Eric Roberts & The Ghoul

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I was quite keen for this fetching young lady but she refused my advances insisting
that I myself was in fact a ghoul can you fathom that never mind
I suppose if one cannot obtain validation from one’s own Butler then
one should not seek to obtain it at all Thank You Love tangella says that ghouls
are the most enchanting people and she has many ghoulfriends of her own welcome to
creature features you’ve all met my gracious ward Tangella my cantankerous
valet mister Livingston and I am your host for the next few rotations of the
clock Vincent van dahl have we a glorious show in store for you tonight first up
will be showing 1933’s the ghoul starting everyone’s favorite
monster thespian Boris Karloff it’s an interesting film indeed picture it is
something of a spooky British version of it’s a mad mad world I’m sure you’ll
enjoy it and join us for the screen and the Shepperton Studios classic will be
the very young ghoulish Academy Award nominated actor Eric Roberts he’ll tell
us what he thinks of this film and share with us about all the splendid things
he’s been up to recently I still don’t know how you managed to book this one it
was easy he still owed me a favor from the time I procured him backstage passes
to the Rolling Stones so don’t go away because it’s going to be another night
of Boris Karloff frights right here on Creature Features oh I rather like that stay tuned It is Saturday night and you and I and
Eric Roberts are on Creature Features it’s gonna be a fun night right I can’t
wait no it’s gonna be wonderful you know we’ve been trying to get this chap
forever I’m always on the road your so busy Im always on the road and then I’m finally home you got
me I know well you know it’s it’s good that you’re working because you know
sometimes we could actors who come in and they say I’ve got nothing to do so I
came in did your show my wife asked me in 1993 she says to me if you could do
anything every day of your life what would it be I said I’d be on a movie set
every day she says that’s not gonna happen
then 2003 comes everybody can afford a camera cuz we we gave a film right she
said I think you can be on a set every day because everybody’s calling you should
be a producer so I started being on sets every day I love my job I don’t to be a
producer I like my job you want to be in front of
the cameras you should be you’ve got a face made for film and TV I’ve got a
face made for radio why should I do in a radio show but put your own camera I am
you made a mistake well you know it it makes it’s a it’s a creepy show so
people cringe more when they see this face announcing the film you’re not
really spooky looking thought pal no I’ve been told I am but thank you see compliments
from Eric Roberts it’s gonna be a really really good night
so we’re gonna watch the ghoul 1933 have you seen it can’t wait not having can’t
wait so it’s gonna be surprise for you a surprise for me and maybe a surprise for
you so let’s start the film and we come back I’m going to ask you like a
thousand questions I can’t wait all right off we go the ghoal you guys stay
with us we don’t want to buy no lie no no
nothing mr. Dragore please Oh him no sound please after two years I find
you I want the eternal light you find me too
late no longer mine I can kill with this from the end of the
room no lies please you cannot kill an unarmed Mahmood they they get their
medals here and hang them I have not come alone if I hang there are others
the eternal light goes back to the tomb from which you stole it but I tell you I
have not got it please I am NOT a child right I sold it to whom did you sell it
professor of Norland that robber of the dead has he sold it he did not buy to
sell what then like you Mahmoud he believes believes he believes that the
eternal light will open for him the gates of paradise even so he gave the
best part of his fortune for it and very soon he will know whether or not he was
right what do you mean professor Moreland he’s dying then you think it will be buried with
him I’m sure of it we have only got away until he is dead on the abyss open out of the way what’s that well what is it good evening I happen to be staying
in the neighborhood any hearing of your masters illness I took the liberty of
calling how is he tonight he’ll never see the morning he hasn’t asked any one
of my cloth nor will he he’s set in his ways and they’re the ways of the heathen
I know he won’t see the rikta but though I’m a competitive stranger I don’t like
to leave a man to die like that he’ll die in his old passion as he has
lived still sometimes at the end not with him he’s stubborn and unbending and
will be so at the throne itself I suppose I can be of no use then no
manner of use good night asking for you hey can I find mr. Broughton who’s it come in or go out you’ll have
to go up soon if you want to see him again curious house this curious owner yes but I
suppose a great Egyptologist can’t be expected to be like other people will
need to be like a great many other people soon that’s not a very
sympathetic thing to say I’m not sympathetic man want a drink that’s
across the hall isn’t it I did say thanks some 55,000 September 22nd 1931 daymen journal 19 22 the eternal light mine lost welcome back to creature features we are
still watching the ghoal with the most non ghoulish actor we’ve had in this
chair that will teach you to steal expensive jewelry that doesn’t belong to
you I know especially a Ruby a cursed Ruby a cursed ruby Eric Roberts I cannot
believe you’re with us tonight this is wonderful I can’t either you know bodega bay is not a
place we normally have stars like you we normally have like people from the news coming out to bodega bay news casters people people from the news are very
valuable people of course but you know they’re not like quite as famous as you
no they are they are yeah they’re there in everybody’s households every day
and everybody looks forward to seeing them every day they’re there to welcome
celebrities yes they are yes they are so you told me during the break
that you did a film with Stallone two films two films and you did a wonderful
impersonation that these folks would like to hear of Stallone If id know about human
growth hormone that I never done steroids that is perfect you know if I ever get
Stallone in that chair I’m gonna have him do an Eric Roberts Impersonation I
bet it’s not going to be as good I bet it’s not gonna be as good no no
so acting I mean this this like takes up your entire life and you love it I love
acting like I love my wife every single day and so you don’t mind having a long
film where you’ll stuck for months and months doing film and you’d like it all
depends I’ve had a couple of movies where I’ve been places that weren’t
appetizing there were not romantic there were not warm and i had not fun
times on locations but every location is its own adventure of course what’s the
worst location you’ve you’ve been to the tundra of Alaska they would job drop Jon
and I out of a helicopter and they fly away and they would shoot us running
across the tundra and I was in tennis shoes
and it was pretty awful and this is for which film it was a movie called runaway
train a very good movie Andrei Andrei Konchalovsky the director yeah how long
were you up there we were up there about I guess I don’t
know three months I don’t remember really eight ten-weeks I went once
what I went once to Alaska I went once and everywhere I went they said I should
have been here last week there was like salmon jumping and and bears out in the
water and I saw nothing not one bit of wildlife I saw everything I saw a baby bear
with her mom’s baby moose with their moms I saw everything you can think of I
saw it I saw tourists yes I’m sorry I’m sorry quite a few no I’m gonna go back
again because now that you’ve told me that they actually bears there I’m gonna
go back oh there are did you know that that that Alaska is also the the land of
the re-settled outlaw and that everybody who has like warrants out for
their arrest all moves to Alaska well that’s what
Jesse Pinkman did in Breaking Bad right there your go it’s amazing all right well
I’m getting their signal we gotta get back to this film but when we come back
I’ve got more questions about your movies you you work with Batman I’ve
never worked with Batman before Christian Bale the man Christian Bale the man all right
back to the ghoul we’ll be back soon stay with us I want to see Laing I’m here it’s the door shut it is
nervousness none the curtains they are drawn come nearer this man Broughton watch Broughton you are always suspicious
have you ever trusted a living soul Only Fools I trust you that has a trust in the
spirit and in the flesh I put my trust in my own gods now
when I am dead my funeral he will bury me at dusk in the clothes I
told you he will place the figure of Anubis at the west of the inner chamber
I will and on the night of the full moon at the first hour I will make my offering of the eternal
light to Anubis opener of the ways if I have done well in his sight those
fingers will close over the joy and he will open to me the gates of
immortality the hand of a heathen image will lo come to life the bandage the bandage look this is eternal light it was worst in my
hand a nine will know find peace who rubs his ails bandaged my hand the
eternal light must lie with me in the tomb your afraid of me
if they don’t leave me then you’ll have reason to fear for when the full moon
strikes the door of my told I will come back yo here I will come back to kill bandage my hand doctor doctor doctor we’re he go Oh oh all over make out a certificate heart failure what was the idea of bandaging his hand
like that I cannot say he had many a queer fantasy I’ll be round in the morning to sign the certificate I’ll be leaving
your master side his body is laid to rest oh where are you going to feed the lamp that is
to burn inside wait now leaving the key inside I that
was another of his queer fancies when your master died laing I believe him
to have been possessed of a jewel of great value
you don’t nothing about it nothing I advise you to be very careful laing I have
a careful nature you won’t be putting yourself perilously near dishonesty I’ve
seen men nearer you may regret this laing Davis I want you to stay here and watch that
men with a clubfoot I’m not a detective with the broken one more word for you
Davis need a lot of work I have reason to believe that he has stolen a valuable
piece of property he may make an effort to get rid of it watch him and telephone
me at my office he leaves the house very good sir welcome back to the show we’ll get back
to the ghoul shortly and we’ll get Eric back at some point right
sorry I hope he has things to do but first where do some letters right
Tangella this is like her favorite part of the show only because she gets to
show off all her toys what do you got for me mister livingston from San Jose
what if my favorite cities and all I know the way to San Jose
oh it is a good one hoser Snoopy we’ve heard from you before it’s an
unforgettable name hoser Snoopy all right oh it’s odd I think oh my goodness
I’m supposed to read all this Jose you know this is like only a two-hour
show look at this amazing thing he drew though that looks like a bean no it’s
Eddie from oh it’s Eddie from Iron Maiden you know I know those blokes they
would like this photo all right here he goes
hey mr. Vincent Livingston and goddess of the night Tangella it’s hoser snoopy
shoutout to my youtube creature feature hive chatting friends you guys
on YouTube are troublemakers but we love you I want to start off by saying thank
you for taking the time at Comic Con and chatting and also taking pictures I
wanted to wish you guys an early happy Sam hain that’s Halloween right certain
we got the note a bit late and for keeping me rooted in my passion of
horror flicks and also for making my Saturday nights more thrilling well you
may cause thrilling as well yes if you happen to have any requests a row Elvira
flicks ro is a good pleasure hoser Snoopy all right so Elvira would never
let me run on one of her films because I don’t think she likes me anymore she
used to but I think I made her Angry somehow what are you gonna hang that up
in your room no don’t ya you’ve got a fan now hoser all right what do we got
next billings Montana oh I love billings wait
it’s not the Billings department though right no I was from Clint Young another
person that we know now he has a Batmobile it’s a real Batmobile
he does he has he has a real Batmobile oh my god oh this is amazing all right
let me read the letter first and I’m going to show you what this is she likes y’all all right hi Vincent
wanted to send you one of my original unopened creature feature packs from
1973 all right look at this this is a bubble gum thing that says Creature
Features and it’s like collector cards right this is probably worse you cannot
have this in the gum it’s no good anymore you cannot chew this come it’s
probably poisonous by now but I do want to look at what’s inside because it’s
unopened so sort of stays the collector’s I don’t know all right I
won’t open all right let’s read on he goes don’t know if you’ve ever seen
these before or if you’ve ever collected them but I
thought you might like one I’ve never seen them because I was not raised
around here they are very cool and came with three monster cars inside and a
stick of gum the cards featured different monster scenes from all kinds
of scary movies and had funny sayings on them the back of each card had a joke or
a riddle on it they were a huge success and great fun to collect as a kid I
still have the whole collection of cards also have an original box along with 14
open unopened packs in it this would be look good hanging on your wall in the
background there anyways enjoy this blast from the past Clint Young Millie
Billings Montana well thank you so much Clint we will put this in a place of
honor but you know if we put it back there nobody doesn’t see it so we’re
gonna find another way to display it thanks again and any more male one more
email from Texas email from Texas is always good all right this one comes
from Pete Wittmore in Lewisville Texas you’ve been there before haven’t you no
but it’s not it’s not like Louisville Kentucky it’s not spelt with an O
it’s spelled with an L.E.W that would be Lewisville mister technical here all right
dear creature features why don’t you guys ever show any Marilyn Monroe
pictures she was pretty well how about a Raquel Welch film wasn’t she in some kind
of dinosaur movie or what about sandy Duncan lovely lady and she sang like
a stork I like them all I also like salad Pete
Whitmore Lewisville Texas well up you know I’ll say one thing about Texas you
guys have a very unique perspective on things and I appreciate that is that it
that’s good alright that’s it for male if you’d like to send us email use the
address you see appearing right here or if you’d like to send something in the
post like our friend Clint then send it down to this address here in the post
Eric we’ll be right back but right now we’re gonna get back to the ghoul you
guys stay with us Harlem Harlem 52 lanford Street carrier from Rapson ten shillings if you drive
me to the expert station and time to catch the five o’clock train I’ll oblige
a governor I was going straight back as it was that’s a very old carpet mr. Mallen I
should be glad if you will not kick to pieces I’m sorry when I’m angry I do
kick good love to explain that yes I intend to buy your own statement miss
Holland and I have Isola as a professor Moreland we would inform neither of his
death nor his funeral your uncle died and was buried in a certain way calling
to his wishes which need I go on almost his last words were a threat to
return from the dead my opinion he was mad well that may be so
miss Hollen and I should have been consulted runs to the June miss Holland
were not on speaking terms what of that you expect quite at a
funeral don’t you yes I also expect it in my own I’m very sorry but after all
this means a good deal to both of us our Unlce was worth about four thousand a
year well he isn’t now what do you mean by that
he spent a good deal you know may surprise you to know that some time ago
he drew a check for 75,000 pounds what for I don’t know you don’t know you were
in charge of all these affairs and you don’t know that’s what I said and I
advise you to look after the tone of your voice I’m not at all sure I haven’t
much more important things to look after than the tone of my voice I don’t follow
you I’m gonna run down to our fair house tomorrow morning yes right I don’t think
you realize the conditions that you’ll find there now that’s why I propose to
go you won’t like it you’ll be most uncomfortable you don’t advise me to go
I think you’ll be making a very big mistake
then I’ll go oh by the way does miss Holland know anything about this will
business no doubt she’ll received a letter from it by now do you know miss
Holland no I proposed to give myself the pleasure of calling upon her this
evening hello oh it’s you Davis wait a minute I
have a visitor here but I think he’s just going thank you very much
if you’re going to see Miss Harland tonight I shall be there myself no doubt
you will succeed in making a painful interview intolerable good afternoon
your manner must help your practice a great deal now Davis can you direct me to blantford street
please follow the tram lines close on a mile and then turn right of the church
I’m obliged to you well hello Keaney oh it’s good to get out of that fog my
dear a most exciting thing has happened oh don’t let it happen again no not that
that’s a chestnut it’s this it looks like a solicitous letter it’s just been
delivered by hand oh dear what haven’t we paid I wonder if I’m gonna get a
shock or not oh oh cainy that is a silly game after all
we’ve said about Uncle Henry what do you think he’s done something nice at last
he’s dead My dear I’m sorry and his solicitor
wants to see me My dear I’m glad he was awfully rich
wasn’t he oh I may have left you a fortune if he has I’ll buy your private
cinema I say when his letter come a few minutes ago why he asked me to telephone
him if I could see him here at 6:00 you don’t want to miss the chance of a
fortune for the sake of tuppence you’ll better run out and do it now you’re right miss Harland
yes what’s the matter what’s happening
somebody attack me snatched my bag why good lord it’s Betty Harlem Ralph Morlant you would go and get yourself into some kind of mix-up you would arrive
when it’s all over thank you well I’m going home wait a minute I
was on my way to see you strictly on business he wouldn’t be allowed in for
any other reason that’s good Taxi Cunningham garage quickly as possible So Eric Roberts famous actor and thespian
and you’ve got the best shoes I’ve you know I want to pair those because those
look more comfortable these Air Jordans are the best shoes on the
planet so that’s what a Air Jordan look that’s why seen shoes like that I have all kinds of Air Jordans this is a very conservative air jordan this is this is a kind you wear to like the
academy awards in other things well I wouldn’t go that far but yeah right so
this film was apparently the first like horror sound film made in the UK I heard
a rumor it was the first film they ever called horrific horrific well it is
somewhat horrific but today they standards it’s it’s rather tame I don’t know
all right Dark Knight you’re in that film yeah and you liked it I liked it so I
think you might have liked it I think it’s probably visually the best looking
movie I’ve ever seen thanks to Wally Feaster and he was the DP the director
of photography right he’s also also director in his own right but his
visuals of that movie are incredible and it made the movie I mean you know
Christian Bale’s not bad your Gary Ollman not bad a lot of great people but
the look of that movie oh my god so that was like that was your first like comic
book superhero movie right yeah its yeah right I and so what do you think of that genre
well in general I’m not I’m not really a fan but oh my god my wife would say
don’t say that they won’t hire anymore for them they I was never a comic book
guy I was never a cartoon guy and so they don’t have a have a place in my
heart well you know I like them but I think
there’s too many of them there is now sure we need more like dramas and things
it’s like you know it’s as if every film is about golf now you go to the theater
and its like we’re gonna go see this golf film I’m here its like every theater
has a golf film in it your not wrong so we’ll see anyways I liked that film though
Batman awesome alright so we need to get back to the film but when we come back I want to hear all about what you’re currently working on
because you’re probably on something big hey semi big it’s got to be huge if it’s
him all right we’ll be right back after the next break stay with us oh so you brought him there mr. Brown
we’re delighted to see you oh it isn’t mr. Brown is my cousin Rafe Moreland
dear mr. Moreland we delighted to see you wrong again we don’t like him very
much oh don’t we I didn’t realize well our
two families are not on speaking terms oh dear as far as I can make out it was
started by my late uncle as a Christmas joke won’t you sit down
thank you but now he’s dead the troubles all over I’m not sure it hasn’t just
begun where’s mr. Broughton oh he won’t come
because I didn’t telephone I nearly got throttled instead Betsy there was a man
with a limp he pushed a note into my hand I just put it in my bag when
somebody snatched the whole affair what was in it there’s something of value at
Howard’s bail others are after it so come and Broughton was doing everything he
knew to keep me away from there there’s a fox in the cover somewhere goodbye
well why goodbye I’m going down there right away I’ll let you know what
happens you’re wrong I’ll let myself know if you go I go too you can’t do that
lonely in a house with a man you’re not even on speaking terms with oh don’t be
so absurd it’s not as if I even liked him if another woman was going perhaps I
suppose that means you want to come too well obviously it’s my duty and suppose
I object I’m not that broke I can’t hire a car oh all right you win but for
goodness sake hurry Girls lets get in this the best you can there you are you first here you hurry up oh this is an unspeakable car there no room alright it look as if I have to walk you might do worse
there’s a grand moon it’s full I’ll see if there’s a name on this gate no there’s nothing to show this is the
place there aren’t any other places and I’m frozen well it’s no use gave the wrong place
wait a minute here’s someone on a bike why they’re cocky wait a minute
hello I’m awfully sorry I didn’t see you were
a passing oh that’s all right any trouble well no no we just want to
get to our vail house well this is it as a matter of fact I’m calling them myself
did you know my uncle professor Moreland Oh slightly and so
order introduce myself my name is Hartley Nigel Hartley I’m down ravely the vicar
zero how’d you do I’m Ralph Moreland this is Miss Harlem where the heirs of the
rest of the introduction endure this is of course you must be cold
I’d split down this Drive you’ve got along I’ll follow all right can’t be alright here I’ll show you the
way what a horrible house I wish I was back
home in bed now I can hear someone coming Ahh well don’t stand about come
inside we’ll go into the library I may be old-fashioned but I feel
awkward when I’m not introduced to people I’m sorry I forgot you didn’t
know your clients by sight this is miss Harlon how do you do
I was expecting a telephone message from you well I was on my way to call you up
when the most extraordinary thing happened and this is Miss Katie how do
you do you’re a surprise Broughton I have a
great deal of business to care up down here
this house is needed a woman for about 25 years now I’m blinded myself you
haven’t wasted much time in getting here mr. Moreland no just a little too much
perhaps whatever do you mean really you’re the rudest man alive Oh pretty
pussy Oh horrible it’s stuck I dare say you know your own
business best but why you just want to bring a person a pure accident we met at
the gate naturally you brought him in Broughton i stand a certain amount
but no more how come come dude let’s make a battle of it you stay here in the car no I shall be
among the trees watching all right welcome back to the show it is
still that movie the ghoul and you know Boris Karloff got Top Billing on this
and I’m surprised why because you hardly see the man well he was he’s the biggest
star you know you know you know what I find fascinating after the first five
minutes of this movie he doesn’t he doesn’t really say anything else and as an actor
watching another actor and you think hmm I wonder if he was other making other
movie at the time or if he was at the end of a contract or maybe that was how
I was written I doubt it maybe he’s just having a bad day maybe he’s having a bad
week yeah I don’t feel like speaking I’m just gonna channel Frankenstein right I could be so
music videos I understand you’re like you’re like the belle of the ball of
music videos now who know yeah all thanks to the killers to the killers
they were first they they called me first for mr. Brightside and that’s a
huge very famous wonderful song wonderful video great band and that got
me launched into the world of videos and then people like Mariah Carey started
calling and I just got lucky made a bunch really cool videos now you were
telling me during the break it was not that simple
you initially denied them in your children I didn’t know any better I I
was told you’ve been offered a music video and I said to somebody very
flippantly turn it down and then all the kids said what’s wrong with you dad no
you have to go do it because it was the killers yeah so I said okay so I called
him back we you still take me back they said sure please yeah sure so yeah so we did
it and so what was it what was it like the difference between like shooting a
video and shooting say a film or television well that that video was a great experience
because the great Sophie Muller the director it was like being on a movie
set and every video and I made I’m only guessing but five to eight other videos
since then and they’re all like a drunk frat party as far as your organization
goes you never know what everybody’s doing anything it’s very confusing
except that video was like perfect but all the other videos are like a frat
party so not quite as professional as typical I don’t want to say
unprofessional no I’ll just say a little more out of control
it’s rock and roll it’s what we do is rock and roll we’ve got it we’ve got to
like make things different we’ve got to toss televisions out of hotel windows right
you can’t use a regular Hollywood rules you know I tried to do this with a crew
here and they don’t understand in here finally a man who understands how I
produce television I get it he does he gets it he doesn’t fully
appreciate it but he gets it so um you know I have a confession to make to you
so about 300 days ago sitting in that very chair I had Erin Brockovich and we
were talking about the film and I told her you know you’re actually prettier
than the woman who was in the film and when I heard you were coming I’m
thinking if this man’s gonna punch me in the face now because if he sees that
episode because of what I said no that’s not true at all it’s just I happen to
know that my sister Julia is probably the most beautiful woman on the earth so
no no matter what you say I’m safe I think I knew that at the time as well
but I wasn’t gonna say and if they’re both wonderful I were with Erin Brockovich I
might say the same thing but my sister is probably the most beautiful woman on
our planet right now how is she she’s great she’s she’s she’s probably busy
too just like you you two should start your own film company like desilu you know she’s also a mother of three you know and that’s a big job it
is yeah all right well I’m getting a signal we gotta get back to the Ghoul ok but
when we come back we’re gonna talk about more stuff because we’ve got Eric
Roberts here and he’s awesome stay with us who knew you may say I have no right to express this opinion
but to my mind it’s a scandalous and disgraceful burial which may have
disastrous consequences it has been very disastrous if he came back wouldn’t it I
quite see mr. hawk his point yes you make friends quickly don’t you enemies
quicker maybe have these Tardis squabbles we all know the dead men don’t
come back I wish I was back home in bed hadn’t somebody been around to that
certainly it’s your house very well I’m sorry to disturb you but I
was an intimate friend of Professor Malin better come in we seem to be
giving a party oh thank you my name is Agha Bendre Gauri an Egyptian
an Arab I didn’t remember having heard your name
I did not flatter myself that you would but I knew professor Morlant some years
ago in Egypt I heard of his death and of his burial in my own faith and I hoped
as I’m leaving England tomorrow but I might be allowed to visit his tomb I
must protest against anything of the sort
why shouldn’t the poor man look at his friends tomb I don’t mind him going I can’t believe
that you would willingly encourage paganism the Egyptians were not pagan
sir as no doubt you know miss kana I think you’ve all been very unkind to
mr. Dragore all right I don’t think you people realize quite how far Morelant
queer ideas took him he even believed that after his death at a certain hour
the image of Anubis would come to life in his tomb and receive his soul it’s
horrible well I can’t see that it matters after
all if that sort of mumbo-jumbo gave him any comfort it matters a great deal
if my suggestion is likely to hurt anyone’s feelings please forget it oh I
think that’s very sweet of you mr. Dragore
oh your sympathy is more than charming well what about a cup of coffee after
your cold drive I dare say we should find some in the kitchen may I offer my
services as pantry man quite sweet of you come mr. Dragore for sheer speed
she’ll not let him out of my sight for a moment now perhaps that’s just as well
come along Betty how about making a fire in the library yes I’m sorry there
should be this sort of atmosphere after all we’re only ships that pass in the
night hmm you want to drink all you pass now
ah oh well thank you very much there you are well if you build it that way there
won’t be any draft well it’ll be the only place in this
house where there isn’t one then what don’t you think you carry there
separately towards the trifle too far since we met I can’t remember you saying
a kind word to anyone perhaps your right I’m sorry six cups that’s just just for too many
hey tell me about Egypt have you ever seen a sheikh I am one what thank you then how should I address you
oh I’m cutting sandwiches for a sheik I don’t feel quite well oh don’t be
alarmed we’re not quite as uncivilized as people think oh don’t say that
do you ride a white stallion sometimes Oh
down the path of the moon the noble animal plunging and frothing at the
nostrils till it founders at your feet faithful unto death no not very often
you see it’s rather too expensive I know it’s not your fault we were taught to
hate one another but Lord you think I hate you do you
well I can’t somehow feel I’m your dearest friend you never did have a
great deal of sense did you oh that’s nice Rafe I have a woman’s intuition that you
and I are up against things cuz I’m pretty sure we are
well then let’s cut the quarreling shoulder-to-shoulder aim all right
partners partners well what a wonderful night it’s a full
moon scared of a dead man in his tomb shame on
yourself or your child that your knee should rattle
at the talk of a madman look your enemy in the face it’s the fear
the big door has got you and will hold your posture your scary tone do dead man walk I’m no thinking a dead
man will cross my path tonight I was dreaming now I will show you how
he made coffee in the desert underneath the stars you don’t make it yourself do
you no course not the Circassian slave lovely as sin cooks
it for us kneeling and if it is not to our liking I know she stripped to the
waist and lashed for miles across the Sahara where she is finally eaten by
locusts and rightly take this kind of stir and do exactly as I tell you and if
I have to fail Yorkshire Moors are just behind us Now six spoonfuls
one two three four five whites the matter with you are you mad what was the matter with him was it drink no Tara stop Tara then I caught it you stay
here I’ll look after him if you must look after someone why look further further come on then Ralph that limp I’d swear to it anywhere that’s the man look yeah did you give a
note to the gather up your things and get out of here
the master I’ve seen him who’s scream I did that’s the last time I’ll ever try
to make coffee in a strange house that man with a limp who was he
Laing you’re uncles servant well he seemed mad to me yes and probably dangerous you others
have better go into the library I’ll have a word with him yes come along mr.
Broughton understands the man it would do no harm to warn my man to
stand by your man is his Sheikh too no no he’s his chauffeur he’s outside now with
my car your not leaving us are you My dear lady not a very courageous
person our foreign friend through that you think he’s run away absurd I’d like to
see you riding your bicycle with a Circassian slave lovely as sin across
the handlebars what on earth are you talking about now listen good people
good people don’t you think perhaps we are allowing this thing to get on our
nerves don’t you think perhaps if we took a grip on our self-control now
listen good parson this is our show and our nerves are
probably just as good as the next man’s so keep that sort of talk for your
pulpit great oh and of course I have no wish to interfere what I’m not wanted
and don’t this is not a Sunday school after that I think I can say good night
as you please well I’m sorry I was offensive good night
oh well the tongue is an unruly member is it not yes yes I was tempted I was tempted but I did
not fall I did not follow the things thief I
swear it when you told me you’d come back from
the grave how could I believe you I never knew such things could be I haven’t got it I have not got it the gal she has it I swear it what on earth’s the matter with you look
as if you’ve seen a ghost I have I saw Morelant as plainly as I
see you I’m gonna mix myself a drink Betty just a minute well I have an idea they’re trying to
scare us out of this house welcome back to creature features we are
still with the wonderful amazing and quite friendly Eric Roberts famous actor
you know Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations
I think this year you’re gonna win something I mean official big you know
the first time I was ever nominated it was for Best Newcomer in 1978 for my
first movie well you can’t get that one now and I didn’t know you’re right I
didn’t I didn’t know that I really wanted to win up till it and the winner
is somebody else and I went oh wow I wanted to win that and ever since then
I’ve never wanted to win a trophy because I never believed I could so it’s
always been like well you’ve won the hearts of millions so that’s even better
than a trophy right right thank you and I was quite impressed when you told me about
this animal work that you do and your love of animals my wife and I rescue
everything you can think of but the most fun rescue we ever ever got involved in
was I found a little hurt squirrel that fell out of a nest once and I took it the
ASPCA and they fixed it and they said can we bring him back to your property
of course we said sure so bring him back oh my god you have these great trees can
you bring all the hurt squirrels here when they get well we said sure so 300
squirrels later we have an apartment building in all our trees all these nests
on our trees and they’re all and they’re and they’re missing tails or feet or
ears or whatever because they’re all hurt they got well but they’re all hand
tamed and they’re all sweet and if you don’t know them they will approach you
on mass and so frightening to some people oh my god your squirrels are a
little aggressive no they’re sweet you’ve got to make video of
this oh it’s great yeah you’ve got got to get that aerial alexa camera you’re
speaking of before you’re right I should well you know our Tangella who you probably saw
for a moment she’s got goats she’s rescued some goats I love goats well you
know the thing about goats you don’t really have to rescue them all you have
to say is we have an orphan goat and like 500 people show up for the goat so
my aunt and uncle Elbert and Shirley always had goats so I was always around
in my love them you know technically this is not a
farm it’s it’s like just like a manor an estate a yard but you know they take
care of all the poison oak and the fire risk it’s a good thing so what do you
think about this movie should we get back to it or should we’d like to switch
it off to something else let’s go to something else cuz you know he he
doesn’t talk he doesn’t talk very much no it’s not it’s not something that was
pitched very well as for his IMDB who knows all right we’re gonna get back to
the ghoul but when we come back we’re gonna find out what exactly you’re doing
next that’s gonna be exciting right of course it is off we go the Ghoul stay with
us there’s no use blinding ourselves to the
fact there must be something pretty big at stake something that depends on
getting rid of us that’s how it looks to me what are we going to do whose there Betty I’m going down to that Tomb to find out
wether it is the only way we’ve got to finding out what’s going on around here
I don’t want to be left here alone can I come too there’s nothing wrong with your
nerve come on Ill put on a pillowieght and thicker shoes alright
this yours yes I’ll keep an eye on Broughton well I think you’ve every chance of
seeing things if you lower scotch at that place Mr Dragore Mr Dragore mr dragore Mr Dragore oh there you are oh Mr Dragore Ill come up to you wait I’ll come down do you want there
was somebody in the library who I don’t know the door it shut it shut don’t
scream who that’s what I need the command in your wonderful voice come
with me I think you’ve gone far enough with your
insinuations yes and I may go a great deal father what is it what’s the matter
I’ve seen him Now perhaps you believe what I told you get me a glass of water
quickly will you Thanks I wasn’t hurt merely frightened Broghton
see if you can find this Kaney will you it’s wonderful to be with a man who
isn’t afraid I am afraid you who have ridden bareback over the desert you
don’t stop chattering I’m afraid I shall have a knife in my back when I’m with
you I have to talk it comes like poetry are you prepared to obey me in anything
then close your eyes and don’t speak for 10 seconds we all panic sometimes I felt his hands
on me that’s why I know it was no ghost it was no ghost look at the clock its
nearing the hour I know where you’ll find him now he’s gone back to the tomb
to his heathen gods and you and I will follow in there wait a minute what’s
this doctor’s telephone number Luxford 72 Look the doors open and there’s a light
I’ll go no nearer I’ll go no nearer I can see a shadow
moving I go no nearer well then go back what
about it Betty do we go on yes of course thought you say that look Hartley tell you another person just a
dirty crook you’d better get out of my way you’re handy so that’s how it was
done I wouldn’t come in any nearer I don’t have to look if you please thank you
come on now the door Morlant it too late are you going ahead no no it’s
nothing come in sit down where’s the key
he threw it away when I phoned the doctor I told him to
bring the police they all to find us somehow Oh even if they do come how
could they break down that door they’ll find a way I’ll make a bandage the doctor in charge didn’t understand
the case I’m afraid of Catala three-room Morlant was buried alive Oh mr. Dragore
what for those shots out of my way where are the others leave me alone I rather thought to my believing in a
hurry with something in your pocket doesn’t belong for you hand it over you
win that woman
there she is come now oh you put up on I tell you fool I tell you she’s got it come Stop now miss if you please I don’t think so
you fool if either of you two horrible men so much as move its goes do you know the value of that jewel I
don’t care for the value it’ll go and you know shoot I’ll go with it I mean it
now I’m 30 feet and about 60 feet of water and and then Australia and I can’t see to tie this that light
seems much lower Hartley quick come on get him out of here the door the door its shut the flames they mustn’t reach
the door it’s no good you can’t breathe in there the cartridge here the only air now I’ve had enough of this miss Kaney supposing I’m ready to shoot to take the
risk you’ll be taking a bigger risk than you think I’ll take that gun thank you now look yeah
that’ll do yeah what’s the topic there their after it all of them it belongs I’ll carry her to the house Get back back in that corner and that ends the ghoul I I
don’t know what to think about that ending I gotta say I’m disappointed I’m
disappointed because I wanted I want to Karloff to live I wanted the ring to
stay in his possession if he’s alive but if he’s dead he doesn’t need it I
know but I want him to live and I wanted the heroin and a hero to still go off
and get married like you know they they they don’t have to kill Karloff I wonder if they
were using that code that you know you could not get away with crime in film
probably remember that moral code that they once said what do you think of the ending
good this is 1973 she agrees with you you do it is 1933 they did have a moral code right
yeah get away with crimes or murder so well you know we’ll show this one again
in two years maybe who knows what we’ll have you back for it and we’ll see if
you I’d love to come back thank you but so what are you doing next what’s what’s
fun and exciting for you well you know the only way to answer that is to send
all my friends and family and fans to they can tell you about me
better than I can tell you about me you’re gonna have a long read if you do
that because it just goes for days oh she wanted to present you with a bat
because you were in Batman I love that and she felt that she did not get enough
bat exposure in that film so where’s that Joker where’s the joker its a puppet you can actually put you hand inside and operate it as a puppet oh I see how cool where’s the
Joker see look we’ve got Eric Roberts flying a bat on Creature Features it’s a
first right thanks to Tangella incorporated so IMDB you could learn
more but you also have a website too for people learn more my website is but you can always google me always Google Keaton or go to and what is Keaton Keaton is my music Keaton Simon’s what do you
play he plays and he writes everything in fact he just got off tour with Eric
Clapton the open for Eric Clapton now he’s on tour playing with Brett Young and this is your
young son yeah step-son you must be so proud I am yes you should have brought him he probably heard my band
played before he’s on tour he’s on tour he’s with Bret young yeah he’s probably
better than I was pretty great he’s pretty great don’t you nod your
head she’s so terrible to me she’s cute she is but she’s intolerable sometimes thank
you for the bat thank you for coming on the show and watching this film with us
and next time you’re in town make sure you come see us
I love Boris Karloff maybe maybe we’ll go wine tasting or something I don’t drink
but I’ll come watch normally you go look at the plants and the bottles that’s what we do as
far as you guys are concerned thank you so much for watching the show
you know we were disappointed when we heard you might not be watching and
we’re so happy that you did but watch next week we’re gonna have
different guest different movie but the same old Tangella you’re not old are you
she’s getting there but someday All Right see you next week
so Eric I’m thinking with all this exposure you’re getting in music videos
should I ever like reignite the band and do your music video maybe you could star
in one with me I would love to be in a music video with you but I’ve made my
quota of music videos were only allowed to make so many sorry

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    I just noticed that the remote on your table is shaped like a teeny tiny coffin. Does that mean the monitors you watch the movies on are also shaped like coffins?

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