Essential oils for Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum

hi friends I'm Heather of Heather & Co for the oily realm and today I'm going to be sharing with you essential oils for pregnancy birth and postpartum recovery so welcome if you are anything like me then you're probably feeling nauseated hopefully not too extreme I felt sick my entire pregnancy so literally the oils saved me on a daily basis and I'm gonna share with you what I used and how I use them so a couple of my favorites are peppermint and wild orange I often would just put a drop or two right into the pumps of my hands and breathe it in and it would help me just to settle my stomach and keep those waves of nausea just a little bit smoother and less like a violent you know what I really found is that the essential oils just took the edge off it didn't you know solve my nausea and sickness completely but it certainly made life manageable so I highly recommend using them and you're very lucky that you have oils to use so the other really important while that I would consider a necessity for nausea and morning sickness and let's face it morning sickness like is that even a thing because I found that it was anytime of the day or night sickness so o mu'mins n jest or digest sin is the other oil that is really really going to support you now you don't necessarily have to take this one internally you can but being that you're pregnant you might not feel comfortable taking the oils orally and that's totally fine even just using them aromatically and topically is really going to help with that digestive discomfort and not just in terms of nausea either like if you are having some heartburn because I know that is the thing and I hear you on that because I have never had heartburn ever before in my entire life until I was brightening yay such a joy isn't it so then just is one that you're just going to want to rub right on to your chest you can dilute it with a little bit of coconut oil you can put it on your lower belly I did that all the time and then again even simply opening the bottle and breathing it in or putting some in your hands and taking some deep breaths is just really gonna settle your stomach and help you be able to you know function as a human being because that's kind of important and then just as another oil that also comes available in a touch roller so that's another option if you know that you are just gonna be using it topically that's a really great and convenient way and in fact I would say get both because then you have one that you can use at home and one that you can use on they go put it in your purse cuz lord knows you're gonna need it I got super carsick when I was pregnant as well so yeah that's something the other thing I was going to mention is congestion because that is another wonderful side effect with being pregnant isn't it I feel like I was stuffed up almost the whole way through but certainly for the most part in the first and second trimester just like really congested especially in the morning and late at night which of course is when you want to you know go to lie down go to sleep and breathe so easy air aka breathe it's the same blend of essential oils is really gonna help you with that this is one that you can put in your diffuser at night time in your in your bedroom overnight it's really gonna help you just be able to sleep and not be you know snoring and struggling to take a deep breath this is another one you could put on your chest and it smells amazing it's got peppermint eucalyptus or even Sarah Laurel it just it smells really fresh and wonderful okay moving on um ginger is another digestive support oil that you might want to try again you can use it internally if you feel comfortable to do so you can either put a little bit into your tea we also have a beautiful product that is now available to us from the us warehouse which is ginger drops so you may have heard of ginger candies I know that was something that was highly recommended to me by lots of other pregnant women but I'm also not really into candy personally so I love the ginger drops because they are less sugary but you're getting that ginger that real ginger that's gonna help settle your stomach and just keep nausea at bay cool good all right what's next Oh anybody have sore backs sore tight shoulders and just general aches and pains all over because I definitely did so deep blue rub is going to be a lifesaver for you yeah it's a muscle rub use it it's wonderful totally safe it's already in a cream base substance so it's you know perfectly diluted and see if you can just go ahead and put it anywhere that you are feeling tense or tight or sore or you know just yeah just love up on your body because it's hard work wearing a human and yeah you deserve a little R&R also on that note aroma touch is one of my favorite blends this is the massage blend so hopefully it won't take you too much coercion and convincing to get your you know significant other to give you a little foot rub or a back rub but aroma touch is a really beautiful oil to use again combine it with some coconut oil or into just like a plain lotion or something like that and yeah rub it into your feet and your legs it's also really good for restless leg which is something else that comes up when you're pregnant again I never had restless legs I don't think my entire life until I was pregnant and then yeah it's like a real it's like a real thing and it keeps you up at night and the last thing you need when you're pregnant is not being able to sleep because you a can't breathe do you have stupid restless legs so use aroma touch it's a very helpful and it smells amazing are you moving on look more towards the actual process of birth if you are going to have home birth obviously you know is set up your home however you wanted I diffused throughout my birth I had both my babies in hospital and I brought to my diffuser with me to the hospital I was like the first thing I put in my hospital bag because I just knew that I wanted to have that aromatic experience but also just like you know hospitals in general I mean I think they smell kind of I don't know like sterile and just not super inviting so if you're used to diffusing at home that's just another way that you can you know really like set the environment environment and make it feel more you know at least somewhat more relaxing and and familiar so the blend that I diffused when I was in labor was serenity which is a calming soothing blend you might decide that you want something a little bit more uplifting and energizing so citrus bliss is maybe a blend that you could consider I just knew that I wanted those like calming relaxing vibes and I just find that serenity is a blend that really helps me to yeah just like take it down a notch you know um it has lavender and cedar wood and a bunch of beautiful oils they just smell really divine and on that note any time the nurses came into my room they were like oh my god it smells like a spa in here what is that and in between contractions I would be like it's my essential oils okay uh you may be looking towards you know repairing the downstairs lady bits area so a Perry spray is something that you could make it's very easy to do yourself and very very useful and it's really gonna help you with healing and recovery and the essential oils that I recommend for that are frankincense super powerful anti-inflammatory it's wonderfully soothing for your skin lavender again just really great for your skin it's also naturally antiseptic as is tea tree I need antibacterial antimicrobial all the good things and then he'll equation is one that I found really helpful to add into my Perry spray I've also used it in my I made frozen maxi pads highly recommend it's very healing and it feels wonderful but Holly cream is literally like liquid stitches it's so healing it's so amazing for tissue repair yeah you're gonna be really glad that you use that one trust me and then for hormonal support Clary calm which comes in a roller like this roll it over your ovaries over your uterus it's just gonna help balance out your hormones it also stimulates your uterus so it literally helps your your uterine lining – you know shrink back to its original size and help with like the cramping and the stuff that is you know totally normal because you just had a baby so you're basically gonna have the worst period that you've ever had for about a month so yeah that's gonna be really helpful so I hope you have found this useful and if you have any other questions you know where to find us good luck mamas

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