to speak at the other end if you like me but getting back to the discussion so you maybe think you know this is true in science backs us up and if you I don't want RGB means and white isn't illegal by the legal to tobin myself in this country if you destroy people all people egg that you can be fined up to $10,000 but if you get an abortion not only will your not declined with ones over which means I'll be looking at country where of sacred some live inside the shell of an equal egg that is to be your own mother how does the rationales were thank you perhaps you may be thinking the other hand that will be over there from us you're right they are frankly yes but are the different ways of like telling them look one of the daughters given these Schwartz he says they're important essential differences between you have an embryo and you know but none of these differences justify telling you thing but not now that is to say any argument that could be given in favor of abortion there's going to be given in favor of anything with us this is famously nominee has these select has into the acronym and it stands for size level of development the environment and degree of dependence let's briefly go through each one the unborn our audience to size yes but also men are typically larger than men but does this mean that I other men have more rights or value as a community why didn't you know in fact you had more babies so the two-month will be but if we cannot kill legally a to my baby outside then because of its size and we should not be able to killing two month old baby that is inside we find else for local development you might say we didn't warn enough are not self-aware there Lisa near these early stages here and I'm conscious sure but either is a person in a call or and under anesthesia during surgery so can we do that well in other words if we can't do someone outside who because of their functional development then we cannot put them in certain either for the same reason he for environment now this justification is probably most popular and in my opinion also the most absurd namely the issue of where the unborn is located in both let's see where you are does not determine what you are where you are done as your ally or as also suppose you had a driver something altogether much Michael that's nonsense you did not cease to be human and neither did you ceases to be valuable but here's a problem if changing locations and following 70 miles to get here did not change their value in being human then how and faculty 7 inches down the birth canal suddenly change your values Universal in your Graham dependency it's argued the unborn are the most for survival but this is not just true anyone by cop something as well the mothers breastfeed and depend on the mothers outside wounds if not as much as in some justification for killing a child by the same logic well much more can be said I used to get to you the following this debate can I be afraid about social justice issue what rights it use interact at a respectful civil manner to be able to take home sure I can just take it off so I have a couple of questions rehearing based on that you shared you know I do want to say that I think that you're drawing some false equivalencies here I think there's a huge difference between say a six week old embryo and a two month old baby and everyone in here despite the state of sexual just sex education in Texas I think that we all know what a pregnancy is and then you know pregnancies can end up in the only outcome of a pregnancy are you aware of the discourage rate yeah so it's 8 to 20 percent of women who know they're pregnant those in and miscarriages much higher when we talk about because of another area of pregnancy that's Sigma tides and there's a lot of shame and and judgment that goes into it and that's people that know they're pregnant that rate is probably much higher so this is you know not every fertilized egg not every Briana results in a baby that was completely 2 months old and two years old 20 years only 80 years old there's a huge difference in my mind which we missed you so no I just have one one question for you more than one question but the question is there's an interesting scenario of that has been brought up recently and I'm curious to hear your answer to this scenario so let's say I don't suppose that you are in a fertility clinic and the fire alarm goes off and you it's getting high there's smoke flames are coming in and you hear a child crying in a room and down the hall you see a sign that says one thousand four lives human embryos you have the choice of saving a thousand human embryos on one crying child you can't do both because doing both was old and you know I again the child lying in the grass being destroyed what do you choose Oh earlier just right regarding your question yeah this is the old question of philosophy but for me this doesn't get back to the fundamental question what is even more if the unborn are human that regardless of which is the fact that they're both equally found me through because you could equally say what I say and it also depends how far are these these 6,000 fertilization I reject these things fertilized egg is there thankful for life against itself it's a development commendable so if you defend it at my child are the other next on top because my wife is infertile this was the only way she can get pregnant and I would say that because so really I just don't see how the question gets back to whether or not they're human what I say one person in a fire or a thousand old well regardless of who I choose it doesn't it the fact that whatever decision I made would have been more to say coming you said that we have a moral obligations of caring people that are already here we're z11 is not here why don't we have more obligations of being here not every pregnancy was a result at birth my question to you in response is well where are the others do you consider women do you consider pregnant people regardless of their gender identity medial initiative so why is it that a potential big potential life which is until a pregnancy results to the birth however that birth occurs it's all potentiality anything so wrong in a pregnancy every pregnancy is different so why is it that the person on whom that developing human embryo fetus why is that person's life less valuable and their decisions most reliable what I think innumerable ways personally a little philosophical populated universe does not mean degree property we not agree property something that is our business is a property number six or number to be a person is mean not every property there's no potential you suppiy it is a human implying that I'm using biological terms so I don't think that a human embryo is a person in the sense of a living breathing walking thinking sentient human being there's a difference between a baby in an embryo so far biological absolutely but there's no person you said they're not living breathing walking well they are living they are breathing so perhaps not walking so by that Lenin logic but it not be able to ease into focus of persons confined to literature any happen to them as long as they're not so I think what I would really want to ask you and biologically you're never going to be in this position to us the truth right can you empathize with what it feels like to be pregnant and with every fiber of your being not wanting to do and you empathize with that person knowing with every fiber of their being at not being pregnant is the absolute best and so if you know okay and regardless there yeah I'm gonna pop happy now for a minute yeah I don't advise life and vigor like hearing from you I make money with slavery not very high quality I would like to just maybe ask if you would stipulate that slavery as moral would be like – okay let's not take all right well then I'm gonna use a little bit of your terminology that a different way do you think that a pregnant person should then be forced to carry a pregnancy to term against their will and have their body used is essentially a vessel for a potential baby I don't wish for something that's that's what happens naturally that feeling equally asked you to a woman with a two month old baby or to raise this child I mean that gives him some rhetoric goes of course one other question is this a human being does it have a wreckin life with a dancer yes and I suppose what justification you said you wouldn't deny someone healthcare by their zip code healthy so well first that's pregnant of their their health and you know you brought up the possibility of having an abortion and the pregnancy of the same is you know killing a two month old baby your purse in a wheelchair or our rules because it's not the thing so my question is like then why is it okay in our society to have a death penalty why do we condone more and why do you live in a country where people are forced don't have the option of health care that is absorbent accessible to them and people in Texas in the United States are dying of preventable and treatable diseases because they can't afford health care like how is that not ones that are outlined abortion so some that remain there well I think that a person restrictions are bad policymaking because of the negative impact that it has on people and the nightly one yes because healthy pregnancies aren't important to having healthy children and healthy families and healthy society and if something goes wrong in a pregnancy all options have to be available to the pregnant person to the physician treating a person and if someone is not able and willing or not if someone does not for me it's do you want Germaine pregnant if that answer is no then that person's decision should be perspective can you remain pregnant and often that answer is no there this is we're not just talking about elective abortion but there's also medical terminations so you have a pregnant person and the outcome of that pregnancy is in large part dependent upon the decisions about versus makes during their pregnancy and their own personal health the pregnancy can put someone's like they're gross and their health at risk and I would like to see everyone have every option available to them all the resources available them to have a healthy pregnancy and to have a healthy birth and have healthy postpartum and because if someone is not ready to be pregnant if they're not able to be pregnant they shouldn't be forced to be pregnant because you're looking at a potential worst outcomes for that pregnancy in Florida post it sounds like a person who doesn't want to be pregnant not being pregnant we'll stop talk about the hypothetical for you you're saying okay if it comes up two months not to say that there's technology tell you what the gender of your baby what I think someone of some religion says I just discovered that my baby is not why they would you be okay with that decision because if you are then your preferences if you're not then you're going to gets alongs force which by your tanks of yours well that's technology and engineering is lips that you believe let's say regardless you know honestly in that type of situation I already gave that person in for their conversations yeah I wouldn't just say it's not a yes or no and I won't let's talk about this let's talk about your feelings and I would continue that conversation or have a series of conversations about that week it's it's it's you're trying to paint this as black and white it's a it's a fertilized egg is a human and there's word abortion is wrong or if you think that people should get to make decisions about their pregnancy outcomes then they think it's okay to kill all kinds of folks like that's just the way I would hope I would engage them in conversation about that just yes I would I would personally have take issue with that but I would not just say yes or no to that person I were talking to them further and engage them in conversation I'm just going to interject the question well we are having a good discussion of is it morally ethical to have emotion and so those of you why is it important to have conversations like these I think it's important because we don't live single as she lives we don't live our life in black and white terms it's it's a greater Inferno scopes at the crater regardless of how you feel about immersion personally not everyone gets to make decisions everybody else for me you know parenting and decisions that go into that are the most judged in our society sexuality and sex that is some of the most judged in our society the decisions that women in particular make especially women of color are highly judged so for me this is about respecting each person's individual wives and the way they live it and not being judgmental you say it's nothing if you say it's either a black or white issue or it's not a black-and-white issue then you can just meet the issue of being black white people I can punish just self you I think it's important because it's like my vision alignment is me just as well if if your argument is that we're all slaves because your skin is fair that they're thinking parable because the next person perhaps unlikely doors or now there's lane if your argument is that it's okay to have slaves because they're not as intellectual or smart as you be careful as an expert because this is an issue no so abortion primarily affects obviously people who are capable of getting pregnant whether that's a transgender person Sarah they're the most deeply affected that this is something that affects all of society and because he's our family and – capable people don't get pregnant through magic there's a there's a penis off somehow but in most cases so no it's not just a woman's issue this is about having a more just inferior world this was about having old world where families are supported and it's just not the same I asked you I said is just not any scientific evidence or this is your assertion that's well I have studied human embryological development I didn't just take a textbook out of context I actually know so yeah so like not get into the nitty-gritty of at this talk so we are so what we're just camera then you can ask questions after the discussion when it comes to rape poverty we're talking the wrong problem when a woman is great and she's pregnant all an issue is not that she's pregnant great when a woman is Morgan gets pregnant the problem she's ready for which means we're not addressing the right issue so to say that you were great I mean if I found out that my I have a seven week old you look at the so it is well yeah so you're asking he what I believe would be a morally ethical point in time to another human being someone is warm but it's hard and sparse fetal development goes there's a whole range of religious and ethical viewpoints that throughout time and have fairies and you know traditionally the religious viewpoint was that when fetus was viable meetings right outside of the wombs that is traditionally been when those faiths feel that worship should not be allowed and so that's one viewpoint another viewpoint that other religious path like the Jewish faith is it regardless of the gestation the woman the mother's life takes precedence and that life doesn't begin until the first breath is taken so when it comes to a war on morality and ethics and religious viewpoints people are well they have different viewpoints so I can answer that for you just like you can answer that for me and my question is that morals and ethics vary by the person and their faces she said move into a warning and survive outside show me show me it's illegal in Vegas Martin job and it's for them so that means that means is it's either going to exceed are either believe it to be legal or Hillary I believe as much as I think it's disgusting gross I think you should be left legal and the reason is because back in 1973 the floor I wrote versus wait you had women they were pregnant and they sneak openers and certain plants and I think again to is in it not only in essence the girl Erik badly medically stripper of future childbearing it can also kill her and lots of girls have documents and so I think women are going to do it anyway this is a stupid art behind hitched but abortion the subject of abortion is very different camels women are going to do it they need the realities for them to do it because it's something that's well it's dangerous in containers for someone people another person we should make it safer for them another person it's safe for the the one night and these coping or abortion right and even more shocked anyway there's one of the jump animals wickedest December Michael in East questions of these cross examinations are confident have you ate a cross examination of the reviews so just remember that as we go who this is a dialogue into discussion where we are trying to see both perspective Oh well I mean when it comes to facts one is that even in the most careful of circumstances pregnancies can occur for me it was perfect no failure so you know regardless that I've been hearing a lot of them around you know sexuality and that the facts are that in countries where abortion is illegal is just as prevalent if not more than in countries where it's not but the outcomes are different there are more women who died the gentleman said earlier when abortions restrictions are in place it pushes people further along in pregnancy so beautiful development is there is a difference between a baby that is warm and the embryo that's developing there's you know circulatory systems neurological systems six-week-old embryo does not have bones it's it's tissue it's in the process of developing in there's a difference between something that's in the process of technology and something that's you know fully baked and outside of the womb I think that's a fundamental difference for me and it's a scientific difference I mean I don't want to get into a lecture on every logical development assistant and reality reality class or biology class that I encourage you all to look into it and look into it thoroughly scientific resources that are not ideologically biased so American Medical Association American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists not other even textbooks especially in Texas have religious sent to them and I advise a logical bias are not only scientifically accurate so I would really pay close attention to the sources in your drawing my original I just agree with this is that we should look at the sources activity but that also means looking at both perspectives looking at this side sources and look at this cyclist and all over the evidence lead I think that's a good point is that you can always find it especially in politics you can find some super right leading conservative way off the charts and you can find some super left way you can way off the charts group and we'll sit you in a tells me unless you come back in time I think what's what's the good what's the bet spit it out and take it into the okay question over here Oh yeah I was like good job no that's not what I'm saying if men are protecting women nicely we're saying no one has the right to say X Y Z will then she was so if your scenario our options if the parent does not want to parent it's not the same a child in the NICU it's not the same as having abortion in the first you know I don't believe in cancer side that's different from abortion yeah what makes it a pretty simple one we know it's living in a nation so it is and considering that half of these pregnancies are male children obviously it is not part of my body to some unique in himself his feet so that my toes I guess absolutely now what we're doing is were confusing you folks are thinking trying to be great with something outside of function I can sing and often things become a dollar dollar piece so this world over when you need pencil by yourself it's not developing their convenience when you lead the embryo in a natural environment it will develop so there's but it goes into the ultimate capacities of the English looking to deeper philosophical discussion but cancer does not form a new eight human beat it does not form to a male or female child whereas unborn is or email or chocolate is just development but what's natural byproduct of each one one is to develop it is to give immediate results into a more mature no not the exact same then we go to the station everyone it's in life so I guess I'm just going to go back to the fact that not all pregnancies internal actor is a naturally occurring outcome so you know a developing embryo it's not the same as a baby and that requires less of how much feels about that and that's when the individual decide themselves of how they feel about that warranty regardless of your own personal viewpoints but it's not your place to make that decision for somebody else every person's life it's different every person's family decisions are different their decisions about their health and so it's about the individual having legally did make that decision and once they come to that decision having access to the healthcare that they need and being loved and supported abortion miscarries of spontaneous abortion that's the question I know it's just giving up so the same procedure that's used to terminate a pregnancy is also used in what's called miscarriage management so India is used when a miscarriage is not complete then in that same procedure it's exactly the same it's technically it's vacuum aspiration typically and so without something that regard like one of the effects of abortion being politicized and medical schools through various mechanisms no longer teaching these procedures businesses auspices a procedure that's needed and medically necessary and if medical students aren't taught how to do it because people's personal viewpoints on abortion reaching into the political realm and have the best consequences so it goes beyond whether or not you think abortion is moral he goes into whether or not life-saving home care is available and then doctors know how to propose a state question should edible of course the band as well but if I said objects was a vaccine that seems like that we will stop a baby at any second sex life now the action and the outcomes of saving their common baby Sophia it's the simple ones like we're not talking about abortions if a soldier jumps on a journey to save his comrades you've not many suicides make the sacrifice if a baby is achieved by the cross the miscarriage miscarriages time experience but if maybe like an ectopic pregnancies are often by the time the Connor already ceased removing but in the instance and when you're trying to save a woman's life again you're looking at the intent and I'm going to call it important just like I wouldn't close so you're jumping on great shows well I got with the new code but when we look at again you have to distinguish one more quick example the very 9/11 the government gave the okay to shoot now the last plane that was going on the building's trains they're looking finish my pastor which means they were saying go ahead and shoot down the plane so because this instance it was okay to kill so many likes to save anymore does that they should call it therefore we should now be illegal to shoot me when you want in the air of course not you have to look it's in the circumstance so just because there's look obviously that's a big plus but what I'm hearing a question this is an argument that I hear a lot other science that shouldn't continuing a pregnancy the consequence or having sex particularly for having sex for pleasure which nothing wrong with that is my problem with children are not consequences children should be wanted and loved and cared for and that's the world that I want the world that I envision so regardless of how someone has so now you're actually just first-level ensure the science logic and then what what it sent the implications of this position is that we have millions of defenseless once listen children can many points of an abortion bill paint suck their thumb they can smell their living and then we're legalized but basically it is the fact that the first I'd say being wanted under conditions like almost once we know that what kind of place well those are a number plus the issue is not enough to kill the unwanted issue is what can we do to help these women in these situations so again actually we're attacking the wrong issue and again saying that I think that's also better to say you're forcing women to have this child well that's no different than saying I'm fortunate woman to care for her to Michael G if you yeah I think that regardless of my personal opinions regardless of individuals personal opinions and what they would do in that situation what they think is right or wrong it's not their place to make that decision for somebody else and that's the difference there regardless of how you and I might feel or what we might do in our own life we're not walking in the shoes about other person and so it's and for me it's not my place to judge them or tell them what to do or how to live their life because that's their life to live and the decisions that they make are their own to me it's not about my own personal beliefs it's about allowing folks to make those decisions for themselves well thank you guys for being here and coming to our dialogue are moderated discussion to be able to examine both sides for to hear from both both the proponents of both their stances and can see in the couple lately our own opinions and to be able to take in everything that we heard tonight and go examine it for ourselves go to these different sources from both sides to see where does the Avenues live where where do you think you stand and so I just want to conclude with that I wanted to thank you guys for coming out being a part of it you

14 Replies to “Eric Hernandez vs Lawyer on Abortion”

  1. Heather: "I know the difference between a baby and embryo"

    Eric: "OK, define it"

    Heather: "Um…"

    Yah, looks like Heather doesn't know the difference after all. Probably because their isn't a fundamental difference.

  2. Even atheists such as myself recognize that abortions are incredibly immoral. Great discussion thank you for uploading it!

  3. I love how Eric presented the Gospel to anyone listening that might have had an abortion and thinks God is done with them. Well done, brother.

  4. Why do people thumbs down a debate where multiple perspectives are shared? Who are you people thumbs downing? lol

  5. According to IRS Publication 502 a person claiming a medical expense deduction can include the cost of an abortion. Government subsidized genocide is the shameful legacy of Roe v. Wade.

  6. She was not prepared to handle your rational and facts based position. Very sad to see her hold onto such a flimsy postion that obviously results in the death of a child. Well done Eric and we should be praying for Heather that this debate convicts her and the Lord changes her heart.

  7. Great job Mr. Hernandez! Loved how she couldn't answer that one question from the audience and asked to move on.

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