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Welcome to Space News from
the Electric Universe, brought to you by The
Thunderbolts Project™ at Thunderbolts.info Of all our planetary neighbors,
perhaps none have proved more surprising to space
scientists than Venus. As late as the mid-20th
century, some renowned astronomers including Fred Whipple, the
father of the dirty snowball model of comets, continued to argue that Venus, the
so-called twin of planet Earth, might have water clouds. Instead, when the first space
probes touched down on Venus, they found it to be the
hottest planet in the solar system and drier
than any desert on Earth. For many decades, Venus has
only grown more puzzling. From its absence of
so-called impact craters, to its retrograde rotation, to the super-
rotation of its atmosphere, to the planet’s vast comet-like
tail which has been found to interact with the solar
wind “like a comet.” In fact, only one scholar
successfully predicted Venus’s superhot temperature and
comet-like characteristics. In his best-selling book
Worlds in Collision, Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky presented his
thesis that Venus was globally remembered as an Earth-threatening comet
and will thus be extraordinarily hot due to its recent birth. In subsequent decades, a number
of scholars, originally inspired by Velikovsky, began the process
of reconstructing the catastrophic events Velikovsky suggested, applying a rigorous
cross-cultural comparison of world mythology. The evidence overwhelmingly
demonstrates that Venus’s extraordinary role in ancient astronomy,
myth and religion, cannot be explained in terms of anything observed today. One of the leading comparative mythologist to
explore this question is Ev Cochrane, a colleague for several decades of David
Talbott and the late Dwardu Cardona. As Cochrane exhaustively outlined in his
books Martian Metamorphoses and The Many Faces Of Venus, the
relationship between Mars and Venus is just one extraordinary clue to the
celestial catastrophes recorded in ancient testimony. In part 1 of this two-part
presentation, Cochrane begins by explaining the genesis of his own
research including his and his colleagues’ conclusion that certain aspects
of Velikovsky’s thesis were incorrect. My initial interest in
Velikovsky’s work centered around his claim that certain archetypal
mythological themes, such as the dragon combat, trace the celestial
determinants in astronomical events. So for example, the universal
motif of the dragon, he identified as a memory
of the Venus Comet. And so, my earliest articles in
this area sought to investigate this particular claim, and so I focused on
dragon imagery and the mythology attached to Inanna and
Ishtar in ancient Mesopotamia. I was at Iowa State pursuing
my master’s program and then I learned of Dave’s research in 1981
and so I reached out to him and visited him in Portland and slowly but surely we
agreed to collaborate on a series of articles for Kronos
on the Venus comet. Dave and I knew from almost day
one that the Venus and Mars cataclysms were prehistoric in nature and thus
predate by thousands of years the historical reconstruction advanced in
Worlds In Collision. So that was a major flaw,
to put it mildly, and so a fundamental flaw at Velikovsky’s entire
methodology was the fact that he tended to focus on Hebrew and Greek lore, and as
a result he often overlooked the precise parallels to be found in the much more
ancient Egyptian and Sumerian traditions. Yet, it stands to reason that the oldest
traditions, the ones, you know, closest in time to the actual catastrophic events in
question, should preserve the most complete record of the events, and so by
generally overlooking these ancient traditions, Velikovsky’s entire
enterprise was compromised. At the same time, Velikovsky was
an amateur mythologist at best and just did not give serious enough
consideration to methodology or to comparative mythology and
comparative linguistics. He identified Aphrodite with
the Moon, for example. Had he given the matter much
consideration at all from a comparative standpoint, he would
have understood that Aphrodite had to be identified with
Inanna and Ishtar, and thus had to be the planet Venus, not the Moon. Likewise, his attempt to
identify certain mythological characters such as Oedipus and Noah with
historical figures, is just simply misguided. As late as 1951, most astronomers
believed that Venus was Earth-like in nature and likely home to lush
vegetation and various forms of life. But, as I pointed out in the Many Faces Of
Venus, it’s a historical fact that conventional astronomers have gotten
virtually everything wrong about Venus, so why should we believe them now when
they tell us Venus has been moving on the same orbit for billions
and billions of years? At the same time, it’s important
to distinguish between ancient terminology and modern
scientific definitions. So, in describing the planet
Venus as a prototypical comet, the ancient sky watchers were not employing
scientific language and somehow implying that Venus moved on
a wildly erratic or elongated orbit —
characteristic of modern comets. Rather, in describing Venus as a
dragon star or long-haired star or comet- like, the ancients simply meant that
Venus took on the appearance of a dragon-like object or presented
wildly disheveled hair. In each case, it’s possible
to reconstruct the history of the symbol in great question during
its historical evolution. The serpent, for example, after
a period of disorganized activity, ultimately came to
encircle the planet Mars. Similarly, in the phase marked by
cosmic disorder, Venus’s comet- like hair was wildly disheveled and
spread out, but during the later phase marked by the encircling of Mars and the
crowning of the warrior hero, Venus’s hair is tied up or bound or
otherwise brought under control. And during this latter phase Venus’s
hair is typically described as green or turquoise blue in color, a clear pointer to
the remarkable nature of the events in question. As noted, Venus’s extraordinary
role in ancient myth, religion, and the earliest astronomies, has never
been satisfactorily explained by astronomers. We asked Ev for his thoughts
on occasional attempts by mainstream scientists and
academics to explain the anomaly. In numerous recent books on Venus and/or
ancient mythology, astronomers or scholars are always trying to dream up
some explanation for why Venus is associated with this
or that characteristic. So for example, Patrick
Moore, the astronomer, was trying to explain why Venus was
always regarded as a female. So he said, “A female association
is in fact general; this is natural enough, since to the unaided eye Venus is
the loveliest of planets.” I mean, talk about a ludicrous
idea, I mean, why would being just lovely have anything to do
with being female, why would it be found in cultures all around the world, they’d
all arrive at the same exact idea. Similarly, the astronomer David Grinspoon
and Ed Krupp, they both pointed to Venus’s phase of a morning star being
roughly two hundred sixty three days, and they claimed that because that is a
close approximation to the gestation period for a human female, that that
explained why the planet was associated with fertility or love. As if these indigenous tribes
in South America were carefully marking out the two hundred
sixty three days of Venus’s orbits, you know. So again, it’s just laughable that
these guys come up with these ideas. One of my favorites is from the top scholar
in Inanna religion from ancient Mesopotamia, and this gal’s conclusion was
that “Inanna’s function as a bestower of kingship and the protectress of the
city-state of Uruk may have given rise to her warlike character, since kingship
followed the fortune of arms.” And yet, one page later she
gives a different explanation. She says, “Goddesses of war and victory
predominate like Inanna and Ishtar.” And she says, “This may stem from a
battle metaphor in which women in childbirth, men in battle were seen as struggling
with elemental forces of life and death.” Again, a very distinguished
scholar, it never occurs to her to check and see how
Venus was represented in ancient Mexico or ancient China, or these other cultures
in which case she’d find that they’ve represented her as a
warrior there as well. And as a raging goddess, that type of
stuff that was comet-like in nature, her idea just falls to the ground almost
immediately, as just laughably inaccurate to the puzzle in question. As I tried
to demonstrate in various books, Venus’s traditional femininity and
catastrophic histories are recorded around the globe, so just a list of the
goddesses; you have Inanna and Ishtar in Mesopotamia, you have
the Persian Anahita, the Greek Aphrodite,
Arabic Al-Uzza… I chronicled dozens and dozens of
goddesses in South America that are typically lumped together
under Star Woman category that share the exact
same characteristics. So for example, Star Woman
is virtually indistinguishable from Greek Aphrodite. In other cases however, the
original identification with Venus was not preserved, so for example,
one of the most prominent symbols in Egyptian literature is the Eye of Horus,
and it’s clearly a celestial agent, it’s clearly a catastrophic agent, but it
is nowhere explicitly identified with the planet Venus and yet, the mythology
of the Egyptian Eye of Horus is identical to that of Inanna and Ishtar. Dave and I have written numerous
articles on that subject, documenting that beyond any shadow of a doubt. So too, the Indian goddess Kali and the
Canaanite goddess Anat are both indistinguishable from Inanna and Ishtar
as warring goddesses, and yet they were never identified with the planet Venus
to the best of my knowledge. The history of scholarship, with respect to the
analysis of Venus imagery, presupposes that the ancient sky watchers were
describing the familiar Venus, peacefully moving on an orbit millions of years from the Earth and that nothing could have changed in the
planet’s appearance and behavior in the meantime. Yet, such an assumption
is entirely unfounded. Indeed, the mere fact that the
planet Venus was described in an Inanna-like terms around the globe, should
be enough to refute this conventional position. How else but upon the basis of
common experience of the Venus comet are we to account for the fact that ancient
descriptions of the Venus around the globe are so similar? As noted previously, it’s a
mystery unresolved by mainstream science and academia, why the planet Venus
would be historically identified as “feminine” and why the planet Mars would
be identified as a “masculine” warrior. In fact, as Ev explains, a
remarkable number of cultures described a mythical union between
Mars and Venus, which became the basis for many sacred
marriage traditions. The old saying “men are from Mars and women
are from Venus” is not of a recent origin. I mean, this idea has been
around since the dawn of time literally, and the identification will
hold around the globe, even though there’s nothing in the visual appearance
or behavior of the planets currently that could ever inspire such traditions. So, just to take a familiar example: in
ancient Greece the planet Venus is inseparably associated with sacred
marriages — the union of the sexes. So, Aphrodite is specifically identified as
the bride in human marriages, while the bridegroom is, specifically in early
Greek documents, identified with Ares. This is exactly the situation in ancient
Mesopotamia, where Inanna is the subject of the sacred marriage and identified as
the bride or the female participant in the sacred marriage and Dumuzi is
the prototypical bridegroom. Now, we know this mythology traces to celestial
determinants, because the very same situation is found in the New World,
where the Skidi Pawnee of North America, have a sacred marriage
involving Venus as the female bride in a sacred marriage, and the
planet Mars as her husband. According to the Skidi
account of creation, the union of Mars and Venus sparks creation, and in each of
these three cases: Mesopotamia, Greece, and North America, the marriage takes
place in a verdant garden and promotes fertility throughout the world. So these coincidences are just too specific
and remarkable to be coincidences alone. We believe they trace
to common observations. Stay tuned for part 2

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  1. First. People are waking up thanks to the efforts of the thunderbolts project. Thank you. And let me add i recently have gotten into astronomy with a newtonian telescope. To see the amazing rings of saturn and the red spot on jupiter, is pretty amazing.

  2. Sounds like exactly what VELIKOVSKI said in 1950…hmm read the book many times you know the one where HE chronicled this information smh…

  3. Venus moves approximately 75 degrees in 24 hours. Which is probably why the ancients described her as having wildly dishevelled hair. Mars moves approximately 38 degrees in 24 hours. If this helps to describe their individual timing.

  4. Love Venus videos, our covered up twin. Recently I had an ahaa! moment: All around planet earth, just below the surface (about 10-20 feet) it stays around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. So my question is this: Since Venus contains water my hypothesis would be there is a similar effect, and it contains caves, tunnels and perhaps liquid water as well as life. Just a thought, I'd be curious to know what the temperature of the subsurface of all the planets and moons in the solar system, we may be missing a whole lot of environments harboring life.

  5. how is it that the pressure on venus is 90 bar compared to earths one bar but its 91% the size and gravity ruffly speaking…the pressure should be based off mass am i right am i in the ball park…how can its pressure be so high .. its not right. and sure as hell isnt suffering from global warming .. im not accepting that as serious

  6. venus is blue and earth like im cvonvinced were being lied to and human life orgins came from venus…idgaf if you think its crazy to many things lead to this being true

  7. Thank you once again for your research over the years! Keep these coming, as they are so critical in the full understanding of past history! Love

  8. Venus had mood swings. Mars oscillated back and fourth between Earth and Venus, so it may have appeared to be thrusting into Venus. Hence the worldwide consensus of their genders like you said, was observable.

  9. This from the book Folklore myths and legends of Britain . . 'Mermaid legends are very old , and are remarkably similar . whatever their country of origin' . . it goes on . . 'Her presence often foreshadows a calamity' & (she) 'Longs for the soul she can attain only by marrying a mortal' (?) she is typically depicted as having flowing hair & a curling 'fishs' tail & other descriptions of (it) having a lions head .

  10. zero ancient cultures exist planetwide after being obliterated completely off the face of the Earth in ~2300 B.C. (Noah's Global Flood)
    ALL ancient cultural ruins + relics exist planetwide spawned from the few (8) who survived Biblical Post-Global-Flood
    ALL ancient cultures exhibit rebellious humankind re-emerging and while dispersed via "Babel Confusion of Languages" singularity, retained both their rebellious cultures and misplaced honours given to THREE KEY figures "remembered in their past" pointing to post-flood GOD DEFYING tyrants Semi-Ramis (mother of Nimrod, and mother to Nimrod's son by incest) + Nimrod (Tammuz = 1st son by birth) + 2nd son by incest (son of Nimrod; after Nimrod was executed)

    ALL of the most CORRUPT ancient cultures were guilty of HABITUAL SELF-AGGRANDIZING FAKE HISTORY "EMBELLISHERS" exaggerating FAKE NARRATIVES, HISTORIES, CHARACTERS, +FAKE ACCOMPLISHMENTS, and Exaggerated "leadership" kings aplenty!
    Mix in a lot of nonsense, in with a touch of truth of any "departed" (the dead).

    All myth-makers that honour-worshipped Semi-Ramis + Nimrod + their son-by-incest, were done in PARALLEL (secret + openly) with DIFFERENT NARRATIVE PATHS (one meant for the privileged elite; one meant for the ignorant common masses). So, double-triple-quadruple meanings of mythical symbols as creatures and characters, having MANY ALTERNATIVE IDENTITIES was very normal in rebellious ancient cultures. Over time, many splinter groups only retained partial narratives, so, losing any variant narratives or secret alternative identities of "honour given to these 3 (mother + son, mother + child, mother + husband/lover, son reincarnate, son killed/resurrected, son as tyrant hunter leader city-builder god-defying killer soldier warrior conquerer, etc) repeats across many cultures.

    the POST-CATASTROPHIC-FLOOD also includes PRE/MID/POST Catastrophic ANCIENT SKIES to which rebellious POST-FLOOD ancient cultures could EASILY GIVE "sky high superlative honours" MYTH-MAKING NARRATIVES to their "favorite" Nimrod-King anti-God-Defiar and Influential Mother-Queen ruler as LOVERS/HERO-WARRIORS gods/goddesses of both LIFE+DEATH + LOVE+WAR.
    These rebellious myth-makers never hesitated to mix-it-up, much like folks do now in modern times with supergood + superbad "hero-villains" in sci-fi-fantasy make-believe world, plus a culture of role-playing, etc, etc.

    If one were to SEE the ancient past skies, there would be ample celestial plasmic fiery SPECTACULAR activity to give "honour" to one's favorite "private or public" (hero-celebrity-gods, and heroine-celebrity-goddesses) = pop-stars, famous/infamous, etc.
    Folks THEN, as NOW, would INDULGE EXCESSIVELY in creating a plurality of NEW (VAIN IMAGINATIONS) NARRATIVES ad infinitum, ad absurdum, ad nauseum … idle minds have NOTHING better to do but "entertain" useless pursuits! (much like hollwood movies, tv fiction shows videogames, and even spectator sports)

  11. they also now changed thier minds on what color venus is.. they say its yellow now, it was blue but they now say thats because of ultraviolet filters..i call bs on that here is a demo of a ultraviolet filter https://www.image-tmart.com/info_images/Camera-Filters-12.jpg

  12. Easy for Ev to dis on previous scholars. Seems like good information on Venus but he should maybe look into Uranus a little bit deeper. Ha 🤘😁🤘

  13. Notice how often the images of warrior Mars also have a red belt or sash or line or something defining what appears to be the huge scar on Mars.. 'vallis marineris

    Just thought it was interesting

  14. Ok, I just added a huge pile to my read list. This was a very informative and well done video and I'm impressed with the understanding improving on Velikovsky's work. I know well of it but still have not read it. When I heard that he believed Venus was born out of the head of Jupiter I was blown away to say the least. It verified a personal theory I had going at the time. I will be looking forward to all of your future work as well as Davids'. Thank you
    not saying I agree wholly but great work which has made quite an impact to impede me to get reading again, I've been taking a break.
    i took quite a few screengrabs as reminders to add to my book list

  15. Having red most of Ev`s work I can assure anyone who is following along that Ev knows his stuff and that the explanations he gives are well thought out and up to date. Ev does point out that Velikovsky was the only one who got Venus`s statistics correct but that he missed on many other points having to do with the reconstruction of humanity`s ancient past due to only checking out the Greek stories. He also points out in many of his articles that it was Velikovsky who started so many of us on our journeys by opening our minds to the idea that our solar system was not always safe as was thought by many in mainstream science. Thank you Ev for these contributions.

  16. As an individual we are programmed by our personal past, our childhood. As a species we are programmed by our collective ancient past, which is also like a childhood. The ancients thought in somewhat… I say somewhat of a childish way. Everything to them was symbol. It astonishes me that they thought so symbolically yet also had technical understanding… Maybe we are just retarded.. in fact yes, I know we are retarded and I say this is an honest and not tongue in cheek kind of way. It's like the average modern man is devolving and degenerating into something that only resembles what a human should be. To the average westerner all is material and they deny anything that is not sensed by the ego consciousness. They only believe things about the invisible if a sanctioned 'professional' tells them that they can. I struggle to find any hope and peace in this world..

  17. Was there really the need for Ev Cochrane to put so much of this into putting other people down? I'm not interested in listening to stuff like that or people like him… :-/

  18. “It’s laughable” is a non argument.

    I can’t take this guy seriously when his main argument is, I think the other guys ideas are stupid.

  19. The story of the celestial bodies, comes from Nibiru. They named the planets after their leaders. Sometimes it's confusing if you don't know if a story is about the celestial bodies or about the persons them selves.

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  21. So Venus is 98% the size of Earth but they measured the gravity at 91%. Shouldn't that in itself disprove their gravity scientism?

  22. Wow, I was researching this subject a few days ago. Amazing timing! Thank you guys so much for your contributions.

  23. it's not like the Vatican has a stranglehold trademark on the word SAINT. We should just start calling Saint Velikovsky what he is to us. Sainthood is merely away to keep someone alive, so we don't say " Was. "

  24. I am grateful for the true education I am receiving every week on this channel. I have completely lost any interest in any astronomical "science" documentary put out there by the mainstream. And most of the "sci-fi" movies and TV shows I have come to realize are simply fantasy entertainment.

  25. I wish EUT people would get off trying to understand ancient mythology. It's too long ago and our brains and knowledge base are so different now that we can never know what the ancients really thought or saw in the sky. Why should we even really care? Use real-world objective astronomical discoveries to try to understand hands-on science today. See Crazy World of UFOs at http://meditation-handbook.50webs.com/CrazyWorldofUFOs.html and try to use EUT to explain the US Navy's now certified gunsite videos of flying saucers and Tic Tac shaped craft that can travel at over Mach 10 in the atmosphere and 550 mph underwater. People are asleep at the wheel. On September 18th, 2019, the US Navy essentially admitted that UFOs are real and that they are probably controlled by aliens from other worlds. Instead of going on and on about a past that can never be proven, how about using ETU theory to build better aircraft. Note the link to the recent alleged TR-3B sightings near Portland, Oregon. This is far more interesting stuff than old dusty legends that we can NEVER decipher accurately and are of no practical use to anyone.

  26. A lot of "examples" by "men"……. Not that I'm complaining… But of course they will "get it" wrong. You have to take everything written about Venus to innerstand that heavenly body… and you'll still be wrong.
    Look how Venus spins "counterclockwise" at just the perfect angle to "draw" the pentagram in the air.
    Come See What I Know
    The KeyMaker Is Still Making Keys
    Love and Respect
    Always 🧡🧡🧡
    Your Channel Is A Gift! Thank You.
    11:01… Not positive but, I think that is the symbol for the Black Knight Satellite.

  27. Concerning what main stream scholars have had to say, it seems there is a tendency to focus on one culture and over-complicate what a myth means (human gestation); I mean, come on. Some explanations just sound ridiculous. EU is such an eye opener. Well done. I wonder, are you, Ev Cochrane, going to write another book? I enjoyed the others.

  28. I like a lot of your scientific postulates in most your videos, f.ex plasma etc. But you are walking on fire by, subjective postualte that religion and God is explained by views and phenomona on the sky in the past. I agree that human fantasi in the past made the world bad. The nature is unic, but you cant keep dancing around the hot soup. All intelligient human design today, is always copies of what already seen and found in the nature, or develpoed from the nature. Micro evolution is a fact. Macro-evolution is a scientific myth.

  29. Ev Cocky: Many, many scientists are being proven wrong and will be proven wrong in the coming years and decades, but we don't call them "Laughable", now do we? Go sit in the corner.

  30. Hmmhhmm.. just thought I’d bring you up to speed, the Earth is Flat and Stationary. And space doesn’t exist, you’re wasting your time with these videos bud.

  31. That the view of the heavens was very different during some past events is not in doubt, but it must be kept in mind that it is Earths atmosphere and the state of the atmospheres of the other planets and moons that determines just what will be seen. During a major solar flare type event then it may well be that the planets looked bigger/closer or have tails as their ionospheres will grow and/or become more charged, emit more high energy photons, which in turn change the appearance as viewed from Earth due to interactions of such high energy photons with our atmosphere. We will see some very strange sights in the sky before too long I think, but now that we have space based observations I believe it will be found that the view from space will be quite different than the view from Earth.

  32. Anat was never identified with Venus when Resheph is Mars ?

    Dumuzi is the moon though,because Enlil is Mars.
    Didnt want to mention Sophia/Mary and Jesus (the dead resurrect like a new moon)

  33. I feel this marriage of the Devine forces of male and female though i am alone… it been said that with a friend like you my lordship who needs enemies? And of course the same could be said of me lol the lady of the grotto…

  34. Venus is NOT the morning star. Venus is the EVENING star. (Supposedly) Sirius is the Morning star.

    The Egyptians waited and looked for Sirius in the predawn hours every year so they would know when the Nile was flood, bringing a prosperous time. ( That's the story anyway)

    Personally, I believe it's neither. The morning star (at least through my research) was made to sound like a rare sighting. Not an every year thing. It was made to sound like it would show up once in a few hundred years or so. Once it showed up, it would stick around for awhile and then leave. It is also supposed to be green. Which is a VERY odd color for a star.

  35. Have you forgotten natural human instincts? Did they ever need Mars and Venus to unite in marriage? Though you sound logical in comparison to accepted science, more evidence is needed for the information to be presented as factual.

  36. Venus has in modern time been seen to display a green coloration (mirage) through our atmosphere as the planet dips close to a body of water.. https://spaceweather.com/archive.php?view=1&day=01&month=10&year=2019

  37. The question of the identity of Aphrodite is still open. To be so condescending and condemning of Veilikosky was ugly plain and simple. The only reason that Ev is on stage is Veli. Please disagree but show some respect Your dismissal was bad form. You looked petty.

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