Erica Campbell Reveals She Suffered a Miscarriage | We're The Campbells

you have friends and then you have friends and lease is one of the few people that I can really really open up to well I feel like well me and warrant cuz we tried for a boy and people don't know but I lost a baby I didn't know that yeah I was pregnant and it was – it was a tubal pregnancy and I went back and I was like yes and she was like I'm sorry and I was like what do you mean I'm sorry I didn't really say anything to anybody else it's like okay just just keep going there's so many feelings that go along with having a miscarriage and it's not always easy to explain but I do think that women should talk about it more because once a mom finds out she's having a baby you fall in love with that baby before you even see it and that's the hardest part the process of falling out of love that's a tough one when because we had the same thing two years after Soph and I think I don't think I really dealt with it and then you find yourself four years later you're still sad yeah you're like I don't think I grieved this but I saw yeah you have to have to it's heartbreaking when you find out that somebody who wants a baby and once new life and you know wants to create that with their husband you know has lost that has lost a child my sister just had twins I know both of your sisters just happen like they just had babies it's you when I first found out it did definitely hurt and it wasn't that I wasn't happy but it was just like man this is something that I've been praying for like they were there to pray for this but then you see them and you love them and you hold them yeah you know you can find your joy but you have to kind of deal with it first so Ben you can do is be honest with yourself it's gotta be honest

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  1. This is so relatable. I had what I’m sure was a miscarriage. I had a BFP & was so excited. Before I could get to the OB one day I had a sudden sharp pain w/ bleeding. I was so sad. I never talk about it for real because sometimes people can be insensitive w/o meaning to. I confided it to a close friend & she said she had an early mc like that & it didn’t bother her because she didn;t consider it a baby so it wasn’t as if she lost anything. It made me feel like she was saying it wasn’t a big deal & I didn’t really lose anything. But to me I did lose someone. We wanted that baby. I was thinking of names + genders + smiles + smells… Everything… then all of that was taken. I had twin girls after that & they are completely wonderful, yet that one time still hurts to recall. I just came across this video & decided that maybe now I should stop holding in the pain & let myself grieve for my little baby never-to-be. 😢💔

  2. I had a miscarriage about ten years ago. I know today that I haven't delt with it. It's very heartbreaking

  3. I lost two boys first lost was at 17 weeks and second lost was recently at 22 weeks and he was born alive but the Dr didn't do anything to help him 😥😥 I had to go through labor pains and deliver. I miss my babies so much. I pray I'll be blessed again. I'm only 25

  4. Coping with a miscarriage was hard for me, because many people around me treated me like it wasn't that big of a deal. (Well-meaning) people would say, "Oh, you can just try again…" as if I was baking a cake or something. My pain was very real, but I felt like it wasn't truly acknowledged.

  5. I suffered two miscarriages and now I’m a mother of one, but i still think about them and the what if’s maybe i haven’t grieved.

  6. This show is so fake and predictable. You know what's going to happen whenever they say something. They need to stick with music, the facial expressions there all so fake.

  7. Oooh thats so sad erica but you know what god will bless you and warren again that is kinda of stressful but i know you will make it through this you are a wise black women very strong and a compassionate person we love your personality and spririt things will get better and then you and warren will have a son

  8. Lawd these ppl will do anything for viewership. Let's see what have we've seen so far… miscarriage…attempted suicide…what's next???

  9. What's crazy is….society cries, morns and gets depressed and sorrowful when a wife has a miscarriage….but looks at an abortion as NOT a baby and it's permissible…. Not talking about Erica , I'm talking about society . This just made me think about how we feel about miscarriages and abortions

  10. I so know how they both feel. I gotta ask myself if I ever grieved after watching this. This scene alone will help so many others out there who's been through what they been through and going through it in present time. It did for me.

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